Did Putin Just Checkmate Obama On New World Order’s WWIII?

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest propaganda and gives you a real look at what’s happening with between Putin and Obama fight over Syria. Russia is teaming up with China to defend Syria against foreign rebels. Can you handle the truth?

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5 Comments on "Did Putin Just Checkmate Obama On New World Order’s WWIII?"

  1. Putin said: ” we want to defend the Syrian govenment, because it’s legal government that garantees order and stability ” . Russians have bombed the opposition in Syria that was supported by US satanists in aim to destroy a sovereign country like it was done in Libya!
    Libya was the richest Africa’s country that gave millions of jobs to Black African families – it was a stability factor that was destroyed by US war criminels: Obama and H. Clinton. Now, refugees have to be feeded in EU!
    US destroyed my beautiful Yugoslavia, bombed my people and contaminated the entire region through uranium.
    Should the US not clean own radioactive garbage from the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan… ?
    Putin said ” there are no game rules more…the US do not respect the United Nations… Russia is free to do what ever… “

  2. Unfortunately, China and Russia are also teaming up with Agenda 21, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, 1984-style 24/7 surveillance and monitoring, geoengineering, government corruption, rule by IMF and BIS international banksters, et cetera ad infinitum.

    Never lose sight of the Iron Law of Politics, over time in a large society elite psychopaths slowly but surely gain power over the citizenry. There are no authoritarian centralized government “good guys”. Makes one appreciate the philosophical ideals in anarchism and volunteerism. It’s always about control at the end of the day.

    • Go to youtube and search chemtrails in Russia. Dozens of videos will come up showing chemtrails in Moscow and several other areas. One video is from the Today Show program covering the Olympics in Sochi, the chemtrails are BLATANT – (link below).

      Two years ago, Putin publicly called on the IPCC to consider using geoengineering to combat AGW.


  3. Putin is allowing geoengineering in Russia, that’s just as much a crime as it is in Europe or the US. Globalist minions are all criminals to one degree or another, some more openly Machiavellian than others yet they all serve the same international banking masters.

    How about humanity rejecting all forms of tyranny, period.

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