Hillary Clinton: Fake As A Wedding Cake

hilary_winkBy Brandon Turbeville

Hillary Clinton has long been known as a chameleon. Clinton, with the exception of some of her more onerous policies – i.e. gun control, war, banker affiliation etc. – is willing to have one position on Monday and another one Monday afternoon when it comes to wedge issues and those discussions which are seen largely as belonging to a specific group of people. Thus, that position changes depending on what audience she is catering to.

While this is not surprising given that Clinton is a politician, what is surprising is that Clinton’s epic fails in her attempts to be portrayed as “just like the common man (or woman)” have not earned her more ridicule than they actually have. Indeed, it is surprising that Hillary at her most phony is still able to fool the members of the audience watching her speeches despite her poor attempts at mimicking the behavior, cadence, and colloquialisms of the “lower classes.”

Consider one of the most hilarious incidents of Hillary’s mimicking fails, a campaign trip to Kentucky where she attempted to pick up a southern accent mixed with black vernacular and colloquial speech, conveniently for an audience that was both southern and black. Clinton’s rendition of both of these styles was so terrible it should have made everyone in the room cringe. Clinton sounded neither black nor southern as she slashed and shrieked her way through a quote of James Cleveland’s “I Don’t Feel Noways Tired.”[1]

Clinton’s horrible southern accent improved somewhat for her trip to South Carolina, where she was able to make jokes about coloring her hair to an audience supporting her campaign.[2] [3] This time her target was the stereotypical “southern woman” since the campaign event was taking place in Columbia, South Carolina. Improving from the Kentucky speech, however, is not to give credit for being good. It was an atrocious outing and should have been insulting to anyone in the audience. “I’m aware I may not be the youngest candidate in this race, but I have one advantage: I’ve been coloring my hair for years. They are not going to see me turn white in the White House — and you’re also not going to see me shrink from a fight,” she said.[4]

Never to take second place to anyone when it comes to the question of qualifications, Hillary was apt to point out that, since all of her grandparents were immigrants, she was the most qualified to speak on the question of illegal immigration in 2015.[5] The problem, however, was that her claims were easily debunked as only one of her grandparents was a documented (meaning confirmed) immigrant.[6]

Clinton’s attempts at mimicking the accents, physical characteristics, and social positions of the audiences to which she speaks falls right into line with her psychopathic nature. After all, psychopaths are excellent mimickers of human behavior.[7] Despite the fact that rational people who think critically would be able to see through Clinton’s gaffes, the truth is that such stupidity more often than not resonates with the average person. The members of Clinton’s audiences, as one can see from the videos, simply ate her performances up.

Whenever one discusses the myriad of falsehoods told by Hillary, it would be difficult to forget to mention the famous Bosnia Sniper story repeated numerous times during interviews and campaign speeches.[8]

This now famous “sniper” incident took place when Clinton was campaigning in the Democratic primary against Barack Obama and was attempting to portray herself as more experienced in foreign policy than he. She then relied on a 1996 trip to Bosnia to demonstrate her experience and bravery. Her statements generally followed the same line.

For instance, on March 17, 2008, she stated, “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

She also told CNN around the same time, “There was no greeting ceremony and we were basically told to run to our cars. Now that is what happened.”

Of course, the story was a complete fabrication. Details of the event as well as video revealed there were never any snipers. In fact, the video showed Clinton and her daughter Chelsea walking casually from the plane to a greeting ceremony where a young girl received them. There were no signs of tension or danger to be found.

When Clinton was called out on her obvious lie, she simply responded that she “mis-remembered” and had a “different memory” of the events.

In other words, she lied.

Brandon Turbeville’s new book, The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President is available in three different formats: Hardcopy (available here), Amazon Kindle for only .99 (available here), and a Free PDF Format (accessible free from his website, BrandonTurbeville.com).


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7 Comments on "Hillary Clinton: Fake As A Wedding Cake"

  1. Usually Stupid Americans will vote not matter what but the rigged elections will still be approved by the Electoral College who are neither smart or wise; just paid for in advance. Voting for either of the three major parties is the proof of our psychopathic non-system, there is no upgrade for the USA by any of the three major party candidates that are running for office.

  2. This why some like myself abstain from voting. We vote by not voting, we have no more confidence in the system conning us. Someone has aptly made a point that we ought to write in a vote. “No confidence”. Not sure even that would alter a thing. After all, the puppet masters could simply declare a bad vote, or a need to re-vote, or simply put who they wanted into power there at any given. They seem keen to place who they want, where, anyway.

    • Noam Beefheart | January 20, 2016 at 9:27 am | Reply

      Exactly. If you vote someone into power and they do terrible things then you’re to blame because you put them in power. I always hated the “you’re to blame if you don’t vote argument.” The establishment picks who will be the next leader.

    • Taking your ball and going home was not a rational choice when you were a child and it’s not one now. Sure I think that the system is probably rigged but short of armed insurrection, it’s the ONLY way we have of selecting leaders. Speaking of armed insurrection, since you are on this site, are you also backing the gun control actions being pushed by the left?

  3. Think if we showed it a bible, it would go away?

  4. @LudVanB No, I do not support the issue of gun control. I grew up understanding gun safety, responsibility. Think we ought to continue in that.

    One can also vote using money. For example, big tobacco is now attempting to get regulation passed to ban vaping. Vaping took away 3 billion away from big tobacco.

    People who vape no longer want to support big tobacco, big pharmaceutical. They do not give money to either, as best they’re able to not do so. They vape and find it a safer alternative.

    The system created money and uses it in warfare too. Why not use the weapons used by the system, just like the system? And yes I think it can be done without becoming the monster one battles.

    So voting at a ballot box patently proven to be rigged is not an option. You say packing up my marbles, not playing their game, going home is not either. Well, neither is armed revolt.

    Peaceful solutions do exist. We must though face up to responsibility and realize some peaceful means will cause harm. Yes, some of the means we are left to choose may be harmful to others who oppose us.

    Maybe they ought to take responsibility too, choose not opposing us. We have already won.

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