Pacific Patriot Network Pays Surprise Visit To FBI Hand Delivers Articles Of Resolution In Oregon

oregon_fbiBy Spiro

The Pacific Patriot Network showed up in Oregon at the wildlife refuge to act as a buffer and to open up a dialog between the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom (Bundy’s Group) and to hand deliver the articles for resolution in hopes to “deescalate” the situation.

Local Media outlets report the CCF does not want PPN there.

Pacific Patriot Network Meets With FBI…

Press Conference…

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7 Comments on "Pacific Patriot Network Pays Surprise Visit To FBI Hand Delivers Articles Of Resolution In Oregon"

  1. It’s starting to look too much like a circus….and there is nothing more aggravating to a police officer than someone trying to exert authority they don’t have… hahahah!!!!…. now there are 3 party’s to this BS….what I see happening next, is confusion and fingers being pointed in 9 different directions when things go wrong… I hope I am wrong….

  2. Smells of false flag interference. Reads like a comic book and smacks of CIA/NSA collusion as well as lack of preparedness on the part of the outside citizen group to actually control the situation. This is all a pantomime considering the far more dangerous release of methane, benzene and radon in massive proportions that is striking a larger number of citizens in California. The benzene and radon are carcinogens and radon is radioactive, The radon is an alpha emitter and others are explosive; three major reasons to leave in mass. I should know of the potential harm of benzene because my bladder cancer is a direct result of exposure to a fuel oil spill at my residence when the delivery man left the filling hose on full and the oil backed up my vent and spilled out over the roof of my home. Fortunately for me I receive acupuncture and herbal treatment from my doctor and practice Chi Gong and Tai Chi Ch’uan or I would be in a bad way from the cancer. I feel sorry for the victims of violence in both cases.

  3. It seems the Bundy group, originally wanting to help, has now decided on a more denigrating course of action. This is not the time, nor the battle, to fight. We must work together, as Americans – as one nation (under God).
    Remember, a civil war or revolution is highly political (since we are focused on making political corrections), and therefore, requires (at the least) the tacit acceptance by the community at large or general public.
    So, it behooves every patriot (every American) to behave themselves, and not become, or be perceived as the monsters like the federal establishment and their minions. The feds will have to “take the first swing”. It’s the way it works, especially in the eyes of the public. Timing is everything.

  4. Bundy’s not smart….getting bad advice

  5. THIS COULD BECOME VERY INTERESTING . /////////////////////////////////////

  6. I’ve witnessed a HUGE amount of trolls on different websites carrying this article trying desperately to demonize the people involved.
    Normally this kind of activity does not occur at these given sites but suddenly we have an avalanche of people making all kinds of claims.

  7. I hope the FBI, BLM, or any other alphabet soup government agency is aware that in the era of new media, they cannot and will not get away with any more Wacos or Ruby Ridges. Too many eyes both in the sky and on the ground for that to happen. You can’t silence that many people and get away with it anymore.

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