Cell Phones – Cell Towers – Haarp. An EMF Triple Threat

cell-tower-chemtrails-hendersonville-header1By Michael T. Winter

Part I – Cell phones

When it comes to cell phones dangerous side effects, the cat is out of the bag. Public awareness has grown regarding their dangers. Nations worldwide have adopted legislation curtailing the use of cell phones by children. Stacks of scientific papers published by leading universities and research institutes all point to the same conclusion:  cell phone use causes loss of bone density, cardiac arrhythmia and brain cancer, to name a few of the more serious effects, though there are many others. (1. 2. 3. 4)

A cell phone is only as good as its signal. No bars = no talking. All cell phones depend on being “in range” of a tower. If one is getting a signal, then that person’s body is receiving the cell tower’s electromagnetic radiation right along with the phone. The measurement of a cell phone’s power is defined by Hertz. A hertz is a unit defining the frequency of an electromagnetic wave.

A basic understanding of human physiology is required to comprehend the dangers we face. The human body is a self-contained electrical “machine”. We create this electricity through the action of eating food which our system converts into electrical power. When Morpheus held up a battery in front of Neo, he wasn’t kidding; we are batteries, if boiled down to a final analysis.

The human body functions best while operating at around 10 hertz. Note the above figure of a person on the far left. This is our safe, or natural zone. Within our bodies, hundreds of millions of cells each have their own electromagnetic field (EMF). Key to remaining healthy is maintaining the delicate balance of these EMFs. Cancer is caused by cellular mutation. A disturbance to the electromagnetic field (a deviation from our balance of 10 hertz) at a cellular level leads to a disruption in the normal operation of the cell, in turn leading to improper function, resulting in mutation, which can morph into cancer. Pretty basic stuff. Granted, this article is dealing in overviews, and of course there is an enormous amount of data not addressed here; but that does not change the general hypothesis.

Before Marconi and his radio; before there was any EMF not part of the natural cycle of the self-contained bubble of life that is earth, human beings were in harmony with the planetary EMF. With the introduction of the radio, our bodies became recipients of artificially introduced electromagnetic frequencies. Radio waves are not so damaging, as they operate fairly close to our natural, harmonious balance with nature. But, the key here is, the higher the frequency, the farther away from 10 hertz. The farther away, the more damage is wreaked on our cells.

To understand how damaging cell phone electromagnetic radiation is to us, recall that we operate at 10 hertz. 100 hertz equal 1 kilohertz. 100 kilohertz equal 1 megahertz. The average EMF emitted by cell phones is 1900 megahertz, with a market shift toward (currently in use) 2500 megahertz phones (5). Essentially, we are being saturated 24/7 with many, many thousands times stronger radiation fields than our body is equipped to deal with. Our failure to deal with this onslaught is manifesting in the form of stress and sleep disorders, birth defects, cancer and Alzheimer’s. We are being silently culled, and footing the bill to make it happen! By paying your cell bill, you simply ensure the continuity of a product that is killing, and will kill, millions and millions of people. There is a coming wave of brain tumors that will decimate a percentage of our population. Sixty years ago, autism was 1:50,000. Today it’s 1:50. Vaccines are the primary cause of autism, but cell towers and a constant bathing in radioactive electromagnetic frequencies are playing their part as well (Graph – 6).

Enough about cell phones. If you don’t know the dangers by now, you either don’t want to know, refusing to believe something so terrible is happening (Our old pal, cognitive dissonance), or you are choosing to roll the dice with cancer and an early death for the sake of (or fear of) being without the constant ability to reach and be reached. Either of these is a poor substitute for proactively addressing the reality of our EMF-drenched world.

Part II – Cell Towers

Cell towers operate in Watts. A watt is a standard definition of a unit of power. An example of how wattage affects the amount of electricity used can be found in light bulbs. While a normal, round incandescent light bulb uses 40 to 100 watts, fluorescent bulbs produce the same amount of light using only five to 30 watts (7). So, lower wattage equates to less electricity expended to produce a desired result.

It is here we delve into nefarious conspiracy facts. There is no “theory” involved in this conspiracy, as the facts presented can be easily validated through numerous credible sources.  Seeking empirical truth? Visit your nearest cell tower and look for a squat metal box with thick cables coming out of it and snaking up to the tower array. You will be looking at an electrical power transformer – almost every cell tower is constructed with one at the base. A transformer is designed to increase the power output, or watts. They are attached to cell towers to boost the power of the EMF signal. The $10,000 question, therefore, becomes:  Why do our cell towers requires so much juice? To put the amount of power they use in perspective, consider the following.

A WiFi signal from any standard router is 20 milliwatts. This low output signal can be picked up blocks away from the router, penetrating walls and distance. A standard cell phone transmits 300 milliwatts. Broadly defined, as cells operate at 30 watts, a perfectly capable cellular “node”, or tower, would be equipped with a 30 watt transmitter. Right here is where the shills and disinfo crew will vomit reams of science debunking this simple fact. The fact is:  transformers pumping out hundreds of thousands of watts, if utilized to that purpose, would not only fry the phone, but quite likely (at the hazard proximity we share with them) cause a plethora of physical damages to our tender 10 hertz wiring. This being the case, we come full circle to the question of why so much power is needed when the reality is that an infinitesimal fraction will do the trick.

Consider also that a cheapy walkie-talkie, bought at Walmart or Radio Shack can connect with its mate up to two miles away, and do so at .0000001% of the power output of a cell phone. Consider also that radio station WLS in Chicago pumps out a formerly impressive 50,000 watts, and can be picked up over a 1000 miles away with a middling quality radio receiver. The average cell tower in the USA pumps out between 100,000 to 500,000 watts. As demonstrated in factual examples related in this paper, if 30 watts will do the job, then why have nodes pulsing at up to half a million watts?

Is that much power required? No, it is not. As recently as 2013, there were very few cell towers in Mexico, though cell reception was on par with the USA in clarity; not to be confused with “blanket coverage of all areas”. This coverage in Mexico was accomplished with small, 8”-10” low power cell antennas connected to buildings and rooftops. No towers. No transformers. A standard wall outlet provides ample power to maintain a signal with the same clarity as found in the USA. If a tiny antenna is fine for the task, then why do we have these all over the place?”

Is it because we have more cell phones than them, and so need bigger, stronger towers? No. Our percentage of cell phones to population is very similar. See full table for all countries here (8).

Can it be there is an ulterior motive, or motives, above and beyond a strong signal, in equipping these towers with up to half a million watts of transmitter power? Yes there is. Several in fact.

Recalling the beginning of this article, you will note that the human body is a self-contained electrical unit. The human brain is a biological computer and, like a computer, it has a clock frequency that all your existence is centered around. This is a little basic because your brain in reality has multiple simultaneous clock frequencies which interact with each other and serve different purposes for biological function, whereas a microprocessor, standard desktop computer, normally has only one central clock that everything in it synchronizes with. In contrast, your visual cortex may process at a different frequency than the section of your brain which regulates your heartbeat. Feelings and thoughts will run at another frequency. Because your brain is an ultra-parallel computer, it can accomplish a lot while using frequencies that are far lower than would be practical in a microprocessor, and these frequencies are in the ELF (extended low frequency) range. The fact that your brain operates on frequencies leaves it susceptible to manipulation via electronic means. Since different moods are reflected by different frequencies, it is possible to electronically force people to be relaxed when they should be angry, laugh when they should be appalled, and give loyalty when they should rebel (9).

The manipulation of our emotions in such a fashion can only be accomplished with an enormous amount of delicately tuned and precisely directed EMF emissions. Like the 1988 classic movie, They Live, the means are in place and are being used against us to “obey”, to have “no independent thought”.

An unpublicized function of cell towers is weather modification. To promulgate such a suggestion is to be ridiculed in extremis. You know you’ve hit the nail on the head when trolls come out from under their rocks to misdirect, vilify and ultimately debunk or negate the posit.

Just as we are electrical in nature, so too is the atmosphere itself. Lightning should serve as ample proof of this. The fact is that all things in our known existence operate on an electromagnetic frequency. Indeed, we human beings, unaided with scientific gadgets, experience a minuscule 4% of the total EMF range. That being so, with the proper influence, found in directed energy via “cell towers”, these frequencies can be tampered with, in the form of directed energy pulses; creating tornadoes, earthquakes, weather pattern manipulation and more. Our seemingly harmless “cell” towers act as relay stations to piggyback energy pulses to wherever directed.

Wondering how a cell phone tower can generate a strong enough EMF to influence weather patterns, cause earthquakes, stir up hurricanes? Consider this:  there are an estimated 269,989 (15) cell towers in the USA (with more added daily). Let’s be generous and lop off 170,000 of them as being nothing more than what they are promoted to be – a benign cellular phone tower. This leaves 100,000 towers with a (very conservative) estimate of 150,000 watts of power each. 100,000 X 150,000 yields a mind-boggling 15 billion watts. When they are directed and synchronized to a specific purpose, it becomes quite evident that the juice is there to cook up just about any weather condition sought. For perspective on how much power that is, understand that the Haarp array in Alaska is a trifling 100 million watts output, and consider the weather modification damage caused at that relatively low power output. The USA Haarp facility is but one of 8-10 of these arrays situated throughout the globe. The war of pulse energy weapons isn’t found only on Star Trek reruns – it’s here, and it’s live!

How can we be completely sure that cell towers do not require 100,000 – 500,000 watts to provide a clear signal for these little cancer-causing pocket pals? For those doubting Mexico’s lack of towers yet enjoying great reception, we look to Australia’s 3G networks. Down Under, 3 watts, when put through highly directional antennas, is enough to reach 2 miles and justify having cell nodes (towers) spaced 4 miles apart. With 10 nodes per tower, that equals a total radiated power of 30 watts; which is more than enough to penetrate virtually anything and provide excellent coverage.

In establishing that 30 watts, (Yes, just thirty) per tower, with towers spaced 4 miles apart, provides ample power to penetrate everything other than our “under renovation” sub-subterranean secure facility for COG, or Continuity of Government, in Cheyenne Mountain. Let’s just call it “the globalist bug-out hideaway”.

A logical question to pose is this: If a mere 30 watts is required to effectively transmit signal, and photovoltaic panels can generate and store sufficient solar power to meet the demands, why do we have these huge transformers? Some basic math will help us in understanding how inexpensive a genuine tower can be.

With solar power now costing approximately three dollars a watt, including inverters, panels, and backup batteries, you can equip a 10 node cell tower with a thousand watt solar setup for approximately $3,000 and never need to worry about installing a transformer at all. If you are transmitting 30 watts, you will draw at least 45 watts because of waste. The hardware is going to eat some juice, but that should not come out to over 100 watts more. So let’s just agree that one cell tower has a real power need of 150 watts. A 1000 watt solar setup will handle that without breaking a sweat. With low wattage running a high voltage feed to a cell tower so it can get its 300,000 Haarp watts and not fry out without a transformer only confirms ever more securely that a transformer is not required.  Utilizing solar panels, if cell transmission were the only purpose, makes a great deal of economic sense (11).  Something is rotten in our red, white and blue Denmark. A 150′ tower ranges in cost from $100,000 up to $300,000 per unit (12), with additional costs to lease ground for the tower itself. Leases run on a low end of $100 per year (for suckers willing to be irradiated 24/7 for $8.33 per month) up to $156,000 per year (13).

Power – Solar? 1000 watts, which exceeds nine times over the wattage requirements – $2,499.65 (14).

Pole not included. But in truth (Ola’, Mexico?) an 8” antenna plugged into a wall socket will meet the needs. So why are they 150′-200′ tall?

Current USA set-up? Up to $300,000 just for the pole! Add in transformers costing thousands of dollars each, and the invisible cost of the power grid required to keep them online. Last I checked, corporations existed for profit, except when willing to take a hit to help realize an unpublished, secretive objective.

A common sense question is:  If cell towers are so dangerous, then why would the 1% largely responsible for our current state subject themselves to the EMF fields? Answer? They don’t!

Picking a town of familiarity, as a Saint Louis, Missouri native, it is well known and proven that there is a concentrated “wealth band” running from the center of the city, starting around Clayton, all the way to west Saint Louis County. This “corridor” is where all the money lives (a generalization, but accurate).

From the words “St Louis” and projecting out toward Clayton, Creve Coeur and beyond reside the 1%. It is a fact – ask any native for validation.

Now let us look at another map, this one noting cell tower placement in St. Louis. You will note Creve Coeur, Chesterfield and Town & Country are mysteriously almost “tower-free”. Town and Country is ranked 80th in the nation for highest per capita income (16). Not even shown is uber-rich Ladue.  Hmmm….coincidence? I think not.

If you think that big green area free of towers is a fluke, please perform the same search in most major metropolitan areas – it’s the same everywhere. This alone validates the dangers of cell towers. If the 1% want nothing to do with them, then rest assured neither do we.

Part III – Haarp

The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or Haarp, in Alaska is well known by now, at least to those even semi-awake. The acknowledgement of Haarp as a method of controlling the weather is not a secret; indeed, it is a stated function as published by the US Government.

This high-tech facility, operated by the US Navy, Air Force and several universities, is an extremely powerful transmitter that (very simplistically put) directs intense energy beams into the ionosphere with the goal of influencing:  jet streams, creating rain or drought, tsunamis, hurricanes and other uses as well. This ultimately is equivalent to “cooking” our ionosphere. Haarp, however, is limited by the curvature of the earth; hence its range of manipulation is finite.

This is where cell towers come into play. Cell towers can be “harnessed” in their power, allowing for focused energy bursts within a tightly held geographical area. The signal can be bounced tower to tower until reaching its destination.

There is an enormous mountain of data supporting the following theories of Haarp and cell tower shenanigans in relation to the following recent events.

*California, drought



Between chemtrails and ionospheric manipulation, the government has artificially created the drought in California. Combine the lack of water from mountain snowfall, and the new saying gains weight. “Water is the new oil”. Sounds like the movie Omega Man is coming soon to a theater near us. While this huge drought affecting our entire nation is wreaking havoc on human lives, agriculture and the nation’s economy, the Bush family quietly buys land known to have water under it. The Nestle company does the same, then bottles it and charges exorbitant prices for an earth resource! When one party controls the supply, creates a demand, then provides the solution, the “have nots” are at the mercy of the ‘haves’. The depth of out-n-out evil exhibited by these soulless wealthy so-n-sos is almost beyond belief, but then, truth is stranger than fiction. Drinking kitchen tap water is not a life-embracing solution, unless one is comfortable drinking fluoride, a proven neurotoxin.  They get us coming and going!

** Katrina – hurricane – The Haarp facility was highly active in the weeks prior, during, or shortly after Katrina became a hurricane out of Tropical Depression Twelve. The colored “slots”, resembling piano keys, are visual reflections of Haarp activity in the area Katrina was active. This is called a “waterfall chart”. The vertical axis is a frequency reading, measuring from 1 to 30 MHz (10).

The graphic above displays Haarp activity when Tropical Depression (DT) Twelve forms. Katrina grew out of TD12. Note the lack of “slots” found at the vertical 5 and the horizontal 2 axis point.

Compare to below, when Katrina hit New Orleans.

If Haarp were inactive during this time range, 08.22 to 08.30, then there would be nothing to discuss here. But wait! These graphics come from Haarp’s own website! These days, evil is “loud n’ proud”!

*** Tsunami – Japan – The tsunami that destroyed Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is worldwide news. One of the capabilities of Haarp is to direct energy to a specific spot. A highly credible theory is that, an energy beam was shot into the ocean along a known fault line. The result was a sub-surface earthquake which resulted in the tsunami.

There are a great many more examples, but one gets the idea. All information here was found online. None of it is secret. Disbelieve? Go do the research if still in doubt. Check Bosnia, North Korea, Haiti, Malaysia to get the gears in motion.

Why does the United States, ostensibly the most scientifically advanced country on earth (to hear our scientists), lag behind our supposedly less developed fellow nations when it comes to public awareness of the dangers of cellular phone usage? Why the silence?! Why do companies like Sprint and AT&T market cell phones to young children, knowing full well children’s skull and periosteum are not fully developed, thus amplifying the danger of radioactive frequency immersion? The answer, hard as it is to swallow, is that the combined effects of cell phones, towers and Haarp are designed to sow death. Slap a slick marketing campaign together, bash it into public consciousnesses, and we end up with fools waiting at dawn outside retailers for the “next generation” cell phone. It’s all quite Pavlovian…and sad.

A medical catastrophe is in the making…right now! It’s a metaphorical tsunami on the horizon; targeted at and composed of  today’s children, which a now smaller percentage of will become tomorrow’s adults. A horrific percentage of our toddlers will, in their twenties or thirties, develop cranial tumors and lesions, bone marrow destruction, loss of intellect and many other vile maladies. A wave of death is approaching, and as much as I abhor it, I won’t shrink from trying to enlighten others to what is coming down the pike.

Who is to blame for this? Cell companies? Certainly.

Parents? Certainly. Squished between child peer pressure, convenience, cognitive dissonance, a media-induced apathy (from cell towers…oh, the irony!), and uber-slick marketing campaigns, the majority of parents and people continue to use them. In essence, we are like cows in a Far Side cartoon. Picture a line of cows leading into a building called “Slaughter House”. One cow comes up to another to hear the approached cow say, “Hey! No butting!”

Sheer madness it is to fund these companies that knowingly are giving us cancer and a host of other ailments. One can recall that the earth continued to turn and life continued to exist…all without a cell phone for, oh, roughly 6,000 years some will reckon. How did we evolve into pansies not daring to leave home without one? Anyone with a lick of common sense will cancel their service, throw out the phone and share this article. It really is a matter of life and death.

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26 Comments on "Cell Phones – Cell Towers – Haarp. An EMF Triple Threat"

  1. This is an excellent article except for its distorted view of the California drought and the focus aberration of calling out Nestles. Water used for drinking is not wasted, and Nestle uses only a tiny percent, like 75 million gallons in a year, none wasted. But in one DAY, if each person in California ate a 1/3 lb serving of beef (which uses 1500 gallons per pound), it would use 18 billion gallons, far more than 99% in one day than Nestles uses in a year. Meat production wastes 99.9% more water than Nestles, which actually does not waste water at all. As for the prices, at least they are not externalize, as the meat production costs in damage to the water supply, human health, and environmental degradation, including global warming produces. If you want to stop wasting water, switch to a plant-based diet or cut back on the meat.

    Focus aberration is the act of focusing on the least of the problem which places the major issues (fracking, meat production) out of focus. This is counter-productive. It is a tool of distraction and dangerous.

    Otherwise, I have no issues with this article, which finally highlights the fact that cell phones (along with wifi and cordless phones) are the greatest cancer danger (those who focus on smart meters are guilty of focus aberration, since few of us place smartmeters next to our brains or store them in our pockets or sleep with cordless phone bases which put out radiation 24/7).

    Focus aberration is how propagandists and fanatics distract the public from major issues by blowing up minor.

    • So by your logic, if a diamond thief steals only a ‘few’ diamonds, he is exonerated by the actions of a more prolific thief?

      • No, that is not my logic. Focus aberration is when your focus of the smaller object while losing focusing of the larger.

        Given that Nestles is not wasting water (it is all eventually drunk),you are equating the apples and oranges. Each glass of water Nestles uses produces a glass of water.
        Each serving of beef produced uses 800 glasses of water, which I find a wasteful use of water, especially during a time of scarcity

        Secondly, by your implied logic, we should go after the guy who takes 1 glass of water while ignoring the guy who takes 800.

        My point is simple: let’s focus on the real waste, not the way that Nestle converts a glass of water into a more expensive glass of water.

        Focus aberration is a situation in which we ignore a much greater problem by focusing on a much smaller problem.

        • Note the title of this article. Is there any indication that it’s about water? No need to reply. I’m not playing.

          • dale ruff | May 21, 2015 at 2:00 pm |

            Note how my post begins “This is an exellent article..” except for the one issue of misfocusing on Nestle’s wasting water while 1/3 lb of beef uses 8000 cups of water. My goal was to praise the article and correct one focus aberration.

            You need to read the article; it introduces the water issue with “the government has artificially created the drought in California. Combine the lack of water from mountain snowfall, and the new saying gains weight. “Water is the new oil”. Sounds like the movie Omega Man is coming soon to a theater near us. While this huge drought affecting our entire nation is wreaking havoc on human lives, agriculture and the nation’s economy, the Bush family quietly buys land known to have water under it. The Nestle company does the same, then bottles it and charges exorbitant prices for an earth resource!”

            In fact, the argument that cell towers have caused the drought (thus letting global warming, caused by fossil fuel emissions off the hook (another example of focus aberration) is bogus but I agree that cell towers are potentially harmful. depending on your distance from them. Cell phones, on the other hand, we put up to our brains for hours a day and then store in our pockets.

            I wish to add that the stuff on HAARP goes beyond focus aberration to total blindness since “U.S. Air Force shut down HAARP, putting all conspiracy theories to rest. Antennas at the HAARP facility, closed in mid June 2014.”

          • From the director of Haarp himself in response to questions regarding
            closure in 2014, “‘Everything is in secure mode,’ he said, adding that
            “it will stay that
            way at least for another 4 to 6 weeks. In the meantime a new prime
            contractor will be coming on board to run the government
            owned-contractor operated (GOCO) facility.”Shut down? No. Privatised? Yes. Reason? Activities become, well, private

    • “Focus aberration” can also be the result of not writing a book, but an article. There is only so much room. Your underlying implication that this article is written by a propagandist is absurd. In fact, one could say your obsession with ‘focus aberrationist’ is itself a focus aberration. Please do think before typing.

      • REread my post: it begins “This is an excellent article….” and concludes with “Otherwise (other than the focus aberration on Nestles), I have no issues with this article,”

        My overt view is that “This is an excellent article” except for the one issue of focusing not on major wasters of water (fracking and meat production).”

        Please read before making a fool of yourself by totally misstating what is said in the post.

    • “….. and Nestle uses only a tiny percent, like 75 million gallons in a year”. As with many of your posts, you throw out numbers that are concocted from who knows where…thin air, maybe?

      Morongo plant in southern Cal has published reports of 200 million gal/p/yr. Sacramento is over 80 billion gal/p/yr. There are others, of course.

      Dale, your huge volume of Discus replies and threads indicate one

      of a few scenarios.

      1. You are retired, and live only to post on threads.
      2. You still work, but are a meth addict. How else to explain away

      the time in vesture while still finding time to sleep and work.

      Single? I hope so, because the wife and kiddies wouldn’t ever

      see you, what with a job and the need for sleep.
      3. Writing replies to articles actually IS your job.

      The latter is the most plausible of the three, barring you are retired and have nothing better to do all day than pick apart articles. If that’s the case, look out your window Dale…it’s called ‘The Outside’.

      Here’s the thing, Dale. In a review of your comments on Discus, a pattern emerges. The pattern is a blueprint for what you’ve done here. Namely, grab one factoid from the article that is usually inconsequential to the main thesis, ‘attempt’ to rip it to shreds, then spark a dialogue from your counter-point. It does work, I grant you; just see how Invierno and Waddles51 bit on your lure.

      Also noted in evaluation of your contributions is the incredible amount of replies, responses, assertions and inaccurate data. You post a ‘fact’ sure to generate responses and have a seemingly inexhaustible ability to keep a thread rolling along and away from the primary posit in the piece. Add your incredibly wide knowledge base. You seem to have knowledge about darn near everything; of course, when you toss out meaningless inaccurate stats as fact, you are blessedly spared the tedium of backing up your numbers with credible sources. Lucky you.

      As I checked out your threads, posts….Discus contributions, after two days of visiting Discus and you, on the third attempt, I was blocked from viewing your words. Why would that be? Someone got your back? Discus is of course a globalist endeavour. I was saddened when AP went on board, but will acknowledge that (when not blocking and protecting ‘assets’ like you, they are a good way to manage a forum.

      Sorry Dale, but perhaps you need to contact your bosses and advise them you need a new handle….you done wore this one out, bro. Oh…if they do give you a new one (similar to a new ‘cover’ for a blown agent) make sure you change your syntax and diction to a new personality…even that is a well worn groove. Tell your bosses you want to come back as high school junior named ‘TrickseySees17′.

      Hahahhaha…..you’re killin’ me ovah heah!

  2. What a pile of crap! No cell tower uses that kind of power! And the damage to the body is in the form of heating at cell frequencies. Who ever wrote this needs to go learn reality!

    And haarp is shut down and mothballed!

    • Wow, really? How bout backing up YOUR comments with some facts!! I’m sure we’ll see some soon. Go eat some more chemicals, and GMO’s…your so doggone intelligent!

      • Facts, I have repaired electronics for 30 years, facts I am a ham radio operator and know RF(plus I have worked on cell equipment).

        If a cell site used excess power it would wipe every other cell within 200 miles off the air for starters. Simple RF theory proves this along with real world experience from my ham station. I can use 50 watts on 144mhz and talk 200 miles. That is with a low antenna. Now move my antenna to 300 feet like a lot of cell towers. My range just extended to 400 miles due to curve of the earth and a higher antenna reduces that effect.

        And I have a scrap cell transmitter in my junk box. The transistors inside are rated for 50 watts MAXIMUM. Exceed that and they short and destroy the transmitter(why I have one in my junk box, I want the heatsink off of it for a project, rest is scrap).

        Now what are your qualifications in electronics and RF theory? Besides wearing a tin foil hat to ward off alien signals?

        • Well, I don’t tinker in my hobby room….I guess you are right and the thousands of articles and hundreds of scientific papers are all wrong. Including the government itself which says it is for weather modification. I suppose the foreign government’s objections are all groundless. The money and time and scientists and outrage by countries all over the world are wrong, and you, a ham radio operator in MN are right.

          As the author pointed out, debunkers (you) and misdirect shills (Dale) would peep out from under.

          • Mary Brown | May 24, 2015 at 4:20 pm |

            You are such a moron believing the crap posted online. Get real, I know the THEORY behind it, I know the science and what they can do and not do. They cannot aim it all over the frigging world. You are violating the laws of physics and trying to claim it is truth!

            Now go buy more tinfoil, your hat is falling apart…

          • Now Occupy | March 8, 2018 at 9:26 am |

            Well done!

    • They don’t use it 24/7, Ms. Brown. It is in stasis for when it IS needed to do as the author outlines. An oven an go up to 550 degrees, but is rarely set that high…doesn’t mean it CAN’T go there.

      Do as the author suggests; go to a tower. Older towers had the transformer visible, but newer ones hide it inside a small building. You can see the cables exit the building and climb the tower.

      In regards to Haarp being shut down, you need to do a teensy bit of research before making claims.

      From the director of Haarp himself in response to questions regarding closure in 2014, “‘Everything is in secure mode,’ he said, adding that “it will stay that
      way at least for another 4 to 6 weeks. In the meantime a new prime
      contractor will be coming on board to run the government
      owned-contractor operated (GOCO) facility.”

      Shut down? No. Privatised? Yes. Reason? Activities become, well, private.

      Go get a refund on those mothballs.

      • I am a ham radio operator, I have repaired electronics for 30 years, I have old cell transmitters sitting in my junk pile. They ARE NOT capable of anything above 50 watts at best and most far less than that. There is nothing magical about the big fat cables going up the tower either. The higher you go in frequency the larger the cable to keep losses to an acceptable level(up to the point it becomes a waveguide but at cell frequencies that would be large, like trash can diameter or bigger).

        In my ham station I use a cable that is 2 inches in diameter for one antenna. Does that mean I can suddenly boost power to megawatts? Hell no, I use it because it offers the lowest losses on receive and on higher frequencies being bale to receive becomes increasingly difficult.

        That transformer is no different than the typical transformer in the alley behind my house. It can supply up to 400 or so amps. Now add in tower lighting, most cell sites have multiple transmitters that will each use a decent amount of power, some sites have other antennas for things like paging, ham radio etc and all those transmitters use power… that is a stock design they plunk down on dang near every cell site these days. It is a prefab setup that SAVES MONEY so any future expansion needs can be met without expensive upgrades.

        Go learn the science and tech behind something before speaking, otherwise it make you look like a fool!

      • Ohh and on haarp? It uses frequencies near a ham band I use. In fact hams in Canada and Alaska can hear it of they want to when it is operation. I live in MN and have NEVER heard it since it started operation. The antennas point STRAIGHT UP, the most they can beam steer is about 20 degrees. It is not some weapon or weather control device, I have talked to people who work there(ham operators) and it is studying the ionosphere. Nothing more.

        You need to go buy more tinfoil for that hat, aliens are beaming gamma rays at your head.

  3. the high altitude airiel reconcence program, as it was originally sold to congress, was indeed moved to a new location in 98. just with more advanced equipment, it didn’t stop. the military studies in the 60’s proved that even low level man made radiation can’t be filtered by the human body, and builds up over time, eventually causing negative effects. you forgot to mention the elf system, which stated purpose is seperate communication, but when one looks at the patents over the last 50 years, most people can’t begin to comprehend how ingenuis it all is, or psychotic. it piggybacks on the entire global cell network

  4. Hello! I think this is a great article. But I have another problem. I am bombarded daily with energy waves plus infra and ultrasounds. They can alter my mood, insert impulses and thoughts and even change my perception of the world. They can also make my inner voice sound much louder than it should. I am one of the so called Targeted Individuals. I would like to know if you have any info about this type of cases and if you can provide me with any scientific explanation of how they’re doing this to me. I am waiting for your response. Thank you!

  5. WTF? Hertz defines output power in a cel tower? Half a megawatt coming from a cel tower? You have any idea the current draw that would require and the size of the amps you would need? Cel tower operators are like any other business, notoriously cheap. I personally know what is needed to make a repeater network (which is what a cellular system is, without the fancy PR acronyms), and the stuff needed to put out that much power is HUGE.

  6. EMF is NOT a problem. Humanity has been living in an ocean of EMF for well over 50 years and has done just fine. GMOs on the other hand are a problem and a threat to the environment overall. I see articles like this has a ‘submarine’ post by Monsanto shills.

  7. Alaska News

    Air Force prepares to dismantle HAARP ahead of summer shutdown

    Dermot Cole

    May 14, 2014

    “FAIRBANKS — The U.S. Air Force gave official notice to Congress Wednesday that it intends to dismantle the $300 million High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in Gakona this summer.”

    “They want to bulldoze it, which is really atrocious to me,” says Dennis Papadopoulos, a physicist at the University of Maryland and a longtime champion of HAARP. “It’s like burning the Alexandria Library.”

    HAARP conspiracy theorists claim this is all a lie. They give no evidence, as they gave no evidence that HAARP, which was used to study the ionosphere, was able to “cool the earth.”

    The HAARP funding no longer exists, as it was always a pork project of the late Senator Stevens of Alaska.

    A private contractor ran the operation as it finished up its final experiments in 2014, using Air Force Funds. Then it’s history. .

    Those inclined to hurl inal nsults and accusations should reflect on the fact that wild conspiracy theories are promoted by those with something to hide or financial stakes in order to poison the well of legitimate conspiracy allegations, which are evidence-based, such as the murder of JFK (which Congress in the 70’s concluded was a conspiracy) and 9/11,about which the 9/11 Commission has stated the government lied, the Gulf of Tonkin hoax, the conspiracy to mislead the pubic about WMDs in Iraq, etc.

    Poisoning the well is a way of lumping the lunatic and the sound and thus dismissing all “conspiracy theories..” HAARP was such a theory. Who benefits.

    I will not respond to insults and accusations. Bring forth evidence and facts, and we can have a rational discussion; otherwise it is just cult rant.

  8. Admiral_Shackleford | May 25, 2015 at 10:00 am |

    This is LITERALLY a tin foil hat conspiracy. Literally. You can literally block radio waves with a tin foil (Aluminum hat.) It’s basic science. LOL.

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