Obamacare Urges Doctors to Link Poor Health to Global Warming

By Mac Slavo

If having your doctor quiz you about owning a gun isn’t enough to raise your blood pressure, then this new Obamacare policy surely will.

Obama’s White House is once again politicizing health care, even as the net/noose tightens, now asking medical professionals to advise patients on the effects that global warming/climate change will supposedly have on their health.

The Daily Caller reported:

Americans trust their doctors, so the White House wants these medical professionals to be a mouthpiece for President Obama’s global warming agenda.


The Obama administration has been hard at work trying to draw a link between global warming and public health issues. The summit included the U.S. Surgeon General, top administration officials, and public health experts from around the country telling doctors, nurses and other conference goers how to talk about global warming with their patients.

The central message: doctors should warn their patients that global warming could make their health worse.

It’s not clear what the details of that politically correct advice will be, but here’s a prediction – for increased stress from economic fines and penalties for using resources, meeting new codes, as well as symptoms of indigestion from swallowing or being force fed repeated propaganda.

It is not unlikely that poor health profiles – such as being overweight, obese, a smoker, having preexisting condition – could someday add penalties to individuals for failing to comply with climate change remedies or disqualify them from inclusion in the same way that insurance weighs these factors for coverage.

After all, the assumption of AGW is that people are what’s making the planet worse, and people like Al Gore have advocated making laws to “punish” climate change deniers.

Critics are concerned that these politically-loaded doctor’s visit questions could be a means of classifying patients and flagging them in databases for their extremist views. President Obama’s barrage of 23 gun control executive orders, issued in the wake of Sandy Hook, included a “clarification” (read: nudge) that “the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors asking their patients about guns in their homes.” Many commenters have noted their experiences with doctors popping the question.

Guns, like political attitudes about climate change and other issues, are legal and constitutionally guaranteed rights now, but may be increasingly challenged by bureaucracy and eroded by legal interpretations, database threat scores and quasi-private corporate policies.

Whatever you do, don’t suggest that global warming could just be a placebo for greater government control.

You can read more from Mac Slavo at his site SHTFplan.com, where this article first appeared.

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6 Comments on "Obamacare Urges Doctors to Link Poor Health to Global Warming"

  1. If they were to link it to the geoengineering that is being done, supposedly, to prevent global warming, they wouldn’t be lying. geoengineeringwatch.com

  2. Quit seeing doctors and die free.

  3. tyrannyoftheking | June 28, 2015 at 7:46 am | Reply

    how stupid this man is, please let the next two year pass quickly. after that i never want to hear another word from him. he’s a disgusting human being.

  4. Slavo The Stupid | June 28, 2015 at 10:10 am | Reply

    Another bit of utter stupidity from Stupid Himself. Slavo is a fool, poorly read and poorly educated. Global warming WILL have a huge impact on health. Just tell that to the 2500+ people that died in India from heat stress. Or the 600 that died in Pakistan from the same thing.

    It’s nearly 107 degrees here today – in an area that would normally be 83 on this day. Slave continues to try to deny reality like other global warming idiots. Heat KILLS. It also increase disease vectors. The rise of Black Rats in New York is a prime example. There is also Dengue Fever, Malaria and other diseases that are extending into the United States due to global warming.

    Or maybe Slave to Stupid doesn’t know about the rise in shark attacks and sitings occurring off the East Coast due to warming waters?


    There are HUGE temperature increases occurring in the ocean RIGHT NOW.


    Slavo is a fool. Doctors SHOULD be informing their PATIENTS of any increased health risks. Claiming that they should not just shows up utterly STUPID this man is (he’s been working against you).

    • Go suck the tips of Al Gore’s melted ice burgs. Maybe you could feed all the dying polar bears up there while you’re at it. The elite have to remove themselves from their pocket books for me to even glance at their alarmist views on global climate warming changes. Until than it’s a club of Rome scam.

  5. Don’t know about global warming making my health worse – sure do worry about Fukushima though.

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