#Anonymous Declares War on Mainstream Media: Attacks Fox, CNN, NBC and More

mainstream-mediaBy Nick Bernabe

As of June 1st, Ghost Squad Hackers – the same group leading #OpIcarus – have launched a series of coordinated attacks against leading members of the corporate mainstream media. Giving credit where credit is due, Tec.mic and Softpedia were the first to report the operation. But their reports only tell a portion of the whole story, we will explain why in a moment.

Broadly speaking, the goal of the #OpSilence is to attack all the corrupt major news networks that mislead and censor information from the general public. More specifically, the news agencies who conceal the crimes of Israel, while misleading the population about the mistreatment of the Palestinian people. The operation is off to a quick start, Ghost Squad has successfully” carried out DDoS attacks on CNN and FOX News” already just this month. More attacks are promised, NBC and MSM appears to be their next target.

When Tech.mic and Softpedia presented their coverage of the hacks, they included images and references directly to Anonymous. But upon reading these articles, Ghost Squad had a message of their own that they want everyone to hear:

It is no secret Ghost Squad has a close affiliation with Anonymous; I am sure this is how the group got started in the first place. The group insists they speak for themselves, they are essentially trying to get their own reputation – credibility.

But there is a second layer to this discussion highlighting the recent divide within Anonymous. There has been a “Civil War” of sorts in recent months, and the reputation of the Anonymous collective as a whole has been damaged. Last winter, prominent hacktivist group Ghostsec also cut their ties with Anonymous. In a statement they said “Anonymous has a habit of shooting in every direction and asking questions later.” In other interviews they imply that Anonymous has developed a reputation for behaving immature – more concerned with silly DDoS’ing attacks than changing the world.

Since the quarreling of #OpWhiteRose many people have splintered off, or left Anonymous entirely – just another in the long list of strange effects Donald Trump has had on the entire world. Ghost Squad is one of the groups effected by this ‘Civil War.’ In the time since this happened last March, the group has exploded onto the scene, quickly becoming one of the most influential and talked about hacking groups in the entire world in 2016.

I have no doubt about the origins of this operation though, this goes back to#OpMediaControl which began last June. The operation called for the hacking of every major news network in the United States, testing their email systems, DDoS’ing web sites, attempting to hack in teleprompters or live feeds – anything you could think of. Last I heard back in December, they were still trying to recruit people to join them for an event this summer. Sound familiar to what Ghost Squad is doing right now?

The following video was from #OpMediaControl release last June:

For the purposes of accuracy, AnonHQ News reached out to our contacts in #OpMediaControl. We gave them a preview of the article and asked them what they thought. They showed us a press release dating May 28, 2016, a video proclaiming that#OpMediaControl has been re-engaged. Of course, #OpSilence proceeded to begin June 1st. In another interesting note, earlier last month Anonymous Resistance Movement, one of the groups behind #OpMediaControl,  conducted an interview with GhostSquad. So as you can see, the two groups are well acquainted with one another – these operations are no coincidence.

Ghost Squad may be stepping up from the pack here, but make no mistake, this operation has been in the making for over a year and Anonymous led the way.

This article (#Anonymous Declares War on Mainstream Media: Attacks Fox, CNN, NBC and More) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to AnonHQ.comAnti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific. Image credit: AntiMedia. If you spot a typo, email edits@theantimedia.org.

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5 Comments on "#Anonymous Declares War on Mainstream Media: Attacks Fox, CNN, NBC and More"

  1. Patherns, and controll, there is ALWAYS an line down at any document whom is the mark of confidence and/or orders given to conduct spesific tasks, and the real deal, what they Dont report, dspite knowing the opositt.
    WE dont need tonns of documents, we need the orders, they matters, the rest is effect, from an cause.

    I know, and we all see it every day, the lies, Libya is an Horrible ex. on how to change and manipulate perseptions, and once again, this orders came from somewhere.
    I know you think a ltt of the conspiracys about Old familys are half way bonkers, they are not.

    I also know that this time, annons you have chousen an formidable foe, and plays dirty, and dont take chanses, asumptions is The mother of f….ups, and be carefull.


    • Good comment and important warning. Dangerous territory!

      I am concerned that these hacking actions could lead to total clamp down on the internet. This is exactly the kind of excuse the slithering psychopaths will need to declare marshal law on the internet.

      Btw, I say – Bad judgement is the mother of all fck-ups. Assumption is only one of the factors to reach a conclusion for judgement.

  2. I only hope they dissolve the great propaganda machine. GL ghost/anon et al.

  3. Bunch of muslim supporters here. This entire article is just Palestinian propaganda. Bite me a holes. You are no better than the bomb belt squad.

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