Parents Call Police to Report Teens for Distributing a Banned Book – Cops Show Up

police-called-for-banned-bookBy Matt Agorist

In an incident reminiscent of a scene from 1930s’ Germany, police were dispatched to a local park because teens were distributing copies of a banned book.

The award-winning novel, entitled The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indianwas banned from schools last year after parents became outraged over the book’s alleged ‘anti-Christian’ and ‘sexual’ content.

After the book had been banned, it inspired Junior Mountain View High school student Brady Kissel to start a petition to get the book back into schools. This motivated high schooler managed to get a whopping 350 signatures. Unfortunately, the state remained resolute in their decision to ban free speech.

When a local bookstore became aware of the student’s situation, they decided to take up a donation to buy a book for everyone who had signed the petition. Their efforts were successful and they raised $3,400, enough money for 350 books.

When Kissel showed up at Kleiner park in Meridian to pass out copies of the book to those who signed the petition, parents  hellbent on imposing their obstinate views on other people’s children called the police. Instead of telling the parents that it is not illegal to hand out books, officers were dispatched to the park to investigate.

After an hour of handing out the books, Kissel was confronted by police. Fortunately, however, the officers were unable to find any evidence of a crime and allowed the teen to finish distributing the books.

Kissel told KBOI that after the publisher heard about her actions last year, they donated another 350 books. She has since handed them out as well.

What has to go through a parent’s mind for them to think it is okay to use the force of the state to prevent children from reading a book?

The fact that the book was banned from schools in the first place is bad enough, but when members of society find nothing wrong with using the police to stop other children from reading a book, something must be said.

Brady Kissel is a hero and deserves recognition for standing up to the face of censorship. It is teens like her who give hope to humanity.

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30 Comments on "Parents Call Police to Report Teens for Distributing a Banned Book – Cops Show Up"

    Nobody got killed the parents are a bunch of control FREAKS out of control. NO the cops do not do cats in trees either.
    The parents should get a TICKET for obstruction of justice.

  2. With adults willing to call the cops over something like this is it no wonder that America of old is long gone. The sooner it collapses under the weight of it’s own stupidity the better it will be for the rest of the world.
    And before some American blasts me about how they are not all dumbed down morons let me ask what have you actually done to stop the decline of your country? If there are no god cops because the so-called good ones allow the bad ones to be bad what does that say about most Americans?

    • I’m trying to do my part. I and 2 others were arrested for redressing grievances with our county traffic court judge. (arrested for Trespassing–I’m not making this up.) Convicted and sentenced to a year in jail. On appeal I have done nothing but send a notice by affidavit that using force and imprisonment to criminalize my and the People’s rights is an act of treason. I know I will lose the case because this is true… but at least I can make them squirm a bit and hopefully spill a few beans before they make a political prisoner of me.

      • I don’t know the details of your case, but my sympathies are probably with you. I made a stand against law enforcement abuses and was faced with three years behind bars. I got an online attorney, who just happened to have been with the New York City’s prosecutor office. She walked me through the vital first steps, starting with getting my trial delayed by a year and reviewing very carefully every move and statement by the local prosecutor. In the end, I got a $300 fine and 6 months unsupervised probation. The police had broken into my home and stolen personal items (this is true, one of theirs even admitted it), and other things. You can only push the people so far, and then it’s snap time. I was arrested for harassing THEM over the telephone, after the PD would not take a complaint from me. Yahoo, America the land of the free and home of the brave. The brave do have a home, BTW – it’s called the county jail.

    • My part is widely spreading the #whitegenocide meme, helping White people realize this is what is happening to them. Diversity is a codeword for #whitegenocide, chasing down the last White man.

  3. “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian was pulled from the curriculum in Idaho

    Being “pulled from the curriculum” is hardly the same thing as being “banned.” Only a very,very tiny percentage of all the books ever published can be included in any curriculum.

    “After an hour of handing out the books, Kissel was confronted by police. Fortunately, however, the officers were unable to find any evidence of a crime and allowed the teen to finish distributing the books.”

    All that happened here is that some silly busybody called the police to no effect. But if they had been distributing some “white racist” or “anti-government” literature it wouldn’t be surprising if a bogus arrest for “hate speech” would have occurred.

  4. With the way LEO’s are in the US nowadays it is extremely dangerous to call them for anything.
    Life expectancy plummets when they are involved, no matter the issue.

  5. 700 books sold that would probably have never been sold. I wonder if the people that pulled the book and called the cops understand that their actions had exactly the opposite affect as intended. Kinda like Obama being the greatest gun salesman in US history. LOL.

  6. People that read books are the least likely to endorse banning them.

  7. ShotGunRock.Com | December 28, 2015 at 10:02 pm | Reply

    Religion is how to make people into slaves. Moses was a mass murdering psychopathe. He was not a holy man from god. People that believe that mass murderers are holy men from god are retarded immoral idiots.

  8. The busybodies who called the cops about books should be charged with false reporting. And if there are enough cops for them to even “investigate” a complaint about passing out books, there are too damn many cops.

  9. Freedom of speech wasn’t intended to be used to promote degrading filth to children.

    • Oh an idea ,,, quick kill it
      thought police much ?

    • I take exception to your judgment. Have you even read the book? I was a manager of a bookstore for several years and had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Alexie a few times (he lives here). He is a very moral man that only uses “adult” themes to make strong points. It’s called good literature and writing skills. I’m not saying his work is appropriate for pre-adolescents but by the time kids hit Jr. Hi they have been exposed hundreds of times over to sights and words far, far, far, far more disturbing.

  10. Hey, I read “Persepolis” by Iranian Marjane Satrapi because it was banned! Great movie, too!

  11. Kudos Brady – never let ’em see ya flinch

  12. Police show up and nobody is killed or imprisoned, that is an uplifting story.

  13. The way our parents think, is going to ruin the future. We need to enable our children to experience new things, and let them decide for themselves. I’m a Christian man, however, I won’t force my children to attend church. I won’t be THAT parent. America is dying from stupidity bred by incompetent people who are stuck in the ways they were taught. Welcome to 2016… Enjoy your freedom while you have it.

  14. “…parents hellbent on imposing their obstinate views on other people’s children called the police.”

    Seems to me that the kid pushing this book in the park and the people insisting on forcing this book to be read by ALL kids as a required part of class are the ones most guilty of trying to trample anyone’s rights.

  15. There are plenty of books that shouldn’t be in public schools. If a child wants it so badly and their parents agree, it’s probably on Amazon or in the local library. Grow up and quit trying to force your world on those around you. I can point you to plenty of “artwork” you wouldn’t want to show your children.

  16. Please understand that this is advertising, not journalism.

  17. MarxMarvelous | January 2, 2016 at 6:40 pm | Reply

    The Left only cares about free speech when it’s promoting degeneracy. Recently they’ve been throwing around ideas on how to censor speech that they don’t like.

  18. The majority of Americans are stupid brainwashed idiots! Humans in general are stupid. We were made to be stupid from all the poisons in the air, water, food, and medicine. Another big contributor is the evil liebox tv which is the image of the beast in the Bible. It moves and speaks yet there is no life in it and it is used to lie to the whole world. It was also developed as a mind control device and it really works on the majority of the sheeple. Everything the evil treasonous government says are lies. The chemtrails are hiding Planet X which is causing the major increase in seismic and volcanic activity and weird weather. Fluoride is toxic rat poison. There are numerous poisons in the food: MSG, diet sweeteners, GMOs, roundup, benzoates and nitrites, etc. The vaccines are toxic bioweapons full of heavy metals and designer diseases. There are several cures for cancer and none are chemo and radiation which cause cancer. Weve had free energy for over 100 years and the evil ones wont let us have it. The list is endless.

    The end is here. The day of the next false flag using the nuke they stole in 2007 (when they were looking for Steve Fossett) and blamed on Iran, America will be annihilated by Russia, China and the SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you know its now because Planet X is going to end the war after 430 days. By then 90% of Americans will be dead. This is all planned by ET and the evil governments know about it. The evil Pope and Queen E-lizard-btch both said this was our last christmas.

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