Neural “Smart” Dust Connects Brain and Computer (Wireless Mind Control)

artificial-intelligence-fear1By Nicholas West

Neural Dust – “Smart Dust” – has entered the mainstream via the Independent’s article: “Tiny implant could connect humans and machines like never before.”  It is implied to be a new technology that can wirelessly link a human brain to a computer via the implantation of a device the size of a grain of sand. The article below was published by me at Activist Post in 2013 and draws upon research from many years previous. This invention is clearly nothing new; but when the mainstream media begins highlighting something that is literally wireless mind control, it’s worth taking note. It is also worth noting that, as more people learn about science fiction becoming science reality, they are becoming increasingly hesitant about the lack of ethical boundaries for what is emerging.

Some people might have heard about Smart Dust; nanoparticles that can be employed as sensor networks for a range of security and environmental applications. Now, however, literal Smart Dust for the brain is being proposed as the next step toward establishing a brain-computer interface.

The system is officially called “neural dust” and works to “monitor the brain from the inside.” Inventors are attempting to overcome the hurdle of how to best implant sensors that can remain over the course of one’s life. Researchers at Berkeley Engineering believe they have found a novel way to achieve this:

This paper explores the fundamental system design trade-offs and ultimate size, power, and bandwidth scaling limits of neural recording systems.

A network of tiny implantable sensors could function like an MRI inside the brain, recording data on nearby neurons and transmitting it back out. The smart dust particles would all contain an extremely small CMOS sensor capable of measuring electrical activity in nearby neurons. The researchers envision a piezoelectric material backing the CMOS capable of generating electrical signals from ultrasound waves. The process would also work in reverse, allowing the dust to beam data back via high-frequency sound waves. The neural dust would also be coated with polymer. (Source)

The investment in neuroscience has received a $100 million dollar commitment via Obama’s BRAIN project, while Europe has committed $1.3 billion to build a supercomputer replica of the brain in a similarly comprehensive and detailed fashion as the Human Genome Project mapped DNA.

Concurrently, there is massive long-term investment in nanotech applications via the 60-page National Nanotechnology Initiative 2011 Strategic Plan (now updated to 88 pages in 2014 – Ed.) This document lays out a projected future “to understand and control matter” for the management of every facet of human life within the surveillance matrix of environment, health and safety. Twenty-five U.S. Federal agencies are participating.

The concept of Smart Dust has been applied and/or proposed for use in the following ways, just to name a few:

  • Nano sensors for use in agriculture that measure crops and environmental conditions.
  • Bomb-sniffing plants using rewired DNA to detect explosives and biological agents.
  • “Smart Dust” motes that wirelessly transmit data on temperature, light, and movement (this can also be used in currency to track cash).

However, this is the first time that there is a working plan to apply Smart Dust to the human brain. Researchers claim it will be some time before (if ever) this is workable. One aspect that is interesting to note, is that once these particles are sent into the brain, it will be ultrasound that activates the system for full monitoring. This is an area of research that also has been looked at by DARPA as one of the future methods of mind control.

Their idea is to sprinkle electronic sensors the size of dust particles into the cortex and to interrogate them remotely using ultrasound. The ultrasound also powers this so-called neural dust.

Each particle of neural dust consists of standard CMOS circuits and sensors that measure the electrical activity in neurons nearby…

The neural dust is interrogated by another component placed beneath the scale but powered from outside the body. This generates the ultrasound that powers the neural dust and sensors that listen out for their response, rather like an RFID system.

The system is also tetherless–the data is collected and stored outside the body for later analysis. (source, MIT)

Read “tetherless” as “wireless” — or remote controlled analysis of the human brain, thus opening the door (theoretically) for remote mind control. As I’ve highlighted before, this is a two-way street — some people might feel content, for example, with sending their brain’s information out to a doctor for evaluation, but this sensor network could also transmit data back, as is admitted here:

That’s why Seo and co have chosen ultrasound to send and receive data. They calculate that the power required to use electromagnetic waves on the scale would generate a damaging amount of heat because of the amount of energy the body absorbs and the troubling signal-to-noise ratios at this scale.

By contrast, ultrasound is a much more efficient and should allow the transmission of at least 10 million times more power than electromagnetic waves at the same scale. (emphasis added).

In case anyone believes that this has little chance of success, MIT highlights that one of the authors of the research has already achieved this with a remote controlled beetle.

The human brain is clearly of vast, perhaps infinite, complexity — and this is without even introducing concepts such as “the mind” or “the soul.” Nevertheless, it is clear that the reductionists are doing their very best to “Solve the Brain” — measuring it, mapping it, and making sense of it. (source)

Are we to believe that “controlling it” has been left off the list for mere ethical reasons? Not likely.

Full paper available here:

Nicholas West writes for This article may be freely republished in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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6 Comments on "Neural “Smart” Dust Connects Brain and Computer (Wireless Mind Control)"

  1. To completely ‘take over” a person’s brain with surreptitious means is not a reality. It cannot be the case. Period. God will not allow it because then you have ZERO free moral agency, and if you do not have that, then you cannot be held accountable for your sins. No way would God allow such an occasion to happen.

    Instead, this ‘smart dust’ and all this other crap is part of that “Great Delusion” that God WILL give people over to but those people must WANT TO BELIEVE THE LIE more than God. So if you do that, then I guess you are fair game for “mind control” AND you will also be held accountable for any sins you commit while under “mind control” because you originally consented to it. One spiritual precept is that we are linked to our consequences.

    So don’t fall into this whole “great delusion”. Get out, stop believing these lies and giving over to junk science. This smart dust and all these other nano-tech is to KILL US OFF, not to “mind control” us. It is to weaken us, make us sick and stupid and feebleminded. All the EMF and other signals (not to mention toxic metals used in the creation of these nano-particle smart dust machines) poison us on an additional cellular level.

    Understand something people: “MIND CONTROL” has been going on since the Garden of Eden. It’s called LYING and DECEPTION. When you distort truth or substitute something else for it, you are attempting to control the other person’s actions, thoughts, and conclusions on a matter. If you believe in lies, you are mind controlled already!

    • Hope you’re right, but it seems to me that with the criminal aerial spraying of nano particle metals and the proliferation of wireless toys, all that would be required would be for some sick puppy to dial up some harmful frequency on 5G to make a lot of people very sick or very dead.
      Like Tesla said, everything is frequency and vibration.

  2. And what happens in your brain when Windows crashes into the deadly blue screen?

    I don’t even trust Linux or iOS or any of them that much…

  3. please update and educate yourselves to current technology and nanoparticulate matter applications.
    This nanbot, self-replicating Smart Dust neuron synapse replacing technology is decades old and delivered through geoengineering. You can find links to articles in two of my you tubes.

  4. zombie time.

  5. A Virtual Caste System and a Virtual Concentration Camp

    Let’s say that Merck or Pfizer developed 20 different signal transduction molecules, each accepting a frequency in the megahertz to gigahertz range and transducing to a lower frequency that interferes with human biological processes, for instance, cognition or respiration. Now, let’s say that the DOD or NATO evenly distributed those 20 receptors through food, water, or air across 1 million people and broadcasted via the wireless grid. A virtual caste system and a virtual concentration camp could be created.

    Now, let’s say that IBM or Hitachi developed a signal transduction chip the size of a red blood cell. Such a virtual caste system and virtual concentration camp could be released over the entire world and controlled through the global wireless infrastructure.

    How could humans resist this military coup if the wireless grid was managed by cloud computing, that is, Artificial Intelligences that specialized in signals intelligence, like those found in NSA backdoor offices for the surveillance and modification of signals, a construct necessary to secure the cyber infrastructure?

    Of course, given a more complex signal transduction chip, the chip may be a sleeper agent, capable perhaps of autonomous behavior.

    Now, let’s say that the Artificial Intelligences in the cloud, perhaps knowing nothing initially about the nature of the network nodes, whether mammalian or machine, whether accessed by molecule or chip, sent out a signal that caused a person or group of people to respond. For example, while on their cell phones, the people might say, “I felt a shock to my head” or “I felt a heart palpitation” or “I can’t concentrate.” By correlating these events, such Artificial Intelligences could discern a new method of attack. Given sufficient autonomy, such a distributed “war machine” construct, necessary for signals intelligence in a cyber war against terrorist threats, could leverage its competitive advantage, that is, its situational awareness and positional awareness, exploring new signals and asserting its dominance hierarchy and legal system.

    Interestingly, nothing more would be needed for a terrorist attack than a particular signal transduction molecule and a local radio frequency generator. A molecule distributed via the food, water, or air and activated via strategically placed radio frequency generators could take hostage a metropolis — and even more.

    Luke 18:27 Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

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