UN Report Claims Terrorists “Actively Seeking” to Build Deadly Army of Intelligent Killer Robots

terrorist killer robotsBy Joseph Jankowski

According to a piece of authoritative research published by the United Nations, terrorists are working to build armies of artificially intelligent killer robots capable of slaughtering large numbers of innocent civilians.

UN officials recently held an urgent meeting in Geneva to discuss the threat posed by autonomous murdering machines that are capable of killing without human oversight.

The UN is worried that killer robotic technology developed by advanced countries could seep out and end up in the hands of terrorists.

“Whilst these [robotic killing] systems might be available to technologically advanced countries in an initial phase, it is likely that they will proliferate,” it said in the report.

“Terrorists are in fact actively seeking such systems,” the report continues.

“Illegal transfers might mean that LAWS would become available to non-state actors [terrorists]. It was noted there may be no incentive for such actors to abide by international norms and this may further increase global or regional instability.”

To get a glimpse of what these killer robots could look like, take a look at these videos from engineering and robotics design company Boston Dynamics.

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Just the fact that these robots exist could be enough to frighten the average human, let alone thinking that they could be equipped with weaponry.

The UN report goes on to say, “swarms of such systems with complementary capabilities may carry out attacks.”

“In these scenarios where swarms of LAWS act as force multipliers, it would be unclear how meaningful human control could be maintained over the use of force, especially as the available time frame for human intervention is likely to be restricted.”

Just last year a group of scientists and other prominent figures signed an open letter warning against the dangers of starting a global arms race of artificial intelligence technology unless the United Nations supported a ban on weapons that humans “have no meaningful control over.”

The signee’s of the letter include billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, physicist Stephen Hawking.

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  1. Clear, brain dead “terrorists” have the funds and intelligence to build a AI robot army.

  2. More scare-mongering from our friends at the UN, because the rubes must be kept constantly afraid.

  3. I am so sure.
    Way to regurgitate an Operation Gladio B propaganda piece on “Activist” Post.

  4. They refer to themselves and people don’t even realize…. The true terrorists are the ones screaming terrorist… welcome to dystopia.

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