The Fall of China: What it means to you, your house, your money, and your future

By Stefan Molyneux

China just lost over $3 trillion of stock value, what this means to you, your house, your money, your future and your chances for true economic and political freedom.

After more than doubling in value over the last year despite a slowing economy and weak corporate earnings reports – the stock market in China is in a freefall. While the eyes of the world are on Greece and the European Union – China’s economy is imploding.

Since June 12th, 2015, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index has fallen 31.2% – wiping out over $3.2 trillion USD of the markets total value – and there seems to be no immediate end to the market plunge in sight. There will be no economic recovery. Prepare yourself accordingly.


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6 Comments on "The Fall of China: What it means to you, your house, your money, and your future"

  1. China will be calling in their chips to cover the margins. Say goodbye to America!

  2. Trillions of “Paper Gains” means nothing to the strong Chinese base. This ‘Money’ only existed in the Paper Dragon” created in the minds of speculators! Take a long hard look at American stocks right now! All of them are overvalued by at least a factor of ten, just on speculator power! ! The new game: Who shorts first, all the way to the bottom, who calls the bottom correctly, and buys massively at the lowest possible price, and drives the stock ever upward for another cycle! Stock Promoters make commissions on every transaction, up or down so they could care less! This a just a casino for gamblers. Not to be feared?

  3. Ariel Gail MacLean@yahoo | July 11, 2015 at 1:42 pm |

    Stephan: I have one significant disagreement: It is not that “There is no substitute for Liberty.” Free Capitalist will invest in rigged markets based on fiat currencies, fake data, and speculative wishful thinking. What you should have said is: There is no substitute for actual Productivity. Nothing competes with actual wealth generation based on production.

  4. It is reasonable that the housing market in the western part of Canada and on America’s Pacific coastline will first see a drop in buyers and more for sale signs. I already read a lot of anecdotes about Vancouver, B.C. where there are vacant luxury estates with no lights on, of course being from high ranking Chinese who bought. But these people already paid cash and they own them. The problem is there will be a lack of new buyers because of this “correction” or crash. It will be significant. Now I wonder when this will show up in the San Francisco Bay area? I have a sister who rents there and her rent went up 10%. I’m hoping for a housing crash there so that people can afford to live there. We were born in California and it is sad that foreigners are outbidding us and forcing us to move away from where we were for decades.

  5. All of the top economics commentators I read have been using the same “three trillion wiped out” meme. But wiser economic thinkers know that in any crash or bubble burst, the wealth does not disappear, it changes hands. Whoever sold their Chinese stock near the peak is very happy right now — it’s the suckers who bought into the bubble thinking “this time it’s different” who are sad. It was the same in the US housing bubble crash; if you sold your house near the top, the lender deposited the selling price in your account and everything was peachy-dandy. It was the sucker who promised to pay back $500,000 plus interest for a house that was worth $300,000 a year later who turned to strong drink.

    Timing is everything. There’s no substitute for paying attention.

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