How To Can Food For Storage

canning storageBy Derrick Broze

Activist Post reporter Derrick Broze and his grandmother show how to can ground beef. The process also works for vegetables, soups, and beans.

Broze has recently announced the beginning of an intentional community in Texas built around the principles of non-aggression and individuality, permaculture/sustainability, and mindfulness.

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Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for and the founder of the Follow him on Twitter.

Derrick is available for interviews.

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2 Comments on "How To Can Food For Storage"

  1. Grandma does it same way we do! Another method is to boil the ground beef halfway, strain, pack the meat and use the straining juice to top off. Wipe rim with vinegar and pressure cook for 60 min @ 15 PSI. You can do 75 minutes also. No difference I’ve found. 15 minutes less time is propane saved.

    Seasoning with garlic powder, himalayan pink salt, and black pepper.

    Canned ground beef this way last AT LEAST 3 years. I have some still that old and it is still good so maybe longer. I bet it will last 5 years easy, maybe 7 I dunno.

    Be sure to store your canned food between 45 and 60 degrees if you can. Temps exceeding 80 take months off shelf life.

  2. I’d rather buy some of this from someone who I know, knows what their doing. I’m not taking any chances.

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