The Elephant in the Room at the Last GOP Debate

gop elephantBy Truthstream Media

Are the debates for the 2016 GOP primaries really about the candidates, their positions, the polls and the memorable statements that voters will connect with – or is it just about the one man they can’t ignore?

The 5th GOP debate was hosted by Sheldon Adelson at his Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas – and as every gambler knows, the House always wins. Adelson has bankrolled many of the candidates, and nearly all of them have met with the multi-billionaire to seek his favor and funds.

But that relationship comes with a price – whose interests will the Republican party serve? It will have little to nothing to do with the American people, despite the rhetoric, and much to do with Adelson’s priorities – which are pledged to Israel first. Adelson, who just purchased the Las Vegas Review Journal in secret and who owns the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom – has a great deal of influence over U.S. foreign policy through its puppet candidates, and it will have great consequences for negotiations and developments regarding Syria, ISIS, Iran, Russia and the entire Middle East region.

As a result, every candidate on stage – with the exception of Rand Paul – demonstrated how high they could jump in heightening fears over ISIS and calling for war and bellicose strategies in the Middle East that guarantee the situation will only become further inflamed.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is also heavily backed by another Israel-centric billionaire, Haim Saban, and is AT LEAST as much a war-monger as those in the GOP…

Who will serve America first? And why should the United States cater to the interests of any other nation but its own?

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8 Comments on "The Elephant in the Room at the Last GOP Debate"

  1. U want to learn the truth, watch this video.
    From JFK to 9/11: Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick (2014
    See more at

  2. I’m voting for Rand Paul because of the Zionist wars

  3. This article reminds me of a book that I read titled “Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie.”
    That along with the cited article that you ran about JFK last week certainly fits in. There is another book also that everyone needs to read titled “War is a Racket” by USMC General deceased Smedly Butler.

    Kennedy’s problem was that while in the White House he had an awakening and went against the grain of the power conglomerat in New York CIty, especially with the Rockafeller dynasty.
    After all it was David Rockafeller that told Reagan “If you do not pick George Bush as your vice president the only way that you’ll see the inside of the White HOurs is on a tour.” Then while Bush happened to be conveniently out of town Reagan was shot because Reagan was expendable.

  4. oh. Good to see this on disqus. Perhaps these people at this activist post wont censor like WND comments

  5. Trump is less psychotic than Hilary.
    mostly a matter of enslavement from either party and of course the tools of choice – legislation and taxes.

    END the FED 2016!

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