Pushing You Into A Cashless Society

By Rory Hall

One of the most effective means the elite use today to get their way and push a particular agenda is to make it “hip, swinging and very, very cool”. Another way is to simply tell you what is obsolete and “out dated”. Who wants to be “behind the times”? Certainly not someone who is looking for the next “really cool” gadget! No, this particular person wants to be on the “cutting edge” of the “next big thing”!

Enter the banking cabal and their desire to have total and absolute control of your life through your banking account and your means of transacting business.

Think my “tin foil hat” is screwed on a little tight? Well, how about this gem that was released earlier today in England:

Recorded from BBC1 HD, BBC Breakfast, 25 May 2015 [Source]

The banks are closing branches and making people use the internet for their banking. All part of the criminal banks and criminal government (as per Bilderberg plan), to make it a cashless society. Once cash is gone, the terrorism of the bankers and government will commence.

Mega Corp needs a bailout, press of a button and your savings are moved to the corporation. Didn’t vote “the right way” at an election, press of button you are a non person who can’t exist without the electronic money. This is planned terrorism. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Notice how the “reporter” scowls when she mentions going to a brick-and-mortar bank and how gleeful she is when discussing the use of online banking. No need for bricks and mortar, just hand over all your data, finances and business transactions to the bank and they will be happy to handle it for you!!

The same banks that, just this past week, were “fined” for rigging interest rates on a global scale. The same banks that have been “fined” for drug money laundering, funding terrorist organizations and rigging most of the equities markets around the world. You know the accounts – YOUR 401k and IRA accounts!! They are coming for your cash and they are not going to sleep until they get it.

All that is needed is a group of really “cool, hip” young people gleefully dancing around and singing the praises of being cashless and not “wasting time” with “out-dated” brick-and-mortar banks. Voila! It is now the “next big thing”.

Another way, and this started many years ago under the guise of “security”, is simply to not have cash available for transactions at the business itself. I was recently in a store and the cashier informed they did not have change for a $100 bill. It hit me that this has been happening for a great many years, no change for a $100 or $50, and this is one of the ways they can “train” people to go cashless. Next step, inability to make change for $20. All under the nonsensical “security” umbrella. You know you have experienced exactly what I am referencing, maybe even very recently.

How do we fight this insidious ever encroaching cashless nightmare? It’s very simple. We begin using as much cash as possible. Walk out of the store when they are unable to make change for your $100 or $50 and take your business elsewhere. Will you do it? Will you “suffer the inconvenience”? I doubt it. We have become lazy, arrogant and want someone else to do the actual work while we enjoy the benefits of their labor. A cashless society is right around the corner and the financial and economic nightmare that is unfolding right in front of us will be ramped up to warp-drive.

So good luck with the coming bail-in from your account. The ability to remove your funds from your 401k and IRA is in the process of being taken away from you, it is called a Gate Mechanism. You will no longer be able to actually remove the funds in your account, merely move from one fund to another. When the banking cabal stops the flow of hard currency and forces you to use their criminal online, fully digital “currency” you will have no choice as to how your funds are used or who uses them for what purpose. Step out of line – deleted from the financial world. Welcome to a brave new hunger matrix world.

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7 Comments on "Pushing You Into A Cashless Society"

  1. The negative interest rates are now a reality: the banks start charging their clients for keeping money in electronic accounts. Keeping cash in the pocket is free of charge. Thus by removing the cash from circulation the public is coerced to pay the banks for the balance on the digital accounts. The banks commit monopolist financial repression and extorsion.

  2. Piling on, we see none other than international banking Godfather Larry Summers joining the advisory board of 21 Inc, the manufacturer of chips to enable Bitcoin transactions via our tracking devices (aka smartphones). A lot of heavy hitters in this club.

  3. Frances McCandless | May 26, 2015 at 4:10 pm |

    I will be devastated if I couldn’t use cash to shop. I abhor the idea of the banks dipping into my accounts and spying on my daily habits. Most seniors today are not savvy enough to do online anything. I guess the banks love stealing from the average folks. Greed is a horrible quality for anyone to possess.

    • Wells Fargo swiped $7.50 from me when I cashed my pension check. The check was drawn on Wells Fargo, so I figured they’d cash it with out a fuss.
      When the teller said the amount of my cash in my hand is less than the amount of the check I asked why. He said it happens, sometimes.
      I asked why he, or the administrative person who had to verify the check, separately, at her desk, hadn’t indicated there was a risk of a floating service charge taking a bite out of my check, he apologized.

    • I’m a senior and use a computer, but not for doing banking. I call in mail orders and check sales, prices online, but refuse to do bill paying online or auto bill pay. I use credit unions, and pay cash especially stores with security issues like Target, Home D, TJMaxx, etc. Have a debit card for grocery store and electric bill. Checks mailed for other bills. Banks want total control and I hope I’m not around when it is in full force because other rights will be taken away incl property. Folks replace older stuff you use daily, like beds, appliances, cars, furniture if needed because you can’t take it with you. Pass some things, money down to heirs now if practical, but not so much they are gift taxed on it. One lady I know bought appliances for their son and helped a g’ daughter with a house and furnishings. Those with no heirs buy things for group homes they support or give to other causes. Banks are ripping off those that save with low interest rates.

  4. I use cash – mostly because it isn’t any of nsa’s business to know what and when I purchase.

    btw – a long story short – the ‘government’ has reached into my bank account and stolen money (of course they say it is theirs). Just beware they can take your money directly out of any bank – w/out your permission.

  5. You want us to go to cashless society. When the government can’t stop the hacking of DOD, IRS and other Government departments. Also when I protest the government actions. I would use my account to get gas or other items I need (Food) and my cards says, ” not active”. Its time to break up these banks into smaller banks and never give these bank to screw us again. Also reduce the size of government and its employees.
    A quote from John F. Kennedy. “One day, after I am long gone, you will remember me and say, we should have stopped the nuclear program of Israel, abolished the Federal Reserve and kicked all secret societies, occultists, usurpets and Zionists out of out of our wonderful country, to keep it that way, but it is never too late, just remember that!”
    Lets stop the writing and complaining and do what AMERCIANS DO. Stand up for our rights and put this so called President, Soros and commie politicians in jail. AMERICAN first and ethnic group last. Peace!!!

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