Smart Meter Rate Increase DEFEAT Activism Pennsylvania Style

smart-meterBy Catherine J. Frompovich

One of my readers in Pennsylvania, where draconian PA Public Utility Commission regulations to install AMI Smart Meters mandated by PA PUC regulations stating that’s how it—the PUC—interprets HB2200 enacted as Act 129 of 2008, emailed me a copy of her letter to Pennsylvania Consumer Advocate Tanya McCloskey registering her complaint regarding what probably is one of the ultimate goals of the two-fold AMI Smart Meter agenda in the USA: Pervasive surveillance and high energy rates to reduce electric power consumption so power companies don’t have to upgrade or build new facilities, thereby putting the ‘monkey’ on consumers backs rather than where it rightfully belongs.

According to the PA Attorney General’s website,

The Office of Consumer Advocate was established to represent the interests of consumers before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, and comparable federal agencies and focuses primarily on the interests of residential consumers in those proceedings.  Until the advent of the Office of Consumer Advocate in 1976, residential consumers often went unrepresented in utility rate and service cases because the technical knowledge and financial resources needed for utility regulatory issues could not be afforded by individual consumers.  The Consumer Advocate has the authority to appeal PUC decisions all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

The Commonwealth Attorneys Act directs the Attorney General to appoint a Consumer Advocate subject to confirmation by a majority of the State Senate.  The Consumer Advocate acts independently in certain administrative proceedings and/or staffing matters (subject to the Attorney General’s approval).  The Consumer Advocate has a budget separate from the Attorney General’s funded by an assessment on utility companies similar to the process for funding of the Public Utility Commission. [1]

Nancy Colbert decided, after “reading the insert that came with my April bill from peco telling me to file a formal complaint after reading their proposal to puc,” to send a letter of complaint to the PA Consumer Advocate, which I include below with Nancy Colbert’s written permission.

June 21, 2016

Tanya J. McCloskey, Consumer Advocate
Office of Consumer Advocate
555 Walnut Street, 5th Floor, Forum Place
Harrisburg, PA  17101-1923

Re: Formal Complaint against peco default service procurement plan

Ms McCloskey:

I received notice of peco’s “important information about future electric rates” in my April 2016 billing which referred to its website and to file a complaint if necessary.  I have read several documents and as a result, am addressing your office in your role as Consumer Advocate, under Consumer Protection Law, with copy to the puc secretary.

This peco filing is addressed in legal and technical terms and processes to which the consumer has no access, privy, or training to understand.  Thus, it renders no clear communication about our future rates.

Worse, it addresses concepts as liability and indemnity, seemingly to declare and release peco and all third parties — just like the pharmaceutical companies have procured with their ever increasing dosages of unscientifically verified vaccines while simultaneously we have the most chronically diseased generation of children progressively crippling our society.  Likewise, the burden of all cost and damage in both cases is upon the shoulders of the poor suckers suffering violation of property and all inherent rights of true Law, similar to all the customers’ homes damaged by smart meter fires, especially when utility members prevented the fire chief from investigating.  ARE WE LIVING IN AMERI-CHINA? [CJF emphasis added]

Already we suffer from fake law of unpromulgated regulation (there was no legislative act to mandate smart meters, just read the hearings) which tries to force the consumer to roll over to presumed authority.  Then the operators behind it deny, reject and ignore all the scientific evidence of their harmful technology while obstructing due process with exponential lies and increasing our rates to pay for it to harm ourselves.  Clearly they have set themselves to obfuscate an unsuspecting public, which future correspondence will address under Consumer Protection Law since THIS IS AMERICA!

True Law does not violate, harm and damage humanity to which all are accountable, no one escapes its justice in the end if they have willfully participated in its illegal acts.  Utility commissions and providers were never invented for this purpose, but now for the money, they have descended into a pit of destruction. “Come what may, what the hell, we special few are getting rich” is their mindset.

The time is now to execute your office to hold them accountable — specifically now to inform in layman’s terms their default plan — especially since it most likely follows their pattern of deleterious dealings, omissions and commissions to reap BIG profit off the backs of the slaves they consider each customer to be, evidenced by the haughty and hateful way they treat us.  At least more people are waking up to their nightmare which increases liability on those who perpetuate their own destruction.

Most seriously and sincerely,

Nancy Colbert

To understand more fully Nancy Colbert’s reasoning behind her complaint, we have to take note of what state government reporter/journalist John Finnerty [2] talks about in his column “Smart Meters Bring New Pricing Plan”: [2]

In some states, smart meters are indirectly tied to higher utility bills because of time-of-day pricing, said Pennsylvania Consumer Advocate Tonya McCloskey.

Peak periods – when prices are highest – usually come during weekdays.

Hagen-Frederiksen said time-of-day pricing is offered in Pennsylvania now only in pilot programs. As smart meters become more widespread, those programs will be replaced by plans available to more customers.

PPL Electric Utilities offer a time-of-day pricing option. [2]

Starting the dishwasher, plugging in a hair-dryer or flicking on a light switch will register with utilities almost instantly when their customers are monitored by state-of-the-art electric meters.

The technology itself won’t translate into higher energy bills, say consumer advocates, lawmakers and industry officials. [Do you notice who are making those claims?]

But it does allow utilities to charge based on the time of day, with higher rates for running appliances or the air conditioning when demand is greatest. [Will you want to do laundry at 2AM or run your dishwasher then in order not to get sky-high power bills?  Aren’t they high enough NOW, as it is?]

It’s rather very interesting that Consumer Advocate McCloskey had this to say, “There are some people who aren’t going to be able to turn down their air conditioning during the day.” However, Reporter Finnerty claims McCloskey said time-of-day pricing should remain optional.”  Unfortunately, consumers can’t take that as ‘gospel’ truth because I remember when utilities were promoting nuclear power: It would be too cheap to meter and there would be no need for electric meters on your house!  [3]

What happened to that “pie-in-the-sky” marketing, bait-and-switch strategy, so now we have AMI Smart Meters and peak period power pricing!  Whoaaaaa! Rip-off-utilities and their governmental lackeys!

That’s why I think Nancy Colbert’s complaint letter is a lesson to utility consumers everywhere to follow and emulate regarding AMI Smart Meters Price Increase Rates, plus having to pay for those dumb AMI Smart Meters whenever they are retrofitted on to our services, since they last only five to seven years.  What a rip-off and consumers are letting utilities and state agencies get away with it.

Consumers everywhere, WAKE UP, and take back your power!




Pennsylvania Attorney General Complaint Forms

Note: each state has an Office of Consumer Advocate

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

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  1. Thanfully we have not heard of these in Colorado. I’m sure we may at some point.
    Sounds like these technologies should be shelved. How much harmful emf do they produce and how much information is being sent back to the special few.

  2. Thank you Nancy Colbert for your tremendous show of courage!

  3. Electricity is a want. Not a need. Vote with your dollars. You choose to have electricity. They force the Smart Meter on you.

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