Footage Of Boy In Aleppo Is Opportunistic, Vile Propaganda From Western Media

160818142212-05-omran-daqneesh-aleppo-syria-super-169By Brandon Turbeville

It’s August, 2016 and the Western mainstream press is parading yet another injured child in front of a population of normally uncompassionate audiences in order to drum up support for some type of NATO military action against the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

The picture of a little boy, seemingly injured in some type of bombing incident, sitting alone in an orange chair in the back of an ambulance, blood stains on his face and covered in dust from cracked concrete also comes in video form, footage that lasts for about two minutes, showing the boy being carried to a well-equipped ambulance (with English writing on some of the equipment). The boy’s story is also accompanied by “heart wrenching” stories from “activists” in east Aleppo alleging the crimes of the Syrian government and the horrific situation in the area.

The story as presented in the Western press goes as follows:

The video shows a child after he was pulled from rubble in Aleppo, a Syrian city that has been devastated by constant bombardment.

A man carried the boy away from the rubble after a suspected Russian or Syrian regime airstrike in the neighborhood of rebel-held Qaterji.

He placed him in an orange seat, and the boy brushed his eye and face after the man walked away.

Looking dazed, he then wiped the blood and debris on the seat.

After the airstrike, which reportedly shook the northern Syrian city Wednesday night during a call to prayer, the boy was rescued from the rubble that was once his home.

Mahmoud Raslan, a photojournalist who captured the image, told the Associated Press that emergency workers and journalists tried to help the child, identified as 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh, along with his parents and his three siblings, who are 1, 6 and 11 years old.

“We were passing them from one balcony to the other,” Raslan said, adding: “We sent the younger children immediately to the ambulance, but the 11-year-old girl waited for her mother to be rescued. Her ankle was pinned beneath the rubble.”

Omran was taken to a hospital for a wound on his head.

. . . . .

“This picture of a wounded Syrian boy captures just a fragment of the horrors of Aleppo,” read a Telegraph headline about the picture.

The International Business Times said: “Heartbreaking video of little boy dragged from Aleppo rubble shows Syrian children’s suffering.”

. . . . .

The haunting image was also shared by David Miliband, former British foreign secretary and now president and chief executive of the International Rescue Committee.

At least 400,000 people have died and millions have been displaced as the Syrian conflict has stretched on for years.

It is rather clear that the child is being used as a stage prop. After being passed to the medical “attendants,” little Omran is placed in an orange chair facing the camera and immediately left alone. He is not treated, no one else is being lifted into the ambulance, and no one is even in the vehicle with him. Instead, he is left to face the “activists” outside the vehicle and their cameras for what seems like too long a time to be anything other than a photo op for the “activists” videotaping him.

While some more discerning alternative media outlets are questioning the credibility of the footage – suggesting that the entire affair was simply staged by “activists” (meaning terrorists and terrorist supporters like the White Helmets) for propaganda purposes – one need not go so far in order to destroy the narrative being pushed by Western outlets. It is, of course, quite possible that the footage was simply created from beginning to end by propagandists but there is also no shortage of injured and dying children in Syria. Thus, the possibility that this footage is completely real and merely seized upon by the propagandists is incredibly real as well. It is even possible that the child was injured as a result of errant bombs dropped by Syrian or Russian planes. Generally, however, when children are killed or injured by American bombs or by bearded freaks receiving a paycheck from the U.S. government, those children are simply labeled “collateral damage” or “unfortunate realities of war.” Even if the bombing targets were intentionally civilian areas, the results are excused. When children are unintentionally injured by a Syrian or Russian plane – despite have taken all the appropriate measures to avoid these types of incidents – the Western press refers to the results as “crimes against humanity,” “intentional targeting of civilians,” and Assad “killing his own people.”

It should also be noted that, while all of the above may be the source of the child’s injuries, it is just as likely that his injuries came as a result of the men seen handling him. After all, America’s “rebels” have long killed children in the most grotesque manner, even beheading a young boy on camera in recent weeks.

But regardless of the nature of the child’s injuries, the photo and the footage is clearly a propaganda stunt. At best, it was seized by propagandists in the West and their foot soldiers in “rebel held” areas of Syria, i.e. terrorist support operations such as the White Helmets). One need only examine the “photographer” and this push by mainstream outlets to see that little Omran is being used as the latest bit of war porn propaganda, designed to create sympathy and moral outrage in an audience devoid of both until they are told to have one or the other by mass media outlets.

Mahmoud Raslan, “Activist,” “Journalist,” Terrorist

Raslan describes himself to be a “Syrian media activist,” which, in and of itself, is a red flag to anyone who has studied the Syrian crisis. In the world of Western media, anyone defining themselves as an “activist” in Syria should immediately be translated to mean “terrorist.” Calling “terrorists” “activists” has been an important mode of operation by the Western media since day one in Syria since “activists” can be quoted while actual terrorists are not seen as credible enough in the minds of the general public. In other words, “activist” is merely a moniker assumed by terrorists when propaganda outfits need “on the ground” confirmation of what they are already peddling.

Raslan, the “Syrian media activist” certainly fits the bill. Despite being hailed a true journalist or selfless “activist,” Raslan’s terror-supporting history is easily revealed via social media. Raslan has repeatedly made public statements praising terrorists and suicide bombers. In a post on Raslan’s Facebook page (translated by The Canary) reads:

With the suicide fighters, from the land of battles and butchery, from Aleppo of the martyrs, we bring you tidings of impending joy, with God’s permission

Another post reads:

Thousands of suicide fighters and tens of booby-traps are being prepared for the great battle in Aleppo, the first battle where I see men weeping because they can’t participate on account of the number of attackers.

Raslan’s Twitter page is full of pictures and footage of him standing next to captured Syrian tanks, marching with terrorists flying the French mandate flag (white, black, and green), taking selfies with terrorists, and celebrating terrorist victories. His Twitter page alone carries a cover photo that says “Stop Russia.” Why would anyone want to stop Russia from bombing terrorists unless they themselves were terrorists? This is a question more and more Americans should be asking themselves.

Videos on Raslan’s social media also show celebrations with other terrorists, praising suicide bombers on camera. As Miri Wood writes in her article, “Oscar Nominations For War Porn With Child Has New Nomination,

That one woman with a Twitter account can immediately expose this heinous relationship, while paid msm reporters cheer this scum, if further indictment of the criminal intentions of western media against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Wood and Afraa Dagher continue by writing,

True, Gray Boy might not be the best competition for Aylan, but how many drowned babies’ bodies that have been desecrated by repositioning for maximum emotional impact are we to expect? Besides, Aylan’s defiled corpse was needed to propagate the myth of the external Syrian refugee — part of the plan to strategically depopulate the country (which is why msm neglected to mention Aylan’s father was the human trafficking boat ‘captain’) — while Gray Boy is to be used for an increased bombing campaign against Syria, by the same NATO forces which have funded terrorism in the SAR, and which obliterated Libya in 2011.

As Mnar A. Muhawesh of MintPress News stated,

Since when does the corporate or mainstream media care about the people of Syria let alone the children of Syria? The answer is never. Watching CNN anchors cry crocodile tears over the Aleppo boy lifted from rubble serves one purpose only: to play with our emotions to justify more US intervention. MEDIA and their pundits are now calling for the US to help these people, as if our actions haven’t done enough damage. And by help, they mean bomb. But, I have been poking around to find the original source of this video of the heart-wrenching Syrian boy. It brought me to tears and I’m seeing everyone post about it. CNN cited the original source as coming from the Aleppo Media Center. The website is in Arabic but I read it, and it’s a pro rebel website referring to Al-qaeda rebels that behead civilians as “revolutionaries”. I doubt many people looked up the original source, but I did and it wasn’t hard to find. What the media is not telling us is that many parts of Aleppo is currently occupied by Al-qaeda rebels including al-Nusra Front and Noor alzinki — including the area this boy is from.

. . . . .

Consider this: CNN and other media and NGO’s that are funded by NATO county’s like the US and the UK have embedded reporters, rescue workers and doctors in al-Qaeda held areas like we see with the White Helmets. These are the sources the media is using for interviews and sources for information to control the narrative. But the Assad government is bombing the Al-qaeda held areas. Three years ago the media referred to these areas as al-qaeda held. Today, they’re referring to these same terrorists as “opposition” . These groups are starving the areas they occupy and hog up all aid sent into the areas set to them for civilians. This gives these institutions an opportunity to show the West how the Assad government and the Syrian army are airstriking “opposition” held areas without the context that these are al- qaeda held or that many times the Al-qaeda rebels are starving the population. Doesn’t the US want to get rid of Al-qaeda and ISIS? You’d think that but instead, they are defending them to the world and legitimizing them. These “sources” are simply controlling the narrative.

Indeed, the award-winning performance of CNN news anchor Kate Bolduan crying, hyperventilating, and indignantly insinuating that someone should “do something” to stop these airstrikes against terrorist forces has caught the attention of many people who couldn’t find Syria on a map before or after her report. But we haven’t see Bolduan crying for any other Syrian children over the course of the last five years. Did she cry over the young boy beheaded by America’s “moderate” rebels? Did she cry at any other child’s death at the hands of the “rebels?” There is no shortage of dead children in Syria and certainly no shortage of them killed in the most horrific and sadistic ways by the “activists” and “rebels” her employer has been pimping to the American people since day one. So why the tears for this child?

Bolduan’s carefully scripted performance and excellent follow-through should earn her a serious acting job one day. But we would kindly ask she leave journalism to someone else.

Little Omran is unfortunately the rehash of baby Aylan, a child for whom Western audiences wept and wailed for days, becoming more and more willing to allow the West to increase its intervention in Syria and allow hordes of non-Syrian immigrants into their country but who, only a year later, would scarcely warrant a head scratch at the familiarity of the name. But it would be virtually impossible to ask any American to recount the name of the little girl killed by Obama’s rebels in Lattakia, car bombed to death by “moderates” and democracy-loving Sharia fanatics, around the same time as baby Aylan. Why? Because not one mainstream media outlet reported her death.

Indeed, some children are more equal than others and children killed by America’s terrorists aren’t worthy of even a mention by the mainstream press. Forgive me if I am unconvinced and unmoved by CNN’s crying anchors or America’s temporary fickle and hypocritical moral outrage.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, and The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President. Turbeville has published over 650 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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40 Comments on "Footage Of Boy In Aleppo Is Opportunistic, Vile Propaganda From Western Media"

  1. Even up here in Canada the MSM’s vacuous ‘Talking Heads’ is/are pointing their fingers at Assad & the Syrian army as the perpetrators of these horrendously despicable acts of vile cruelty of the US/neocons intentionally attacking & bombing hospitals with innocent children paying the price…it makes me almost nauseous as these ‘repeater’s’ regurgitate the daily propaganda memes from the 6 corporation monopoly of the Khazarian MSM as if what they are saying is chizeled onto stone tablets & come down from the mountain where the ‘all seeing eye’ lives in the rarefied air of the pyramid cap 0.01% parasites.

    • The propaganda is increasingly compartmentalized, two or three versions for lame stream media, foreign versions, several alt media versions….and yet eyes are kept off the parasites at the top of the pyramid in every nation – engrossed with the reporting of the mirage of blocs of shifting power. Meanwhile, Russia and China are engaged in a brutal crackdown of even the mildest dissent. Russia sentencing scores of people who simply shared or liked political articles and cartoons to Siberia and labor camps (no exaggeration) and prosecuting Jehovah Witnesses for practicing an “unauthorized religion” using “extremist” laws…foreboding the recent passing of an even more restrictive free speech Yarovaya law that goes into effect in 2018. China is incarcerating human rights lawyers and labor advocates with Chinese scholars saying this extreme draconian shift is as bad or worse than the Mao era! What gives? The Gulf states are going techno Orwellian big time, Iran too. The big Global Jack Boot is coming down hard and fast. Scary times and we in the west are distracted with the election Circus routine.

      • …the bloodline parasites truly are entrenched in the old black nobility 13 family genetic tentacles ..especially throughout many European countries with monarchies are still intact… altho playing a so-called ‘Figure Head’ role… which is the pap they feed the unwitting…one has to remember that these Globalists are still quite capable of stone cold psychopathic to the extreme acts of despicable murder rape & killing as many, or quadruple the number of approx 250,000,000 people deliberately murdered from wars started by these ‘gangster bankster’s’ to begin with(demo/genocide -as a policy) in the 20th century alone.
        …Normal people born with natural compassion ethics & morals can not conceive of the mind-set of these reptiles that are so depraved that it’s beyond any rational persons imagination…yet they’d do it all again in a heart beat… if they think they can get away with the mass slaughter of innocents once again …with absolutely no compunctions other than following some insane & really bad men’s centuries old edicts & directives.

        • I always value your gift with words, eddysachs. 😉 I couldn’t agree more and your previous posts prodded me to do some extra digging around to get a better feel for these dynasties and their long tentacles…e.g. Knights of Malta and Blackwater – on and on it goes, rambling long catacombs. I’m great at predicting the psychopathic mindset and am strongly convinced a major war scenario is not in the cards because even if they became desperate owing to a miraculous wider awakening, they still have far more precise tools to achieve their ends than the blunt force of mass scale war that served them well in the past when technology was not their backbone of control. Soft kill, economic totalitarianism, and the new precision genetic engineering technology appears to be their focus. But very true, they don’t think at all like the rest of us. Formally educated a large part of my life in neurosci, I’ve gotten good at reading their minds and reinforce my hunches with lots of media neurolinguistic analyses. Observing the actions and words of the big players, I surmised very early on in the Syria dust up it had to be another Operation Cyclone 2.0. I had their number on that one! Cheers! blue

          • Cheers …Takes one to know one -(lol)!…….I’m only here to join in the dialogue & simply educate people as much as i can…I have NO ego- dog in this fight…it’s left at the door when I come in here…funny thing is: a man was arrested by the Thought Police for shooting & killing his own ego…& when asked why he did it…he simply said-“It just woudn’t shut up!’………..hahahahaha!

          • Yep, it’s not about “upvotes” or points, rather speaking truth to power in a world gone mad and a tightly closing Matrix prison for the mind. Interesting how the elites have honed their understanding of the ego since 9/11 to perfect group think and political correctness to infect the anti-statists (by whatever name) into their own sects of group think!

  2. thank you Brandon, you are my go to source

  3. This scenes are somehow setted up, but Mahmoud Raslan is to see in the video, so he can’t be the cameraman of this one. I believe he made and published a different photo. Wasn’t the camereman some one called Mustafa al-Sarout ?

  4. Collateral damage is what war leaves behind and the US very unfortunately is the World winner in creating it. Do you really think any of the human monsters Americans constantly choose as their leaders in Washington are caring even one iota for this child’s circumstance? Come on now, tell the truth! He is less than an insect to them. None of this horror is Assad’s fault. Don’t forget that his whole formal training and profession was dealing with preventing pain and suffering. He was a dentist. He also is the person who leads a nation of different and fractious Muslim sects who hate each other and he must deal with that on a daily basis to prevent the wholesale slaughter, that the US has visited upon his nation anyway. American support for terrorism in Syria is disgusting, demented, hypocritical and beyond foolish. You know that as well as I do. I believe the UN and Western nations must censure American support for terrorists and when Obama stands up to mouth typically hypocritical lies about how the US is fighting terrorists, an international leader of stature should counter with the truth full blast.

    • The apex elites believe the end justifies the means. That’s why they cared not when millions needlessly died in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and other engineered wars that conscripted westerners and terrorized Europe. It was in the best interest of the USSR to use its veto power to stop the war in Korea, the first test case of a UN “police action” and a precedent of forcing the American public into wars not authorized by Congress, yet Russia/USSR opted to miss the vote! Sutton proved the apex elite were funding and giving technology to the USSR during the Cold War, including weapons and supplies used to kill US/western soldiers in Korea and Vietnam. The UN is a tool of these same elites, created by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. Know your enemies well.

  5. Follow the money to person who manages the Assad clan fortune, Bashar’s Billionaire cousin Rami Makhlouf who controls 60% of the Syrian economy (Rami’s brother controls Syria’s version of the CIA). Follow the money to Dubai, shady offshore accounts, and co-investments with Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, AIG, etc. Note Syria’s formal acceptance of Agenda 21 and Makhlouf’s companies building out the related infrastructure for well over a decade. A close Syrian connection to the Assad family, multi-billionaire Mohammed Kyali, is very tight with Spanish King Juan Carlos and the Saudi royals, routinely socializing with Europe’s royalty. There is a lot of true dissent in Syria, most of it anger over economic issues. You’re right, though, that’s for the Syrians to sort out. What’s going on in Syria is not “regime change”, it’s creating a series of smokescreens for something very BIG.

    • good dig…Gr8 perspective …cheers

    • Bashar Assad the same president that banned GMOs in Syria is backed by the establishment who is very much pro GMO? How much they paying you? Also Syria’s bank is not owned by the Rothschild’s so why would they support Assad? Even Gaddafi was a mason but he stood up to them

      • Do you know about the new CRISPR/Cas precision GE technology and how China and Russia (said to have banned GMOs) are aggressively diving in to the research with China already creating bizarre GE organisms? China bid on Syngenta, Monsanto’s partner and evil twin.

        • But not Syria and where’s the sources on that also Syria is one of the few countries that don’t have a Rothschild owned central bank and thats what they care about the most

          • I didn’t bring up GMOs, you did, so why are you asking me for sources on Syria’s stance on GMOs? The subtle point I was trying to make is the GE ball is in play, any national stance on the old technology is increasingly irrelevant and thus the examples of China and Russia morphing on their positions were given. BIS = Rothschild, check it out. Also look into UN Agendas 21 and 2030, that IS the NWO endgame and you’ll see the supposed adversaries are already implementing the techno control grid, China is hard core, Russia and Iran right behind.

          • it has to do with it

      • Syria’s central bank is tied to the big daddy of international banks, the head of the beast, Bank of International Settlements (BIS). It looks like Syria does not have any outstanding loans with the IMF, although, there is a long history of the IMF working with Syria to implement its “Structural Adjustments”. No more ad hominems, please. If my statements were in error, I welcome the feedback and correction but that’s not your aim.

        • yea when they put his dad in power like they did Saddam Hussein well now he is is expendable how do you explain the 2013 false flag that they used to try to get us into war and just because a country borrows from the BIS doesn’t mean they are owned by rothschild do you borrow from banks? exactly. Its for daily expenses not to do there bidding and you haven’t explained why the elites would back someone who banned gmos

    • Really you gunna flag me like that lmao govt troll I knew it

  6. Brandon Wright | August 20, 2016 at 12:13 pm | Reply

    The video may be propaganda, but the suffering of the boy pulled from the rubble is real. He exemplifies the victims that Donald Trump proposes to bar from the United States just because they are Muslims. Whether they are victims of Assad or of his opponents, they deserve to be considered case by case, and not rejected and despised as a group. A leader needs compassion. Strength and safety come from WISE leadership, not from bravado. Trump fails miserably on both counts.

  7. AOL News, one of the absolute worst MSM’s, continues to post sympathy articles that defy the truth.

  8. ALL OF THIS WORLDS PROBLEMS ARE DUE TO PEOPLE LYING … ! And that causes even truth seekers to get confused in their own seeking … thus many, if not most, truths get dismissed due to lack of trust generated by the liars.

    IMnsHO and E.

  9. Herbert Dorsey | August 21, 2016 at 7:57 pm | Reply

    The unfortunate little boy is just one of millions of victims of U.S. regime change mania. They can try to blame the Syrians or the Russians, but if the U.S. didn’t want regime change, none of this would be happening.

  10. How many times has the US bombed MSF (Doctors Without Borders) in
    different countries?? Afghanistan comes to mind as well as Yemen and
    several hospital facilities in the middle east and all the US attacks
    resulted in death including the lives of innocent woman, children and
    the elderly.

    I would be dollars to dimes the US did this one too just to marginalize Russia. I got news for the US.

    Nobody who’s remotely awake buys the US propaganda anymore. The world is
    turning their collective backs on the US, Israel and their proxies.

    Nuff said.

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