New Book: “The Art of Overcoming The New World Order”

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Long-time contributor to Activist Post, Dr. Bernie Suarez, has released his first full-length book entitled The Art of Overcoming The New World Order.

As regular readers might know, Bernie is a fearless analyst of the propaganda that masquerades as daily news. In addition to piercing insight, he also has the broad-spectrum knowledge necessary to discuss the role that consciousness plays in becoming an activist of the highest order.

During the course of 216 pages, The Art of Overcoming The New World Order examines the importance of acknowledging the brutal reality that surrounds us, while understanding that the path to happiness is to diligently assess what is being presented as pure fear-mongering versus what must truly be prepared for.

The Art of Overcoming The New World Order is a unique collection of essays about freedom and consciousness which urges every activist to challenge political corruption and propaganda with an open mind and an open heart.  Dr. Suarez’s essays serve to inform, but also to guide one toward effective activism, rather than merely reacting with anger in a conditioned response to the mainstream media and the higher power structure which crafts its message.

Topics covered include:

  • How to diagnose government false flags in real-time
  • How to thrive while pursuing truth
  • Tips on how people can resist tyranny while handling a busy work schedule
  • Finding motivation and restructuring one’s thinking to maintain hope and happiness while overcoming oppression.

Dr. Suarez has produced a motivational but realistic book written in an easy-to-read format that is appropriate for all ages. Essentially, The Art of Overcoming The New World Order is a self-help book for those who are not content to merely survive tyranny, but those dedicated to thriving under any conditions.

This powerful manual is the perfect addition to your independent media collection, and is a perfect gift to help others achieve and maintain mental fitness during these challenging times.

You can preview this book HERE

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