Skull & Bonesman John Kerry Admits They’re Making “Order Out of Chaos” to Create “World Order”

skull_and_bones_kerryBy Truthstream Media

In case you had any inkling of confusion left as to what exactly is going on in the purposeful remapping of the Middle East right now via intelligence agency-created terrorists…

John Kerry just told everyone exactly what the true goals are in the Middle East. They are creating chaos to bring order to it, their order, a “world order”.

It doesn’t get any more blatant than this.

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7 Comments on "Skull & Bonesman John Kerry Admits They’re Making “Order Out of Chaos” to Create “World Order”"

  1. American people! You are responsile for not STOPPING your own war criminals ! Have you not seen enough evil that they have done?

    • As a young kid I always wondered why the German people didn’t stop Hitler’s atrocities, and why the people in China and Russia allowed the communists to murder tens of millions. I didn’t learn about Smedley Butler or the CIA take down of elected leaders until I found the rabbit hole in my 30s. It’s too easy to brainwash people and almost impossible to break through the the mind control. Today, for most people the media and the perks of being of a zombie are far more seductive than the truth.

      • Thank you so much for your kind answering!
        Do you understand – you are the only force that can stop WW III ?
        I love and respect American people ! Only the governement must be stopped in criminal satanic deeds.

        • Thank you for sharing the video and your experiences living with the chaos. The video did not have any English subtitles so I don’t know what the message was but I am aware of what the Globalists who control the US and NATO conspired to do in your homeland and it is more terrible than I have words to adequately express. I am so very sorry for the suffering and the complete lack of understanding in the west whose children are brainwashed in public schools and then as adults in the media and universities, this is the program around the world to one degree or another. I fear the closing off of our last means of real communication on a mass scale, a lock down of the internet and it is coming at us quickly with the leaders of all nations working to strictly control it with laws in their own countries and as well as conspiring in global committees. I believe WWIII is already here, it’s the final war to control the minds of humanity. We must stand together against the elites and fully awaken our fellow human beings. Kind regards and much respect to you and your countrymen.

          • Thank you for understanding. I believe in American people and I am sure that you can change the world!
            You have the moral obligation to stand up and build a better world!
            Satanists in power all over the world have to be stopped.
            The video is about Muslims (=Bosnian Muslims = djihadists) who were supported by US /NATO forces in Bosnia &Herzegovina in the ninties! They sing for Alah and demonstrate their force that was used against innocent Serbs.

  2. Kerry does not mention that this chaos was intentionally caused so their pre-planned solution could be implemented with the thanks of those they confused.

    Many say this WWIII business is the final solution where the United States, Russia and China lay each other low and accumulate so much debt that these internationalist vultures can carve up the world their way hiding behind noble sounding objectives of the NWO, UN, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and America 2050. And the hits keep on comin’.

  3. I’m an American U.S. sovereign – and I am not responsible for the beast in the east – they anoint whomever they choose. and use our military as their own personal mercenary force – the generals toe the line.

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