First Troops, Now Foreign Firefighters Summoned to Help With Western Blazes


By Heather Callaghan

Nearly a hundred massive wildfires have ravaged several western states in the U.S. burning up over a million acres and destroying homes, businesses, apple orchards and apple storage. Tragically, at least 13 firefighters have lost their lives trying to quell the blazing. Obviously, resources to tame the flames during low-humidity and high-wind action are far beyond stretched, costing hundreds of millions of dollars.

This is probably why not many have blinked an eye that along with 30,000 firefighters there are troops, Homeland Security, FEMA, National Guard and now foreign firefighters either readying themselves for the front lines or are already there.

From Chicago Tribune:

So many fires are burning in Washington state that officials summoned help from fire managers in Australia and New Zealand. They also got 200 U.S. troops from a base in Tacoma in the first such use of active-duty soldiers in nine years.

The Oregon Military Department said soldiers also were ready to help battle a wildfire that has destroyed more than three dozen homes near John Day, about 150 miles east of Portland.

Newsweek reported on August 21:

President Barack Obama signed a federal declaration of emergency for Washington state on Friday, authorizing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate relief efforts in 11 counties and several Indian reservations hard hit by wildfires.

Authorities late on Thursday ordered the population of Tonasket, a riverfront hamlet of about 1,000 residents just 25 miles south of the Canadian border, to flee their homes as flames closed in.

A couple of shocking graphics that depict the disaster emergency:

‘Jaw-dropping’ #California wildfire consumes 60,000 acres (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

— RT America (@RT_America) August 4, 2015

How many #wildfires & acres have burned across the US & CA this year? Check out the latest numbers #cawx

— NWS Sacramento (@NWSSacramento) August 17, 2015

A couple of readers have been concerned about the use of troops for the fire and the concept of capitalizing Agenda 21 tactics, seeing as the Western U.S. is becoming less and less conducive to living.

About the troops, Homeland Security, FEMA and foreign firefighters, this writer cannot say what it means because, ostensibly, the government is responding to the emergency. People who are evacuating can probably see or tell somehow that the fires are truly nearby.

As for Agenda 21, again it’s difficult to balk when there’s a legitimate emergency making the land unlivable. However, USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, who believes climate change is to blame for the fires made another interesting comment, reported by RT:

Another issue complicating the Forest Service’s capabilities is that people have continued to build on property that is much closer to forests than in the past. Since houses are in much closer proximity to wildfires, more homes are threatened and more property can potentially be destroyed when a fire occurs.

“We now have more communities that have been located in and around one of our forests,” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said in a statement. “Hazardous fuel build-up has increased in part because of climate change. We see drier conditions.”

As a result, Vilsack is urging Congress to reform the way the government fights fires.

I couldn’t say whether houses are truly being built more next to forests, but it sounds like a slight form of blame for using firefighting resources and a hint toward more measures to close land off from citizenry.

Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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46 Comments on "First Troops, Now Foreign Firefighters Summoned to Help With Western Blazes"

  1. This is what happens when 2/3’s of your entire military are deployed outside the US. Instead of protecting America and Americans they are off waging war for the benefit of foreign governments and
    multi-national corporations. We are supposedly the most powerful country on the planet yet we can’t even must enough bodies to handle routine problems like forest fires? The American people still don’t get it. Good grief. An 8 year old could connect the dots.

  2. I’ve been under a horizon-to-horizon pall of smoke here in SW Oregon for so long I’m forgetting what a clear sky looks like. But Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has it completely wrong when he says “hazardous fuel build up is because of climate change.” Fuel build up is because of fire suppression combined with a near-complete lack of essential controlled burning.

    All plant life in pre-human natural landscapes evolved to live with regular natural fire. When humans arrived in western North America roughly 13,000 years ago, they applied intelligent observation of their surroundings to make fire even more regularl, creating the beautiful forests and savannas that the early European explorers often called “park-like” in their journals.

    About a hundred years ago there were some major fires in the Idaho-Montana region that burned up whole towns and killed hundreds of people. It went unnoticed by authorities that it was the removal of the Native Americans a few decades earlier (who had kept down the fuel load for thousands of years with prescribed burns) that created the conditions for these catastrophic fires. So instead of learning the proper lesson, they doubled down on their mistake and instituted an aggressive program of fire suppression and completely ignored the prescribed burning side of the equation. A hundred years later we are reaping the whirlwind of that error.

    Fuel builds up rapidly on the forest floor. After I’ve done a controlled burn on my land there will be enough fuel to burn again, gently, in two years. Ten years would be too long, and twenty years is a disaster waiting to happen. Most of the land around here hasn’t seen a fire in at least fifty years or longer.

    Both the government and private property owners MUST take the fire bull by the horns and start regular prescribed burning. It is the ONLY method that can economically clean up enough fuel to bring some measure of safety. The US government has spent millions of dollars cutting brush and thinning small trees around here, piling up the debris, and burning it — but without timely follow-up prescribed burns it is wasted money.

    With fire, there’s a time to light it and a time to fight it. “Firefighting” should be turned into “fuels management specialist” and should be a year-round profession. They should fight fires during the dangerous dry season, but every day of good conditions for prescribed burning should be seen as a gift from nature to use to best advantage. Paradoxically, a drought winter can be a blessing for fuel load control. We are supposed to be smarter than staying locked in this cycle fire suppression-fire disaster. Let’s finally learn the lesson Native Americans showed us.

    • When I was a growing up I lived in a mountainous heavily wooded area and we had controlled burns, never was there a house burned or caught on fire for that matter, and not even any injuries as I remember, much less loss of lives. Seems to me the lack of controlled burns was discussed about thirty years ago, I cant recall what was decided if anything, they might be still Talking. As usual in the government for one be in charge isn’t what ones knows it’s who one knows.

      • Environmentalist have fought to shut down harvesting and other forest management practices. They think wall to wall impassible trees and brush, all struggling for water and light, is better than a managed forest. I live in Oregon, the trees are healthier and there is more forage for wildlife in a managed forest vs a wilderness area which is mainly impassible to both humans and wildlife. It is ridiculous. No common sense at all.
        I recently found photos online of our local forest from 100 yrs ago vs today…it was park like…now it’s a disaster waiting to burn…agenda 21 for sure.

    • One thing I’ve learned from history is that most people don’t learn from history, so many bad things happening in America today is proof, unless we’re a nation of Masochists.


        • I have thought they might be doing this, of course with our government today that
          is a mixture of both Fascism and Communism aren’t going to mention this, not to mention the Mainstream Media which is just a puppet and is no longer a credible source on anything. Bill O”Reilly who I never watch since his endorsement of Obama by mocking those of us who knew Obama’s past and Marxist Ideology and were commenting on it. I recently saw a video on a site like this one; O’Reilly seemed to be acting spokesman for Islam, stating we all know that terrorists don’t represent Islam. This Idiot must not know the history of this Fascist Ideology or he is deliberately doing a form of Jihad himself. Islam has almost fourteen hundred years of generation after generation of committing daily ISIS like atrocities against men, women and children. ISIS as well as all Muslim Terrorists are just being good Muslims, they are following the will of Allah, it’s that simple. I have studied their books in depth and there is more than one way to struggle which is what Jihad is, to struggle; Violent Jihad is only one way but all Muslims are required to Struggle, this means and is a command by their god to help establish Islam as the world’s religion and the only religion, a Muslim must do it they have no choice, if they don’t they understand they are no better than we Infidels, Muslims hate all Infidels but Christians and Jews are the worse. As I stated there are different types, ways or methods to struggle, but there are two main types Violent Jihad and Stealth Jihad or Secret which in the long run is more dangerous, proof of this is the number of Muslims in key positions in the government especially the heads of security, the vast majority of people in America haven’t a clue of the danger we’re in as a nation, they believe the media sycophants that Islam is a religion of peace, these fools never research the facts. There wouldn’t be an America if a Frenchman by the name of Charles “The Hammer” Martel had not stopped them at the Battle of Tours Europe would have been Islamic countries today. As a Christian I believe what one priest by the name of Disney wrote about Martel, Disney said it was a miracle I have to agree when I read about Martel overcoming such odds, it had to be a miracle.

        • These fanatics mean business. That is why you saw BLM personnel show up at BundyGate with AR-15’s and other weapons systems not usually found on Park Rangers

    • Right! Vilsack is just spin doctoring the lack of preventive burning by blaming climate change. Please! Every summer in Washington for the last 50 years has seen high fire danger. Year round management of fuel supplies in forests would lessen big fires dramatically!

      • Those who trust the government to provide for their safety and manage our public lands are asking to be disappointed. They can’t even sell booze and manage a house of ill repute to make money.
        These lands belong to the state and the people that live there. They would do a much better job at managing the land than the leeches of the federal government who create problems and think-up solutions to spend every taxpayer dime allotted to them.
        Farm and re-plant trees. Controlled burns are vital to the health of a forest or Mother Nature will do it herself with unpredictable results.
        Government is the problem, not the solution.

  3. Maybe all of the chemtrails caused it!

    • Maybe God is angry because we are now called firefighters instead of our traditional role as FireMEN. If women’s role is the same as men’s why didn’t they ALL get into the lifeboats when the Titanic sank?

  4. Why do they not use tanker planes or other large aircraft that can hold thousands of gallons of water? Would seem safer and much more effective stopping these fires before they get out of control, but that seems to be the plan every year, letting them do as much damage as possible.

    • Here in Washington in small town near Mt Rainer. See helicopters with buckets attached only. Having hard time getting to fire because its all hillside without roads or humans. We are very dry and was glad to hear that starting tomorrow we will get rain for at least 5 days. That is if the news knows what they are talking about. We really need the rain just like Oregon and California. Watching wind direction all the time.

    • They do use them. Get out much?

  5. What is wrong those idiots?? There are 97 million people in America that are on Welfare. We are already paying them to do nothing. Give those people the job of fighting the wildfires. Recruit them. Give them the job. Why bring people in from foreign countries when their are 97 million people here that are available to do the JOB?????

    • Riding the Tilt a Wheel | August 28, 2015 at 6:20 pm |

      Really, ever fight a wildland fire? I don’t think so!

    • Wy,wy, wy that’s racist, we would hurt their feelings, how’s that for a start at impersonating a Liberal. I’m in agreement with Paul Dragotto on here who mentioned that they could be set by our lovely and kind hearted friends from Islamic countries, I added my own view of them, I doubt Paul minds. Who would doubt that is anyone that has a brain, that among the many millions of Muslims that came here surely there are the Violent Jihadists and setting fires would be expected from all but fools. Violent Jihad is only one kind of Jihad, Stealth Jihad is the most dangerous form of Jihad in the long term for the host country and there are more many more of them, most Americans don’t believe that all Muslims must Struggle [Jihad] according to their god, if they don’t then they are no better than we Infidels. The struggle will end only when Islam is the world’s religion and the only religion, but the God of the Bible says He will crush it, from the looks of things that might not be far off. If Jihadists are setting fires be assured we wont hear about it from the government or Pravda Media.

    • I Agree With You Somewhat Lee. But Stop And Think. If They Fight The Fires With The Same Ambition As They Have In Life. We Are Still In Trouble. I Am Here In Tonasket. And Yes It Is Bad. But I Think I Would Rather Fight The Fire With My Garden Hoses Then Rely On Welfare Recipients.

      • Our government is starting the fires.

        • All of the fires in Eastern WA have been started by Lightening Strikes. Know what you are talking about BEFORE you open your TRAP.

          • IF that is true( started by lightening Strikes) then why is it that NO TV station has mentioned the source of the fire…..ABC, NBC, Etc. never once mentioned that some of the fires started were due to lightening strikes…all they say is how many acres have been burned and how fast the fire is spreading, and as I wait to see if the news reporter will say the cause of fire, guess what?! NONE is mentioned! Why do you think these news reporters are NOT mentioning the source of the fire if its due to “lightening strkes”as You claim!?

          • Retired MSgt USAF | August 30, 2015 at 10:44 pm |

            Because you are not looking at the correct source material. Look it up on the web and see it under US Fire Service. It tells you all sources. Plus, if you bothered to know you could have looked it up over a month ago. All Seattle Stations have reported it on the air, along with BC Stations and Spokane Stations. Every Fire in Eastern WA was started by Dry Lightening.

  6. According to Prison Legal News, some states are actually using prisoners to help fight these fires.

  7. This “legitimate” emergency obama created caused the lives of 13 fire fighters, so he could bring in more foreigners. The surface hasn’t begun to be scratched. I pray for rain.

  8. get the 11 million illegals to fight the fires, how many people live out there 100 million , and instead of standing there fighting the fires , they leave, people are totaly helpless today

    • Riding the Tilt a Wheel | August 28, 2015 at 6:22 pm |

      Ever been in a wildland fire?

      • nope , but i figure it’s like the indians circling a wagon train, you cut a line and turn over anything that can burn then place people all around it to put out the sparks if they get that far, and then the plains and choppers can dump the water on the main body of fire, but then you could always get the millions of people in prison to go out and clean up the forests and make fire brakes , instead of letting them sit in prison getting fat and lazy

        • Riding the Tilt a Wheel | August 28, 2015 at 8:26 pm |

          Have you ever seen a Indians circle a 8000 acre wagon train, maybe 10 or 30,000 acres? You ever try turning over an 80 -100 foot pine tree? How many people do you think you’ll need all around to put out the sparks on a 30,000 acre fire thats spotting 1 – 2 miles ahead of itself and has a 60+ mile an hour ground wind? And how are you going to feed, house and supply all the needs for all these people for the duration of the fire? That’s just for starters, now time that by the number of ongoing fires across the country right now and you might start getting an idea of what it takes and that’s just an idea of what are firefighters and our command system does daily all summer long! This hopefully gives you a little idea too about staying to fight the fire versus leaving and what you call totally helpless when their water and power quit and the fire is coming their way like a freight train with no brakes! By the way, in my state the inmates can volunteer to help fight the fires and do a great service and very hard job to save lives and protect property during the fire season! It really gets me to hear someone like you spouting off about people faced with a wildfire and than knowing that you’ve never faced one, you have no idea what it’s about or you’d never make that statement!

          • Riding. I wonder if it would help if he saw a crown fire racing across the countryside. Amazing how many people don’t live in the real world!

          • Riding the Tilt a Wheel | August 28, 2015 at 11:31 pm |

            I’ll bet he’d be cleaning his shorts after that! I’ve been close to being stuck in a couple of those during my time fighting fires it gets really spooky sometimes! It’s always easy to think that someone else is just willing to do a job or something and throw stones. I had home owners run as the fire hit their property and we stayed behind…they’d come back hours later and are amazed that you’re still alive and the only thing still standing is their house. The funny thing is I love it and would do it all over again if I could get my body back to a younger age! It’s hard to chase fires when you’re over 60….Darn it!

          • Richard Bagenstose | August 29, 2015 at 6:36 am |

            i burn stuff all the time and have a good idea on how to contain fires, but it’s a communitte effort and every one has to work together, everyone chips in, but that is impossible today, how did they fight the fires before we had fire dept.s , every one brought a bucket and saved what they could, most of those people out there have chain saws and shovels, and all you need is someone to organize them , and i am just saying if people would help each other out , it would be better then just turning there backs and running

          • Riding the Tilt a Wheel | August 29, 2015 at 7:56 am |

            Nobody I know just turns their back and runs, everybody helps each other and stand together to protect our community. Again you don’t know what you’re talking about! We have groups of people ready with their own trailers and equipment that will go way out of their way to help people move their live stock and goods out of a fire area. These fires can run a mile wide and consume a thousand acres an hour, you’re not going to stop it with chain saws and shovels! I’d love to drop you into a fire zone in 100 deg. heat and 3% humidity with a chain saw and shovel and see how fast you turn your back and run! And you would or you’d burn up! It takes years of training and experience to be put in front of the head of a wildfire and not get burnt!

  9. Riding the Tilt a Wheel | August 28, 2015 at 6:19 pm |

    Nice article….now get a picture of wildland fire fighters instead of the one you used in high temperature suits and take out the military fear factor and you’d have a story! We, the fire fighting community has been sending help where its needed for a long time and if you look back in time the military has been call out before also. As for what has caused the drought…..try HAARP!

  10. The enviro nuts have forced the US Forrest service to stop making fire break roads in the National Forrest. They have also banned the removal of dead wood on the ground that people could take for wood heating their houses. This would reduce fuel on the ground. the National Forrest was established to have wood resources for the nation and to have forested lands to provide clean water to areas. These people want to treat them as their little private nature preserve and wilderness areas. No No roads because we cannot allow motorized vehicles.

    • Riding the Tilt a Wheel | August 28, 2015 at 6:24 pm |


      • Just think if the Japanese had sent their balloons across the Pacific in WWII during the dry season what a difference there would have been….and if their research on anthrax had been more advanced??

        • Riding the Tilt a Wheel | August 28, 2015 at 9:07 pm |

          Just think if we had a real freedom loving American government that didn’t hold wars for profit! None of it would have ever happened!

          • Apparently you are very young, or very stupid…….look up Dec. 7th 1941 in any History Book. When the wheel tilted was your brain injured or secure in your colon?

          • Riding the Tilt a Wheel | August 29, 2015 at 1:36 pm |

            Well, well here we go with the little boy with no insight to the world around him and if the history book and the goberment says it true then it is and you can’t see pass your own nose! Fool! You should change your name to Jughead it would be much more suited to your way of thinking! LMFAO!

    • What about the ‘gash ‘n dash practice of pouring herbicide into non-indigenous trees, then prohibiting removal of (fuel) decomposing trees?
      Ignoring the objections of locals and fire fighters.

  11. Where is the rest of the world? When will we ever get help when we need it?

  12. We are feeding these illegals send them west to fight fires , they might go back to the border and leave !

  13. bob. The largest water bomber the Martin Mars has a water capacity of 7200 gallons.
    All aircraft are restricted from use when there is heavy smoke involved. They like to be able to see where they are going!!

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