NDAA 2017 Includes Draft for Women, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens

ndaa 2017By Derrick Broze

The U.S. Congress has passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2017 with provisions that will force women to sign up for potential military draft and continues the practice of indefinite detention.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate approved a $602 billion annual defense budget that President Obama has promised to veto because the bill does not allow for the closing of the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Senate Bill 2943, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017, passed with a vote of 85 Senators in favor and 13 against.

Before the vote, Senator John McCain tweeted that “It’s never been more urgent to give our troops the resources they need to succeed.” The majority of Congress have no issue taking money from the American people and redistributing it to fund their empire. The conflict arises when lawmakers begin debating whose pet projects are going to get a boost. The major conflicts in passing the bill stemmed from various amendments dealing with how the military budget will be spent.

One issue the entire Congress seemed to agree on was voting against closing military bases around the world. While the Pentagon called for budget cuts stating that the military has more space than they need, Congress refused to go along with the cuts. “Besides, several lawmakers have argued that the Pentagon has cooked the books to justify its conclusions or at least didn’t do the math completely,” the Associated Press reports. The Senate also voted against an amendment to close the infamous military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Another contentious area of debate was the mandate to force women who turn 18 on or after Jan. 1, 2018 to register for Selective Service. Males are already required register within 30 days of their 18th birthday. The United States has maintained a volunteer military force since 1973, but through Selective Service the military could reinstate a draft and call upon registered males and females. Those who do not register could face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000, although the penalty has rarely been enforced.

The most horrendous part of the NDAA 2017 is that that the annual military budget continues to include a provision which allows for indefinite detention of American citizens without a right to trial. Many of you may remember that President Obama had no problem signing the NDAA 2012 in 2011, which legalized the indefinite detention of American citizens suspected of ties to terrorism. The indefinite detention provision is still contained in the NDAA, and has been approved by Congress and signed by President Obama every year since it first passed.

On Thursday June 9, Senators Mike Lee of Utah, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Dianne Feinstein of California spoke on the floor of the Senate in support of an amendment bill which would have removed the indefinite detention clause from NDAA 2017 and offered protections to American citizens weary of a federal government with too much power. The “Due Process Guarantee Amendment to the NDAA for Fiscal Year 2017” would have clarified “that an authorization to use military force, a declaration of war, or any similar authority shall not authorize the detention without charge or trial of a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States.”


“This amendment addresses a little known problem that I believe most Americans would be shocked to discover even exists,” Senator Mike Lee said from the floor of the U.S. Senate. “Under current law, the federal government has proclaimed the power, has arrogated to itself the power to obtain indefinitely without charge or trial U.S. Citizens and lawful permanent residents who are apprehended on American soil. Let that sink in for just a minute.” Senator Lee also reminded the Congress that the last time the U.S. federal government detained Americans was the internment of Japanese Americans during the Second World War.

Senator Rand Paul noted that President Obama recognized the danger of granting the federal government the power to indefinitely detain Americans. Upon signing the bill in 2011 President Obama added a signing statement promising not to use the power. “He said, this is a terrible power and I promise never to use it. Any president who says a power is so terrible he’s not going to use it should not be on the books,” Paul stated. “Someday there will be someone in charge of the government that makes a grievous mistake, like rounding up the Japanese. So we have to be very, very careful about giving power to our government.”

Senator Feinstein, Paul, and Lee attempted to pass an earlier version of this amendment in the 2012 before the amendment was taken out of the NDAA. The dangerous language within the NDAA comes from Sections 1021 and 1022, which include language that allows the government to detain anyone so charged “without trial until the end of the hostilities.” Thankfully, localities and states like Virginia are fighting back against the NDAA’s indefinite detention clause.

Unfortunately, the federal government will continue to have the ability to indefinitely detain American citizens. This is especially worrisome going into 2017 when a new president, one who hasn’t promised not to detain you, will be claiming the Oval Office. What will he or she do with the power to indefinitely detain Americans? Only time will tell.

To fight the National Defense Authorization Act check out People Against the NDAA (PANDA)

Image Credit: TheFreeThoughtProject.com

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for ActivistPost.com and the founder of the TheConsciousResistance.com. Follow him on Twitter.

Derrick is available for interviews.

This article may be freely reposted in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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94 Comments on "NDAA 2017 Includes Draft for Women, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens"

  1. Complete takeover is their goal…

    Always be a light that is .shininginthedark.

  2. Wow… just like that, women must register for the draft. No discussion or national debate. The Montana senator who introduced this as a bill said he intended to “get a discussion going.” Obviously this was a lie. This will have huge ramifications for society, and absolutely zero media coverage or concern, especially from the millions of women whose lives will be affected. It’s a travesty that something this huge wasn’t covered on Activist Post at all, and barely mentioned in this article. I knew this bill was introduced, I had no idea it would be buried in NDAA 2017… wow.

    • The US satanists are preparing the WW III right under our noses – they want us all dead !

      Colorado’s free masons have already prepared on the Denver Airport the story that is hidden under the capston for after-WW III world!

      Is there anybody in the US who would dare to open the capstone and let us see what is the plan ?

    • Rosalee Adams | June 18, 2016 at 10:58 am | Reply

      THIS is what happens when representatives NO longer recognize WE the PEOPLE
      it is also good reason for time limits….power corrupts
      Indefinite detention no trial is 3rd world…and same as colonial daze under George III

  3. You American people, you have allowed your own satanic elite to attack. rob, kill … all around the world. The very same satanic force is now against you!
    You have to STOP them.
    My beautiful Yugoslavia was destroyed, Serbian churches are still burning in Kosovo where Albanians Muslims terrorize Serbs under US protection. Muslims are treated like criminals in the US but in my country, Serbia you, American people, you support the Albanian and Bosnian Muslims, against Serbs. We, Serbs, we are the Christians in Bosnia, Serbia, Macededonia, Montenegro and Croatia. We are the oldest nation in Europa ! Search in Youtube: “Danube Civilization” / “Albanian Muslims Burning churches in Kosovo” /list of US war crimes.
    There can be no Liberty, no Freedom… if you not stand up against own political / economic elite gone mad !

    • bunnyswanson | June 16, 2016 at 3:19 am | Reply

      You could say the same to the Germans in the 1920s. It is a covert war and deep pockets are funding it. Who? First act of an invading army is taking over communication and information. It is what it is.

    • rhondareichel | June 16, 2016 at 11:24 am | Reply

      Not me….I voted for Ron Paul in 2012 and Rand Paull this year
      We all aren’t evil and stupid

      • George Washington | June 16, 2016 at 4:33 pm | Reply

        That just shows how stupid you are. You think voting is real, or can effect change, lol. what a moron you are. It takes fire and blood to arrest the evil that has corrupted the only hope the world has…our nation.

      • What word’s were on the plaque on Harry S Truman desk while he was in the Oval?!
        We hang together or we will (?) separately – No, then aren’t word’s on the plaque!
        Are u going to wait for roundup?!

        • Your post made no sense. Are you asking a question, posting a rhetorical question, making a statement, a melange of all of the above? If you really want to know, the plaque was “The Buck Stops Here”. “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Ben Franklin just before he signed the Declaration of Independence. Or you could have just Binged it.

  4. Mr. Broze is to be commended for alerting us to this very impactful, yet conveniently underreported event.
    The Orlando shooting certainly came at an opportune time to distract the public’s awareness from this legislation.

    • Too bad Mr. Broze only reports on the NDAA after it’s voted on and not before. He did the same last year when the senate voted on the bill while everyone was focused on the shootings in Charleston. I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence.

      • I haven’t seen any other reports on it at all.

      • I have reported on the NDAA for years.

        • So is your name Derek or Derrick? One expects a journalist to at least know how to spell their own name.

          The point of my comment is that activism requires readers learn about this type of legislation before it is passed so calls can be made to senators and other types of activism can take place. Reading about shackles after they’ve been placed on your wrist is pretty pointless. I’m sorry Derek/Derrick but I’m extremely upset about women having to register for the draft without any type of discussion beforehand. This is a nightmare for any women wanting to raise a family. Everyone whose job it is to know about it being included in the NDAA was silent and I am spitting hollow points.

          • We all need to start learning to say NO!!!! Honestly, ‘they’ wouldn’t know what to do if we ALL did that…

          • Hi Brett! I wish people would say NO!!! to voting for psychopaths for a start (since not voting is still legal) but you can see that ain’t happening.

          • You are on the right path and direction. People Power, forgotten?

          • Yes people have forgotten their power in every way. We are so much bigger and better than we realise. In fact, WE are the power! Its not something the elite want any of us to know; thats why the education system is run by devils. They are preparing our children for slavery. NOT ON MY WATCH! 😉

          • AnotherLover | June 16, 2016 at 11:28 pm |

            It sounds like you’re blaming Derek for the timing of Charleston and Orlando. Really what you’ve done is connect the dots. They both strike me as fake events. I just found out they both happened during the passage of the heinous “defense” Acts. Those NDAA’s are monumental. Historic. And, like the civil trial that found several US Gov agenies responsible for the conspiracy to assassinate MLK, the mainstream media is ignoring it.
            “The point of my comment is that activism requires readers learn about
            this type of legislation before it is passed so calls can be made to
            senators and other types of activism can take place.”

            Activists don’t wait to be spoon-fed, and consumer don’t act regardless of their knowledge — you’re setting the bar pretty high here for ActivistPost, don’t you think? You’re asking them to do the impossible.

            It’s true the mind spins these days. Collate as best you can. Tell the story. You’ve obviously got the knack. There is only one story and lies tend to show themselves, since the very best of them is still only a studio-lit stage set. Take one step back and the mind has to fight itself to continue believing the lie. People achieve this feat because they are driven by fear of ridicule. No matter how obvious the stage pieces are, belief in the story is enforced.

            Anyway, you’ve made an interesting connection here. Both Charleston and Pulse deserve much closer inspection. And, also — attacking people just bugs people and makes you look bad. If you know that ActivistPost and this author have blatantly ignored the current NDAA until now, that’s one thing. But such a strong accusation should be supported. Keep on keepin’ on.

          • I’m not blaming Derek/Derrick. Did you note that he seems to have two different spellings of his name? Regardless of this oddity, I’m not setting the bar high by asking journalists to do their jobs. This is why we are here reading alternative news because the “real” journalists don’t do theirs, and in fact this is precisely why we are in this situation now, because a functioning press protects us and a non-functioning one leads us to slaughter. I cannot think of a better example to show this fact than the failure to inform people about the hidden clauses in the NDAA that monumentally affect us all.

          • AnotherLover | June 17, 2016 at 11:23 am |

            Was the date for the vote on the NDAA secret?!? Does ActivistPost not accept submissions? It’s true, based on my quick check last night, that the site had but naught to say about the 2017 NDAA until now. Are they in collusion?

            The female draft has been on-topic actually in the mainstream press. Have you noticed? Not the NDAA, of course, but loud, unchallenged support for the notion of the female dreft. It’s called cultural Marxism, and it’s supported by the most powerful players on Earth.

            I do agree that ActivistPost could strengthen their content across the board. But then, I don’t run a news website. I used to bust their chops over their obnoxious advertising — and they’ve toned it down! But they still have to keep the ball rolling, month after month, during all the periods you and I are doing other things. So, ActivistPost could benefit from more user input. With all that being said, the female draft is so progressive it would actually be hard to argue against these days. I can’t imagine the protest movement gaining any traction.

          • I am not asserting collusion in any form, I’m asserting laziness or perhaps just not paying attention. The original bill was proffered from Montana senator Zinke and called Draft America’s Daughters Act. He is a former military honcho of some sort, a SEAL, etc. He said he introduced the bill to “start a discussion.” At the time I wrote to him (I live in Montana) and said, “What is to prevent your bill from being hidden in other legislation before this discussion take place?” Prescient to a fault, I guess. I was following this carefully and did not know it was in the NDAA.

            I do not read mainstream press in any form, so I have not witnessed this discussion but you’re right, it is cultural Marxism for sure. I know it’s supported for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is effectively doubling the available recruits because the draft will be coming again soon, no doubt. Of course everyone will say, “Women wanted equal rights, now they have them.” Meanwhile the eugenicists just added another glorious check mark to their agenda. It’s plain to see what’s happening. I can’t imagine wanting to start a family knowing any day I could be drafted away from them. The whole concept is completely evil, which is why they kept it hidden.

          • AnotherLover | June 17, 2016 at 2:57 pm |

            Androgyny is part of progressivism. The only stick-in-the-road is children. And we all know what a problem they are, right? The government will take care of them — by force, anyway — why resist?

            Atrazine in the water and multitudinous other endocrine-disruptors in the environment and the flip-sex people born as a result are used as a progressive political tool. They are abandoned by their society — the same society that’s convinced it’s doing them a great favor by “tolerating” them. The fact of transgenderism is an issue, sure, but it’s blown up and distorted by the manipulators to further their goals. The transgenders of today regarded as victims of culture, and those of the future as inevitable and natural — not as the chemically-altered victims they are.

            Not to get too far off-track… Good point, by the way, though — it doesn’t seem the website even mentioned said Return-to-the-Dark-Ages-Act all year long. It’s true ActivistPost could have done better on this point.

            And, truly, crowdsourcing is the strength of the alternative press. Don’t wait. Activate.

          • Good points too, AL. Thanks. I am watching the transgenderism thing from afar because I know it’s all contrived, although having said that (and being an old stick-in-the-road female) it was a bit unsettling walking into a public restroom yesterday and seeing some kind of gender using a urinal. Social upheaval has many forms and affects everyone, the children bear the brunt of most of it.

            The only reason I spoke up about AP’s lack of effort was because someone way up there named Al Kene made mention of what a great job Mr. Broze did. Otherwise I would have kept silent. Still waiting for someone to explain why Mr. Broze can’t spell his first name.

          • Eileen Kuch | June 17, 2016 at 12:53 am |

            Regarding drafting women into the military for combat is a form of depopulation. Not in the history of man have women been sent into battle. Ancient civilized nations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome, and most barbarian ones never drafted women into battle, since they regarded women as the progenitors/nurturers of the next generation and would never risk eventual extinction by drafting women into battle. This exclusion of women on the battlefield went on, even to the modern age. Only a depraved, decaying society would commit national suicide by drafting women into combat.
            The cowardly Senate – instead of abolishing the Selective Service System altogether – decided to commit national suicide by voting to draft women into battle. Of course, the House has yet to vote on this; and let’s hope that the House members show a lot more courage than the Senate and vote against drafting women into battle.

          • I hope you’re right Eileen. Unfortunately it appears that the large majority of the members of the House are also cowards. I don’t think people realize how much the elected members of our government are watched, bribed, comprised, threatened, bought off and scared out of their wits. The entire culture of Washington is based on paranoia and abject fear that they project out onto the rest of the country.

          • Result of this? Follow the moneys … again there is only one which is profiting of this NDAA Act or Bill and that is the Military Industrial Complex.
            At the moment this branch has not been outsourced abroad, yet.
            If the american people (most of them) keep on sleepwalking one day they wake up and there is no way to go anymore: All oppressed by their federal government and as long as they vote for senators like Mr. McCain and Mr. McCain they will stay in a perpetual situation, which IMO will become worse.
            (That is why there are events like BREXIT = Britain leaving the European Union.
            Like USA, the European Union is and becoming more and more a political dictatorship
            but not for the Brits anymore. They are free again.)

          • Yes, the empire strikes back!

          • You sound to me like you might ought to be widening your radar to include other sources of information. I signed several petitions going back weeks at least with regard to the NDAA.

            There is also the congressional schedule. These annual bills tend to have expiration dates on them? Get my drift?

          • Yes, I get your drift completely. I have a very wide radar given the amount of spare time I have, but perhaps my time could be better spent finding better sources. I do not normally sign petitions in any form though because they are only used to determine what the people want so it is can be kept from them. Regardless, I do appreciate your advice and I will take it.

          • I understand your cynicism, but I can assure you that I wouldn’t be wasting my time if I never saw a petition succeed. And the truth is that over the years I have seen many of them do so.

            Chairman Wheeler over at the FCC didn’t write the rules on Net Neutrality, for instance, out of the goodness of his corporate-lobbied heart. It took public pressure, including petitions.

            The only thing you can ever be certain of is that not to try ensures you will fail.

            “Endeavor to persevere!”

          • Hahaha.. Chief Dan George in The Outlaw Josie Wales. Great motto, I’ve used it often.

            Thanks for the tip on petitions. I can be cynical at times, but that doesn’t mean I don’t engage in other methods. I used to work for a bunch of judges and got to know a lot of politicians personally. I just call or write to them directly, sometimes they even call me back. State and local things where I live, not national. DC is a lost cause, you can’t reason with psychopaths.

          • Yeah, whatever else you can say about poor Clint being a little too far on the right, he still makes a powerful film. And often with a powerful lesson to be learned.

            Josie Wales is one of my favorites. I liked “Unforgiven” too. And Gran Torino. He outta make Trump watch that one…

            As a kid of course I loved his gunslinger films. Dirty Harry was about where he lost me for a decade or so.

            And yes, I can see how being so close to the inside can make you cynical. If democracy flowed freely, we wouldn’t need to have the right to petition would we?

          • I fell in love with Clint Eastwood when he was starring in Rawhide… do you think that dates me? LOL I didn’t like his Dirty Harry period either, but everything else he’s done has been great. I’ve always liked him, right/left or whatever… I have made it a priority to stop labeling people in terms like left/right because this duality game that has been foisted on humanity keeps us divided into many factions. It’s a fool’s game and we’re all fools when we engage in it.

          • Wow. I forgot about Rawhide. I was pretty young, but I was watching that as the episodes came out. Bat Masterson, The Rifleman, Cheyenne, Bonanza, The Lone Ranger of course. Sugarfoot, Bronco, Maverick. One of my favorites was Have Gun Will Travel. Man you’re giving me flashbacks. You even made me Google for some of these. I remember when bonanza went to color. One of the first.

            I couldn’t agree more with you that we would probably all be much better off without the political parties. It might finally make the sheeple sit up and pay attention to the candidate’s character, rather than whose side is better. As in the game, the horse race, the match-up.

            I won’t miss any of it.

          • That’s very funny, about the flashbacks I mean. When I met my husband (25 years ago) we used to sing all the old sitcom songs. We were both born in the same year and raised on a steady diet of TV, and all those silly songs are lodged in our heads. About five years ago I woke up to how much they used our generation as a giant social experiment and I was a guinea pig. I turned the idiot box off and have never watched it since. The withdrawal symptoms were so devious (being completely isolated from what passes today for normal society, for one) I knew I’d done the right thing. I realize now how much BETTER my life is. But if you need the lyrics to Mr. Ed, Laverne and Shirley, or Green Acres, just look me up, they’re all recorded verbatim in my matrix brain.

          • Is it possible to follow the congressional Agenda. Every House has a “visible” Agenda for the day, haven’t they. Must be possible to consult every moment of the day by the people. So one knows what Bills will be processed of discussed or voted on.

          • Read it ‘before’ passing it? Novel concept. Someone should get the memo to Pelosi and the rest of henchmen.

        • Before it is voted on or After it is voted on?

    • rhondareichel | June 16, 2016 at 11:51 am | Reply

      several opportunities missed to use that law
      Muslims must be excluded

  5. The Activist Post needs to move from alerting us to the issues to proposing real, meaningful and effective solutions. Most readers understand the problems and realize it’s no longer about reforming Congress, POTUS or the Supremes. They sold us out years ago. It’s now about what we’re going to do to restore the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law before this turns into a violent, bloody revolution that most of us would like to avoid.

  6. gift – the gold collar scum elite are the worlds problems.
    Soon they will have remote control over most all vehicles (air, land, sea) and won’t need human mercenaries.

  7. well history has shown that its always a rich mans war but a poor mans fight

  8. I vote to send Hillary Clinton behind enemy lines and leave her there….!!!

  9. The Donald has all ut said on the campaign trail that he will use that authority against all Americans of the Islamic faith and those of Hispanic heritage. I expect that to happen immediately after January 20th, 2017, if he wins the presidency.

    • Not to worry! IF by some chance he can beat Hillary in the general election, the RHINO’s that are running scared sh**less, will NEVER allow him to see Jan 20th. It will be made to look like a medical event, or an “accident.” After all I have seen my government do in my 64+ years of life (and 30+ working for them in law enforcement,) I’ll bet my last retirement check on it. They can’t afford to let him become President. He will upset “their” apple cart…and they know it. No one wants to lose their gravy train.

      • Wow, a person who still believes voters actually elect presidents. Amazing.

        • Good to hear from you again. Hope you & hubby are well.
          You know us “old” dinosaurs. Still believe in the dream, and too old to change now.
          And as I said..IF he is elected (by whomever,) he won’t live to be sworn in. (MY opinion, and after decades studying political assassinations- I.E. JFK, RFK, MLK, Anwar Sadat, etc.)
          Your opinions…let’s “talk” again.

  10. rhondareichel | June 16, 2016 at 11:19 am | Reply

    Not a hard concept to grasp why we have false flags— except for one thing….all these on the watch list are now subject to INDEFINITE DETENTION WITHOUT TRIAL so it makes me wonder why they didn’t use it on the Orlando shooter, San Bernadino shooter, Nidal Hassan, & Tsarnaev brothers? That their only justification in passing that??? Without DUE PROCESS too.

    • Because they are using the NDAA security provisions to discover potential terrorists who they can groom as patsies. Then they incite them, arm them, and send them off to kill us. We are not dying fast enough, we have refused to roll over like the coward Australians and hand over our guns, and they are getting desperate, so they pass ridiculous bills like this without letting the public know. DC is filled with paranoid delusionals who can no longer reason because they themselves are being blackmailed by the very provisions they enacted and they are scared silly… and yet people keep voting for them like idiots. Millions and millions of guns are the only thing keeping us safe, which is why the CIA patsy killers only go for gun-free zones. Amerika is going down in slo-mo, just like all the disaster movies they have been programming us with for decades.

  11. the answer to this is to get together and create your own peoples free army, and face off En masse the corrupt authorities, yes you really have to show them as a people that you are not going to take it any more,

    • William Burke | June 16, 2016 at 5:59 pm | Reply

      So I’ll see you there, right, Arlene?

    • Ah yes, a people’s free army, against the most powerful military force on the planet, all paid for by the free peoples army taxes. So I guess this is what is meant by “Freedom isn’t free.”

      • Remember the American Revolution? I bet you wouldn’t have believed that the Colonists would defeat the greatest Army on the planet, that of the British Empire, either; but, they did. The Vietnamese defeated the most powerful force on the planet in 1975; so, why wouldn’t a highly motivated People’s Free Army be able to do what the 18th Century Colonists and the 1975 Vietnamese had done; that is, defeat the most powerful force on the planet?
        Where there’s a will, there’s a way, Brian. The American Revolution was only fought by a small percentage of the population, and backed by another small percentage; yet, the revolutionaries prevailed.

        • I’m old, but I’m not that old, and given that everything we have been taught about history has been lies, I don’t really know what happened during the American Revolution and either do you. One version states that we signed an undisclosed treaty with Britain allowing them to continue to rule us via banking, and it seems that is playing out exactly today. We have three independent states controlling the world: London/banking, DC/military and the Vatican/religion. And of course this free peoples army will consist of women too, right? Are you locked and loaded?

        • Here! Here! Where do I sign up??

      • It seems to have worked pretty good in Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, and most everywhere else that a guerrilla war has been waged against the most powerful military force on the planet now hasn’t it? No reason why it wouldn’t work here. Yep, plenty will die, but waging asymmetrical war against our armed services appears to hamstring them.

        • I guess you didn’t notice all three of those countries were or are being destroyed with agent orange, napalm, spent uranium, bio- and chemical weapons, drone strikes, and a host of other techno-atrocities. Vietnam still shows horrid evidence of the war on both the land and the people. I saw this with my own eyes a few years ago. The only reason the war ended in Vietnam was because the American people revolted and kept revolting until the troops were brought home. I don’t know what they’re teaching in school these days but I was here for that, I spent most of my college years illegally disarming tear gas grenades being used against students. We finally came back from Iraq (kinda sorta) because there was nothing much of value left to blow up. And Syria? Russia wiped out our CIA-backed guerilla armies in a matter of weeks.

          I understand you have an opinion and that’s fine, but it appears to be based on a misunderstanding of actual history. Guerilla war, while certainly admirable and brave, doesn’t “work pretty good” against battle groups, drones, missiles, WMD, etc. And waging a guerilla war against our own military? That’s what all those new female recruits would be used for. Did you know that the original bill was called Draft America’s Daughters Act? I hope you don’t have young daughters.

  12. William Burke | June 16, 2016 at 5:52 pm | Reply

    American Swastika.

  13. Well if they have any brains they all should refuse because they are being forced to sign up for their potential death. Get out of the evil wicked murdering military. Let those evil people who pass theses laws go and fight themselves you will always find the biggest cowards are those who send others to do their dirty work. We should round up all of those who desire war and put them all in a rubber cell and let them bash each other up. We live or exist on a planet that has become insane because we allow the most wicked and evil of humanity to rule us by fear and vile trumped up laws.

    • Rosalee Adams | June 18, 2016 at 11:00 am | Reply

      Your statement is illogical unless you can prove for a fact that everyone who serves or has
      served has done so out of evil intent

  14. Women turning 18 need to refuse to sign up. If they All refuse, there is nothing they can do! There is no legal law allowing “involuntary servitude”, and no twisting of words from the administration or attorneys can change the easy to understand written constitution!
    This gov has thousands of laws that are not under their authority to make. They are continuously crossing the line.

  15. The Dump is gunna use it against Mexicans and Muslims in 2017 and then use it against all other political opponents and he’s gunna have opponents after he does away with the Iran deal and starts ww3

    • That’s where you’re wrong, Brian. Donald Trump isn’t going to be a dictator; what he plans is to deport illegal aliens, build a wall on our southern border and deny foreign Muslims into this nation. He won’t start WWIII, either. He pledged that, if elected, he would restore friendly relations and trade with all nations. Now, Brian, does that sound like starting WWIII to you?
      Trump’s a businessman, not some lying politician. He also said he would close military bases overseas and bring the troops back home and station a portion of them at the border with Mexico. He’s no lunatic, but our current POTUS and Hillary Clinton are. The Hildabeast is guaranteed to start WWIII if she wins. However, I strongly doubt she’ll make it; mainly, due to the FBI’s damaging report on her using her unsecured private server for sending highly classified material – including that above top secret – in her emails. All it would take is for Russian President Vladimir Putin – who has copies of these emails – to release them all, and Hillary’s chances are doomed.

      • Donald is most certainly a politician. You’ll note he’s running for president. Based on every other president in modern history you have no idea what he will do when he gets into office because what they say to get elected is never the same thing as what they do once they get the power. And Hillary will never, ever be prosecuted for her silly email snafu, or the murder she oversaw in Benghazi, any more than Obama was impeached for lying about being born in Kenya, or Bush was indicted for lying about WMD in Iraq and overseeing the events of 9/11. You have a lot to learn about things really work… and voting for any of them is beyond stupid because you are agreeing to be led by psychopaths, The Donald included.

        • Your one statement is the way I feel. They talk all this good stuff before they get elected, but then it was all clowns and circuses. I doubt Trump will do hardly anything he says he will do, when he gets elected. I, and others, can only hope and pray for all the good things he says he will do though! Like not letting anymore Muslims in this country (doubt he can get the ones already in here, out).

          • c_chandler | June 20, 2016 at 7:32 am |

            once elected there is more pressure and too many “advisors” , many of those trying to thwart the american citizen’s rights.

  16. Women wanted equal rights got it along with equal draft.

  17. The Pauls are not “good” people. They’re self-serving Libertarians. Why doesn’t anyone ever really look into what their movement is about for cripes sake.

    There are some very good reasons why they are anti-fed and anti-war. And it ain’t got nothing to do with compassion or empathy or Humanity.

    Just look at their God, Ayn Rand if you want to get the real picture. Not her fiction, though that is also telling, but study the person. Her anarchist, narcissist and nihilist beliefs.

    Then when someone you know praises the Pauls, or some other Libertarian scoundrel, give them a good hard slap for their own good.

    Of course looking at your handle, I’m not so sure. I may just be pissing in the wind here…

    But other than that I’m in full agreement!

  18. Perhaps McTraitor can explain how suspension of due process (to which he gave an oath to defend and protect)
    translates into ‘giving the military required tools’.
    This is unadulterated treason.

  19. The Federal government can only get away with what the states allow. The states are within their rights to eject any and all Federal government activities and regulations from their states. Therefore, there’s no real reason for any states to complain. Just state you’re not going to participate in any NDAA. That goes for Selective Service, as well. No person can be forced against their will to sign up for it.

  20. Rosalee Adams | June 18, 2016 at 10:56 am | Reply

    indefinite detention w/o right to trial sounds like 3rd world or colonial daze under George III

  21. again a false flag while they pass an unconstitutional NDAA 2017…

  22. hilary and obama need each other to cover up their crimes…

  23. We seem to share some few parallels. Politically, creatively. And why not? Considering the times then and since.

    You are an accomplished photographer no doubt. Did you notice that we also seem to share similar tastes in subject matter? A very few of my original designs are taken from my own amateur photographs. And there are some of public domain origin as well. Thanks to Uncle Sam.

    A saw a few of your photos that I’m sure would look good on one of my calendars. You might want to think about that this Fall.

    Thank you so much for sharing. And not just the photography!

  24. Ms. Steamroller | August 2, 2016 at 11:47 pm | Reply

    Does anyone know specifically where this indefinite detention of American citizens without due process is listed in the NDAA 2016 and 2017? We must have the evidence, facts, and truth please and not a bunch of fear-mongering.

  25. Meanwhile the MSM/DNC/CIA keeps us distracted with their McCarthy ravings about Trump/Russia.

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