Good Cops Turn In Their Own Officer After He’s Caught on Dashcam Beating Handcuffed Man

officer-eisenBy Justin Gardner

In a rare move that actually protects and serves the community, police turned in one of their own after dashcam audio caught him beating a homeless suspect in handcuffs.

Officer Christopher Eisen was put behind bars after being arrested on a felony battery charge. He is now on unpaid leave while the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) investigates the matter.

“You threaten my (expletive) family. I’ll (expletive) kill you,” Eisen can be heard saying on the dashcam video.

Immediately after, he is heard punching the handcuffed suspect, who was bruised and bloodied by the assault. Eisen had picked up the homeless man for “some kind of disturbance,” according to the local WFTV9 station.

“You threaten my (expletive) family again. Do it again. Get in the (expletive) car,” Eisen said again before transporting the victim to the hospital.

The suspect can be heard taunting the officer, saying, “Your family’s dead. Come on (expletive) boy. Hit me some more, (expletive) boy.” He can also be heard spitting at Eisen.

However, this behavior is no justification for Eisen to become enraged and beat the man in handcuffs. Clearly, it calls into question Eisen’s mental stability and his fitness for carrying a badge and a gun.

“My face is bloody. My face is bruised,” the suspect said on the dashcam audio. “He just pulled me out of the car and beat the (expletive) out of me while I was in cuffs.”

Eisen has a history of write-ups, having been investigated three times by FDLE for breaking police rules.

WFTV9 reports that the unbalanced officer was reprimanded for shoving a neighbor’s child while off duty. In 2005, Eisen let a drunk driver go from the scene of a crash, and in a separate incident had a complaint filed by a couple who said Eisen was rude and belligerent during a traffic stop.

Perhaps this latest case of excessive force was the final straw for the Melbourne police department, as they took the initiative of turning Eisen in to the FDLE and putting him on unpaid leave.

More police departments need to be proactive about getting loose cannons like Eisen off of the police force, as they are the ones likely to escalate an ordinary situation into one where innocent people get hurt or killed.

While this handcuffed man’s actions may have been questionable, there are plenty of incidents during which cops stood by and watched their fellow cops beat non-violent, and even innocent individuals without saying anything. Good cops turning in the bad ones is a huge part of the solution to bridging the divide in America, and the officers who were unafraid of crossing the blue line deserve to be recognized.

Justin Gardner writes for, where this article first appeared.

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15 Comments on "Good Cops Turn In Their Own Officer After He’s Caught on Dashcam Beating Handcuffed Man"

  1. This must be a turning point…. Police Officers must not be complacent in their duty to weed out the bad cops….. This piece of crap dude in hand cuffs, may be saying some terrible crap….but….. He’s in hand cuffs…. his well being is that cop’s responsibility ….. regardless of what vomit is coming out of his mouth, the cop has no right to beat him after being subdued and put in restraints… Good job for those that are weeding out the garden…. Establish trust again….

  2. This story sounds like BS to me. Its kind of a ‘baited’ story? Smells fishy…

  3. No one else is allowed to assault someone over mere words. Don’t know why cops all think that the law is for everyone else.

  4. The rule of law only applies to the peasants.
    It doesn’t matter what his free speech subject is about, cops should learn to have deaf ears and beating someone handcuffed must be …psychotic.

  5. “Proactive” about getting lousy cops off the force??

    Oh, you mean like, fifth-time’s-the-charm kind of proactive?

    This guy sounds like he should never have gotten on the force to begin with.

  6. This is exactly what good cops should be doing all over the world, turning on and turning in those that tarnish not only the badge, but the reputation of all police offices, Bravo perhaps this will be the starting point for all the good cops to restore the image they have lost around the world do to a small percentage of bad cops not being delt with by their own.

  7. will miracles never cease.. FINALLY and it’s about fricking time!

  8. Rather than beat the bound suspect, the officer should have pressed charges of him threatening to murder members of his family. Police need to police their own, or people may begin shooting at all uniforms.

  9. freewheelinfranklin543 | July 23, 2016 at 9:06 am |

    The job of a police officer is to bring offenders in for due process and at the risk of their own lives not execute judgement and sentence.

    • Because “offenders” implies judgment, let’s call them “suspects”. Innocent until proven guilty? Innocent until “judged by a copy”, and then execution carried out by the cop.

  10. A group called “Committee for Ethical Law Enforcement” was formed 12 years ago in Colorado, and in the first 3 years, took live video recordings of multiple victims of police brutality resulting in severe harm and death. In the instances of death, the video footage covered interviews of Emergency Room workers who literally testified that prisoners, the victims of custodial beatings by multiple officers, would be brought into the ER, and it was crystal clear that the prisoners were wearing handcuffs during the beatings and had been repeatedly kicked in the head, rendering the prisoner totally unrecognizable. Video testimony was taken of anonymous cops who planned to resign from Colorado law enforcement because they could no longer stomach the horrific beatings Colorado cops seemed to enjoy inflicting on those in handcuffs. In one community in Colorado, the local cops beat to death 3 young men (all White) in one year. Locals would be openly taunted and terrorized by local cops with threats of what would happen to them in the jail rooms where there were no cameras. Cruel sadists are being employed in numbers where they outnumber the so-called “good” cops. There is no excuse for this despicable policing. I personally saw one young man (White) whose head had been split open by an officer repeatedly striking him with the butt of a gun until the hole was 8 inches long and 2 inches deep. The beating was the cop’s revenge because the young man was walking his dog off leash. The young man lost most of his intellectual ability as a result. He lived, but would never work or read or participate meaningfully in life.

    • And you did what ?

      • Sorry, I don’t understand your question. By exposing police corruption and brutality, the group engineered the removal of various police chiefs, jail wardens and local sheriffs (as well as a few bad prosecutors). Due to the fact that the FBI in Denver, CO has been corrupt and intentionally dishonest for 20 years, evidence brought to the FBI was ignored to great harm and detriment, and in some cases, given to the very law enforcement groups engaged in the violence so they could turn on the whistleblowers. Hopefully, this answers your question.

        • Thankyou! Your efforts valiant and properly intended do need to address all parties within their lawful standing. Bona fide hireling public servants are servants not masters. The people need not petition oath sworn servants, they must hold them to the oath.
          The corporate systemites are all FEDERALLY interconnected through the cancerous IMF/FEDRESERVE monetary system. A system dependant on inflationary practice replete with fraud.
          Hence each and every so called government “agency” , private corporation in fact, are operating under the same piratical tyranny.
          The people have recourse only when going after the hireling public servant impostors in their private capacity, NOT alleged PUBLIC capacity.
          To do so the use of a BAR fly aka Atty. would be to intentionally install a “fly in the ointment”.

  11. This is simply the “the exception that proves the rule”…its SO UNUSUAL that
    is news. This has only happened because cops are now going home in
    coffins from time to time this summer and are starting to get nervous.
    You can almost guarantee if this had happened last year your would not
    even be hearing about it.

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