Germany Just Called Out NATO and the US for “Warmongering” and “Saber-rattling” with Russia

anakonda-russia-germany-fbBy Matt Agorist

Last week marked the official launch of NATO’s Anakonda-16 war games, calling for the largest assembly of foreign forces in Poland since World War II.

The exercise consisted of 30,000 troops supported by several arsenals of vehicles, aircraft and ships will be deployed in one of the biggest exercises on NATO’s eastern flank since the end of the Cold War.

While NATO is touting this move as training, the Russians are calling it the “summer of provocation,” and a move to reignite the Cold War intended to force Moscow to starve its domestic economy to ramp up its military to meet a growing external threat.

Russia is not alone in their assertion either. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told Bild am Sonntag newspaper this week that these ostensible ‘war games’ are little more than warmongering.

“What we shouldn’t do now is inflame the situation further through saber-rattling and warmongering,” Mr Steinmeier said in an interview to be published in Germany’s Bild am Sontag newspaper.

“Whoever believes that a symbolic tank parade on the alliance’s eastern border will bring security is mistaken,” Steinmeier said ahead of the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw beginning July 8. “We are well-advised to not create pretexts to renew an old confrontation,” he emphasized.

Rather than risk inflaming the already-volatile situation further “through saber-rattling and warmongering,” there needs to be more dialogue and cooperation with Moscow, Steinmeier said.

It would be “fatal to now narrow the focus to the military, and seek a remedy solely through a policy of deterrence,” German FM said, calling to give way to diplomacy instead of military posturing.

The alliance should also consider the possibility to “renew discussions about the benefits of disarmament and arms control for security in Europe,” he said.

In spite of NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu saying the alliance’s actions are “defensive, proportionate, and in line with our international commitments,” Russia has done absolutely nothing to provoke such a response.

The real intent behind this saber-rattling is expanding military spending and bolstering the U.S. war machine. Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski recently offered pertinent insight as to why Russia continues to be so vilified by the Pentagon and American media alike:

“The Pentagon needs and wants Russia to be the next big enemy that they are arming against it, budgeting against it, that they are targeting. Certainly, we have talked for a long time about China and China plays an important role as the enemy of choice for the U.S. military. But Russia is ideal in part, because we don’t import a lot of things from Russia, in part because we don’t have the debt relationship with Russia that we do with China. So, Russia makes for a very convenient enemy for the Pentagon in terms of its mission, its budgeting, and its intelligence organization.”

“The Pentagon needs that kind of enemy,” Kwiatkowski continued. “And [U.S. Secretary of Defense] Ashton Carter, if you listen to what he says continually — even from the beginning of time he was put in office — his job is fundraising, just like the university president’s job is not education but rather fundraising. Ashton Carter’s job is also fundraising, and he fundraises through this process of identifying, pushing, and delivering up an enemy that will justify their budgets.”

Prior to the German FM speaking out about this overt saber rattling, the only ones defending the Russians — were the Russians. Now that a U.S. ally is applying sensible logic to the scenario, the antagonistic intentions of the military-industrial complex are laid bare.

Unfortunately, the U.S., in its flagrant and irresponsible creation of the world’s largest military, cares not about starting actual world wars in their attempts to enrich their corporate masters.

When the chickens come home to roost, however, the result of such belligerent foreign policy will be death and destruction — on a massive scale.

Matt Agorist is the co-founder of, where this article first appeared. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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13 Comments on "Germany Just Called Out NATO and the US for “Warmongering” and “Saber-rattling” with Russia"

  1. If these brain dead men in uniform could see themselves as others see them, would it really make a difference, the only difference today is that normal people do not Enlist, that is why what you have got there are only volunteer’s, and those who love and live to kill without repercussions, so all you have reality is serial killers in Uniform. I was wondering when the German people were going to cop on, the BERLIN WALL came down, so it means the war is over, and that the US should leave all bases in Germany and everywhere else in the World, because EUROPE has seen all the World Wars and it does not need to see any more, so the Initials FO don’t just mean foreign office, and that means the all US MILITARY must go from Europe, FO period.

  2. A little bit too late, Mr. Steinmeier. These military idiots called generals and admirals are still thinking that it is a game like the Second World War.
    None of it. This game if it results in a war with Russia of which these admirals and generals have wet dreams about since 2014, the reaction will be ferocious. Forget all your WWII-tactics.
    If Russia at the time to prevent the fall of Syria made the Yankee Doodles and NATO-clowns getting very worried about the way Russia handled (processed, bombed) US’s and NATO’s “rebel darlings”, this style of reaction but a hundred times stronger in response from RF can be expected. IMO.
    Russian Federation is on Self-Defense or Defense contrary to The Democratic Capalists Free West which is waging war for profit, greed and power.
    Not Russia.

    The West will be beaten in a terrible horrific way they never could have imagined.
    US is its own enemy and to others as well. Nobody is a winner out of this. The planet will be a mess.

    It is German politicians, UK, Israel, US, and NATO, controlled by the KM & Underworld which want to break up Russia and after that to finally implement their NWO. UN is standing by to take over the planet on their signal for world governance.

    The people of this world know and see now for themselves: Russia is not the enemy. Never was.

  3. Well they are also starting on China with 2 aircraft carriers in an exercise off the Philippines waters as we speak. The military is sounding desperate with no new wars to plan for.

  4. Yes they are brain dead men in uniform and why you have these mindless program people who serve the beast, what hope is their for piece. My view is if you go to war under the lies of the ruling powers, then it serves you right if you lose a limb, especially those who love to kill. Humanity has never learned have they bar a few intelligent humans who like me are sick of what is going on. Beam me up scotty there is no intelligent life here, this world is sodding mad.

  5. People in uniforms are the greatest scourge to humanity just after the suited psychopaths who direct them.

  6. Believe me Arlene – I wish they would all FO and go home to defend the borders of the borderless Usurped States.

  7. Yes, all true, Herbert. Done heap of research on the jesuits. A number of jesuits are sitting in our governments and running the banks, too. Im sure you know this. Read the oaths they make! Horrific and terrifying at the same time. They will kill their own babies to move their agendas forward. By the way, talking about jesuits on here will put you on list of people to watch…

  8. “…….the result of such belligerent foreign policy will be death and destruction — on a massive scale.”

    Fortunately our elite leaders, who are fomenting the belligerence, will have large, luxury underground bunkers to go hide for a few years. It will be a very difficult time without them but, we WILL endure, if only to cast our eyes once again on their exalted, hallowed presence….thru a sniper scope.

  9. Oh yes the knights of Malta. They wrote a nice little history around those guys. If only more people woke up and took a deeper look at how history was REALLY written. Cheers, Herbert…

  10. Hitler wanted a unified Germany under Christianity,
    Catholics and Protestants….

    Adolf Hitler speech, in his New Year Message on
    Jan. 1, 1934:

    “While we destroyed the Centre Party, we have
    not only brought thousands of priests back into the Church, but to millions of
    respectable people we have restored their faith in their religion and in their
    priests. The union of the Evangelical Church in a single Church for the whole
    Reich, the Concordat with the Catholic Church, these are but
    milestones on the road which leads to the establishment of a useful relation
    and a useful co operation between the Reich and the two Confessions.”

    Hitler was protective of the Catholic authority, but
    realized that Germany must be united under the hand of Christianity which
    included Protestants and Catholics.

    Hitler was a Christian

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