US Special Forces In Libya To Fight the ISIS Problem They Created

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By James Corbett

In 2011 NATO rained bombs on Libya to remove the Gaddafi government from power. Openly backing known terrorists in their push to oust Gaddafi, the NATO powers, led by Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy, ended up supporting, fostering and equipping battle-hardened jihadis that they then sent off as a proxy army to begin the destabilization of Syria. But now that proxy army is coming home to roost, with recent reports claiming as many as 6,500 Islamic State fighters are operating in Libya.

So of course the US has responded to this mess in the only way it knows how: sending more troops. Well, to be more accurate, the troops have been there for half a year, but the government is just now getting around to announcing their presence…via an anonymous leak in the Washington Post, that is.

That’s right, since late last year a team of US Special Operations commandos have been stationed in Libya in an attempt to “sort through the various factions and identify the potential recipients of American support in the future.” In other words, the same US government that knowingly backed the crazy jihadis in the first place are now there to vet which groups to back in their fight against the crazy jihadis.

Appalled yet? Well the worst part isn’t the special forces on the ground at the moment. It’s not even the obligatory “regional powers”conference going on in Vienna that is likely to see thousands more troops sent to re-invade the country. Or even the fact that the US is now planning to break the UN’s own embargo against sending arms to Libya as long as they double-dog swear the arms are only used for fighting ISIS.

No, the worst part is that there is arguably no “Libya” left to save even if the NATO vultures withdrew their talons and flew back to their cave. Since the murder of Gaddafi the country has descended into utter chaos. The “government” in Tripoli is a “government” in name only. In truth, it barely governs Tripoli, and the areas in the east are for all intents and purposes a separate country. This fundamental divide is perhaps best exemplified by the absolute insanity taking place at the country’s central bank.

You might remember that one of the very first things the NATO-backed terrorists in Libya did after the fighting broke out was to found their own central bank in Benghazi. You might also know that the battle for control of the “legitimate” central bank and its $100 billion dollars in reserves has been one of the main struggles between the many warring factions in post-Gaddafi Libya, with rebel groups having seized the Benghazi branch early last year.

Well that struggle has descended into a complete farce, with the central bank’s chief not having access to the bank’s funds or even its own vault. The bank, headquartered in the east of the country, is not entirely trusted by the Tripoli-based government, and for good reason: the bank has provided funds to some of the very groups that are waging war with the nominal government. So the government in Tripoli has been sending the central bank a stipend of $23.5 million a month for its operating expenses (a fraction of the $257 million the bank claims to need). The central bank’s vault contains an estimated $187 million in gold and silver which the bank says it desperately needs, but there’s a catch; there is a five digit access code to enter the vault and the Tripoli government won’t share it with the bank’s own governor. So the bank has taken matters into its own hands: it has brought in a pair of safe crackers to help break into the bank’s own vault.

This farce is illustrative of the utter breakdown of Libya as a whole. Any pretense that Libya cohered as a single country was shattered along with the government that was bombed off the face of the earth in 2011. That country may never exist again as anything other than the state-in-name-only that it has become in recent years.

But one thing is for certain: if Libya does survive and its people can once again find a way to live together it won’t be due to the efforts of the US Special Forces or the powers-that-shouldn’t-be and their Vienna conference or an agreement to end the arms embargo on the country. Outside interference caused the problem; it won’t help to fix it.

James Corbett is the founder the and contributor to The International Forecaster where this article first appeared. Subscribe to him on Youtube or follow him on Twitter.

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11 Comments on "US Special Forces In Libya To Fight the ISIS Problem They Created"

  1. y3shuA imMANu3l | May 18, 2016 at 5:20 pm | Reply

    “With care and pleasure train the little soul to know its God and the mysteries of life and in maturity stand forth to teach mankind Wisdom and Truth.”
    “The invisible is the only reality, and everything else the effects of the causes, or visible prototypes — illusions.”
    “The Soul is the cause, and not the result of physical development.”

  2. y3shuA imMANu3l | May 18, 2016 at 5:20 pm | Reply

    “Adam(the body), being interrogated by the Divine
    Voice, lays the blame upon Eve(the soul). For, but for the soul within him, the man had not known or been capable of committing sin ; sin being possible only where there is a sense of right and wrong, which the soul alone possesses. Eve, interrogated in her turn, throws the blame on the serpent of Matter, — sense, or the lower nature, — through whose allurements she has fallen.”

    • Doug Stevens | May 20, 2016 at 1:59 pm | Reply

      The body is made of matter . . . .How would the relation be between Adam and the serpent in this allegory?

  3. y3shuA imMANu3l | May 18, 2016 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    Deuteronomy 33:3
    Surely it is you who love the people;
    all the holy ones are in your hand.
    At your feet they all bow down,
    and from you receive instruction

  4. It’s called “job security.”

    • Doug Stevens | May 20, 2016 at 2:34 pm | Reply

      Imo it can only be referred to as vulgar, demonic behaviour from adolescent psychopaths who order conditioned, first grader mentality, gun operators to wantonly destroy all the value that has been painstakingly created in a foreign country. All this financed through confiscated funds from a vacuous, near retarded population.

      • I agree ONLY w/ your “retarded population” comment…but from the side of those who read this and just chuckle at how one-sidedly tree-hugging it is to keep lashing that poor dead horse about our covert work in the Middle East…DO YOU ALL THINK WE JUST INVITED OURSELVES? Kuwait invited us first (w/ Iraq), the resistance against Saddam as well as the BS (yes, I’ll admit the lies that were told about nukes) were the second reason, but he did have gas and hangars full of it that he’d used…so…
        How about our SEALs protecting the Sudanese against the Janjaweed burning their homes? Is that about getting more oil for the U.S? Or how about Al Shabaab’s crap in Somalia? YES!! They have LOTS we want there in that sh-t hole!! LOL….We aren’t world police, but when asked, we do what’s right as often as we can. Are we perfect? Have we killed the innocent by the thousands??? YES, YES, YES….and I still am behind it. I still believe we need to promptly and IMMEDIATELY begin to let JSOC and it’s dark Jedi-like ninjas (already in Syria/Iraq etc) to have the rest of their squadrons join them in Libya and get busy. I mean, do you guys think the Annex was no big deal? We lost a family friend that night!!! Glen was a good, brilliant, and just the most warm-hearted dude on the planet. After the SEALs, he became those “evil priv military contractors…ewww!! lol” and actually did a lot of good in Libya hunting nerve gas, SA-7 missiles, spiking Soviet AA guns that were shooting down UN food shipment birds, etc etc….That was NOT in the movie or book…but that’s what our Special Ops were doing there….so GET REAL before you go chain yourself to cause you know nothing about…
        Go read a book, travel, stop watching Fox and CNN (both!!) and just meet these people…I’ve met Kurds here in the U.S. They HATE sites like these that make us seem like these imperialists….its a joke. ….and it should be treated as such

        • Doug Stevens | June 16, 2016 at 9:52 am | Reply

          What? “Soviet” AA guns shooting down food shipments (in Libya)??! What absolute dingbat hogshit!! What century are you living in? “Soviet” has not existed for 25 years!

          The Libyan population was very well fed so there was no need for any “food shipments” until USA/Nato invasion!…….Yes, USA and Nato invasion!

          Those AA guns were obviously targeting weapons supplies to Nato’s terrorist forces.

          USA and Nato (with their insidious allies in M.E) fomented all the civil unrest in the middle east, including Libya, and then first sent their Arabian mercenary squads to begin the fight with Muhammar’s forces while the deception, Snake media back home were spinning the false, bullshit meme of “civil war”.

          Then the USA air force went on a malevolent two week, high intensity bombing campaign targeting Libyan infrastructure while their chopper gun ships were strafing down city streets killing, destroying and terrorising the population! This was related by eye witnesses and proved by photographs and video.
          Same as with Syria but the Syrians were obviously a little more prepared with a more cohesive military and decent allies.
          Libya was a very stable and prosperous country until USA/Nato decided to crush their sovereignty and …..yes….STEAL all the Libyan gold…..and install a Rothschild private central bank to suck out all the remaining value out from Libya.
          If your Glenn was “good and brilliant” he would not have become a mercenary for the psycho-bankster take-over of the middle east and instead would have concerned himself with the growing tyranny in his own country. Condolences to his family but obviously he was very excited to go bag himself a bunch of “rag heads” in some small third world country. They obviously were bravely shooting back, defending their sovereignty against that overwhelming USA invasion.. .
          I don’t watch CIA sponsored, Hollywood bullshit propaganda movies but your own ignorance is clearly on display in every sentence you dribble. . . . !

        • Doug Stevens | June 16, 2016 at 10:24 am | Reply

          “For the United States, in particular, to have substantial military assets located in Turkey, for its Syrian operations, but appear oblivious to the ISIS threat passing by its own troops, intelligence officers, and military trainers and advisers, will become an act even the most naive Americans and Europeans will find difficult to believe.” -Tony Cartalucci

  5. Jeremy Britton | May 26, 2016 at 6:36 am | Reply

    The USA gave weapons to Iran, funded and trained bin Laden and al-Qaeda, supplied guns to ISIS, militarily screwed the Middle East, sucked out oil, put in Rothschild central banks (no schools or hospitals)… Interesting!

    Now the US wants to solve the weaponised problems they created by sending in more weapons. Obviously it’s ok to fight fire with fire, as long as you’re selling fire to both sides…

  6. IS THIS ARTICLE KIDDING?? “Well actually, we’ve had troops there for over a year and a half, we just had to figure out a way to tell people” hahaha!! SERIOUSLY?? We’ve had JSOC doing it’s work there for decades and rightfully so!! Are you people kidding! Sorry, I know this is an activist/liberal-minded/anti-war type site but COME ON….The mass beheadings are NOT just in Iraq, Syria, and Tunisia…Libya, Yemen, etc etc are all places we’ve had US SOF on the ground since the whole GWOT (War on Terror) started…How do you think we got Anwar, Saddam/Uday/Qusay, Abu Sayyaf, UBL, etc etc???? You think it was those nasty, sneaky privacy-breaking conspiratorial bad men at the NSA and the Agency that got them all? It was GOOD and HARD warriors with ACTUAL ethics (not the thoughtful faux-ethical rhetoric you hear around the left AND the right—yes, I’m not a Republican NOR a Dem)….
    The men who do these jobs live for it and deserve to put a stop to homosexuals being burned alive or thrown from rooftops in videos in front of their families…or having 13 yr old girls being raped and married off…I mean, I am NOT anti-Islam, and I actually agree with many of it’s most fundamental ideals, but 90% of what it’s become needs to be put in the ground…..PERIOD.

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