The Sudden Death of Justice Scalia and What It Means for America

scalia_deathBy Daisy Luther

The announcement of the sudden mysterious death of Justice Scalia of the US Supreme Court monopolized the media this weekend. This is only the 2nd time in the past 60 years that an active justice has died. With only 8 members on the Court now, the Constitutional dialogue may grind to a halt for quite some time.

How the death of Justice Scalia affects us

No matter where you stand on the political scale (even if you stand off it entirely), there are some pretty major ramifications when an acting Supreme Court Justice passes away. Not all of these things are guaranteed to happen, but all are within the realm of possibility and important to note to those who were dancing on the grave of Scalia before his body was even cold.

Mac Slavo of SHTFplan wrote a fine article about the derailment of the court that you’ve got to read. These are a few of the important cases pending that will be disrupted due to the death of Justice Scalia:

  • labor unions
  • contraceptives
  • religious liberty
  • Obamacare
  • redistricting, affecting red state/blue state fights for dominance
  • immigration

Equally worrisome to the Court grinding to a halt completely is the possibility that Obama will manage to get a replacement in there that will act to support his unconstitutional executive actions on topics such as freedom of speech, gun control, and privacy.

While I consider myself neither a Republican nor a Democrat (I refuse to endorse the rigged, partisan system) it’s obvious that the balance of power in our country hangs by a thread, and the sudden death of a Supreme Court Justice who is currently on the bench could effectively lock up the government until a replacement is sworn in. And that replacement will set the tone for the country for a very long time. Right now, the remaining Justices are evenly split based on who nominated them: 4 were nominated by Republican presidents and 4 by Democrat presidents. The Justice who is chosen to replace Scalia could change everything.

President Obama has about 340 days remaining in office, and it’s very likely that the Republican-majority Congress will do everything possible to fight his nominations in the hopes that a Republican president is elected. The longest vacancy in the past 100 years was during Richard Nixon’s presidency and lasted 391 days.

And there are a lot of questions about Justice Scalia’s death

Let me preface this by pointing out some facts:

Now, obviously none of these facts preclude the possibility that he was murdered, but they do show that it isn’t an outrageous to believe he died of a heart attack. If you apply the theory of Occam’s Razor (“when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better”), natural causes are indeed the most likely scenario.

But then, you have to add up this ever-growing pile of exceptionally weird inconsistencies.

Pronounced dead over the phone? No autopsy? Already embalmed? WHAT? Things that make you go, hmmmm….right?

Let me say it again…get prepared

At the risk of preaching to the choir, beating a dead horse, and about a dozen other cliches about repeating myself, please let me encourage you to take stock of your preparations and fill in the gaps. This is the kind of thing that could tip over a huge chain of events that will affect us all.

If you’ve been thinking of getting your prepper homestead started, now is the time to focus with single-minded determination on becoming more self-reliant. If you wait until the government is cracking down or the situation is desperate, you may be in for some unpleasant surprises.

I keep ringing this warning bell not just to hear myself talk, but because I really, truly believe that freedom comes with self reliance. Each thing you are able to provide for yourself buys you just a little bit more freedom than the neighbors who are waiting for the government to save them. We’re entering the edge of a perfect storm right now, with the volatile economy, enemies abroad and, now, a government that may be unable to fully function. We are in a situation unlike any we’ve seen before, and no one can predict how things will go down. Hopefully, nothing terrible will happen, but if it does, do you want to look back and think about how you ignored the urging to ramp up your preparations? We could easily end up in a situation like that of Venezuela, where the economy has collapsed and the country is out of food.

What do you think happened in the death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia?

This is could be a turning point for our country, and not one that turns us in the direction of freedom.

Do you have any theories about this sudden (and convenient for President Obama) death? Do you feel that he died of natural causes or something more suspicious?  How long do you expect it to take for a successor to be named and confirmed? How do you foresee this affecting the average person?

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Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, leaving all links intact, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio. Daisy Luther lives on a small organic homestead in Northern California.  She is the author of The Organic Canner,  The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide to Whole Food on a Half-Price Budget, and The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide: Harvest, Treat, and Store Your Most Vital Resource. On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy uses her background in alternative journalism to provide a unique perspective on health and preparedness, and offers a path of rational anarchy against a system that will leave us broke, unhealthy, and enslaved if we comply.  Daisy’s articles are widely republished throughout alternative media. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest,  and Twitter.

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7 Comments on "The Sudden Death of Justice Scalia and What It Means for America"

  1. The period of time that our government is locked up in what is usually a nomination dog-and-pony show is a good thing because it will keep them from doing any damage while so engaged. You can take the position that Scalia’s death is a huge watershed moment, or that it means very little in the overall course of your daily life. When SCOTUS decided that corporations have the same rights as citizens (and thereby tacitly confirming that persons are de facto corporations) that was basically the end of their usefulness to us and they became nothing more than a feel-good rapprochement to racial and gender equality.

  2. oh for gawd sakes, cut the crowing about doom and gloom. We have no choice but to wait and see the outcome of this event. And I seriously doubt its a big deal. Scalia was one of nine justices. Now there are eight. Big deal. There all a bunch of egotistical liars who think they hold control over things….which they do to a certain extent.

    Life is so much simpler without ANY GOVERNMENT interference. Perhaps 75% or more of the cases taken up by the SCOTUS are cases that are essentially beyond their jurisdiction. The problem remains the same. The government (albeit, a puppet one) wants control of everything. Thus, their SCOTUS to represent the supreme judgement on law.

    Forget the matrix and their obfuscations and complications. Common law is the law that should be recognized by everyone. Its real simple and we wouldn’t need 95% of the creepy lawyers to siphon our money and dig a grave for us.

    They all represent EVIL, and are contrived from evil minds. It has always been about fascism and nothing more. We are mere slaves to the corporation, and the corporate government.

  3. How will prepping protect you from 4 plus years of Fukushima radiation, chemtrails, fracking earthquakes and a burning methane atmosphere? How many guns and bullets should I buy? When the SWAT team shows up should I invite them in for tea or try kill as many as I can? More conservative/liberal speculation is good for what? The Supreme Court is not very effective when it comes to making peace, love or justice. According to the CIA conservatives die just like liberals and that’s how they control and protect the alien/military/industrial/complex (AMIC) from the need for transparency into their evil deeds. When the elites down size the population who will pay for their expensive life style? Will god, the great commie, and all the angels be happy with a smaller group of worshipers?. The alternative media that writes articles like this in my opinion has no social redeeming value. Criminal, conservative capitalism; its greed, guns, god and german work ethic is a slave state headed for extinction; the Fourth Reich is destroying itself. Negative energy always destroys itself; that is cosmic law. A community of loving, nurturing people has no need of a supreme court, congress. or executive branch of governance these are obsolete and useless concepts when dealing with the (AMIC). As sovereign planetary citizens, we no longer need to obey the law of the inalienable corporate structure of the elites. It is your duty to revolt against the Fourth Reich, its elite corporate terrorists and their Reptilian Overlords. These false conservative/liberal politicians are not to be obeyed. Your mind is your weapon, aim your intent and follow through. A citizens right to action can nullify any Federal construct; apply your intent and energy at state levels. The Reptilians are afraid of the mental power that can be wielded by human beings who can focus and release their inner energy. There is no force stronger in the universe than the focused imagination of the heart/mind. Protectors of humanity your moment has come. Resist the rigged faux leadership that is attempting to end your existence. To those of US who are aware of the Matrix reality; know we pay for it. The alternative media needs to teach those who care to change this present situation on how to take their tax dollars away from their captors. Other strategies of resistance need to be revealed and followed through with in order to produce the needed results. Examples need to be set for the rest of the populace; they need to be enticed out of their Stockholm Syndrome. As the tempo of the astrophysical energies align with these agendas in this year of the Red Monkey poise yourself by 2/22/16 and condense your plans and share them. The energies of the next 3 full moon cycles of 3/23/16, 4/22/16 and 5/21/16 are important reaction times; fill this space with the appropriate actions.. Do not be afraid, there is no power stronger in reality than the human thought form, this is cosmic law. Imagine!!

  4. I can never understand why people think being anti-heterosexual is a leftist philosophy. Using the poor as a voting block is not leftist, it’s political manipulation. If one thinks of the DNC and RNC as criminal organizations, the outcomes make a lot more sense than this left versus right act.

  5. While it is true that Chief Justice Roberts can select which cases the 4 vs. 4 SCOTUS will hear, keep in mind his wife wants them to remain the darling couple of the DC elite cocktail circuit. He will do as she says…

  6. “What does it mean for America”? How about finally entering into the 21st century!

  7. We have a few questions…
    1. Who were the 34 other guests at the Cibolo Creek Ranch?
    2. Were any other guests at elected or appointed federal officials?
    3. Did any guests leave the ranch before either the Sheriff or U.S. Marshals arrived? If so, were those authorities aware of who left? Was John Poindexter aware?
    4. Did any law enforcement officer collect the hotel guest log? Where is that log right now?
    5. Who are the employees of the Cibolo Creek Ranch working February 12th and 13th? Who was at the front desk?
    6. Who was the friend accompanying Justice Scalia to the private gathering?
    7. What was the agenda and purpose of the cost-free event sponsored by John Poindexter?
    8. Was Scalia scheduled to address the group? If so, on what subject?
    9. Since he wasn’t feeling well that evening, and was widely reported to be in poor health, did the Scalia’s room have a way for him to summon help? Was the front desk accessible throughout the night by a room phone?
    10. Did Scalia have a functioning mobile phone with him? Have the records of that phone been collected by the Federal Government?
    11. Did Scalia have medications with him? If so, what were they? Where are they now?
    12. What is the name of the ‘friend’ who discovered the body with John Poindexter?
    13. Who took Scalia’s pulse?
    14. Why did John Poindexter refuse to tell Sheriff Danny Dominguez the name of the deceased on the 911 call?
    15. Was John Poindexter aware that making Dominguez travel out to Cibolo Creek Ranch removed an opportunity for the Sheriff to alert federal authorities before his reportedly 30-minute drive?
    16. Did John Poindexter want to discuss the situation with the local sheriff in person, off any recorded lines, before summoning the Marshals?
    17. What hospital was called? Did calls from someone at the ranch seeking a judge to conduct the inquest pass through a local hospital?
    18. How did the US Marshals responding to the scene view this delay?
    19. Having driven up Interstate 67 Saturday morning and noticing an unusually high number of private jets ‘at the ranch property’, where was Judge Juanita Bishop when she received the call and claimed to be too far away to respond?
    20. Who called Juanita Bishop?
    21. Was Bishop told the name of the deceased before declining to do the inquest? If so, why did she decline to take the case without knowing the name of the deceased? What was she led to think?
    22. Who called Judge David Beebe?
    23. How was Beebe not told the name of the deceased by phone? Why did he decline to take the case without knowing the name of the deceased? What was he led to think?
    24. Who called the U.S. Marshals?
    25. Did John Poindexter notify the Marshals before the Sheriff arrived? Who else made calls from that ranch during the period in question? Who has those phone records? Does the NSA have that data? If so, when did they acquire it?
    26. When did the Marshals arrive at the Cibolo Creek Ranch?
    27. What are the names of the US Marshals who responded to scene?
    28. Were the Marshals involved in attempts to assign a county judge?
    29. Who is Ken Roberts, the on-scene Marshal to whom Judge Cinderella Guevara said she spoke by phone?
    30. Where was Roberts when she spoke to him?
    31. Who is in Roberts’ chain of command?
    32. Who is the ‘attorney for Scalia’ to whom Guevara spoke?
    33. Is Rear Admiral Brian Monahan the attending physician for members of the Court, Scalia’s personal physician, or both?
    34. From whom else did Guevara receive calls and consider input regarding the possibility of an autopsy?
    35. Did Guevara and Poindexter speak that day? If not, when was the last time they spoke?
    36. What are the names of county officials or law enforcement officers who spoke directly to Maureen Scalia from Texas?
    37. Did the FBI respond to the scene? If not, why did Maureen Scalia tell Andrew Napolitano she spoke to the FBI?
    38. Why wasn’t Alpine Memorial Funeral Home, 65 miles away, chosen for the embalming? Who made that choice? Who suggested that choice?
    39. Why did Judge Beebe rush to Alpine Memorial Funeral Home, after learning from news reports that Scalia was the deceased? Why would he assume the body had been taken there?
    40. Why was Scalia’s body taken to a funeral home in El Paso, 230 miles from the Cibolo Creek Ranch? Who made that choice? Who suggested that choice?
    41. Who was in charge of the federal and state police escort for the body to the undertaker?
    42. Will the agencies that escorted the body to El Paso name the officers in that group?
    43. Did any state or federal law enforcement officers realize that the embalming, scheduled to take place well under 24 hours after the discovery of the body, would create any controversy?
    44. Before the body was embalmed, did the Governor of Texas have any knowledge of the manner in which the inquest had been performed?
    45. Before the body was embalmed, did the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court have any knowledge of the manner in which the inquest had been performed?
    46. Before the body was embalmed, at what level in the federal chain of command had knowledge of the manner in which the inquest had been performed reached?
    47. Before the body was embalmed, at what level in the state law enforcement chain of command had knowledge of the manner in which the inquest had been performed reached?
    48. Who did Chris Lujan, the undertaker, speak to from the Scalia family?
    49. From whom did Lujan take receipt of the body?
    50. Why did Lujan tell journalists a county official had traveled to the ranch, contradicting reports that the inquiry was done over the phone?
    51. Did John Poindexter donate to the campaigns of Judge Cinderella Guevara or Sheriff Danny Dominguez?
    52. Where are of the county 911 tapes? Has any news organization requested them?
    53. Who is the federal prosecutor with jurisdiction over Cibolo Creek Ranch?

    That ought to get us started. All we need is a journalist with some moxie.

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