Nullify the Fed: Four Steps You Can Take Right Now

By Michael Boldin

While none of these actions will nullify the Fed’s monetary monopoly on their own, taking action on all of these fronts will help undermine the Federal Reserve and put us on a path to ending the fed, whether the federal government wants us to or not.

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6 Comments on "Nullify the Fed: Four Steps You Can Take Right Now"

  1. Create the parallel economic system based on GIFTING AND SHARING:
    -plant FREE wiki-fruit-trees, veges… in parks, along roads…and turn all cities into free gardens where FREE FOOD, free water, free space, free shelter.. are given as gifts out of humanity as a birthright
    -create FREE SERVICES
    Nobody will be able to buy/sell a man for a salary!
    Real FREEdom and personal sovereignty that is based on economic independance could be
    If you use gold/silver/bitcons… you will work for a satanic economic system based on profit (=abuse)

  2. TARDISOFGALLIFREY | September 19, 2015 at 2:57 pm | Reply

    I wonder what would happen if you went into a store, and tried to pay with silver?

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