Global Corporate Takeover is Here and No One Seems to Notice

By SmokinJoeTrainer

While you’re fighting with your neighbors about flags, racism and class, your country is being hijacked. What do you call it when a foreign entity takes over your nation’s policy on food, medicine, taxation, and internet freedom? All this done in semi-secret by bribed politicians and false flags to distract the masses.

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4 Comments on "Global Corporate Takeover is Here and No One Seems to Notice"

  1. It is in ‘their’ best interests to keep the ‘slaves’ fighting each other..Please youtube ‘The Handbook of Human Ownership’. It all makes sense

  2. Jade Helm, I believe is about the expected civil war when the dollar crashes in September

  3. Folks are waking up – by the hordes – get ready ubbers – best hop on your mag train – take ya to your underground hidey hole. Pop your head up and it will be wack a mole time. The good book says there will be a thousand years of peace and prosperity.

  4. I agree I think people are starting to wake up…a bit. The “truth” movement is out there and it’s getting stronger. Watch out for internet censorship. They know this their biggest threat. They have been exposed.

    As for Greece? Bailing them out isn’t for their benefit, it’s to bailout their creditors. And this would be done with our without these “trade” bills, a cashless society, or one world government.

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