Scrambling For Dollars in a Market of Commodities, Necessities are Monopolized: Pursuing Agorism

agorismOp-Ed by Cassius Kamarampi

What is a “job?” A position working for another person or business, corporation or entity, making federal reserve notes?

In the 21st Century, we live in the end result of countless battles for power. We live in the aftermath of countless battles between financiers, industrial powers, for control over resources, the end result of a whole era of “mad scientists,” chemical corporations. If we only followed the money trail for every product we consume in our daily lives, we would have the answer to why nothing feels right.

There’s a deeply rooted, fundamental truth that hangs just before our eyes, out of reach at all times that we crave and often don’t understand we are craving: we don’t have the opportunities human beings should be naturally endowed to have.

We don’t have a society that is ripe for pursuing freedom, our own independent economic activity, independent business, free exchange of our goods and services, and that traps us in poverty. Taxes and regulations inhibit us, with the state shamelessly, audaciously, continually insisting they are robbing us for our own good, but the real problem is our own culture.

I think it’s important to note that the basic economic niches and services we provide to each other as people, growing food, producing necessities, that has all been monopolized.

Food, clothing, groceries, these necessities have been largely monopolized and consolidated into the control of a few corporations.

Without a ripe market, culture of Agorism, demand for our own products, necessities that people will reliably continue to purchase from us so we can make a living, we are left with a hole in our lives that we try to fill with “jobs,” and “higher education.”

Pursuing little jobs working for gigantic corporations, turning a blind eye to what they really do to the world: that’s not going to last us very long, and it should be sickening to all those who pay attention and care.

Do you go to college for knowledge, or a degree?

I think the root problem of our inability to grow food and have successful independent business is the fact that we lack a culture of Agorism, a culture of actively supporting each other and our business out of the moral principle of supporting our fellow people with money for goods and services, instead of a large corporation like Wal-Mart, whom is deeply in bed with corrupt politicians such as Hillary Clinton.

With a gaping hole in our perception of power, it’s easy to “vote with our dollars” for a Wal-Mart. We need the strength to say no to monopoly at every single turn.

We need to derive satisfaction from refusing to pay these corporations, from refusing to pay taxes, from refusing to comply no matter what the consequence.

We need to derive a sacred satisfaction from disobedience, knowing that we are doing the only thing we can possibly do and that’s all that really matters.

We need a deep understanding of history, especially the story of modern industry and warfare, to understand the importance of buying goods and services from each other and never a Wal-Mart.

We need social and economic unity, independence from all genres and flavors of centralized power.

We can only thrive doing what we love, working for ourselves, if our people buy goods from us, and we buy goods from our people.

It’s time to get off the grid and vow to only support our fellow people. We can do it. We have absolutely no choice.

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4 Comments on "Scrambling For Dollars in a Market of Commodities, Necessities are Monopolized: Pursuing Agorism"

  1. berrybestfarm | May 25, 2016 at 8:29 am | Reply

    I have a couple acres I could put into commercial production. Interestingly, I live next to a wetland and the county presumes to be able to regulate my activities. (I brought the land patent forward and continue to give them the hand, for those in the know) They say I cannot live on the land in a home I create with my own hands unless I jump through their tens of thousands of dollars of construction hoops. (We are, in a comfortable home we created for less than $5K) For example they say they don’t allow us to compost our bio solids. Mind you it is not waste. It is a resource on our organic farm–we don’t generate enough. On the other hand it is perfectly all right if we are using the land for commercial agriculture to spray it with all manner of poisons. We just apply for a “special permit”–go figure.

  2. …………and by not paying taxes we are guaranteed there will be no need to govern unscrupulous use of the planet? Fighting unjust laws, there will be no government to work through.

  3. I tried inserting a link here that apparently was rejected. It dealt with a situation similar, possibly, to ‘berrybest’ farm here. The Susquehanna river and estuary are in a war between environmental Government and related, and industries who, on the surface at least who are dead set on contamination of the river and estuary for, among other–economic reasons. A solution is to prevent a farmer in that situation from cropping part of his land and planting specific trees and shrubs as a buffer to the destructive industrial fertilizer, animal waste, etc. destructively contaminating the river and estuary. The solution in this article seems just like the dominant businesses developing as they please, devoid of any possible remedy.

  4. The UsurpedStates ‘government’ is 180 degrees away from any form of cooperatrion or even representation.
    The employees of DeCeipt all seem to comply with the hidden depopulation agenda.
    Regulations for common sense or heaven sakes.
    The UsurpedStates would like nothing better than to chain the ‘we the people’ up to a tree and would throw us a bone to keep us from dying and once chained we will never be free.
    Their mercenary dogs – blue uniformed thugs – will (apparently) do anything for a paycheck.
    Meanwhile we the people are forced by the unconstitutional IRS to send them our labor (taxes) whilst they are ever tightening the chains and watching us shiver from the cold.
    UsurepdStates are agenda driven.
    TAXATION is THEFT (permits et al).

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