Proposed Zika Solutions Cause the Same Symptoms Blamed on the Virus

mosquito_gene-minBy Joe Wright

Boy that was quick. Stir up a bit of fear in the media about a disease that is not even proven to be dangerous and what do you get? Several vaccine projects and mutant mosquitoes programmed to mate with Zika-carrying mosquitoes to make them sterile. What could go wrong?

Biotech company Intrexon Corp announced today that its genetically modified mosquito has been deemed safe for the environment in preliminary findings by the FDA.

Reuters reports:

A genetically engineered mosquito being used in the fight against Zika will not have a significant impact on the environment, the maker Intrexon Corp said, citing preliminary findings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Males of the self-limiting strain of the Aedes aegypti mosquito are modified so their offspring die before being able to reproduce, says Intrexon, a U.S. synthetic biology company.

The FDA findings agree with the draft environmental assessment submitted by Oxitec, the UK unit of Intrexon that developed the mosquito.

When the first alleged Zika cases made headlines, they appeared in a test area where thousands of genetically modified mosquitoes were released. Many speculated that these mutants could be the cause of the mysterious new mosquito-borne disease. No one yet knows the result of releasing these laboratory GMO mutants in the wild.

zika-virus-gm mosquitoes

LEFT: Arrow points to GMO Mosquito release; RIGHT shows alleged Zika cases

The brief Reuters article still claims that Zika is linked to the birth defect microcephaly even though that link has been thoroughly debunked (See here, here, here and here).

Many doctors in the affected area attribute the small rise in microcephaly as more likely due to heavy chemical pesticide use in region, not the Zika virus.

What’s more, Zika is said to also be linked to Guillain-Barre syndrome, a potentially paralyzing neurological disorder that is also a well-known side effect of multiple vaccines.

Is Big Pharma inventing the Zika outbreak to cover up the side effects of pesticides, vaccines and mutant mosquitoes?

It’s a brilliant scheme especially when you consider that they’re simultaneously getting a boost in public funding to produce more of what may be causing the symptoms of the so-called Zika virus.

The FDA is preparing to approve the release of these mutants in Florida.

“The data seems to be promising in terms of reducing the mosquito populations in those small field trials, but we need to go through our process, and we are greatly expediting the process,” FDA Assistant Commissioner Dr. Luciana Borio told the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing on Zika preparedness.

There is currently no deadline to release GMO mosquitoes because there must be time for the public to comment, says Borio.

“We need to give the public an opportunity to comment on the environmental assessment, given the significant attention that this novel technology has generated, especially in the communities for the proposed sites,” Borio said.

Public comment period for GM mosquitoes is announced here.

Say no to releasing genetically modified animals into nature.

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9 Comments on "Proposed Zika Solutions Cause the Same Symptoms Blamed on the Virus"

  1. Common Sense | March 11, 2016 at 1:34 pm | Reply

    I read that the area where this zika virus was reported with the infant defects was previously know to have quite a bit of malnutrition, and this was more of the cause of the undersized brains as well as much of the population being stunted from the lack of nutrition.
    The way the media, cdc, who and the rest of the mafia portrayed this virus, we should all be dead by now.
    I also read that mutations occur before vaccines can be produced to be effective at all.

    Just to point out how effective these scare tactics are, my sister has been an RN all her life and when I told her I didn’t believe the hype the media and medical mafia were putting out she thought I was crazy. The TV told her scary stories, showed some pictures of babies with small heads and VIOLA.
    She took it hook line and sphincter. I mentioned all of the previous scares that never came true, sars, swine flu, bird flu, h1n1, ebola. I may not have all the names right but you get the picture.
    All of the false flags meant nothing to her. THIS WAS REAL.

  2. The GM mosquitoes are not safe! While they are designed to die in the larva stage, they are also designed to reach maturity when given tetracycline. This is how they are bred in labs. You might wonder how mosquitoes in the wild can get tetracycline. Tetracycline is a common addition to livestock and poultry diets, so every barnyard and any runoff will be laden with it. The part of Brazil experiencing microcephaly is primarily an agricultural area. Now the GM mosquitoes carry a mutant protein which causes retarded larva development and if allowed to reach maturity can pass that protein to humans, causing the same retarded development in a fetus, which is exactly what microcephaly is. Oxitec has admitted that up to 15% of their mosquitoes manage to survive to adulthood without tetracycline. There’s a very good chance those mosquitoes are already responsible for the surge in microcephaly in Brazil. Another very likely cause is glyphosate, a proven teratogenic, in heavy use there on most GM crops. The zika virus has been around for at least 70 years causing nothing more than mild flu-like symptoms. It is present in many other countries without causing birth defects. Why would it only cause problems in one part of Brazil?

  3. The genetic modification of these mosquitoes is — sterility. The point is if you introduce tons of sterile mosquitoes, the females are less likely to get their eggs fertilized, thus causing the population of virus-carrying mosquitoes to drop significantly. The only problem with this plan is that you have to keep on doing it forever; the population will recover as soon as you let up.

    The weird thing about zika is that it is a virus which usually causes no symptoms. Since the microcephaly connection is not proven, this is probably just a reason to launch another vaccine that we all have to take right now or booga-booga. The symptom of the big vaccine push is that, with almost no facts to back it, the mainstream media has been blaring zika zika zika! in the headlines now for months. At a routine doctor’s visit I was questioned as to whether I’d been to Brazil or Africa, or come into contact with anyone who had. If you ask most people nowadays, they’ll probably tell you that zika is a huge threat. That is the result of media campaign.

    By the way, my vet tells me that dog influenza is a huge danger. Equine flu has magically mutated so that dogs now get the flu, and there is a 10% mortality rate. But guess what? The dog flu vaccine is now available! I looked it up on wiki. The first incidence of dog flu was 2004. How splendid for the vaccine company that this brand new disease just happened to come into being in time to make them another couple billion dollars a year!

  4. What would the FDA know about safe. They are the ones that ok’d vaccines and gmo foods. FDA and the EPA are full of nuthin but latte sippin scone eating lard butts. Look what they did to the Animas river in Colorado.
    These agencies are all fraudulent paid off at the top.

  5. Sparky McBiff | March 12, 2016 at 11:59 am | Reply

    This is a perfect textbook display of Problem..Reaction..Solution.

  6. How does the FDA know these GM mosquitos are safe? Did they conduct any studies, or did they just read the summaries of the project produced by the corporation that developed them? I think we all know the answer. We might believe corporations create Frankenstein organisms. Maybe we haven’t quite yet recognized who the real Frankensteins are.

  7. If the FDA says GM Mosquitoes are safe, you know it’s true just like they said GMO Foods and Glyphosate are safe.
    FDA: FederalDeception Agency

  8. suggest you all watch an English tv show called “utopia”. its a show but could be a documentary. a brief synopsis is that the elite start the Russian flu which requires a vaccine. they world wants the vaccine but do not realise that the vaccine does not cure but kill. its to cull the population. very good show. its 12 episodes

  9. Another worthless top down scone eating latte sipping lard butt agency that promotes the nwo agenda at all costs.
    These are the folks that approve GMO, Vaccines, Fluoride, AMA drugs, and whatever rubbish their masters wish to place on the general populace.
    Hopefully one of theirs will get the Zika virus – brings a smile to my face.

    Biological mini machines will be able to swarm together and transfer knowledge from one to another (probably currently capable)

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