This Won’t End Well – U.S. Just Sent an Entire Carrier Strike Group to Confront China

us-send-battle-fleet-to-chinaBy Matt Agorist

On Thursday, the US Navy announced they dispatched a small armada to the South China Sea. Consisting of the John C. Stennis aircraft carrier, two cruisers, two destroyers, and the 7th Fleet flagship, the US is making their mission clear — we are not scared of kicking off World War III.

Confirmed by the Navy Times, the stand-off has been heating up on both sides. After news in February that the Chinese deployed an advanced surface-to-air missile battery to the Paracel Islands, U.S. Pacific Command head Adm. Harry Harris told lawmakers that China was militarizing the South China Sea.

“In my opinion, China is clearly militarizing the South China Sea,” Harris testified on Feb. 24. “You’d have to believe in a flat Earth to believe otherwise.

However, China is not the nation sending warships halfway across the globe in a clear attempt to provoke a fight.

While China is no saint, they are not the country with nearly 700 military bases in dozens of countries across the globe who’ve been responsible for the total destruction of multiple nation-states in just the past decade.

The reason the Chinese have shown a military presence in the region is due to the nature of the dispute over who lays claim to the Paracel Islands chain.

The Paracel Islands, also known as Xisha in Chinese and Hoàng Sa in Vietnamese, is a group of islands, reefs, banks and other maritime features in the South China Sea. It is controlled (and occupied) by the People’s Republic of China and also claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam.

This dispute over who lays claim to the region dates back decades, and physical violence has erupted between the disputing parties on multiple occasions as recently as 1974. However, since then, the dispute has remained peaceful — until now.

The US is attempting to claim that the Chinese presence in the region is some new conflict and are touting strawmen such as closed trade routes as a reason for flexing their military sway. But there is no evidence that trade will be affected at all.

No country in their right mind would hinder its ability to export, and China shows no signs of halting exports any time soon.

Stating the obvious, Fu Ying, a spokeswoman for China’s National People’s Congress said,

The accusation [that China is militarizing the region] can lead to a miscalculation of the situation. If you take a look at the matter closely, it’s the US sending the most advanced aircraft and military vessels to the South China Sea.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter seems hell bent on escalating the situation. On Tuesday, Carter, in an evident failure of logic and confirming Ying’s statement, warned China to halt their militarization of the region, or the US will further militarize the region.

Backing up Ying’s claims about US militarization, Carter noted that the US is unafraid of increasing military deployments to the Asia-Pacific region and would spend nearly $425 million to pay for more joint military exercise with countries that feel threatened by Beijing.

“China must not pursue militarization in the South China Sea,” Carter said in a speech in San Francisco. “Specific actions will have specific consequences.”

As the global economy teeters on the edge of collapse, the U.S. has ramped up its saber rattling, not only with China but with the Russians as well. While America spends more on war than anyone else in the world, the idea that they can take on China and Russia simultaneously is deadly insane.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Follow @MattAgorist

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74 Comments on "This Won’t End Well – U.S. Just Sent an Entire Carrier Strike Group to Confront China"

  1. Too bad our federal government isn’t as concerned over the threats posed by ISIS, (which obama helped build). It’s about the money, folks…and I’m talking about the currency.

  2. The mission of the US Navy is to keep the sea lanes open. This isn’t that unprecedented. They are fulfilling their mission.

    • Nobody is closing them. Why would China, whose rise to prosperity is based on trade, close down the sea lanes? You might say that it is the mission of the Chinese Navy to keep the sea lanes open on its own border. This is 10,000 miles from the US……it has nothing to do with sea lanes but with asserting US hegemony over the entire globe.

      • You’re right.

      • We keep the sea lanes open for the entire free world. Maybe you should go join the Chinese Navy and then you can find out what’s really going on.

        • No sea lanes have been “closed”.
          This is yet more tyrannical American warmongering by the usual fascist as they advance their endless scorched earth foreign policy.
          America has reined endless destruction on the rest of the planet and yet they dare to claim that China is “militarizing”???
          The whole world now hates the US and it is time for their terrorist empire to finally fall

          • Why do you think that no sea lanes have been closed? Its because the US Navy has been keeping them open for generations.

          • Stephan Williams | March 7, 2016 at 1:02 am |

            Doug, only trolls respond as predictably as you to the mostly unintelligent and dulled barbs hurled your way. ERGO: You’re a government troll.

            Go away, Doug. We don’t like you.

          • John Smith | March 8, 2016 at 3:46 am |

            Why do you think kids are playing in the playgrounds, it’s because the bullies are keeping peace all these decades.

          • frankspeak | March 7, 2016 at 3:13 am |

            …now if they’d just stop trying to come here!…

        • “We keep the sea lanes open for the entire free world.”

          That’s not our job. Our job is to police our own country and government, and in this we have failed miserably. Criminal sociopaths control the U.S., and that’s why we’re so busy bullying other countries all over the planet.

        • How about other countries sending navies to open sea lanes around the world, wouldn’t that be good?

      • This, from the LA Times:
        U.S. officials worry that the buildup indicates a Chinese push to
        establish de facto control over the resource-rich waters and islets also
        claimed by the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei and Vietnam.
        The article also stated that the obama administration is being pressured by its allies in the region to push back against the Chinese in the disputed waters.

        • Here’s a real newsflash for you….the American media LIES. About everything.
          The American newspapers have also said that the US brought “democracy” to Iraq, Libya, Alfghanistan, Syria etc. yet those country’s are nothing but steaming piles of rubble and destruction.
          They just simply parrot what the criminal US government tells them. Everybody knows thus except yourself apparently.
          Maybe you should learn how to think for yourself rather than just believing what you read in the lying western press.
          Either that or go collect your paycheck for being a good little government worker whose job it is to infect online forums with official lies.

          • Sorry foolio. I was actually in the Navy helping to keep the sea lanes open. The only reason I posted a link is for those that can’t find things for themselves. I already know the media lies. Including Fox news. If China is building a military base on the disputed islands then it becomes a strategic disadvantage to our military, as well as the military’s of our allies in the region.

          • Common Sense | March 6, 2016 at 10:07 am |

            You know they all lie but you provide an article as to give the impression that it is legitimate. By doing so you have joined their ranks and are nothing more than an extension of the propaganda.
            You need to start thinking for yourself instead of just repeating, but oh wait, you were in the navy so you just follow orders right. They tell you what to think.
            By commenting on everyone else’s comment that doesn’t repeat yours shows how you are just here to sway people to the group think of the military establishment.

            Most here have a major skill you lack that is why your tactics aren’t working.
            It’s called independent critical thinking.

            (The fact you tolerate being lorded over by criminal cowards prove you are emasculated by the way)

          • John Smith | March 8, 2016 at 3:39 am |

            One military base on the opposite of the planet is a disadvantage to your 700 bases around the world, only if you want to enslave humanity.

        • It needs to be a military ‘push back’?

          Why not use diplomacy?

          Fairly sure. from the sounds of it China is willing to co-exist in the region peacefully, if it’s rights are respected. That sounds like a big open invitation for negotiations, talks, treaties, diplomacy.

          Si vis pacem para pactum. If you want peace, agree to keep the peace.

          Providet rebus pacis et concordiae. Equanimity provides peaceful conduct.

          Volentes pacem, pacifice peragere. Desiring peace, conduct yourself peacefully.

          Some ‘leaders’ we have, exemplifying greed and desire of war over logic and peace. Be assured, those leaders what claim to act in my name, categorically do not do so. I do not consent to their war/s. War solves nothing.

          And this is said as one who did serve in the U.S. Navy, even though briefly. I’ve come to a better comprehension of the world in which I live. The world is not always us, or them. More often than not it is simply just us, all of us that live in the world. We are all living beings, all granted whatever form of divinity you believe, or choose not believing in. We are all better than meaningless war.

          • We tried diplomacy and it didn’t work. We sent John Kerry to try and reason with the Chinese leadership, but unfortunately, the only thing Kerry is good for is giving our stuff away, and appeasing those nations whom we are trying to negotiate with. Since diplomacy didn’t work, the US is sending the message that we mean business.

          • Joan Camara | March 5, 2016 at 9:20 pm |

            Yeah, I recall Kerry saying he’d have a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians in 9 months (about a year ago). Talk about us prophecy watchers going fool, as if someone comes up with a 7 year peace plan, than this would start the 7 year tribulation! And plus the “9 months” is the term of a woman with child”, this really has us excited! But anyway, nothing became of it. So Kerry ever saying ANYTHING, will, and should, go in one ear, and out the other! He’s just a jerk, who never does anything…especially if HE says it.

          • “Well, at least we tried …”

            This is what I saw from employees I would meet who did maybe two minutes of genuine work. “That’s the best I can do for what I’m paid …”

            A sham effort is still a sham. If the only reason an effort exists is to illustrate an effort made, then we need to redouble that effort to ensure it is a genuine effort.

            Doing less yet going all guns blazing for war is a farce, sick and dark, a farce nonetheless. Again, some ‘leaders’ we allegedly have. They’re too afraid of cutting the strings binding themselves to their corporate masters.

          • John Smith | March 8, 2016 at 3:42 am |

            So send Trump the top negotiator. Or is Kerry the only negotiator among 300 Million people?

        • We’re not talking about a narrow canal here. No one can collect tolls in the open sea. And “This, didn’t come from the Brainwash Times”.

    • Wrong

    • yeah,..but why is it always OUR mission????….let somebody else do it for a change!..they’re more affected by all this than we are…..

    • Sending ships to open lanes? Shouldn’t the opposite be keeping the lanes open?

  3. So this is how 0bama plans on having a 3rd term?

  4. We have a mentally-deficient leadership that has emasculated our military and now wishes to act tough with China. Make this incompetent twit disappear…..PLEASE!

    • How exactly has our military been emasculated, I ask sincerely willing to hear the argument.

      • I’m not going to bother with the whole litany of foul deeds. One of the most egregious stunts is to TELL the ‘enemy’ when military operations are going to stop. Obama is so far out of his element, that I’m somewhat surprised that we haven’t had a full-scale invasion……….OH WAIT……we have an invasion and the army is claiming to be mere immigrants.

  5. Wars and rumors of wars…

  6. If Ash Carter possesses a brain (and that’s a big IF) why does he have to make it so painfully obvious that the few brain cells he has are no more co-ordinated than his logic.

    • Neocons and their partners in crime, the liberal interventionists, are impervious to logic. Also I believe they share one brain, it’s the one Mel Brooks used in Young Frankenstein. Abby Normal was the brain’s original owner.

  7. Please don’t forget which nation started this whole South China Sea situation. It was America’s ally, Japan! For decades the ownership of islands in the area was a contentious but quiet issue and China seemed quite happy to leave it that way, until foolish Japan upset the apple cart by purchasing the real estate surface rights to one set of islands from their erstwhile de facto private owner, and Japan’s equally foolish American master supported Japan when it did so. You don’t provoke the Dragon and not expect to get its fiery breath down your own throat. Honestly, I have yet to find an instance when it wasn’t either the US or one of its allies, which provoked violent confrontation (Ukraine, Turkey, Afghanistan. Iraq, Libya, Syria)! America is a pathetic, degenerate, disintegrating, warmongering superpower, intent on controlling an uncontrollable World! It will be the death of all of us!

  8. Come on…you send this in an e mail posted today and the thing is from last year? That is crap.

  9. How are the DC pinheads going to convince the Chinese bankers to underwrite the cost of this misadventure?

  10. wisdom of the knowing | March 5, 2016 at 2:48 pm |

    The department of dummies had done it again.

    While this distraction is going on what is/are “Nerobamastein” {the POTUS} and the other fools doing in Washington D C.

    It appears that they have been busy popping off judges and lying more..?- well when they all lie all the time there can seldom be any more but lies.
    Perhaps they have reached their maximum stupidity,… they are getting real close to supremely stupid behavior.

    This could be serious or it is just the bullies poking at one-another to keep the drama going.

    Me thinks that folks have to first see the deception and from there admit that they been fooled, tricked again by the politicians and control freaks. Then with more truth perhaps they will wake up and from there………….

    Blessings on a sunny day…

  11. “Maritime features”. LOL. In other words, they barely make it to the surface, and will vanish with any sea rise or monster typhoon like a fist when you open your hand!

  12. I think that the coming war will demonstrate the ridiculous vulnerability of aircraft carriers. They are helpless against massed attacks by cheap supersonic smart missiles and will be destroyed within minutes of the conflict starting. And that is not even taking into account the Khibiny electronic warfare system the Russians have developed that negates the whole defensive system the US and it’s allies depend upon. Do a search for Khibiny and ‘USS Donald Cook’ to find out the facts.

  13. All we needed to do was send 1 Nuclear Attack Sub, could have saved a Lot of Fuel ! You can’t appear Weak to the Chi-Coms !

  14. Google the Space Based U.S. Weapons System – ” RODS of GOD ” If the CHI-COMS EFF UP they will see it Again , and this time it won’t be a False Flag Factory Explosion Event !

  15. China and Russia are attempting to link the Eurasian continent with the China-proposed Silk Road Economic Belt and the Russia-initiated Eurasian Economic Union. Their goal is PEACEFUL ECONOMIC COOPERATION.

    The US, by contrast, is attempting to

    “… prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power. These regions include Western Europe, East Asia, the territory of the former Soviet Union, and Southwest Asia.”


    • Anything competitive with the United States is Evil and must be destroyed! OMG, someone else is trading things!

      • Yep!
        I am of course not saying that the Russian and Chinese governments are “good”.
        Governments by their very nature, are crime families with flags. None are good. Some are merely less bad.
        As of 2016, the Russian and Chinese governments are less bad than the USG.
        They, like the USG is oppressing their own people through taxation.
        But at least in the area of foreign policy, Putin and Xi are attempting to engage in peaceful win/win trade rather than military conquest or domination of the entire world.

        • Yep. And they all have some terribly predatory currency and debt issues. Saw a report about low Chinese government debt, until I read on and found out government owned business and banks had vast debt. So the government inside the government has the massive debt. Its all so criminal and really silly when you think about how people just don’t know and don’t care.

          • In fact, according to some free market economists, taxes in Russia and China these days are actually significantly lower than they are in the USSA.
            Again, I’m not saying they’re “better”.
            Just “less bad”.
            Actually far less bad.

          • That’s also true of taxes today in the US versus the amount of taxes paid to King George.
            One of the major flaws in the constitution is that there is no cap on taxation. Obama’s healthcare legislation was found to be Constitutional because ‘Congress has the authority to tax any activity it chooses to tax, and every act can be deemed Constitutional merely because it is taxable.’
            A classic example of a vicious circle, is it not?

    • For the record, the quote was from Neocon hegemonist Paul Wolfowitz’s “Wolfowitze Doctrine”.

      “Wolfowitz Doctrine is an unofficial name given to the initial version of the Defense Planning Guidance for the 1994–99 fiscal years (dated February 18, 1992) authored by Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Paul Wolfowitz and his deputy Scooter Libby. Not intended for public release, it was leaked to the New York Times on March 7, 1992,[1] and sparked a public controversy about U.S. foreign and defense policy. The document was widely criticized as imperialist as the document outlined a policy of unilateralism and pre-emptive military action to suppress potential threats from other nations and prevent any other nation from rising to superpower status.”

  16. This is the govt. the founding fathers warned us about!

  17. Philippe Desrosiers | March 6, 2016 at 12:35 pm |

    “While America spends more on war than anyone else in the world, the idea that they can take on China and Russia simultaneously is deadly insane.” I like this phrase. What should be added to this really discouraging news is that US. is trying to rally other NATO allies into this coming nuclear mess in the making. It will end badly because since the Korean conflict no US. military intervention had a positive end for the country being targeted by a US. military intervention: massive slaughters, military crimes, epic destructions, incalculable civilian deaths, pollution, destruction of farm lands, pollution of potable water sources and the list goes on. USA. since Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings have been at war with the human race and humanity period and his only considering overt military operation…

  18. Just bomb them into oblivion and when they are finished, take care of that Korean gook then go to the Persian gulf and finish off ISIS and ALL the terrorists over there…..Trump will do it!!!

  19. The same people who support sending US naval force into the South China Seas, would be outraged if the Chinese navy sailed into the Gulf of Mexico.

  20. Buried in this conversation was a jewel of focused intelligence I almost missed because my eyes were glazing over from the dull inanities I was reading before I got here…before I got here to eddysach’s comment above.

    Thank you, eddysach!

    You’re a well-informed and intelligent man. 🙂

  21. This Administration DOES have a habit of sticking our noses in places that we DO NOT BELONG…As weak and Spineless as this Commander in Chief is, should we Really be Provoking a fight, Especially when Obama has cut our Military to the Bare Bones??? This Lunatic is Really trying to get our country into a War we can’t Defend ourselves from…Impeach this Jerk NOW.!!!

  22. So, China is installing SAM sites but is not militarizing the South China Sea? We are the aggressors because we challenge this? Who wrote this article, the Chinese news agency?

  23. I used to think global hegemony but they seem so inept that I can’t help but wonder sometimes if it’s really global chaos they want.

    • I realized that a few years ago. It’s been a long time since wars were fought for ‘victory’, now they are fought to create maximum destruction. Particularly in the middle east. Consider the total destruction of Libya, all it’s infrastructure was ruthlessly destroyed, a whole modern state was reduced to rubble and it’s people killed or their lives utterly destroyed. It used to have the highest living standard in the whole Middle East/African region. It will be years before it recovers, if ever, and for what? Well they now have a Central (Rothschild) Bank but they no longer have unlimited free education or unlimited free medical care or the benefit of Gadiffies irrigation project (the biggest in the world) or monthly payment of their share of Libya’s oil income or any of the other things Gadiffie gave them.
      Sorry about the rant, but Libya was a massive, brutal crime and the more I find out about it the more outraged I become. It’s crime was being Good – and Israel will permit no competitors in the region. Rothschild banks will permit no competition at all. It’s final fatal action was attempting to start the ‘Dinar’, a gold backed currency, to free itself and Africa from the depredations of the IMF. I’m tempted to go on, but I’ll leave it at that. I’ll just say that the amount of pure evil in the world today can not be underestimated…

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