Latest Vaccine Psyop? ER LOCKED DOWN over Chickenpox

By Truthstream Media

Welcome to more vaccine Wag the Dog.

First, we had to watch this news report several times before we could even determine that it wasn’t a parody. Sadly we realized it wasn’t fake. Yes, they DID just lock down an entire hospital ER for nine hours and divert patients to other hospitals over a case of chickenpox. We haven’t seen this much fearmongering over a primarily benign disease since the Disneyland measles scarefest.

Hm. Could it be because the CDC whistleblower case is back in the news, with Rep. Posey asking Congress for a full investigation into why CDC scientists intentionally destroyed documents and misrepresented data in their own study which linked the MMR vaccine to a 340% increased risk of autism?

But the ultimate question is this: Why are we passing all this legislation to attempt to force people to take these CDC recommended vaccines and give these vaccines to their children like this agency knows best for us when the CDC obviously lies and omits data from its own studies in an attempt to cover up the dangers?

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6 Comments on "Latest Vaccine Psyop? ER LOCKED DOWN over Chickenpox"

  1. colinjames71 | August 4, 2015 at 9:57 pm | Reply

    Totally agree but I have one tiny little criticism- I got chickenpox when I was 26, and yeah, I was fine- six months later. It was hell, that messed me up pretty bad. I was completely bedridden for over a month, out of work for over three months, not fully healthy for another six weeks. Of course I was no danger to anyone else because everybody else ALREADY HAD IT AS A CHILD!!! Didn’t take for me and my sister, not that my parents didn’t expose me when the whole neighborhood came down with it. That’s all, of course it’s ridiculous to lock down a hospital for nine hours line it’s friggin ebola. What a joke.

  2. Nagalase inhibitors which block the ability of the bodies natural bacteria fighting mechanism known as gcmaf have been found in folks that have had vaccines.
    Might want to check out nanobots known as bacteriophages – as well.

    All theater all the time – dead doctors tell no tales.

  3. Mike Lashewitz | August 5, 2015 at 9:05 pm | Reply

    Fear porn to manipulate the people to FORCE vaccinations that have been proven BEYOND A DOUBT to cause injuries including autism. The US Government has already paid out $3.2 billion in vaccine injury claims. YOUR taxes paid out to cover the crimes of Big Pharma who are not held responsible in any way.

  4. Obama says forcing the vaccines will do us all good in the long run.Not sure what else he wants forced.

  5. Q – If we said to big pharma, “keep your vaccines and stop pushing them and we’ll give you the money anyway,” would they accept the deal? Or is there something about maiming and killing that trumps even money?

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