Israeli Warplanes Bomb Syria and Threaten War With Russia

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the breaking news in the escalation of the proxy war between the U.S and its allies against Russia and its allies. Israel has decided Wednesday morning to bomb pro-Syrian Government forces in the region that Russia is protecting.


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25 Comments on "Israeli Warplanes Bomb Syria and Threaten War With Russia"

  1. I want to know where Luke Rudkowski gets his facts. I’ve been looking everywhere to substantiate what he said and I have found nothing concerning Israel bombing Syria…

  2. What are the Banksters up to?? Russia is already completely subsumed by the NWO control freak psychopaths.

    A highly respected American journalist and expert in Russian affairs, Anne Williamson, testified to Congress about the pillage and deep state capture of Russia in the 90s by the Zionist banksters, with help from Bolshevik third generation progeny (mirroring China’s Eight Immortals progeny becoming today’s Chinese plutocrat billionaires), corrupt Russian politicians and financiers, and the KGB.

    A search on the net shows Local Agenda 21 was launched in the Tomsk and Rostov states in 1999.

    • Yes yes, but it’s getting obvious by now that something happened to that .. 😉

      • The banksters have engineered conflicts and revolutions for centuries, including large scale ones in the 20th century, and 99.9999% of the public has little to no idea what’s going on. The mind control and theater becomes more complex and layered each generation. If you look beyond the center stage, the Matrix is coming together exactly as planned. It’s an ideal set up for the next step transitioning to a world government system (global currency, tax, etc.) and, in the eyes of the world, the Rockefellers’ and Rothschilds’ UN is the rising power, a peacemaker and voice of reason.

        • It does not seem that events will follow this blueprint.
          Actors that are way too big to be ignored have different plans.
          China and Russia but also others are fed up with a system run by and for the finance sector. They understand that there must be growth that allows a life for common people – that they, the elites will be vulnerable if they accept the Western neoliberal model.

          • I would wholeheartedly agree that people of Russia, China, etc., are fed up with the system we have been trapped in. If you carefully study the elite structures in both of those countries and the level of totalitarian rule, you’ll see it structurally mirrors the hierarchical corruption in the US and is systemically quite a bit worse. Not only that, but these two countries have been influenced and dominated by the Zionist Banksters since the early 1900s, with China being the model Technocracy as envisioned by Brzezinski (working for Rockefeller) and launched through a series of policies and massive transfers of capital. Follow the money, watch the policy moves, and ignore the political rhetoric to get a sense of what’s happening behind the curtain. All I’m asking is for the alternative media readers to keep an open mind so we don’t develop blind spots or allow ourselves to get our attention diverted onto grand theatrics while the global prison walls get built. Very early on in the Syrian conflict, I made comments here on Activist Post warning that the conflict had the markings of a smokescreen to create an international terrorist group (like Al-CIA-duh, but much bigger) to further justify the war on terror and to spread the terrorism around the world laying the groundwork for a global military police force and more surveillance and tracking – the global biometric ID “Rusticus” has written about that is being proposed in the upcoming Paris COP21 talks. You might want to consider watching the Sutton interviews on youtube and then try to extrapolate that modus operandi to a far more advanced agenda. Also, dive into what global Technocracy will mean for all of us. Good sources are scholar and Sutton protege Patrick Wood (lots of recent interviews on youtube, websites includes, James Corbett’s archives on Technocracy and “China and the NWO” (, and articles on Activist Post by Rusticus and Brandon Smith on the faux east vs. west paradigm. Sorry, there is much more I could share but this comment is already getting rather long. Best regards to you.

          • Thanks, I will look at this. Have read some Sutton.
            But still it seems that in the case of China they never wholly accepted the neoliberal model. They are in the process of changing model now. Wages have according to what I read gone up ca. 25 % since 2011. They want to create internal demand.
            This is a huge change.
            And according to some they make a show of conforming to the western financial system, but with important exceptions, f.ex they make huge state financed investments in infrastructure and services, and then simply label it ‘nonperforming loans’ and write it off..

  3. Netanyahu could not have his way with Russia or the US diplomatically, so the scumbag is now testing russia’s response to its continuous air strikes in Syria. If Obama had any morals, he would choose to look the other way and allow Russia to challenge the Israeli jets that cross the line !
    But America is so zionized by the elite, it would never allow that to happen, …and let Israel drag US into a another possible world war…that no one can win!

    • Agree…. except for the bankers of “The Synagogue…” Those parasites of the parasites ALWAYS win. With the help of the western “Christian” Judas Class of (using the term very loosely), “statesmen” of McCain’s ilk. The only verified walking mound of feces in recorded history.

    • Another way to look at this is if Israel becomes “active” in the attack on ISIS and this is reported in the mainstream media, it will give Israel a public relations leg up as part of a new global military force.

      In February 2014, in the early of stages of the operation in Syria, it was reported the US and Israeli governments were quietly selling high tech military weapons to Iran which passed these weapons to Syria. The elites were arming both sides of the emerging conflict thus providing cover for the creation of ISIS, which involved at least 8 or 9 nations admitted to by the media – an enormous project, much bigger than Op. Cyclone. Now with floods of refugees, ISIS operatives are being spread around the world. Deceptions are incredibly elaborate at the top of pyramid. Rather than paying attention to the puppets, watch what is being constructed behind our backs.

      • Also, Israel and the CIA/Mossad have been using the religious turf war between the sunnis under (saudi arabia, turkey), and the shiites under (Iran) to their advantage, hoping to overthrow Assad of Syria by arming ISIS indirectly, and then onto Iran.
        When all the dust settles, it’s all about Israel gaining more control and territory with riches, while using ISIS and the rebels to eliminate their greatest foes. Of course Turkey and Saudi arabia are in on the take as well !
        Once Syria becomes under the control of ISIS and totally destabilizes the region, and eventually declares war on Iran…then Israel can come in and pick up all the pieces.
        But unfortunately for the zionists, russia has thrown a wrench into their plans.

        • Exactly correct about the religious turf wars being used as weapons to fracture and breakdown societies. TPTB’s maps of the New Middle East Project regional governance system, created before Afghanistan was invaded, showed Iraq fractured into three parts and the Kurds getting their own homeland carved out of several surrounding nations. Order out of chaos. If you do the research on the economic and politics of Iran, you’ll find that Iran began integrating itself into the NWO paradigm several years ago and this process was amplified when Rouhani took office pledging to assimilate Iran into the global economy as well as adopting neoliberal IMF economic programs – and he did. Iran allowed itself to be portrayed as a nemesis to the west while behind the curtain another reality was taking place.

          I haven’t found solid info as to whether Assad was ever a real target or just a strawman like Iran, to keep our eyes off the prison planet system that is quickly being put into place. My hunch is Assad is super intelligent, a western educated physician and loyal to his people, thus he’s always been willing to be a team player for the NWO to protect his countrymen. He has been between a rock and a hard place and too smart to resist like Gaddafi and Hussein.

          Take a look at the New Middle East Project map on the internet, you’ll see what all the “creative destruction” is driving at. At the behest of their Globalist masters, in 2011 the Saudis spearheaded the formation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) with six member nations and three proposed. It’s the new regional government system with UN-style agreements on harmonizing laws and cultural practices and a common currency, exactly like the EU. Putin supports regional governance and Kissinger has been a close adviser and friend. I hope you are right about the monkey wrench but it doesn’t seem plausible if you look at the kind of power brokering going on in the 2030 UN Agenda talks and elsewhere.

  4. Contrary to what the Military Times might say, there is no way Israel can penetrate Russian security without getting shot down. Thus this report is bogus. There are no reliable news sources who have reported on this incident.

    • Try, and read carefully.

      • Read carefully being important advice for all alt media reports. Tons of disinfo creeps in, some on purpose, some via momentum. I listened to an interview clip of Gordon Duff, the editor of VT, and he fully admitted around 40% of VT’s articles are disinfo and he said if he didn’t allow that he would be targeted for assassination. AFAIK, Duff is a hardcore world socialist. I believe that level of confidence in mega scale statism / forced collectivism creates blind spots. Still, there are great gems to be found digging around. It was Libertarian author Lila Rajiva who first outed Assange as an Establishment agent with some great research in a VT article.

        • Good points ! Of course, ones experience with the “language” of the deceitful realm of spying, thus ones comprehension within the area, is idiosyncratic to each individual. I just skimmed through the book of a “non-existent”, former israeli spy, “Profits of War Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network,” by Ari Ben-Menashe. He reveals details of the treason by George H. W. Bush and William Casey and associates in the coup against the Carter administration and Americans, known as the “October Surprise” of 1980. A brief overview of the treason of the GHWBush family is called up when searching the internet on the phrase, 4 generations of treason.
          My view of Mr. Duff´s statement is that he was wishfully thinking in a manner that reflected his literary talents. It would surprise me if 5% of the genuine reporting in VT were fictitious, viewing as speculation that which is presented as speculation. Here again, speculation can be very accurate, based on ones experience with the “language” of spying. The book by former Israeli spy, Ari Ben-Menashe, evidences this theme repeatedly.

          • You’re absolutely spot on about the language aspect, which is the reason I attempted to self-educate on neurolinguistics reading several books and papers about 12 years ago. It helped some that I have an advanced education in neuroscience, still that’s a complex field that takes a long time to become reasonably knowledgeable in. At some point, we have to fall back on simple critical reasoning, don’t you think? Regarding VT disinfo, not all of the 40% would be purely fictitious, disinfo can manifest in the form of nonrandom spin and limited hangouts, which I’ve seen quite a bit of on VT. Another tip is to develop a deep appreciation for the n-dimensional chess concept.. For instance, Carter, H.W. Bush, Clinton, Cheney, most World Bank presidents, and a long list of other prominent people around the world are members of the Trilateral Commission, the primary cabal tasked with remaking the world order via major policy shifts beginning with the Carter administration (virtually the entire cabinet came from the TC including National Security Adviser Brzezinski who along with David Rockefeller founded the TC. which, according to TC experts Wood and Sutton, oversees the Council on Foreign Relations). H.W. Bush said in a public speech he owed all of his success to Rockefeller. Thus, less of coup and more of a passing of the baton. Great theater though for analysts to get trapped in sandpits of intrigue and double dealing while the elites keep moving forward. BTW, I should clarify Duff’s admission was to a pointed question on disinfo, he wasn’t providing an off the cuff esoteric evaluation of his writings.

  5. These news sources are not reliable nor do they give any evidence or the Syrian news source…

    • Which Western World news service is not controlled by zionists ?

      • There are other alternative news medias in America, other than the main stream presstitutes. But even then, we still have to search out the articles to see if they carry any weight of validity. I don’t think it’s just a Zionist control thing, there’s Roman Catholicism and Freemasonry which we can toss into the pot with Zionism that makes up a brotherhood of darkness…

  6. As Expected……..

  7. Problem is the awake truther community doesn’t have its own trained professional reporters with “boots on the ground”, virtually everything of major importance we get is filtered down and sorted from the MSM. It’s been known for a long time that, on a regular basis, TPTB purposely leak information to steer alt media analysts in certain directions. They also release alternate versions of events to create smoke and confusion. There was a great deconstruction of this common practice on a few years back in reference to the British intelligence agents caught in Iraq dressed as Arabs in what appeared to be a set up for a false flag attack. Point is, in our ranks, most people didn’t become highly proficient at recognizing the deceptions, hence, it’s critical to not take anything at face value.

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