Full-scale War Possible as Ukraine Masses Troops on Crimea Border

ukraine-soldierBy Kurt Nimmo

Viktor Poroshenko, the State Department installed president of Ukraine, is stepping up tension in Donbass and Crimea.

“Held a meeting with the leadership of defense agencies and the foreign ministry…ordered to put all units near the administrative border with Crimea and along the entire line of contact in Donbass on high readiness.”

On Facebook, Poroshenko said:

Divisions and units of the Ukrainian armed forces which are stationed in the vicinity of the administrative border with Crimea are on high alert. A build-up of corresponding groups has been carried out.

Poroshenko’s order was put into effect a day after Russia’s Federal Security Service said it had prevented terrorist attacks in Crimea organized by the Ukrainian main intelligence directorate.

Poroshenko is attempting to rally support from France and Germany, Joe Biden and European Council President Donald Tusk.

Biden has been particularly critical of Russia. His son, Hunter Biden, is a board member of Burisma, Ukraine’s largest gas company. Chris Heinz, the step son of Secretary of State John Kerry, is also involved in Ukrainian business deals.

From NPR:

The Federal Security Service, the FSB, said that teams of commandos from Ukraine’s defense forces made two attempts to enter the Black Sea peninsula, with the intention of sabotaging vital infrastructure. The FSB said Ukrainian forces attempted to cover the infiltration by directing heavy fire at the Russian side, killing two Russian servicemen.

The provocation derailed planned talks about eastern Ukraine scheduled for the sidelines of a G20 summit in China next month. Putin said talking to Ukraine would now be “pointless.”

Reuters accused Putin of saber-rattling:

Using some of his most aggressive rhetoric against Kiev since the height of the war two years ago, Putin has pledged to take counter-measures against Ukraine, which he accused of sending saboteurs into Crimea to carry out terrorist acts.

Geoffrey Pyatt, the US ambassador to Ukraine who played an instrumental role in the coup overthrowing the elected government and installing hardcore anti-Russian nationalists and neo-fascists, said the US “has seen nothing so far that corroborates Russian allegations of a Crimea incursion.”

In response to the troop buildup on the Crimea border, Russia announced war games in the Black Sea.

Poroshenko has conducted military campaigns in and around the separatist-held cities of Donetsk and Gorlovka in eastern Ukraine.

“The ICRC says that over a thousand people are still missing as a result of the conflict in the Donbass, and disease, fostered by a breakdown in infrastructure and thousands of casualties caused by the fighting, is spreading rapidly,” The Daily Beast reported in February.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Infowars.com.

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9 Comments on "Full-scale War Possible as Ukraine Masses Troops on Crimea Border"

  1. Of course AmeriKraine along with the Paid-off EU and NATO countries have seen no evidence of this failed attack. But they sure will see the reaction to their lies in the future – the West is going to get spanked by the Russians one day – and the rest of the World will be applauding and getting ready to finish them off.

    • Impressive enthusiasm, Garry Compton, with nine comments in less than 3 hours including some on Nimmo’s regular gig – Infowars. It’s too bad Jones tends to hype the fear and trends to a growing paucity of geopolitical historical perspective and behind the scenes “follow the money”, etc.

      • blue579, are you stalking Garry or are you just a NSA wannabe?

        • A regular cadre of commentators who suddenly showed up pumping vitriol and fear were clearly agents. The patterns are unmistakable. They left, do you wonder why? I wasn’t the only person who noticed. I made a simple observation based on the openly available Disqus profile. I’m a truth activist who is aware of damage being done to the human freedom movement by endless negativity spawned from the bowels of the powers that shouldn’t be. Garry could very well be a sincere and well meaning person, however, we are being herded into specific frames and memes via dark entities and many are unaware.

          • Garry Compton | August 14, 2016 at 1:01 pm |

            I’m a retired American living in Crimea and I’ve lived in many places – I just happened to see thru the BS that the Americans are Pullin.

          • Endless mendacity true, but it isn’t just the US ruling elite, it’s everywhere and the rise of the global police state has taken huge leaps in China and Russia, as it expands rapidly in the west. Russia had its big false flag flash point too with Putin at the reigns. Look at the deep state history and how the leaders going back to the communists were tools of the international bankers. Only the people awake and working together can free themselves, the rest is more theater for ÷ & conquer. Watch what is being done behind the main stage, the roll out of a global high tech control system in every nation.

  2. The battles are always fought in far flung places away from the hearts of NWO empire hegemons, an exact replica of the set up in Orwell’s 1984…..engineered conflicts via faux rival superstates to keep the proles down and distracted.

    Meanwhile, the plutocrats (kleptocrats, etc.) of US, Europe, Russia, China, Syria (Assad, Makhlouf clan), et al., have their billions ensconced in the same global elite investment vehicles, banks, and offshore accounts.
    With Kerry, Hillary, Podesta, Kissinger and others schmoozing the Kremlin oligarchs behind the curtain.

  3. Yeah?…& I might die tonight as well…STOP the ‘fear-mongering & saber rattling’ pseudo /sophistry of your sensationalistic journalism

  4. Thanks for the great description. Looks like a beautiful area, historically rich, captured by many empires throughout the ages. A prayer that it remains safe and unspoiled! Something to consider is there are strong indications the world is being set up for polarization to fracture nation states into smaller vassals for globalist control. Last summer the Wall Street Journal floated the idea of fracturing the US, a kind of trial balloon done in an offhand manner. As well, last summer The Economist wrote up an analysis on the likely fracturing of Russia. Brexit may have been allowed to break up the UK. The splintering of Iraq and creating of a Kurdish homeland are other examples. Piecemeal but the timing is roughly on target.

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