College Students ‘Literally Traumatized’ by Trump 2016 Chalking

By Melissa Dykes

TRIGGER WARNING!!! The words “Trump 2016” written in chalk on the sidewalk appear in this video. If it literally causes you physical pain and trauma to see this phrase written on a sidewalk in chalk, you may want to avert your eyes lest this “microaggression” makes you cry and/or feel oppressed.


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20 Comments on "College Students ‘Literally Traumatized’ by Trump 2016 Chalking"

  1. A psyop by Coca-cola U. A failure to understand the connections between Emory University, the CDC, the hysteria surrounding all the problems associated with the vaccines and the medical monopoly/cartel entrenched between Emory and the CDC, and the fact that Trump promises to not only go after the medical monopoly but had the audacity to suggest that vaccines cause autism (because one of his assistant’s sons became autistic after a vaccine, provides most of what you need to know. The fact that Emory would pull this BS stunt, their history and connections to the CDC, the fact that they are deathly afraid Trump may prosecute them (even as he mouths such horrors as investigating 911 and auditing the fed), shows how the political establishment and their captured industries are all running scared that Trump will end the grift machine. This is really pitiful. Can’t they do better than that. We understand it and report on it. That is all
    We need lyin’ Ted Cruz to stop all this and install the Bush puppet.

    • Genuine research on “vaccines” and “vaccination” has been covered up and ignored for 225 years. If the facts were revealed, all intelligent parents would not permit their children to be damaged by the animal and dead-baby pus and poisons contained in what are called “vaccines.”
      For additional factual info, search the internet on the phrase, Dr. Tenpenny and vaccines.

  2. Kerry Jackson | March 26, 2016 at 2:14 pm | Reply

    Melissa, Dana is O.K. but you should have YOUR own T.V. show.

  3. They’ve got PTSD, plus PTDS. P*ssified Teen Drama-queen Syndrome. It’s an epidemic.

  4. Which is why I can’t play the game of contract bridge: the racist and phallocentric hierarchy inherent in a deck of cards is quite enough to trigger a panic attack, but the inclusion of wild cards termed, trump cards, leaves me trembling in fetal position.

  5. More reason to elect the Donald.
    Beats the heck out the alternative.

  6. True Americans would stand and be strong, the new American curls itself into a fetal ball and cries to any who will listen.
    Send them home to Mommy till they grow up a little more, their marxist fascist education can be paused for a few years.

  7. kennyalligood | March 27, 2016 at 10:38 am | Reply

    Maybe if they were all expelled and black listed for such stupidity and (clearly) transparent false emotions this lunacy would eventually stop. It is utterly surprising that these imbeciles can actually read enough to discern what is on the side walk.

    I pity this country because it is filling up with pansy a$$ed idiots that can hardly read, with limited or no math skills and the sciences well if it doesn’t involve taking pics of their food or faces .. you get the point I hope.

    I challenge anyone that reads this to test it next time you go to a restaurant. See if the check out person can get the correct change or tip without using an electronic device. We live in a land of thin skinned, stupid, narcissistic and severely immature children.

    • You’ll grow when you realise that it’s not by accident that the children have been crippled, the ptb didn’t make a mistake or an error or fail, this is what they wanted. Now, what can they use them for?……

  8. Great, maybe they will die from the trauma, the we won’t have to put up with their polarized B.S. I’ll supply the trash bags, for the douche bags.

    • LMAO!! Good one!! We should Spray Trump all over campuses with Spray Paint so the rain won’t wash it away and that will probably drive tons of these commie satanists to commit suicide en masse! The world would become a much better place without all these Marxist Brainwashed Globalist Traitors!

  9. Just say no to drugs! This is not just for the kids, but for the teachers who taught them this junk. Poor little cupcakes.

  10. poor brainwashed babies – tell me they aren’t the future.

  11. Chuck Findlay | March 28, 2016 at 11:15 am | Reply

    College Students ‘Literally Traumatized’ By Trump.

    Too bad, grow up and learn to deal with the world instead of being a baby. Spoiled brats.

  12. Emory is an elite private school. Like students at Yale, there is nothing oppressive about going to a well-funded private, expensive school. if you are traumatized by opposing viewpoints (and chalk slogans), you do not belong at university. If you feel traumatized walking around a prestigious beautiful campus, you do belong at university.

  13. In addition to sending them some cookies, make sure that they get some milk to go with them, oh, and don’t forget to give them a fresh blankie for their nappy time too!! And these are supposed to be men and women over the age of 18, thus making them adults?!?! Do they suddenly now have a switch located somewhere that they can flick over to revert back to being a child when they see or hear something that they don’t like?
    Just what is it about the T word that makes them pee their pants and want to run behind mommy’s apron all the time??

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