Bayer Forced to Halt Sales of Insecticide in United States

940x528By Brandon Turbeville

Bayer AG has just announced that its agricultural unit will halt future U.S. sales of its insecticide flubendiamide.

Known commonly as Belt, flubendiamide has the capacity to be used on more than 200 crops including soybeans, tobacco and almonds.

Many of these crops will receive as many as six applications a year according to the EPA.

Flubendiamide is the active ingredient in Nichino America’s Tourismo and Vetica insecticides as well as in Bayer’s Belt brand.

The insecticide sales are being halted as a result of Bayer losing a fight with the EPA over the insecticide’s risk to the environment.

The EPA board did rule that farmers and retailers will be able to sell and use their existing supplies.

Bayer maintains that the EPA has made an error in judgement.

“Bayer maintains the EPA’s actions on flubendiamide are unlawful and inconsistent with sound regulatory risk assessment practices,” Dana Sargent, Vice President for Regulatory Affairs for Bayer said in a statement.

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6 Comments on "Bayer Forced to Halt Sales of Insecticide in United States"

  1. IMO,
    US is slowly but steadily breaking down project Europe economically for her own interests.

    Not so long ago it started :
    – attack on Russia by installing economic sanctions “on Russia” implicitly project Europe forced by US which up till now resulted in a gigantic economic loss for the economies of project Europe;
    – attack on the boss of FIFA not a vassal of US who is a european citizen;
    – attack on Volkswagen/Porche/Audi in US and has also big consequences in US colony Germany;
    – attack on Russia sports forced by US thru vassal IOC;
    – attack on Bayer AG in US as part of the big Bayer company with headquarter in US colony Germany with the intention to buy or merge with Monsanto.

    It seems the target is to close project Europe for project Europe becomes a danger for 1) the US economy and 2) by all means it is obstructing a peaceful coexistance between European nations and Russia, which is of course entirely conflicting with or running counter to their own US interests.
    So in interest of US create in Europe chaos, war with hopefully a lot of destruction and as result US remain TOP again. Mission accomplished!

    Now Bayer is actual for them to be stopped: What do you know!

  2. William Burke | July 31, 2016 at 4:46 pm | Reply

    Don’t they have some leftover Zyklon B they can substitute?

  3. Bayer gets a slap on the wrist and, yet, Monsatino is allowed off the hook.

  4. Hey, EPA, how about Monsatino????

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