The Government is Weaning Us Off of Cash

By James Corbett

Kerry Lutz of joins James Corbett today to discuss the war on cash. How long has it being going on? How does it manifest in our daily lives? What will it mean for the future of our NIRP-driven central bank-controlled economic future? And how do we hedge against it?


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9 Comments on "The Government is Weaning Us Off of Cash"

  1. Simply put… the mark…

    Be a light shininginthedark

  2. Robert Colescott | February 4, 2016 at 11:58 am | Reply

    I get almost all brand new bills out of the ATMs I use. I don’t think this a good indication of “going cashless”. When the ATMs refuse to spit out any cash, that will be the signal.

  3. I think at least one of the main reasons they no longer want a cash system is because they have no way of knowing what you are buying if you pay with cash. They have no control. When we use our debit cards there is a record for them to know exactly what you are doing and if you are doing something like prepping they cannot see that. Becareful what you buy with your debit/credit cards it tells them everything they want to know.

    • It is because their current business is renting debt paper to us.

      When you go from paper to digital, why would you continue contracting with the paper rental company? I mean you don’t go buy theme book paper and pencils just to come home and use your iPad do you?

      This is a perfect example of brain-washing and mind-control.

      The bulk of you are JUST here discussing the NARRATIVE rather than reality.

      I will ask one more time:

      What need will you have for a printing press company who prints and rents paper when you are buying something with Google Wallet?

      The math is simple. Do it. Thank you. Peace. 🙂

      • Your reason and theory is good too:) I think mine is also valid. I believe they are doing this for a multitude of reasons. To not open your field of vision gives you a very narrow point of view wouldn’t you say? I think we are both right and others with different points of view are probably right also.

        • You can think what you want. What they are doing is renting debt paper to us. Only now it isn’t even paper. Now it is just keystrokes. The term is “fiat currency”. Hemp is Nature’s Fiat Currency and it is outlawed so we cannot grow and barter it to establish a Tax & Regulatory FREE economy the same as America had from 1492-1776 when this charade began. All of this is available for anyone to read and research should they be worth it. Peace.

  4. I always use cash and encourage all to stop using your cards. I believe the ultimate reason they want you to use the cards is control and surveillance. But remember for the bankers it is also a boom. Prior to mastercard/debit card days, banks got a piece of only certain economic activity – cars, homes, construction, business loans. The average Joe cashed his paycheck and went about spending that money directly with vendors and the banks got no piece of that economic activity. Enter cards and they now get about 3% of EVERY economic transaction with a card through fees they charged the vendor and you pay through higher cost of goods and services. What a great idea – for them. So every time you use that card to buy groceries etc – you just paid JP Morgans heirs. They re rich enough, stop feeding the pigs.

    I agree that the ATM’s have been dispensing pretty ugly cash lately. But a few days ago I got treated to crisp new $20 bills. I just checked them after watching this video. Very interesting, they were dated Series 2006 and signed by Anna Escobedo Cabral and Henry Paulsen. So they have been sitting around somewhere for over 10 years unused!

  5. Public Notice: America is Cashless. America is Broke. America HAS NO CASH!

    America RENTS DEBT PAPER from the Federal Reserve.

    What CASH per se is it that you’re speaking of in this article? I don’t believe printed debt notes qualify.

    Part Two:

    America is $16,000,000,000,000.00 (TRILLION) in Debt.

    Each year the Dem-Reps are running on a nearly a $4,000,000,000,000.00 (4 TRILLION) budget.

    There are only 330,000,000 (330 MILLION) of US.

    4,000,000,000,000.00 / 330,000,000 = $11,500.00 per US per year.

    Part Three:

    Now to our regularly scheduled REALITY:

    YOU and YOUR kids OWE $11,500.00 per person for 2015.

    4 Kids + 2 Parents = 6 X $11,500.00 = $69,000.00 per 6 of YOU.

    Are YOU paying $69,000.00 for your family of six (6)?

    Part Four:

    Let’s say YOU made $75,000.00 in 2015. YOUR tax rate is 22%. YOU pay in $16,500.00 in taxes.

    YOUR tax debt = $69,000.00.

    YOU paid: $16,500.00.

    YOU made the Government borrow $52,500.00 from the Chinese to finance YOUR lifestyle in 2015.


    People with no kids finance it. I’m not sure which. Maybe it is YOUR great-great-great grandchildren.

    ALL I know is…YOU didn’t PAY THE FAIR SHARE YOUR FAMILY OWES – $69,000.00 for 6.

    Part Five:

    So…now America is broke AND $16,000,000,000,000.00 in DEBT.

    Can we talk about this before we go cashless and the same people just start running up funny digital money?

    I mean after all, isn’t it the service of printing paper and renting us this paper to use for the convenience of “legal tender”?

    IF we go “Cashless” why will we continue to CONTRACT THE FEDERAL RESERVE FOR OUR CASH?

    No thank you. I don’t require your digital arbitration services FED. Thanks for the paper memories, Thanks, but No Thanks.

    Couldn’t we possibly barter some raw materials like:

    Hemp fiber
    Hemp food
    Hemp fuel
    Hemp medicine
    Hemp recreation
    Hemp shelter
    Hemp composites
    Hemp textiles
    Hemp contruction

    With little or NO Government Regulation & Taxation…exactly the way it was done for 284 years, and quite successfully, from 1492-1776?

    I surely cannot afford to pay for YOUR kids $11,500.00.

    Don’t suggest it, and get about reducing the budget of YOUR government before you rack up another $50,000.00 in deficit “just making things better for your kids”. It is a psychosis is all.

    Peace. 🙂

  6. UBER. That’s exactly what this service is all about.

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