Do States With Concealed Carry Have More Gun Crime?

By Ben Swann

Do more guns equal more gun crime? Sounds like an obvious question but what happens when guns are in the right hands? Do states with concealed carry laws see an increase in gun crime? Reality Check!


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2 Comments on "Do States With Concealed Carry Have More Gun Crime?"

  1. Of course there’s a correlation between the murder rate & the number of law-abiding citizens with guns. Problem is, stories where a citizen stepped in and took action against a crime in progress are not suitable for the MSM. Why? Because 90%+ of MSM outlets are owned by just 5 companies with interlocking boards of directors, and their meme is strict “gun control”. Can’t have the truth spill out, now can we.
    Excellent piece and a nice-looking set.

  2. Hands down – less crime, but to find reliable stats corroborating this well reasoned (and well confirmed, as bearing factual) posit could proof be challenging, as such data is seemingly purposefully obfuscated, and or
    obliterated. Thanks for Your kind attention & I welcome any of you to discuss any opinion on the subject.

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