Top News Story on MH17 Crash Report a Fresh Attempt to Blame Russia

mh17-crash8-dataBy Melissa Dykes

Right in the midst of the march toward war in the Middle East between the West and Russia, a Dutch report has been released on the crash of flight MH17 which has concluded the commercial flight was brought down by a missile that exploded outside the plane’s cockpit.

The media is trying to use the report to blame Russia for the crash again this morning as if this is “breaking news.”

The report itself — despite headlines like NBC’s “Malaysia Airlines MH17 Was Shot Down by BUK ‘Warhead’: Investigators” or New York Daily News’ “MH17 plane was downed by Russian-made missile, instantly killing many of 298 on board: report” — does not even conclusively say it was a Russian Buk warhead that brought the plane down.

The missile, according to Dutch Safety Board chairman Tjibbe Joustra, would fit the Russian “Buk” rocket system, but that’s not the same as conclusively finding a missile was actually fired from a Buk system that day. Russian investigators on the board for this report have pointed out this fact.

The finding that will be downplayed is that no one has been able to confirm what type of missile or system was used to bring down MH17, or that it was actually “pro-Russian separatists” who blew the flight out of the sky as claimed by Ukraine and the West.

In other words, there is no conclusive evidence Russia is to blame here, but the media is using the occasion to lay further blame at Russia’s feet during this time of great tension.

Considering the report’s release is the top story on Google news this morning, and yet it lends no further information that wasn’t previously known to the actual case itself, it’s a pretty clear indication this report’s timely release and media exploitation is really just more propaganda to help fuel the fire in an attempt to make the Cold War go hot.

In addition, the report noted that there were clearly known obvious risks to leaving airspace open to commercial traffic over an area where armed conflict was happening on the ground, which begs the question: why didn’t Ukrainian authorities close the airspace above that part of the country in the first place?

Was MH17 even on a regular flight path that day anyway?

Don’t forget, some guy showed up on the scene of the crash and began throwing passports on the ground

A separate criminal investigation is currently ongoing with another report due out at the end of the year.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!

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18 Comments on "Top News Story on MH17 Crash Report a Fresh Attempt to Blame Russia"

  1. Great article. I was thinking the same thing when I heard this on the news. What uncanny timing that its “suddenly concluded” that Russia is to blame for MH17. Its too bad that so many people are distracted by the puppet show debates to understand the connection.

    • Certainly, the report is absurd on its face. However, it’s important to see the layers of manipulation and mind control in the MSM. In this case, we are witnessing the revisiting of a large and old psy op, the clashing of two [elite controlled] superstate rivals, literally a page out of 1984. There are always narratives being built to nudge and / or shove us towards more a more restrictive Matrix.

  2. TPTB are evil not dumb. If the goal had been to oust Assad (rather than Operation Cyclone 2.0), they would have rammed through Syria as quickly as they rammed through Libya. Then to make absurd statements and accusations in the global MSM making themselves look like a “rogue” nation would be another big miscalculation – unless this is all deliberate, as it always seems to be.

    The global elite have commandeered the US military to their diabolical ends since before many of us were even born and before our parents were born. Recently, the CFR’s publication Foreign Policy was critical of Saudi’s bombing in Yemen using US made weapons with US complicity describing the horrible toll on the civilian population in highly emotive terms and highlighting such terms as “war crimes”, “obligations under international law”, and “international community”. This is a global elite publication critically analyzing it’s own tactics with the military hegemon it created and controls?? Why now, finally? There is a set up here to create the perception of a need to have global governance “solution”. True if it’s the people of the world uniting together rather then the international banksters centralizing their control via their UN front.

    • Libya had a token army-air force and could not defend itself against the Sarkozy-led, NATO attacks on Libya and Qadaffi. The organized taliban forces, coordinating with CIA´s Chris Stevens of the fake embassy that was operating the CIA weapons warehouse, served as footsoldiers. Syria had a better equipped army and airforce, with some support from other Moslem nations, and could not be over run as easily.
      As to your 2nd paragraph, we know that it is NOT the people of the world uniting, but rather the NWO agenda being pushed by the UN, creating the perception of a need for global governance.

      “The global elite have commandeered the US military to their diabolical ends long before most of us were born” reveals the control of the UN and its string pullers of the NWO.

      • All very true and valid points about the more inherent fragility of Libya’s defenses compared to Syria. Nonetheless, Syria’s defenses are orders of magnitude weaker than the US military and could not have withstood a grand assault if a coup was the objective. When you say “we” know…, that speaks for only a very tiny percentage of people. Many or most awake people actually buy into the psy op that the rulers of China and Russia (or BRICS) are actively fighting the NWO rather than being subsumed by it – it’s a dangerous blind spot.

  3. Robert Colescott | October 13, 2015 at 10:50 am | Reply

    Even if a Russian-made BUK missile brought down this plane, I see no proof who pulled the trigger. I’m sure Russia had been an arms supplier to Ukraine and many of these weapons were under the control of the new leadership. I also didn’t see any mention of Ukraine fighter jets being in close proximity to the plane, or the report some of the entry holes around the cockpit look more like bullet holes as opposed to shrapnel. Since the entire Ukraine episode has been propagandized from the start, I don’t expect anything else at this point.

  4. Interesting, the original, CIA/MOSSAD fairy tale from the mouth of the US Puppet-Leader of Ukraine, is now being repeated by the Netherlands. Not much originality, just clear evidence of suck-up puppetry to the Israeli MOSSAD, who seem currently to direct the US CIA and the US military.

    The original pieces of the airliner cabin showed at the crash site displayed bullet holes entering one side and exiting the other side, and from both sides ! Which, required either two jet fighters or two strafing runs by one jet fighter aircraft! The damage claimed to have been done by a BUK could have been done by the crash of the airliner. Add the Netherlands to the list of nations that suck up to Tel Aviv and DC.

    • It becomes a side show, right? Many eyeballs on this instead of international treaties and other big power grabs. It gets back to the essence of the well known Karl Rove quote about TPTB moving forward creating new realities while critics “judiciously” study old crimes and paradigms.

    • Yep I saw that too…..not a missile

  5. I hope the MSM never recovers from this. It is painfully obvious now to a vast majority of people worldwide that they are simply a mouthpiece for this administration. Puppets of the self appointed masters of the human race. What is also obvious is the need to fight to the death for a free Internet.

  6. “We’ll know our disinformation is complete when everything the American public believes is false” -William Casey ..ex CIA Director

  7. Russia is gaining a lot of support across the world for its successful fight against ISIS and the various CIA/Mossad supported groups. The mainstream media (MSM) are also reporting that the US is arming the same insurgent groups that are waging war against civilians and democratically elected governments in the Middle East, the same insurgents that have been successfully targeted by Russia. Putin is also becoming more popular which is why the US has been busy flooding mainstream media and broadcast news with the fake MH17 story of a Russian missile hitting MH17 and not the full story of flights MH17 and MH370.

    ISIS and other CIA/Mossad groups primary goal is to create Greater Israel (also previously called Oded Yinon Plan) by depopulating countries surrounding Israel to allow Israel easy access to illegally occupy Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran (possibly) and South East Turkey. Iran and Syria has valuable resources and are the only barrier to Israeli success. Meanwhile Afghanistan has valuable mineral and strategic resources that Greater Israel craves. The successful implementation of Greater Israel will mean millions of people being displaced as refugees and attempting to find save haven in Europe and other Western nations.

    However Israel has a longterm backup Plan B that means it could easily relocate its regime to Patagonia in South America to create Israel 2 should Israel face retaliation for any Israeli pre-emptive first strike against any Middle Eastern state or from military action against Russia, China or Iran.

  8. “Was MH17 even on a regular flight path that day anyway?”

    Not when it was shot down. From Amsterdam’s Schipol airport MH17 was flying on L980, an international flight path taken by other airlines like Qantas and China Airlines to return to Kuala Lumpur, Malayai but MH17 was instructed by the Kiev ATC to change course and fly 300 n miles due North over the war zone. Why was this material change of fly path not mentioned in the Dutch Crash Investigation?

  9. suspicious as to the timing

  10. Don’t all nations with satellites already know who did it?

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