New Report Exposing Coverup of Fukushima Proves Conspiracy Theorists Right

fukushima radiationBy Claire Bernish

According to a new report, the Japanese government worked in concert with TEPCO to purposely cover up the meltdown at Fukushima in 2011.

“I would say it was a coverup,” Tokyo Electric Power Company President Naomi Hirose announced during a press conference. “It’s extremely regrettable.”

Masataka Shimizu, president of TEPCO at the time of the earthquake, tsunami, and subsequent nuclear disaster, told employees not to go public with the term “meltdown” — allegedly in capitulation to pressure from the Prime Minister’s Office.

For two months, TEPCO officials euphemized the meltdown in public statements as “core damage,” even as they had full knowledge of the true extent of the catastrophe. Though a few company officials initially used the term “meltdown,” it abruptly vanished from public discussions just three days after the disaster struck.

According to the report, Shimizu rushed a note to Vice President Sakae Muto as he held a press conference that warned him against using the word meltdown.

“Considering this fact, it is presumable that the Prime Minister’s Office requested Shimizu to be careful about admitting to a meltdown in public,” the report states, as Japan Times noted.

Though the three lawyers who authored the report did not find direct evidence, they surmised it was “highly likely” governmental pressure was behind the amelioration of information about the scope of the disaster.

As CBS News reported, former officials from the Prime Minister’s Office denied all allegations a coverup had taken place. In fact, former government spokesman and current secretary general of the opposition Democratic Party denounced the report as “inadequate and unilateral” — particularly as the lawyer-authors are allied with the current ruling party.

Attorney Yasuhisa Tanaka, who headed the panel investigation, admitted TEPCO likely didn’t intentionally cover up that a meltdown had occurred, saying,

“Looking at the situation back then, we think it was too difficult for Tepco to use the term meltdown because even the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency couldn’t use it,” because of pressure from the government,  Japan Times noted.

That agency had been Japan’s nuclear watchdog in March 2011, at the time of the disaster.

Notably, five years after the catastrophe, TEPCO revealed the existence of a company manual in which a meltdown is ‘official’ once 5 percent or more fuel rods have suffered damage. But, as Japan Times explained:

As of March 14, 2011, Tepco estimated that 55 percent of the fuel rod assemblies in reactor No. 1 and 25 percent of those in reactor No. 3 were damaged but did not declare they were damaged until May that year.

In euphemizing the meltdown, TEPCO and the Japanese government left countless civilians in peril; despite evacuations, many had been reluctant to leave their homes and might have done so sooner had the full scope of a meltdown been clear.

TEPCO remains embroiled in controversy over secrecy and alleged incompetent handling of the cleanup of Fukushima. In February this year, three former TEPCO executives were charged with negligence over the disaster.

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62 Comments on "New Report Exposing Coverup of Fukushima Proves Conspiracy Theorists Right"

  1. I have evolved from eating only seafoods for the past 30 yrs to zero! Seafoods like salmon tuna swim back an forth on the same longitudinal line as Japan and Pacific NW! We’re done!

    I live on the beaches of the Puget Sound. There have always been mounds of beautiful sea star/starfish everywhere! Yes, from time to time you would have INDIVIDUAL species die off. But never like this! ALL, I repeat ALL sea star/starfish have disappeared from the Puget Sound. Within the past 3 yrs, I saw one last year that was orange and horrible mishappened. This year was the worst, I saw about 3-4 beautiful purple and pink ones as in the past, but the beach was covered in brown splotches where the rest had melted/disintegrated!

  2. Words cannot express my disgust and fear that people like this run our government. Constantly aided by lawyers who are “just doing their job”. The pursuit of profit has poisoned the land, sea, and air. We have been taught by the wise ones from ancient days right through the ages that pursuit of material is futile and empty, yet like any bad habit we cannot stop ourselves.There is no wheres else to go, we must make this right or doom ourselves, our children, grandchildren to a slow cancerous death.

    • The Japanese seem to have survived pretty well after WWII. Just sayin’…

    • Birds on a wire, black robed vultures an unholy choir

      No doubt it be the lawyers who deserve pride of place in the guillotine line, they who practice win or lose, whilst they never lose, The Truth they maintain they aim for be just a ruse, today prosecution tomorrow defence, the shekels be well laid out and shared upon the Bar and Bench.

  3. Yep, the globalists tell the truth…

  4. All you hear is about the “global warming” or ” climate change” scams but not a word about radioactive fall out or environment,food contamination with isotopes…

    • Climate Change or Global Warming is not a science.
      Climate Change is a program to get rid of six billion people.

      • If the world doesn’t come together and confront Global Warming’s threat, you moron, there will be loss of life on the scale of billions. And if the elite don’t have an escape plan, it could even be game over for humanity.

        • Global Warming is BS. We are facing a big chill, expected to peak about 2055. The Sun is currently at a solar maximum, the weakest in more than 50 years. Do some basic research, and you will find the Global Warming will be a Global ICE AGE. Dubya tried to change the debate to Climate Change, because he was told what the media refuse to publish.

          • Katana Man | June 25, 2016 at 2:15 pm |

            Yep, as has been and always will be, ice ages and then warm periods over and over again.

        • You know the earth’s in an interglacial period ATM? We just need to be able to cope with all the climate change. Aside from that they can generate electricity perfectly clean but they rather sell us this crap. And even with petrol they can do a lot better, like 160 km/litre in 1973, with a modified Opel P1 from 1959 during a Shell milage research project.

    • No need to tell us about real things. We’re already seeing deaths, cancers and a list of health problems matching the list of effects from low level ionising radiation fallout. My ex-wife and daughter have both developed problems we attribute to the poisons they’ve picked up when travelling in the Northern hemisphere/ Lung cancer, for a woman who never smoked and lives the healthiest life of anyone I ever knew. Hyperthyroidism and some other issues in a girl with no family history of such things. Doctors privately agree with me that Fukushima radiation probably the culprit. In fact many countries experiencing a spike in lung cancers since 2011, despite in many cases the lung cancer rate had been dropping off for years as smoking became increasingly suppressed by health campaigns. After years of decline, we’re seeing a sharp rise in Lung Cancers and Lung Cancer is the FIRST on the list of symptoms of ingetion of low level ionising radiatioactive particles.

    • El Nonsense: Geoengineering meets fission racketeering, all across the plane, insane.

      Scams within scams, that’s how they roll, The Tribe love a laugh at the expense of the proles, Brexit the new game in town, whilst the people distracted are duly culled.

    • Global warming is a strong theory with tons of evidence to back it up. Ignorance is unacceptable. Don’t blather on things you don’t understand.

  5. Find out where the tuna go – watch them swim and watch them glow. Anybody seen a recent report on the Fukushima plume hitting the west coast of NA?

    • all the fir trees are dying in Oregon the news on TV say it is a drought i had 60 inches of rain this winter at my place if that is drought then fir trees can’t live here ha ha I noticed the change in 2011 people told me I was crazy because the TV told them no radiation has fallen now they get all bent when I bring it up and say the TV said it was drought I also had veggies do crazy things the summer of 2011 male flowers with fruit crazy shaped plants leaves from the side of cucumbers we are doomed

    • Yes and the smithering thing firstly is that not so many people in NA have been informed about the coming catastrophe. Already the northern part of the Pacific Ocean has been radioactive contaminated. I do not eat anymore fish coming from the Pacific Ocean. Radioactive contaminated.
      Slowly but steadily it is spreading direction Southern Pacific Ocean if the ocean streams are right.

      No discussions, scarce information, no information for the people living on the West Coast of NA.
      It is very dangerous and very sad that hardly a word is being spoken about this massive and huge catastrophe and its implications coming from Japan.

      • West coast detectors were reported pinging over a year ago. Then nuttin’. I decline west coast seafood and California dairy/produce now. Hanford downwinders are catching it both ways now.

        • I quit eating a lot of fish altogether even before BP. So much other contamination in our oceans. Quit altogether after BP. Thinking you’re safe eating any fish just because it’s a different ocean is like thinking you can pee in the corner of your pool and it’ll be alright.


        • they shut down the monitors in much of the usa thinking we’d never know…

    • Did you know that almost 30 years ago there was a mercury in the tuna scare that “they” later led us to believe was fixed? And when we had the BP oil spill that was one of the re-discoveries? That our tuna, and now other food fish are laced with industrialized mercury.

      And plastic, and radiation and everything else they told us in the 50s was gonna make life better “through chemistry”…

      Petrol-chemistry that is…

      Do you think we’ll evolve our way out of it or not? Or will Global Warming make it all irrelevant?

      I read the plume had begun coming ashore a couple or so months ago. Haven’t read anything lately though. Always a bad omen when they quit talking about it…

  6. Fukashima and it’s creation, and it’s disaster is the continuation of the deceit of the USA, when they nuked HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI 17 hours after the surrender and cease fire of Japan in the last World War, We can all see this Behaviour of the USA still continuing all over the world today.

  7. The government and TEPCO also worked to cover up the fact Japan had been attacked by i$rael. Jim Stone’s summation of Fukushima is valid.

  8. The entire nuclear power industry is one giant scam and a complete disaster.

  9. They wouldn’t even have this problem if the loop was completed. The closed loop (spent fuel to replenished) was developed during the Carter administration, but he being the wise guy killed that technology.

  10. Why is the term “Conspiracy Theorist” used in this headline?
    No “conspiracy theorist” that I know of ever cared about the usage of the term “meltdown” and it is obvious that this article is yet another misdirection from the real issue of what is really going on.
    (Ooh look, they linked to a CBS News site in the article!).

    Why is this kind of obvious propaganda garbage suddenly appearing on Activist Post?

  11. Watch it Sparky… the article is “open source” but not the comments

    • “Watch it”???
      Watch what exactly?
      Are you implying that I should censor myself and not point out obvious BS in the articles posted?

      Why would you imply such a thing and why would you personally behave that way yourself?

      And what do you mean by “the article is open source”??
      (Unless by “open source” you mean “ignorant and stupid”).

      How can any site be considered an “alternative news” site if you are not allowed to point out obvious and blatant perceptive failures by an article or the particular leanings of the author.

      If I wanted to censor myself intellectually in the comments section I would go to one of the countless corporate media sites owned by the criminal cabal.

      How can you justify telling anyone to censor themselves similarly here on a site like this?

      In other words….if ANYONE gets banned from the comments section on an “alternative news” site for simply posting criticism of the article then it is NOT an “alternative news” site anymore and is now little more than simply another outlet that has been captured by the usual corporate suspects.

      In recent months many sites have suddenly started blocking people who’s only crime was to point out how that particular site has all of a sudden switched over to supporting the official government party line.

      Thanks for your advice but I will not “watch” anything that I say and I’m pretty certain that I will be voluntarily unsubscribing from Activist Post very shortly because of the several blatantly BS articles that I’ve seen them put out in the last week or so.

      What we’re witnessing here is an obvious sign of the thin edge of the wedge of infiltration of a once legitimate website that will become so overwhelmingly obvious that eventually even oblivious people like yourself will finally clue in.

  12. Well, well. It appears Japan has learned well. they’re right down here with Sewer Nation. A dubious “honor” at best.

  13. Most everything else since the disaster has also been hushed up, minimized or convoluted. If not also outright concealed from the public.

    Someday we’ll know exactly, and all of what happened. The regional and hemispherical, if not global ramifications, and who was responsible. It will be more than we believe now. We will know who was ultimately responsible, what part(s) each played, and with who the buck finally stopped. Of course by then, most will have died and whatever posthumous justice there is will be soon forgotten or garner little attention. There will probably have been many more various disasters around the world by then, with respect to the mishandling of the energy paradigm that the elite power structures are so stubborn to let go of.

  14. I would think that the U.S. Should have been even more aware of the disaster than even Japan since we have a greater level of technical knowledge. Yet we did nothing early on when preventing a total meltdown was still possible. And this does make me think that for some strange reason, that they just let it happen or actually planned the whole thing.bEven the earthquake and effects could have been triggered with a nuke or some type of large mega weapon.
    it was the lack of any international effort which makes me very suspicious

  15. Every “activist” I’ve been around is an immature, sensitive, emotional headcase who really only cares about attention and status (power) within the “activist” community. The mod of this website is no different.

  16. Still a coverup going on. These lying swine are talking about meltdfowns, when the truth which is now irrefutable is that they had complete melt-throughs, which is what happens after a meltdown has happened and continues to react. Indeed the cores are STILL REACTING and they haven’t got a clue where they even are….except down there under the reactors and going deeper. We called it “China Syndrome” back when it was only a theory. As in burrowing through to China from the other side of the planet.

  17. I am going to “bother”. I still have a problem with your reasoning? I think maybe you’re allowing your suspicions, albeit as justified as they may be, to cloud your logical judgement.

    And I probably wouldn’t have bothered. I called you a “moron” because you came across like a right-wing climate denier. I have more respect for you now than that.


    I have been looking at stuff like Harrp for years. YEARS. I have some close-up history with climate manipulation. But I have seen more credible evidence that Global Warming is real and caused by the burning of fossil fuels than Harrp in Alaska or in space being in any way responsible. With regard to scale and proportionality. Not to mention the physics involved.

    Now that’s not to say I don’t also suspect that there are attempts to fiddle around with Earth’s natural physical properties such as the Magnetic Field. But again I’m more inclined to believe that what is more likely going on are geoengineering projects being conducted hand-in-hand with private industry. Like the ongoing finger-pointing at airline “chemtrails”, which I am not convinced are anything more than vapor trails (contrails).

    Though I do believe the Coast Guard and Air Force were conducting night dispersent spraying over the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill. I believe I witnessed some of it myself.

    Whatever “population control” benefits there are in your theory, if I understand you correctly, are not the primary intent of Harrp or geoengineering. In my opinion. Except perhaps as a field-model to conduct test studies. Likewise the space version (if it really does exist).

    You can say a lot of things about our fu*ked up democracy, but as far as killing off the population, they’ll save us for last in order to preserve that very illusion of democracy. The more they abuse us the harder for them to PR spreading it around the world, don’t you think?

    And so endless war serves the population control element just fine for now. We can kill all the foreigners we want, especially in the 3rd worlds of central and south AM and the Middle East. And in case you haven’t noticed, we’re working hard to add Asia and Eastern Europe to the menu. We could put a pretty big dent in the Georgia Guidestone’s recommendations before nuking a single US citizen. And so maybe they are saving that for last. Maybe that’s the idea with China and Russia; to provoke their 1st strike. Oh, and I have some up-close history there as well.

    Not academically mind you. But in proximity.

    So let’s look at this from another angle.

    You believe that a single site in Alaska or a satellite in space has been able to somehow cause the planet to warm at an increasingly fast pace by climate change standards, but over 200 years of burning fossil fuels on a global scale has somehow had a negligible or benign effect on greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere?

    Even with the fact that burning fossil fuels does release CO2, a greenhouse gas, and there has been a coinciding increase in atmospheric concentrations of CO2, during the entire industrial age. And which scientifically coincides with what would be expected according to the modeling for what we’ve seen result.

    And BTW, Exxon was busy covering up all this greenhouse-gas-emissions-equals-global-warming, as early as 1977. Has Harrp been in operation for that long? Or anywhere near as long as we’ve been burning oil, coal and gas?

    But really I’m not even sure I understand what it is you’re getting at, with respect to Global Warming. Because honestly you aren’t being real clear on that part. Even though you might think you are. I hope therefore that I’ve responded in some coherent fashion. Since as I said, now that I realize you’re not a wing-nut from the right. You do agree they are pretty much all “morons”?

    Not ready to call it a “pleasure” yet…

  18. Are you being terribly obvious or terribly vague?

    As your comment reads, you are literally saying the same thing I have. Global Warming is man-made. I assume the “elite” are presumed to be human beings? And I’m pretty sure I never said they were pulling out all the stops to challenge it.

    And I’m not going to read your linked article. I don’t care if they are all Masons or Illuminati. or lizard Mason Illuminati aliens. I don’t care their motive or agenda. I am only concerned with the majority of us that do not deserve to be denied our lives and our rights.

    I believe global warming is a real threat. I believe that the same “Elite” you mention (though I am loath to capitalize the “e” as you did) are responsible. Not in practice; we all burn fossil fuels, we are all at fault in that regard. But I agree with you that it continues unabated in all regards because of their perpetuation and inaction.

    How that makes me a “moron” and not you as well, or even why it would either of us anyway, you’re gonna have to elaborate on.

    And if you want people to take you seriously, you need to spend a little more time on describing your convictions. Rather than just throwing around accusations with no apparent reason why. Other than you’re clearly sporting a chipped shoulder.

    You know since it wasn’t you I directed the comment to that brought me your buttin’-in attack.

    That’s why the “elite” call us all “fringe” you know…

  19. Were you not a member of Alice Coopers band?

  20. None of what you mentioned has secret agendas attached. This does. Google nwo agendas. So do we worry about pesticides in our food? Any precautions ? The pharmaceuticals in our water? And sea? Nwo fixing it? How about the waste from the mining and fracking industries, All that waste being stored correctly? Oil and nuclear accidents? They do little to mitigate the damage done to the environment. Seems natural climate change is the least of our worries considering how poluted our planet is. Globalists love making laws and carbon currencies to profit and work towards implementing their carefully and long time secret society planned agendas. You watch alot of tv or are a nwo sayanim hasbara.

  21. A faith based argument if ever there was one. 98% of climate scientists don’t agree on anything you clown except the need for funding research..

  22. I’m less concerned about global warming, more about pollution in any form.
    With combustion engines particulate matter is of more concern to me. But the bottom line stays the same, we need to get rid of this polluting technology.

    I just don’t think a carbon tax will benefit the environment in any substantial way. I suspect it is mainly designed as a instrument for control.
    Clean energy generators have been invented multiple times past century. Nikola Tesla, Stan Meyer for instance. The problem is not the feasibility or the money, it is the unwillingness of those in control.

  23. News is controlled – period.

  24. another conspiracy theory proved true.

  25. On the one hand they want to introduce carbon tax, and on the other hand they allow massive fracking for gas leaking methane all over the place. There are clouds of methane above some fracking areas. Also I’m not at all convinced that the temperature is rising, beside the usual fluctuations. It the past millennium there have been colder period that froze the river Thames in London and the Seine in Paris and the ice was used as a market square to house the booths. Also there have been warmer periods. So the temperature rise we see today is nothing special.
    Also the sea level hasn’t risen. And the constant adjusting of measurements or unscientific practices by the IPCC, or NOAA claiming to protect science by withholding the data they used to arrive at their conclusions.
    Bottom line is I have zero trust in any of the politicians or NGO’s and industry, that they even intend to seriously aim for improvement. But despite them eventually we’ll get there. If I could choose these polluting combustion engines and fossile fuels would have been phased out before I was born. While I’m not convinced that co2 is that big a problem or influence atm, I am aware that we definitely suffer negative health effects from the various residual particles that are emitted when fossil fuels are burned. Also it doesn’t seem like a good idea to see and find out what happens if we triple the % of any component of our atmosphere. Although plants seem to grow better with higher Co2 saturation, as is evidenced by greenhouses and aquariums where Co2 is added.

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