ISIS Colonel was Trained By Blackwater and U.S. State Department for 11 Years

By Cassius Methyl

A former police commander from Tajikistan was featured in an ISIS video recently where he admitted he was trained by the U.S. State Department and former military contractor Blackwater all the way up until last year.

At a Blackwater facility in North Carolina, Col. Gulmurod Khalimov received “counter-terrorism training.”

“From 2003-2014 Colonel Khalimov participated in five counterterrorism training courses in the United States and in Tajikistan, through the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security/Anti-Terrorism Assistance program,” said US State Department spokeswoman Pooja Jhunjhunwala.

According to CNN’s fearmongering report, “The program is intended to train candidates from participating countries in the latest counterterrorism tactics, so they can fight the very kind of militants that Khalimov has now joined.”

In the video he spoke in Russian, giving a speech perfect for a mainstream media report: “Listen, you American pigs, I’ve been to America three times. I saw how you train soldiers to kill Muslims…we will come to your homes and we will kill you.”

What kind of extensive training spans 11 years and what did this person actually learn? Why and how did this person receive Russian training while simultaneously being deeply connected to the U.S.?

If you need more proof that the U.S. government doesn’t have a strategy to deal with ISIS, here it is. It doesn’t get much more blatant than this. The group has captured billions of dollars in American-supplied military equipment, is expanding its territory despite the Western world bombing it, and recently leaked documents prove the U.S. predicted — even encouraged — the creation of ISIS. All the while, U.S. trained fighters continue to join the ranks of the ‘Islamic State,’ using weapons that American taxpayers paid for, against other forces equipped with U.S. financed military equipment. Seems legit.

Cassius Methyl writes for, where this article first appeared. Tune in! The Anti-Media radio show airs Monday through Friday @ 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific.

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9 Comments on "ISIS Colonel was Trained By Blackwater and U.S. State Department for 11 Years"

  1. Amusing, isn’t it, that CIA-ISIS can convoy and parade after parade captured U.S. military equipment and Toyota’s, in broad daylight, for all the world to see, and not one single Highway of death strafing run from above.

  2. your’re correct Curt! Seems, the CIA has set this up! Doesn’t it!

  3. OH bullshit! He was not trained by Russian Special Forces! This is more anti-Russian propaganda! This is too damned much!

  4. “All Appropriate vetting” Must have been the same ones that vetted the emperor!

  5. WDC is seemingly not our friends…..from the light/house White House to the alley’s of Chicago.

  6. Herbert Dorsey | June 14, 2015 at 4:49 am | Reply

    “The Secret History of the New World Order” reveals the long history of the CIA using the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist as their own covert Muslim army. They were used to overthrow King Faruk of Egypt, against the Russians in Afghanistan, gainst the Serbs in Yougoslavia, against Libya and Syria. Their name keeps changing to keep everyone confused ( Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS Boko Haram ect.) but their source is the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • freewheelinfranklin543 | June 14, 2015 at 10:00 am | Reply

      The Muslim Brotherhood is a Brit thing from day one.

      • Herbert Dorsey | June 14, 2015 at 11:31 am | Reply

        No actually, the Muslim Brotherhood was created in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, an Egyptian citizen who wished to drive the British out of Egypt. Later, al-Banna joined Adolf Hitler in the war against England. “The Secret History of the New World Order”, page 99.

        • Haha what?? Al Qaeda is different then ISIS, they said by them self that they do not work with them, even if several of their group members later joined ISIS. Even AQ said that ISIS was to cruel for them. And how can Boko Haram changed their name to ISIS when there is already a group called Boko Haram? It’s not a change if it’s already an exist one. Idiot.
          Here bellow is nice facts about US secret and illegal actions. Remember that this is just small informations about them, you are free to search more information if you so wish. Here it is:

          1. Operation Northwoods (With failure of operation “Bay of Pigs” a year earlier. General Lyman Lemnitzer came up with a new plan – Operation Northwoods – A plan of how US would commit terrorist actions on their own citizens and blame it on Cuba to start a war against Cuba. The operation was also to commit terrorist actions, not just against their own citizens, but against their own military and against Cuban citizens. This was later denied by JFK, which a year later was assassinated. A new project was added instead of “Northwoods”, so called “Operation Mongoose” against Cuba)

          2. Operation Paperclip (US paid over 1,600 Nazi scientist, after WWII, to work for them. They even paid their families to move to US. Still to this day, Nazi scientist has helped US with various tasks)

          3. Operation Mockingbird (How US employed journalists to work with CIA, and how they even paid media to obtain public propaganda reports to the American people)

          4. Operation Phoenix / Phoenix Program (How CIA with Australian and South Vietnamese special forces was targeting civilians by kidnapping, torturing, and murdering thousands upon thousands of citizens)

          5. Project MK-ULTRA (How CIA secretly used illegal substance or bioelectric signals on universities and institutions to mentally manipulate them for a mind control research, which lead to death of many people)

          6. Project MKOften (A complementary of MKSEARCH – an unethical mind-control program – by CIA. Where the goal was to test the behavioral and toxicological effects of chemical substances on animals and humans such as fortune tellers, palm-readers, demon specialists, witches, satanists and other practitioners for psychic research. Which lead to many peoples death)

          7. Project MKNAOMI (This CIA project was the objective to store multiple chemicals on food and water capable of causing disabling or death of a test subject and develop the means to disseminate them. The name “Le Pain Maudit” was used in early France and is still operated around the world. In Kenya in 2004, hundred people died due to consumption of maize contaminated with high aflatoxin by the substance)

          8. Enhanced Interrogation Techniques / Torture Programs & Torture Prisons (Was a CIA secret torture program even used on their secret prisons, at least two of them “Abu Ghrabib” and “Guantanamo Bay” are popular prisons out of US territory. The prisons were revealed by their photos posted on Internet and the torture program was revealed by a CIA whistleblower called John Kiriakou. These prisons used torture such as physical and mentally pain, humiliation and forcing prisoners to perform sex acts with each other – they were used against Middle Eastern citizens and suspects without trial which lead to several civilians ending up there without knowing why and later witness against it)

          9. Black Site Operations (Included several of secret bases around the world controlled by US, so called “Black Sites”. This includes both bases for “Black Operations” and secret CIA prisons. There are ones such as Diego Garcia in Indian Ocean, Temara Interrogation Centre in Morocco, Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport in Romania, Detention Site Green in Thailand, Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti, Antaviliai in Lithuania, Stare Kiejkuty in Poland, The Salt Pit in Afghanistan, Camp Eagle in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The reveal of “Black Site” was revealed by George Bush in 2006 when he was forced to reveal it as many people who sat on those “Black Sites” spoke about them officially)

          10. Blackwater Private Military Company (An US private military company was a secret military forces with many secret and illegal missions that had even led to many civilians death and scandals. Their illegal actions led to their bad reputation which they later forced them self to change their name, not once but several times so they can hide their previous scandals. Beside the name “Blackwater”, their name was “Xe Services” in 2009 and now known as “Academi” since 2011. In Iraq they went with at least 30 different names which has lead to conspiracy of them and CIA operations supporting and working with or as – ISIS)

          Also George Bush clearly spoke about “New World Order” in 1990. You should watch that!

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