Friday Vote: Congress Rushing the TPP Through Even Though They Know Americans Will Lose Jobs

By Melissa Dykes

There’s nothing free about free trade.

The only reason Congress is holding out until Friday to vote on the TPP according to Politico is “They’re trying to resolve a last-minute hangup over aid for workers who lose their jobs to free trade”:

House leaders, confident but not yet certain they have the support to pass sweeping trade legislation, are aiming to bring the package to a floor vote by the end of this week — even as they rush to resolve a last-minute hangup over how to pay for aid to displaced workers.

The vote to grant President Barack Obama fast-track authority to negotiate a massive Pacific Rim trade deal will be extremely tight by all accounts. Senior aides and lawmakers in GOP leadership are intent on scheduling the vote at the moment they believe they have the votes locked up — ideally by Friday, to spare supportive lawmakers the possibility of another weekend of attacks by trade foes back in their districts.

“We’re doing very well, we’re close,” Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who’s been at the forefront of the GOP effort to round up support, said Tuesday of the current vote count. If Republicans want to bring the trade legislation to the floor Friday, they must decide Wednesday. [emphasis added]

This means Congress is WELL AWARE a lot of people are about to lose their jobs once the TPP that none of us have even gotten to read goes through.

They should be; secret negotiations for this thing have only been underway now for SIX YEARS.

NAFTA on steroids doesn’t even really begin to cover what we do know of the TPP. It’s not like any previous trade agreement we’ve ever seen. Where should we begin? The fact that it’s going to make Obamacare look like a happy fun time stroll down a sunny lane, or the fact that it’s basically facilitating the U.S. merger with China? (Bye bye national sovereignty, hello TPP!)

For starters, here are ten reasons why you should oppose it straight out of the gate.

It’s not like the economy and job markets don’t already suck as it is these days. Food service is one of the fastest growing job markets in this country. Enough people have been mumbling under their breath about how robots are about to take a lot of the jobs that Google CEO Eric Schmidt specifically felt the need to respond to this “unfounded fear” at Davos earlier this year.

Now these crony idiots in Congress are about to completely sell us out so the middle class isn’t just dead, it’s dead and they’re gleefully kicking the carcass around.

Of course, if it were the Dems in charge, it wouldn’t be any different, either.

And they’re all in on it, even “Libertarian Lite” Filibuster-Things-That-Won’t-Change-Anything Rand who last year gave a speech talking about how Obama should prioritize the TPP by the year’s end.

This Friday just wasn’t near fast enough for Rand… but aw shucks, I guess it’ll have to do. Even after writing about that video before by the way, people still couldn’t believe it and found ways to make excuses for it as if he either didn’t say what they just saw and heard him say or he must have a very good reason for doing so.

Yeah, he did have a good reason. He’s a sold-out shill. It’s pretty simple.

The corporations running the government we all pretend we still have are attempting to enslave us all. The people are no longer represented by anyone in our so-called government, unless you count corporations as people too my friend the way Mitt Romney does.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared, and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa also co-founded Nutritional Anarchy with Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper, a site focused on resistance through food self-sufficiency. Wake the flock up!

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13 Comments on "Friday Vote: Congress Rushing the TPP Through Even Though They Know Americans Will Lose Jobs"

  1. We don’t have a Left vs. Right problem.

    We have a Loyalty vs. Betrayal problem.

    The latter defining our current political dynamic.

    • Not a loyalty problem either… They’re proving their loyalty to their true “masters”… The corporate oligarchs who really run things.. Doesn’t matter who you vote for, they don’t work for “us”..

  2. And it’s too late, baby, now it’s too late

    Though we really did try to make it

    Something inside has died and I can’t hide

    And I just can’t fake it

    thanks for letting us know we are about to get ass-raped again. At this point, you just gotta believe its gonna feel good. The good ole “Citizen” really has no voice in these matter. Just like a shareholder holding a single share of a company. They make you feel like you have a “say’, but they only say that because they know most people are fools. Voting is no different.

    I’ve always said if voting is a right, then its mine to do what I want, and yours too. So we should sell our vote to whatever conglomerate that represents our beliefs…by proxy.

  3. Now we can expect all laws to be secret! It is the amerika we built!

  4. I’m sure Barry is expecting a big pay day for pushing this through.

  5. UNBELIEVABLE! Look what NAFTA did. Something that I wrongly supported in college. This is simply the end of the middle-class. Unless you know how to fix or make something, or hold professional licenses (by having solid college educations-which I do), your only hope for a job is working at Mcdonald’s or driving a truck to move around the stuff that Guatemalans will be manufacturing for $2/day. I have been saying “No-No-No, the US will not collapse” for the last 6 years. How wrong I have been. Basically, like pro-ant- lifer’s, my vote comes down to this one issue: who supported it and who didn’t. There is no logical argument for this, unlesss you live outside the United Staees. This is one way to take away the immigration problem. Now you will see people sneaking down to Central America for job. Obama really does want to see the collapse of the US. He is the worst president ever, including compared to Jimmy Carter. He will leave the office having never having a foreign policy and signing a bill, right before leaving office that will finally end the middle class. The next president will get another housing bubble to deal wit; that’s just one of the issues the next president will have to deal with because of Barrack Housein Obama. “Free-Trade”= Distribution of wealth and the true beginnings of UN Agenda 21.

  6. I would write these bastards (the Congresscriminals), but what’s the use? They passed the Patriot Act, bank bailout, and other monies- and rights- stealing legislation in the middle of the night without even bothering to read them. I might take a drive up in the ,local hills to do some thinking, but will have to pass under a whole slew of police cameras at every major intersection on the way. My cell phone will tell them where I am, and the FBI is operating surreptitiously in the skies above. I thought their satellites – which can read the date on a dime in the palm of your hand – would have been enough, but I guess not.

  7. If the politicians in your state vote to pass this, you need vote them out of office ! Slave labor fro slave wages

  8. “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think.” – Hitler

  9. What is worse than losing jobs is losing our sovereignty and all our rights under the Constitution and becoming a New World Order component of TPP! We CANNOT let this bill pass!

  10. thinkingoutsidethebox9 | June 12, 2015 at 1:37 am |

    Starve the beast! Stop buying products and services from those mega-corporations who benefit from the TPP. Support local and independently-owned businesses, barter and trade with others, reject fiat currency, repair stuff instead of replacing. If we stop buying their stuff, these mega-corporations won’t have consumer markets for their products anymore. And they’ll fail…

  11. The “Prorocols of the Elders of Zion” are explained by Brother Nathanael in a video. He reveals the step-wise, procedural plan that is behind the “New World Order” subterfuge. One element of the subterfuge is the TPP, which removes sovereignty from the US Constitution.
    Down with the TPP bill, down with the NWO stupes in Congress and the POTUS slot and the POTUS cabinet, all of whom are pimping for the NWO and their elite status.

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