Dollar Moves Shake the World: “Federal Reserve Could Start a Currency War”

By Mac Slavo

There is a war, a currency war, and the war is, ultimately, on us.

In many respects, Americans have fallen far, and hard, from the liberty they once had.

Rather than living under a sound currency, modern Americans live under an economic despotism. There are monopoly men who tightly control the money, and are all the more insidious in their subtlety, and quietness in the shadows.

Today, things are so bad that they face economic enslavement and a rapid theft of their wealth through the debasement of the dollar’s value. Not only is the destruction of the dollar systematic and planned, but it is designed to leave Americans holding the bag. The money passes round and round, but it trickles down from the big banks, who are loaned the money free at zero percent interest by the Federal Reserve under its QE program, created to “fix” the 2008 economic crisis that nearly brought the world to its knees.

Now, literally any action at all – especially including no action – by the Federal Reserve has a direct impact on the value of the U.S. dollar, and greatly determines the course of world events, and especially whether or not average people can pay the bills.

According to The Street, it is an all out currency war that will have direct impact on budgets large and small:

The stock market stays high because the Fed is not going to raise short-term interest rates. The Fed is not going to raise short-term interest rates because the U.S. inflation rate remains low. The inflation rate remains low because the value of the U.S. dollar is high. The dollar is strong because world commodity prices have fallen and have “driven up the dollar and held down U.S. import prices.”

According to the Financial Times, the last three items mentioned are interrelated. Furthermore, it now seems as if momentum is picking up within the Federal Reserve to postpone any increases in it policy rate for an extended period of time. That inaction may not be the best decision in terms of the relative strength of currencies.

According to this argument, the stock market should begin to fall because the Fed is raising interest rates

The key connector here seems to be the relationship between the value of the U.S. dollar and any action that the Federal Reserve might take on raising short-term interest rates.

The Fed is the only thing propping the stock market up – when, or if, it moves, there will be a crash, that will call bad debtors and impoverish entire social security systems. But things aren’t much better if they stay still, either. According to The Street:

[I]f the Fed does not raise its target policy rate, other countries will have to take further action to ease up further on their economic policies. The European Central Bank will extend its quantitative easing. The Bank of England will not raise its policy rates. The Peoples Bank of China will attempt to achieve further ease so that the renminbi will fall against the U.S. dollar.

In effect, this looks like a currency war, and the world cannot afford a currency war at this time.

The Federal Reserve needs to take these things into consideration in making their policy decisions. They are, after all, the global reserve currency and they cannot avoid the responsibilities that go along with this position.


If the Federal Reserve does not raise interest rates, the value of the US dollar will fall and this will have an impact on the commodity prices of emerging nations, causing import prices and U.S. inflation to rise.

How did the Federal Reserve get so much power over the American economy – and that of the world’s? There have been many stages of the theft which are too numerous to list, but which are generally well known to those familiar with its odious origins as a design by the banking cartel.

Started under conspiratorial circumstances back in 1913, the Federal Reserve has established itself as a private central bank for the country, though it is not part of the U.S. government. Since its inception, the Fed has driven the dollar down to just a fraction of its original value.

shrinking-dollarSince the U.S. went off the gold standard under the shadow presidency of Henry Kissinger in 1971, the dollar has plummeted in status to a worthless piece of paper. Meanwhile, however, the dollar was the world reserve currency, and was the currency that traded for oil during a time of supply crisis, it has retained an accepted – and therefore valued – status so long as America dominated foreign policy (in part by managing more and more wars) and maintained its status.

The banksters operated the monetary and financial system that led the world by trading in petrodollars, and in turn, forced oil rich nations like Saudi Arabia to invest on Wall Street, as well as reluctant powers like Japan, who were forced to open up their markets to foreign investment during the oil crisis.

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But now world power is shifting. The dollar is dying, and the Federal Reserve has become a leviathan that is too big to die, and too bloated to be effective. In its enormous capacity, it is facilitating the theft of TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of dollars from the American people:

Americans face a further decline in their standard of living in all cases, market-wide conditions that the Fed alone can determine. Their wealth is rapidly evaporating.

If the Fed raises rates, the market will crash. On the other hand, if it doesn’t raise rates, and continues indefinitely on its course of quantitative easing, investors, middle class and working families, businesses, as well as pensions, benefit programs and insurance policies will also die a slow painful economic death.

Already things are hovering dangerously on edge, and squeezing in tightly.

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4 Comments on "Dollar Moves Shake the World: “Federal Reserve Could Start a Currency War”"

  1. in aerodynamic theory this is called the coffin corner effect. there are 2 main things that limit how high you can go until you reach a point and you can go no further

  2. Whether you call it God, Government, or Bank.. You had better be attentive to its words and actions. These men in and of themselves are incapable of doing anything without the people’s will. It might be time that you will good men to represent you. Men who do not long for the opportunity, but abhor its necessary existence. Those men must be found and convinced to serve the people, by the people.

    Those men must not be put to the test of inheriting a vile society, lest they be tempted to quell its societal woes through forceful measures. The people must find good within themselves and project that into the world as well. After all a giraffes neck just looks silly on a donkey’s body.

  3. The US seems to be one of the only countries in the world that I know of that forces people to buy a product, insurance, of two different types, health and auto. The people of the United States are now the captive victims of the insurance companies with the connivance of the State and Federal governments who require it. Witness the news of medicare premiums going up for 2016. But not all premiums are going up for this. Only premiums for people who do not qualify for Social Security payments because of the fact that they were not eligible for them because they were the employees of either the Federal or State government(s), because of their own types of pension plans. Medicare Part A was advertised as being “free”,for a long time, but not entirely true. If you did not achieve at least 10 years of employment subject to Medicare taxes and 40 quarters of Social Security taxes from employment, you will pay for that Part A. This was in my local newspaper today, and on the Medicare website. I’m not even mentioning Part B yet, where it’s rumored that premiums will increase to about 160 per month in 2016, from 104 during 2015. This for people who are under the same circumstances as above for part A. Regular S.S. recipients should not see an increase in Part B. Of course, private health insurance goes up every year, so does auto insurance. It will come very soon where people will either pay money from their pensions to pay for Medicare, private health insurance, and everyday creditors, or, pay for food, along for everything else.

  4. THE Federal Reserve is not constitutionally mandated and, therefore, illegal along with about 90% of all other ABC agencies that are damning fiscal resources by illegal taxes on the American people.

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