New Report: Suicide Kills Almost 5 Times as Many U.S. Troops as Combat Does


By Amando Flavio

A new report by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) has revealed that suicide death among troops on combat missions on foreign lands, is higher than actual combat death among troops. Actual combat death is death recorded during fighting ‘enemy’ troops. Suicide death is committed by the troops themselves, who take their own lives due to some factors.

The disturbing report is the DoD 2014 calendar year Suicide Event Report (DoDSER), which details the number of suicide attempts and deaths of United States service members. The report only focused on the 2014 calendar year.

According to the details, in all of 2014, a total of 55 United States troops, in both hostile and non-hostile situations, lost their lives in foreign occupations. On the other hand, the number of soldiers who killed themselves is nearly 5 times this number.

The DoDSER revealed that in 2014, there were 269 deaths by suicide among active component service members. This figure was slightly higher than the previous year. In 2013, 259 suicide deaths were recorded among troops on combat missions in abroad.

Since the 2014 report was made public, some observers have expressed grave concern about the increasing rise of suicide death among service members. Observers say that apart from even the active members taking their own lives, when they retire from the service, the situation worsens. This observation made by commentators is true, looking at the statistics below.

In a 2012 report put out by the Veterans Administration, it was estimated that up to 22 veterans a day, kill themselves. That is 8,000 lives a year; almost one per hour. For attempted suicides, the number skyrockets to 19,000 attempts, of which 8,000 result in ending their own lives.

Observers acknowledge that there are a number of factors contributing to this increasing rate of suicides, but they argue strongly that the major cause is the trauma from war. Due to the killings and the destruction of human lives involved in war, the consequence is huge. Some service members (both active and ex) experience nightmares, disturbing them to the point that they have no option than to take their own lives to put an end to the suffering. Many ex and current servicemen have told of some of these horrible experiences.

A honorably discharged veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Matt Agorist who has been very critical of wars waged by the United States on foreign lands, wrote on the Free Thought Project that service members are used and discarded by the few elites who sit in Washington DC, authorizing needless and useless wars for their own selfish gains.

“Our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and mothers and fathers are contracted by the state and used as cannon fodder for special interests and the expansion of imperialism. Those who refuse to join are enslaved into the ranks via conscription, and the rest of society calls those who fight this conscription, cowards. When the state is done with its pawns of empire, it disposes of them like spent military gear,” Agorist wrote.

From a holistic perspective, it’s clear that Mr Agorist’s assertion is the hard truth. The Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that nearly 50,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Another 140,000 are currently in jail, many of them for victimless crimes like drug possession. The statistics also shows that veterans are often the target of unjust attention from law enforcement.

It is even said that on multiple occasions, the Department of Homeland Security has referred to veterans as potential terrorists, noting that they pose a real threat to national security.

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8 Comments on "New Report: Suicide Kills Almost 5 Times as Many U.S. Troops as Combat Does"

  1. Why fight for these NWO skunks like Kissinger – let him be his own brute beast – stay at home and refuse to murder or Obama .

    • Agree. Can you imagine the torment these youngsters go through when they see the results of their naiveté to the lies/treachery of the Judas Class and their “Synagogue” owners?
      The public at large is just as culpable. Idiot Culture would much rather assuage their OWN conscience with a one-day-a -year pat on their OWN backs rather than educate their spawn of the pure evil/treachery of the D.C. pedophiles. Of course on the OTHER hand, one look at the horrible conditions of V.A., the peeling paint/piss smells/long waits/late or refused benefits should awaken even the spawn of Idiot Culture but most obviously spend more time planning “festivities” around memorial day. By the way, if any within Idiot Culture think this system of (not) caring for those who do the killing/dying has just recently rotted to it’s present state…. NOT!! During my trips to the V.A. hospital in East Denver in the late ’60’s and ’70’s is when I saw all I described above. It Ain’t nuthin’ new people. The Judas Class realized centuries ago – there’s no money in accepting responsibility for those they lie in to fighting, the money’s in creating wars/weapons, that’s where they get their thirty pieces of silver from.

      • Even if the vanquished want peace the american military will still blow them to bits .
        Kennedy and Eisenhower were spot on with the bankers military nation.

  2. the reason is obvious, what they are doing is training ordinary people to be serial killers, and it is against their nature, they realise that they are not defending their country, but their country wants them commit premeditated murder, and these faceless gutless wonders who handing out the orders, are about to have a few surprises coming their way, This Draco Reptilian New World Order will soon face the wrath of the world.

  3. I will bet that when the troops come home and they are having difficulty with war issues, the first thing their doctor does is get them on Prozac, Zoloft, or one of the other similar drugs to help them with “depression”. Those drugs should be last resort. People that take these drugs become addicted in a short time because trying to get off them results in misery. Even the calmest person trying to get off those drugs can become violent and/or suicidal. So, you can imagine how side effects getting off those drugs would effect those with PTSD or other war aliments.

  4. Prozac, Zoloft, and the other similar drugs cause much of this suicide. Never start these drugs unless ordered to do so by court order. These drugs, besides causing intense feelings of suicide and/or killing people they also kill your se x drive 100% and it will never come back. Just check youtube and you will find proof that that.

    • Just recently India surpassed this oligarchy in number of citizens with access to the web. that puts the U.S. in a tenuous 3rd place. Overall, we have third-world hard wired/wireless web access to match our rotting infrastructure (D-Minus in 2009). Couple that with the obscene prices for access and you have a very good way of keeping the people ignorant of the facts of a matter. The fact is, there are “lesser”? nations around the globe who PROVIDE net access to their people. The most disgraceful thing in all this? Thanks to the U.S./”City of London” all but 4 or 5 nations on Earth now have Central Banks raping and pillaging “legally”. You don’t think all those hundreds of military bases in over 100 nations are there for the sole purpose of simply stealing resources, controlling governments, keeping their markets “friendly” for our corporations do you?

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