Medical Fascism Claims Ownership Over Your Body

By Mike Adams

We have already seen what happens when the state claims ownership of our bodies. Millions die. As the vaccine culture war heats up in America, echoes of medical fascism persist. A medical system that demands your obedience at gunpoint can never be trusted.


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5 Comments on "Medical Fascism Claims Ownership Over Your Body"

  1. Hospitals are for profit, they could care less if you lived or died. Hospitals will feed you sugar that grows cancer and fill you full of toxic chemo at the same time, Doctors are quacks with most diseases.

  2. OratorImplored | March 12, 2015 at 3:54 pm | Reply

    On the bright side of things, at least it will only apply to those whom support this system. I wish I could feel sorry for the people this will effect, but there are no victims here on earth, only volunteers. If a person wants to believe that this system is or ever has been good for the people, then their demise by its hands is the consequence of holding such asinine notions. Hope everyone has a change of heart in time, but everyone knows that isn’t realistic.

    • I imagine the law applies to all natural persons. A natural person is a fiction – a legal fiction. A person is an actor, Home Depot is an actor. Home Depot CEO is a Natural Person. The rest of us are living self conscious beings, men and women. Their laws are commercial laws and they are acting in a proprietary capacity and not as a government.

  3. they must be profitable there are two near where I live and they both have expanded. keep ’em comin w/ all that gmo monsanto – first we pilfer every cent they have then they go the last room and no water – we are knockin em dead..

  4. would’nt that be a form of slavery

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