14 Ways to Protect You, Your Family, and Friends from the NWO Agenda

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By Paul A. Philips

The price of ignorance towards the NWO (New World Order) agenda could be very costly. Fall for any of its carefully cultivated illusions and you could end up broke, losing property, become seriously ill or even end up dead.

Desperate measures are indeed needed for desperate times. Big black totalitarian clouds loom on the horizon…

The psychopathic world ruling elite owning the banks, weapons, gold, drugs and oil … while having the politicians, police, military and mass media, etc. in their pockets are further tightening that unrelenting grip on the control of our money, health, food, water, air … and all the related science and technology for complete domination over the human populace…

In response, this is my heartfelt advice on how to prepare for survival in the unpredictable not-too-distant future. Here are 14 ways to protect you, your family and friends from the NWO agenda.

1. Stop giving attention to corporate-sponsored mainstream media news

Switch off the TV (Tel-Lie-Vision). Turn to alternative media sources instead for the truth. Learn to discern the differences between disinformation and the truth as in the case of the Internet.

2. Stop voting for any of the major political parties

By voting for one of these parties you’re only giving your power away to help the ruling criminals’ further advance their NWO agenda. Stop believing in Republican-Democrat; or, if you’re in the UK, the Lib-Lab-Con sock puppet campaigning shows backed and financed by T.H.E.Y (The Hierarchy Enslaving You).

It doesn’t matter who gets voted in. They’re all funded and backed by the ruling elite. So, whoever wins, the politicians who get in office will only be there to serve their lords and masters: The politicians serve the demands of the ruling elite instead of the wishes of we-the-people.

Yes, there are a growing number of people who know this, but many still don’t fully understand: Any advantages of selecting one party over the other because of a policy in your favour or to your advantage will only be a short-term payoff. In the end, if you vote for one of the major parties because of this then you’ll only have to suffer the far greater long-term cost for having chosen the party with their connections to the ruling elite’s agenda.

3. Detoxify yourself

Use specific foods as well as supplements to detoxify yourself of lifelong body pollution. Restore health and protect the body by removing fluoride, chloride, bromide, heavy metals, radiation and other noxious substances…

4. Drink good clean or filtered water

Avoid chemically impregnated tap or plastic bottled water. Use filters such as those using reverse osmosis to filter the water. Drink adequate supplies.

5. Eat organic food

Eat plenty of organic fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts… Don’t begrudge the extra cost. In the long run it’s worth it.

6. Avoid junk food

Avoid junk food with its high sugar, salt and cheap/nasty trans-fats … for disease protection. Chemical-laden, processed, irradiated or GMO foods should be avoided.

Avoid cooking with microwave or non-stick coated or aluminium utensils which, in effect, turns the food into junk food that could lead to health problems through toxic contaminants.

Don’t cook food using high temperatures for too long. Extreme temperatures cause the nutritional value (vitamins and enzymes in particular) to denature and greatly reduce the food value.

7. Use natural or organic personal care products

This avoids toxic chemicals often found in non-organic personal care products…

8. Avoid low frequency EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) radiation

The list includes power grid lines, cell phones and towers, Wi-Fi sources, microwaves, breast cancer mammograms, microwaves, body scanner X-ray detectors such as those at airports … and compact fluorescent lighting (use LED [light emitting diode] clear or white lighting).

Don’t fall for the corporate-sponsored junk science brigade claiming that these EMF sources with their applications are okay. Anyone with a couple of investigative brain cells to rub together will find out that frequent long-term use has been known to cause a range of serious illnesses related to cancer, nervous, hormonal and behavioural problems…

9. Avoid vaccines and vaccinations

Vaccines are NOT safe and have been known to be ineffective. You could end up seriously ill, brain-damaged or even dead from these fraudulent big pharma money spinners to which the revenue-raking government and their paid-off media are only too happy to spread the related disinformation and lies…

10. Don’t fall for joining the military

Don’t become a sucker for the ruling elite’s secretly manufactured wars for power, profit, and political gain, planned population reduction agenda … I know, like other things mentioned in my list, this may come as quite a shock to some people.

11. Have toxic amalgam fillings removed

Mercury amalgam fillings have been known to cause brain damage, lower IQ, contribute to depression and harbour disease-causing bacteria … See a biologic or holistic dentist to get them removed and replaced by safe alternatives such as Zirconium Implants (DON’T use metal-based or plastic BPA resins). Don’t support dentists who use mercury amalgam or fluoride.

Dental decay can be prevented with good nutrition; like, for example, using coconut oil as a mouthwash since it contains the antibacterial lauric acid.

12. Maintain well-stocked supplies of food and water

In case of a crisis, stock up with a few weeks supply of food and water in the hope that by then things would have died down with normality somewhat resumed. The crisis could be a financial one such as a currency collapse, or a fake war, a staged attack (fake alien invasion perhaps, you never know??) or a HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) secret weather modification … etc., used for inducing chaos by the ruling elite and their associates as an excuse to declare martial war on citizens….

13. Maintain self-sufficiency

In line with 12, grow your own food. There are indeed many excellent websites advising how this can be done. I have been saying that self-sufficiency, especially in the way of home-grown food, is a major factor in workable communities. Discernment and unity are other major factors.

Have sufficient physical cash on standby in case of emergency: You may want to consider converting some of your hard-earned cash into gold or silver coins as a good investment.

Try looking at non-power grid alternative energy supplies to power up your home. How about solar panels or batteries or supplemental wind generators … etc.? Electric vehicles would also not be a bad idea.

14. Spread the word

“Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.” – Albert Einstein

This is my ultimatum:

Wake up! Use this or similar pieces to spread the word to your family and friends to get active.

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site New Paradigm, where this article first appeared

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15 Comments on "14 Ways to Protect You, Your Family, and Friends from the NWO Agenda"

  1. #15 – Make sure your passport is in order to exit the country and carry out the rest of the list when the walls close in and the government becomes too much to bear.

    • Why do people always forget #15?

    • If a NWO is establish do you think having a pass port is going to do you any good? It might very well label you as an enemy to those ruling the NWO. No, I think #15 should be to make sure you have some way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the masses that will be trying to take from you.
      Just my opinion. Keep your powder dry brethren.

  2. Prepare for those who are not prepared and for those who plan to prey on the prepared.

  3. They really do intend to kill millions of us….

    I remember reading several years ago that the Dark Cabal has worked out a plan to cause a famine in the USA…I believe that both the bird flu that wiped out the chickens this spring and the pig flu that wiped out the pigs last year may have both been beta tests for how quickly they could collapse the food system….couple that with the FEDS demanding all information on who is buying, storing and how much food……….and then JADE HELM (could they be like the British Troops sent Ireland to make sure the Irish didn’t get any of the plentiful food that was available during the so called potato famine)…and when we see UN takeover, we can just as well replace UN with Rothschild Family…which is what the UN is a front for….


    • That’s what Stalin’s USSR did to Ukraine; instigated a countrywide famine and stole all grain supplies of the independent farmers (Kulaks), resulting in the starvation deaths of up to 9 million Ukrainians. This famine was created in order to collectivize all the independent farms, which was completed in 1933.

  4. I love how these articles act as though there is some happy medium. There isn’t. Our way of life, to include every human being alive and having lived, is not in compliance with the physics regarding human interactions. Everything has to change, including ones thoughts on belongings. They will mislead you, and get you killed, period. This earth was never ours to pretend to own, and now we get to find out exactly to what extent the fortunate are to live in future kingdoms. We all can try and ride the storm, then attempt to rebuild, that will fail as well. Anyways good luck

  5. Excellent article and advice.
    I’ve been using coconut oil exclusively to clean my teeth, brushing with pink Himalayan salt and warm water after, for over a year. The results are stunning. I also use coconut oil as a face cleaner, and body moisturizer. I’m saving a fortune, I highly recommend.

  6. Nice article but I was hoping for something more than ‘me, me, me’. Is this ‘the American Way’?


  7. Getting real…..

  8. Nice condensed homage to the open source internet classic NWO Survival Guide. Thanks for spreading the truth Paul. AP57

  9. Mental preparation is THE most important part of ANY situation.

  10. I have them all covered except water and I use wi-fi.
    I do use a gravity fed water filter – but would like to develop a well.
    The wi-fi is prolly not a good thing – but I certainly do not carry a cell phone (I’m 65 – don’t need it).

    What’s sad is – not many trust the beast – yet we keep feeding it our labor (taxes) – a bunch of back stabbing smiley faces.

  11. First time at this site (it’s a great one), and there are 666 Facebook likes on this article! ha! Yeah, it’s everywhere, folks, and it’s kicking into high gear. Hold on tight to the Lord Jesus Christ who will see us through these times with courage, wisdom and determination, and always remember who ultimately wins this spiritual war! May the Lord bless and keep you all safe and sound in Jesus’ name!

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