Governor Jerry Brown Shows his Hand – Vetoes Bill to allow Dying Patients Access to Experimental Drugs

jerry_brownBy Janet Phelan

Within days of California’s Governor Jerry Brown signing the controversial End of Life Options Act, which legalized physician-assisted suicide in the state of California, Brown vetoed a bill which would have given terminally ill patients the right to try experimental drugs which had not yet received Food and Drug Administration approval.

Dubbed the “Right to Try” bill, the legislation flew through the California legislature with nearly unanimous support. The bill would have given those who would otherwise be without hope the chance to possibly survive their illness.

As reported in the Sacramento Bee, “Assembly Bill 159, by Assemblyman Ian Calderon, D-Whittier, would have permitted pharmaceutical companies to make not-yet-fully-approved treatments available to terminally ill patients, while shielding doctors and insurance companies from liability for negative outcomes.”

In his veto message, Brown wrote: “Patients with life threatening conditions should be able to try experimental drugs, and the United States Food and Drug Administration’s compassionate use program allows this to happen.”

Brown went on to state: “Before authorizing an alternative state pathway, we should give this federal expedited process a chance to work.”

Proponents of the bill have stated that dying patients do not have time to wait for the bureaucratic solutions that Brown is supporting.

The two acts in conjunction — Brown’s signing the “Right to Die” bill and his veto of the “Right to Try” — cast a peculiar and not so pleasant light on the intentionality of Mr. Brown. If one adds into the mix the clearly anti-elder stance of the state of California, discussed here and here, one might entertain the notion that Brown was part of a death cult.

“Not so!” cry the supporters of the “Right to Die.” Brown’s signing of the End of Life Options Act has been presented to the public, by Brown himself, as an act of compassion and caring for those who are close to death.

(This previous report debunked Brown’s contentions in his signing message.)

Clearly, Governor Brown is more supportive of their dying than of their chance to survive.

The possibility that the Governor of California has an undeclared agenda, supportive of death but not of life, is something that requires careful scrutiny. If one looks at the actions of those in power in the United States over the last decade, at the very least, one might come to the conclusion that a death cult is at play. The evidence accumulates: Wars have been launched in far away countries on the basis of slim to non-existent rationales. Due to these wars, hundreds of thousands of people have died, unnecessarily.

But apparently, not enough have died. Other reports have plumbed the depths of the US’s biological weapons agenda, and have come up with what appears to be a domestic delivery system, covert in nature, which could easily decimate target populations, all under the mantle of the “plausible deniability” of what could easily be termed a naturally occurring pandemic.

Equally, concerns are mounting that there may be a chemical weapons agenda at play in the US, as well. After all, law enforcement is not barred within the US from using chemical weapons against the citizenry.

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Alarms have also sounded about vaccine safety. The concerns about vaccines range from the fact that some have been found to be contaminated with such nasties as cancer and pig virus, to even more radical concerns that the very nature of vaccines constitutes an unnecessary and hazardous risk to health.

Questions about the safety of the food source continue to ramp up. GMO crops may present numerous health hazards, according to studies. Pharmaceutical companies continue to be hit with lawsuits alleging their products cause disease and death. Everywhere we look, life appears to be under attack.

The state of California has already come under fire due to its continued disregard for the rights of the elderly and disabled who are under guardianship. There are those who have contested the intentionality of this disregard. With Brown’s latest veto, denying the possibility of life for those under a medical death sentence, any confusion about his intentions should be resolved:

Brown doesn’t want us to survive. We have been conned by a death freak. The only question remaining, as far as I can tell, is how many of our leaders are similarly inclined.

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Janet C. Phelan, investigative journalist and human rights defender that has traveled pretty extensively over the Asian region, an author of a tell-all book EXILE, (also available as an ebook)exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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3 Comments on "Governor Jerry Brown Shows his Hand – Vetoes Bill to allow Dying Patients Access to Experimental Drugs"

  1. Brown is confusing the “alternative STATE pathway’ with the right to ‘PRIVATE PERSONAL health choices’ guaranteed by the Constitution and defended by Supreme Court Decisions. But then death is going so well in California, why get distracted by consulting the law?

  2. Karma can be a real hammer when the future comes around to bite you on the rear. Wonder if Jerry will allow an “exception” when he is diagnosed himself with cancer.

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