Pope Francis Calls For A New World Order BEFORE Dollar Collapse

By Redsilverj

The Pope is running around the planet making an impassioned call for a “new economic and ecological world order where the goods of the earth are shared by everyone”. Redsilverj explains what he really means.

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10 Comments on "Pope Francis Calls For A New World Order BEFORE Dollar Collapse"

  1. The bible speaks of Satan having a helper to bring in this system of new world order. This Pope is the man. He’s only fulfilling his God ordained role in all this, and he’s clueless. Satans system is here folks. Better get right with your maker.

  2. the catholic church has been a joke from day one, in my opinion….and a bad joke at that! There is lots out there for the scholarly type mind to study….on this subject. The other Christian churches, nor, organized thought police, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhists,,,,and so forth aren’t far behind, if any behind.in being jokers too.

  3. Well said Red. The Pope and the Vatican are part of the NWO planners. Millions of people willing to bend over and kiss his feet, not realizing he wants them bent over the other way.
    It doesn’t take much study to see any religion is built from fantasy. No way he doesn’t know that.

  4. The current pope and some predecessors are/were actually Jews. That should tell anyone with more than 1 brain cell what they need to know about organized religion and their alleged “sacred” texts. (look up Scofield Bible)
    So-called “religious” people are usually some of the worst humanity has to offer, coupled with the biggest idiots.

  5. Pope Popiels world order, enforced by global criminals who blackmail child molesters, consists of innocent little boys subjugated to Satanic perversions. It’s all good……

  6. The Pope wants what Jesus really intended: A more Communal lifestyle. For those who want to understand, read Utopia by the late and Great Saint Thomas More. Don’t reject the Pope, this Pope is critical!

    • This Pope is a batshit insane NWO tool of Satan. Jesus took a whip to the moneylender banksters of his day and the modern version of those monsters are the ones behind this “Utopian” plan to make everyone slaves with themselves and their minions as Overlords.

      • Hi, I have to log in as a guest because it’s not letting me login via facebook:

        Diane, have you read Utopia? The irony is that “Utopia” derives etymologically from a word meaning “no place.” St. Thomas More was revolutionary and he was also beheaded for treason. His work is truly enlightening, it’s just controversial because it lays out the communal lifestyle that early Christians were noted to live by, and then it delved into some pretty controversial material regarding marriages and inevitably More inserted some of his bias into his work, making great commentary on Social and Political issues that are so universal that they still apply today, for better or worse- although he really he paints the perfect Communal society which is impossible given our world is so dependent upon vanity, clothes ridden with symbols for purposes of self-validation and the consumerist culture that the Mass Mainstream Media (MSM) and Thought Filter have successfully conditioned the majority into becoming dependent upon. Really, it seems like we here are privileged because we can gripe and complain about issues that others have to shed blood for. Just that last part in clause seems to touch upon a higher truth. Also, I’m not that naive, though at times it’s best to avoid thinking about such negative truths in lieu of what I have foreseen happen in the next three years; I am not at liberty to disclose such though. That is all.

  7. The Total GDP of the world is 70trillon USD. Divide it equally to the 7billion humans equal to 10,000USD per capita. With all the troubles at present, the calling of my friend the POPE makes sense and is the best option for most.
    The following nations have per capita income of more than 50,000USD – US, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UK, France, Holland, Israel, etc. These are the nations that will be worried by this calling by the POPE.

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