U.S. Free Press Freezes About Italian Court Ruling That Vaccines Cause Autism

ThanksCorporateNewsBy Catherine J. Frompovich

Have any readers read about the Italian court’s ruling that vaccines have caused autism? Have you heard about it on your nightly TV news channels? Have you scanned it on your favorite online newspaper? Probably not—but even more so, why not?

Well, there were at least two such autism rulings, the latest being in September 2014. Here is the 8-page official court document written in Italian, signed by Judge Nicola Di Leo. Mary Holland, JD, wrote an article about that ruling, which everyone at the HHS, CDC, FDA and all state and local health agencies should read, know about and, furthermore, accept because vaccines DO cause autism.

The Italian court in Milan ruled against GlaxoSmithKline for damages caused by its hexavalent vaccine Infanrix Hexa, which is given to children during their first year of life.

Several factors were considered by the court in coming to the decision it rendered. One important fact was that the vaccine at the time administered contained Thimerosal (49.6% ethylmercury) “in concentrations greatly exceeding the maximum recommended levels for infants weighing only a few kilograms.” In Italy, Thimerosal has since been banned due to its neurotoxicity. It still is present in many vaccines in the USA.

The other apparently incriminating factor(s) came from the 1271-page GlaxoSmithKline report “Confidential to Regulatory Authorities,” which GSK had to present to the Italian court. That document has since been posted online here, which I encourage readers to take the time to scan, especially the last 50 or so pages. Take note that a comprehensive listing of Adverse Events from Infanrix Hexa starts on pages 1129-30. On page 626, though, we see “Autism” listed two times for a total of 6 adverse events. Apparently, they did know!

In June of 2012, another court in Rimini, Italy, ruled that the MMR vaccine caused autism in a 15-month- old boy. The UK newspaper Daily Mail, however, did report on that ruling.

Isn’t that an obvious legal vindication of Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s hypothesis about the MMR vaccine?

The rather depressing, but interesting, aspect of both Italian court rulings is that their remarkable adjudications did not seem important enough to be reported by—or in—the supposed ‘free press’ of the United States of America! So, how can anyone in the USA believe the apparent ‘fairytales’ communicated about vaccines by the non-transparent and obviously controlled media, if they don’t report all the facts, all the time?

However, in September of 2013, Natural News online reported something interesting at the U.S. “Vaccine Court”:

Of particular note in the case is the fact that concession documents by the government remain under seal. While the court and the government at large openly admitted that the MMR vaccine caused Ryan’s encephalitis, it did not make public its opinion on whether or not that encephalitis led to Ryan’s other injuries, including those that fall into the category of ASD. But the fact that these documents remain censored shows that the government is hiding something of importance from the public, which most definitely has to do with the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. [1] [CJF emphasis added]

The Huffington Post online reported in January of 2013 that the U.S. “Vaccine Court Awards Millions to Two Children With Autism”. Why would the CDC, FDA, and health authorities say that vaccines don’t cause autism? Something is categorically wrong when they don’t acknowledge the Vaccine Court’s decisions, plus claims payouts for autism resulting from vaccine adverse events. What kind of double-speak goes on regarding vaccines in federal health agencies? Congress needs to investigate that.

See this rather ‘nut-case-like’ repartee that took place at a Congressional hearing between Senator Elizabeth Warren [D-MA] and Anne Schuchat, MD, Director of National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the CDC. [2]

Their ‘script’ sounds more like something old-time comedians Laurel and Hardy would have concocted.

Shouldn’t Dr. Schuchat know better than to lie under oath in testimony before a member of Congress? Should Dr. Schuchat be prosecuted for perjury? Aren’t lies made in congressional hearings Contempt of Congress? that will get you 6 months in jail. Probably Dr. Schuchat has the same sort of ‘truth exemption’ status as did the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who apparently lied under oath to Congress, or former CIA director Michael Hayden, [3] who apparently lied about torture. How come there seems to be a double standard of law and ethics within federal agencies?

Furthermore, numerous times vaccine-associated-autism HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED SCIENTIFICALLY, but collusion occurred to keep it from healthcare consumers.

Causal links between vaccines have been identified in the past by CDC epidemiologists and researchers, viz.: the Simpsonwood Meeting in June of 2000—a clandestine meeting to figure out what to do with the Verstraeten study that showed the link between Thimerosal (ethylmercury) in vaccines and autism.

Then, as recently as 2014, William Thompson, PhD, blew the whistle on how he fudged vaccine study papers regarding the link between vaccines and autism.

Additionally, on page 5 of the HHS Health Resources and Service Administration National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Statistics Report, we find for the MMR vaccine there were 890 injuries/adverse events and 57 deaths reported with only 367 compensated claims and 502 that were dismissed without compensation for damages, proving vaccines are not safe!

In other countries such as Italy, vaccine-damaged vaccinees have much more equitable recourses at law than those who are damaged by vaccines in the United States. Congress needs to change that 1986 law, since vaccines really do cause autism, as the Italian court adjudicated and the U.S. Vaccine Court knows and paid claims for.

And lastly, readers and members of Congress ought to know that “Bill Gates Faces Trial in India For Illegally Testing Tribal Children With Vaccines [CJF emphasis added] (Source)

Vaccine crimes everywhere, especially at the CDC and FDA, must stop—and Congress must do a thorough and independent investigation of an apparent agenda between Big Pharma’s pseudoscience cappers they are permitted pull off and the terrible damage being done to human health.


[1] http://www.naturalnews.com/041897_mmr_vaccines_autism_court_ruling.html
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Schuchat
[3] http://www.nationaljournal.com/defense/how-the-cia-lied-to-congress-on-torture-according-to-congress-20141209

Catherine retired from researching and writing, but felt compelled to write this article. 

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on Amazon.com.

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on Amazon.com and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on Amazon.com are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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71 Comments on "U.S. Free Press Freezes About Italian Court Ruling That Vaccines Cause Autism"

  1. Excellent update, Catherine, thank you! Hope you reconsider your retirement from writing, at least temporarily to keep us informed on the raging “vaccine wars” underway. We might just win this one and wake up a lot more people.

  2. John C Carleton | February 23, 2015 at 1:03 pm | Reply

    I consider a syringe with a vaccine a loaded weapon, I have the right to defend myself when someone is trying to kill me.

  3. The International Corporate Cabal will send representatives of ISIS to Rome to have a ‘heart-to-heart’ with the judges. Perhaps one of their newly-recruited ‘Hitler Youth’?

  4. The Italian court ruling doesn’t fit the propaganda narrative of the psychopaths in government.. so they have ordered the US prestitutes not to report it!
    Thou shalt not report anything that would disrupt the pharmaceutical industry’s PROFITS! and the BRIBES that our psychopathic politicians receive from the pharmaceutical industry!

  5. Apparently those in the Italian Government aren’t Whores to Pharmika like their American counterparts.

  6. If you disagree with PLANS TO VACCINATE ALL ADULTS

    SPEAK up to INFORM the government so that evidence based facts about harm from vaccines cannot be denied or ignored.

    NVPO is soliciting public comment on the draft NAIP from a variety of stakeholders, including the general public, for consideration as they develop their final report to the Secretary. It is anticipated that the draft NAIP, as revised with consideration given to public comment and stakeholder input, will be presented to the Secretary in the first quarter of 2015.

    COMMENTS CLOSE 03/09/15

    Solicitation of Written Comments on the Draft National Adult
    Immunization Plan https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2015/02/06/2015-02481/solicitation-of-written-comments-on-the-draft-national-adult-immunization-plan

    RESOURCES TO SELF EMPOWER AND COMMENT, AT https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/solicitation-of-written-comments-on-the-draft-national-adult-immunization-plan-time-sensitive/

    • Comments close 03/09/15. Gun stores remain open.

    • This nation, or should I say “the regime” doesn’t care about your thoughts, desires, petitions, phone calls or letters. If it doesn’t somehow promote the criminals in power or the system they have established they completely ignore it.

      In their mind you are cattle. Since when would they care about cattle.
      They laugh at your mooing. They couldn’t have more contempt.

      We have allowed ourselves to become so overwhelmed with their lies and propaganda of what america is and how we compare to the world it is just like North Korea, and unfortunately we are buying it.
      Yes, we still chant USA when we are becoming terrorists in the eyes of the world.
      We have a growing police state and all of our rights and freedoms must be sacrificed for security, but we are still the best nation in the world.

      This is how the brainwashing works.
      Welcome to the new annex of N E Korea.

  7. When courts make medical decisions, we have entered a period when science is trumped by politics. The vaccine in questions (not “vaccines”) uses Thimerosal , which has been linked to autism. Thimerosol is not used in MMR vaccines and most others.

    The headline is a lie: the Court did not rule that “Vaccines cause autism” but rather that a particular vaccine, which uses mercury as preservative, is linked to autism.

    Thimerosol has been excluded from childhood vaccines in the US since 2001 and in many cases from adult vaccines.

    There is zero evidence that vaccines cause autism but some studies have suggested that Thimersol does. Anyone who confuses vaccines with a potentially dangerous preservative is being unscientific or dishonest.

    MMR vaccines have never contained Thimersol and there is no evidence they have produced autism. A study from the 90’s has been thoroughly discredited by respected scientific studies and the person responsible has lost his professional status. The journal in which the orgiinal study was published has retracted it corrected the record.

    Believers will claim tht all doctors, medical researchers, medical journals etc are all sold out. This opens the question: where is the evidence? and if we cannot trust medical scientists, whom should we trust?

    Science operates in a way so that if a fake claim is made, hundreds of young scientists can make their reputations by exposing it. Thus science, which at times has been perverted by politics (for instance allowing courts to make medical decisions) is self-correcting since there is the great incentive for younger scientists to establish themselves by exposing bad science. There is no Central Committee in Science, no Supreme Court: science evolves through the democratic process of peer review and the eternal quest to debunk established theories and assumptions.

    No other intellectual discipline is more open to self-correction or change than modern science. i would leave scientists themselves to make medical conclusions and avoid having courts or other political institutions from meddling.

    This article leads with a lie…………..there is no evidence that vaccines cause autism and the court did not make this ruling. The danger is in the mercury preservative, which is not essential to the vaccine and so cannot be conflated with the vaccine. Other than flu shots, very few vaccines (and no childhood vaccines) contain this potentially harmful substance.

    • Are you a paid troll? Are you are computer program designed to surf the web and regurgitate script so as to look and sound “Scientific.” Are you a “Copy & Paste” person, who simply accepts what you are told in class, reads from textbooks, and consumes from “authorities on high?”
      Is Science the Empirical Method, Observation of Reality, and a search for methods to explain patterns and behaviors? Or is Science, to you, what someone else creates, and you memorize and quote, because you yourself lack the creative, innovative, and purposeful drive to know ever greater Truths? I’ve read and heard and experienced from you and your kind all my life, and when you are overwhelmingly demonstrated to be wrong, you always pretend like you never said what you did say. So even if you are a machine, a software program, or a person, you must realize that you can only realize happiness and satisfaction by valuing living beings more than your ideas. Good Luck!

      • Are you a child molester?

      • Very well said. The idiot ruff is well known as a paid shill, probably for the Chicago thug/political machine that spawned the illegal alien in the WH. It gets paid by the response so will say anything to provoke an answer. Starve the idiot.

      • Actually I am a gifted student who shares what he has learned. your personal insult reflects only on your own lack of moral character and intellectual vapidity. When all else fails, as it clearly has with you, hurl vulgar insults. That is a wonderful legacy.

    • It’s not as though Thimerosal is the only questionable ingredient. That’s a red herring. Ok, somehow disprove the mercury as the culprit and the entire argument disappears? Not so fast. There’s a lot more than just Thimerosal causing problems. Thimerosal is one of many. So get rid of the mercury and what else is it that is an issue?

      • There is zero evidence that vaccines of themselves cause evidence: none. Thimerosal IS the questionable ingredient, as many studies have proven. Isolating the dangerous element is hardly a red herring.

        If you have evidence to the contrary, please present it.

        • “There is zero evidence that vaccines of themselves cause evidence: none” What the hell is that supposed to mean?
          Yeah, watch out for that evidence, it’ll get you every time!

          • Scientists have pushed back the emergence of homo sapiens 700k years. During that period of time our immune systems have evolved to keep us alive as a species as opposed to the number of living creatures that went extinct during the same period of time.

            50 years of vaccines are a blip against 700k. Vaccines circumvent the first two of three major parts of our immune system while activating one out of seventeen sub-systems currently identified. That’s one reason you have to get boosters; without engaging the entire system you don’t get lifelong immunity.

            Clean water, better sanitation and proper food prep/storage reduced the effect of these illnesses before vaccines came into play. Herbicides – weeds adapted. Pesticides – bugs adapted. Antibiotics – germs adapted. Vaccines – its not rocket science here…, figure it out.

      • When they finally woke up to the dangers of injecting mercury into newborns and toddlers in 1999, they replaced it with aluminum. Aluminum is possibly even a more potent neurotoxin than mercury and is in levels 50 times higher than what is considered safe.

      • Ethyl mercury is formed when the body breaks down thimerosal. In the blood it is rapidly converted by the liver and kidneys to a less harmful form, inorganic mercury. The rate in which the body does this is 5x faster than its chemical related cousion Methyl mercury. It is excreted in the stool. It has a half-life of around 7-10 days and doesn’t bioaccumulate. The amount in a vaccine is many times less that which could cause harm. Methyl mercury is naturally found in the enviroment, in soil, water and some foods. It causes harm and has never been added to vaccines. Its easily absorbed through the gut and once in the blood is slowly converted by the liver and kidneys. It binds to proteins and it stores in the fat, the nerves and the brain. It has a half-life of around 50 days and bioaccumulates. It can be found in many types of seafoods. If you eat them too often it could harm you and cause certain effects, like neurological damage

    • Is this Dale Ruff’ as found on the Disqus Profile?
      “In my 70’s, mellowed in temper, more radical than ever: radical egalitarian, vegan, learner. Santa Cruz Mountains
      “Comments 4348”
      If so, this may explain a lot, so totally ignore him.

      • Disgusted, yes is the same undefeated, unafraid and forever a student. Why people should ignore someone, per your ad hominem, who has devoted his life to learning tells more about you than me. I suggest that you remain Disgusted.

        • But it is YOU who throws the ad hominem stuff, oh learned, enlightened one of the OWO mentality.
          Disgusted, yes, with ignorance just like yours who knows no real factual science but strict BS and that’s not a Bachelor of Science degree either.
          How about keeping your gifts to yourself. That would be a really nice gift.

          • I shared real information on fake science with sources. You have contributed nothing but tried to silence me. You have failed.

    • As a scientist we used to call ‘sales pitch science’ “the worst science money can buy’ As a scientist I can tell the world that there are a lot of very large companies that both industry and government hire to ‘cook the science’, to make it more ‘friendly’ to whatever the buyer is selling… usually to the public as ‘scientific proof’ with a lot of peer reviews fraud to back it all up with.

      You sound more like a salesman than a scientist to me. Selling science as something written in stone by the holiest of the white lab coats. Universities have been selling that same old crap for years.

      The simple truth is that there is a lot of really bad science out there being supported by the NOT SO respectable corporations of the world. There are plenty of Universities on the corporate dole playing ball as well. There is also a lot of science running amok as I write this.

      You have a lot to learn about how the world REALLY works if you think the courts mixes science and politics. Science and politics is ALREADY deeply mixed through investment portfolios See http://www.cafr1.com for documentation. Big pharma is the government’s largest stock holder. hem, hem.

      Courts are set up (as an attempt) to keep science honest through something called due process and discovery.

      Vaccines clearly cause ‘Autism’ since ‘Autism’ is just another ‘word’ for neurological disorder. Most vaccine inserts will tell ANYONE willing to ‘read’ them that many vaccines can cause ‘neurological disorders’

      Courts of law with juries also do a really good job of keeping public records of things like vaccine damage / injury and death where our current medical system is absolutely failing at doing so.

      • What is your scientific background that makes you an expert on the politics of science. Vaccines do not cause autism, tho there is some evidence that mercury preservatives may. These preservatives have never been used in MMR vaccines and no childhood vaccines have had the since 2001.
        If indeed you are a scientist (is your field immunology?), you are clearly not up to date in claiming Vaccines “clearly cause “autism.” since this claim is rejected by the medical researchers. If you claim that these scientists are frauds, and you are indeed a scientist, why should we believe you, on your own logic.

        Courts do not keep science honest; courts make political decisions, as in the old Soviet Union. Scientists keep science honest by challenging assumptions and seeking to confirm or refute reported results. Young scientists especially can make their careers by finding errors or flaws in established research. This is the method of democratic peer-review, which has made science the powerful instrument of human knowledge that it is. Courts can only pervert this process, since they are not scientific but political institutions. When courts make medical decisions, its time for doctors and researchers to make judicial decisions.

        When courts make medical decisions, science has been contaminated and become a tool of politics. I reject your argument vehemently as a corruption of scientific method which has nothing to do with courts and everything to do with scientific methodology. When courts disagree with the vast consensus of expert scientists I will stick with the science and you may embrace this perversion of science.

        • You sure ask for a lot of proof. Where is your PROOF vaccines do NOT cause autism?

          Which adjutants / preservatives are YOU saying are NOT in the MMR OR MMRII vaccine? List them.

          The legal system is SUPPOSED to be in place to keep bad or corrupt science from harming the general public. I know, your STOCK just may take a hit. You know we’re not talking about putting science itself on trial the aim is to keep large pharma corps and all their affiliates in check.

          Right now the CDC is embroiled in a lawsuit where they’re own people have the documentation where the CDC KNOWINGLY covered up EVIDENCE of linking the MMR vaccine to Autism. Their was sufficient evidence determined by a federal judge (an agent of the defendant CDC) to move the case before a congressional hearing.

          The 2012 vindication of Dr. Wakefield via the vindication of Dr. Smith et al in the UK’s high court of law.

          The court ruled that OVERWHELMING evidence PROVED that Brian Deer NOT Dr. Wakefield / Smith et al had produced FRAUD on the GMC (general medical council) The tragedy in all of this is that the LEGITIMATE RESEARCH on the MMR vaccine was NOT continued which would have saved countless lives from suffering.

          What’s also interestingly that came out in the ‘discovery process’ is that links between Brian Deer and GlaxoSmithKline demonstrated MOTIVE by Brian Deer to ‘fabricate’ his story to the GMC.

          If it wasn’t for due process and discovery what would we NOT have ‘discovered’ about Bayer Pharmaceutical Factor VIII and IX

          a.) to cut costs Bayer harvested blood from pools of “high risk” individuals.

          b.) Resulting in the spread of HIV to completely innocent people.

          Speaking of GlaxoSmithKline… Documented evidence demonstrated that GlaxoSmithKline paying kickbacks to physicians, making false and misleading statements concerning the safety of Avandia,


          The list goes on and on

          You must be a complete fascist to be blurring the lines between protecting large pharmaceutical companies and protecting HONEST science.

          • How Wall Street has literally “BOUGHT” you
            and your family’s health https://www.boughtmovie.net/free-viewing/thank-you.php?AFFID=NONE&optin=1

          • Thank you for that I will pass it on.

            Another good book EVERY med student should be ‘required’ to read is ‘The Drug Story’ Revised edition.

            It’s much more relevant today than when it was revised in the 1940’s

          • You stated “Vaccines clearly cause autism” so that obligates you to support that claim with evidence.

            The only study which claimed that MMR caused autism has been throroughly discredited, with the author being paid to produce fake science and his 12 co authors and the journal which published it all having denounced Wakefield as a fraud.

            If I cite medical research, your closed mind (based on your statement “vaccines clearly cause autism”) will then claim that all medical research is fraudulent and paid for by the pharmaceutical corporations.

            So I will just say, if you assert that vaccines (you do not distinguish….I hold that the mercury preservative may well cause autism, but it has never been used in MMR and has not been used in any childhood vaccines since 2001) CLEARLY cause autism, you are open to any evidence, research, or facts to the contrary.

            As for my being a fascist, that is just a vicious insult substituting for rational discourse and masking your inability to provide any scientific evidence for your claim. I have been an anti-fascist for over 55 yrs, not only talking the talk but walking the walk, participating in the Civil Rights Movement, and various anti-war movements.

            I have studied fascism all my life and I understand it is the merging of the interests of the state and the corporations. I understand that the drug companies have often been guilty of deceptions, but I reject the claim that the medical research which finds NO link between MMR and other vaccines which do not contain mercury “clearly” cause autism. If you reject all medical research, I would ask: then whom do you trust?

            The only medical researcher I am aware of who did fraudulent research was the now disgraced Wakefield, who took money and had a vested interest in a rival vaccine to manipulate data to “prove” that MMR causes autism. Clearly, there are medical researchers who lie, and his co workers, his publisher, and many other medical researchers have all proven that he published fraudulent research.

            So if you make the claim that “vaccines clearly cause autism,’ you are obligated, since this contradicts all the credible peer-reviewed studies, to provide your evidence and your source.

            If you want sources for the refutation of the Wakefield fake science, just google it. If you want information on the disgrace of Wakefield, Wikipedia has an excellent article, with primary sources.

            Your personal insult (calling me a fascist) is a demonstration of your inability to defend your position and resorting to gutter sniping to hide that fact.

          • Again NO Proof just hot air.

            If you want to know about the vindication of Wakefield just, AS YOU SAY, Google it.

          • http://justthevax.blogspot.com/2014/03/75-studies-that-show-no-link-between.html

            Friday, March 7, 2014

            75 studies that show no link between vaccines and autism UPDATED to 107

            Edited to fix links and to add more studies for a new total of 107 on 11 March 2014″

            Now where is YOUR evidence?

          • Unfortunately your so-called Autism / Vaccine studies are ALL rife with corruption, conflict of interest that in this day and age are essentially highly suspect at best. JUST THE ‘FACTS’

            NON existent Vaccine safety studies are like getting a ‘used car’ inspection report from a pack of ‘used car’ salesman.

            Cover-up Scandal: CDC’s Vaccine Research Exposed as Flawed and Falsified http://healthimpactnews.com/2014/cover-up-scandal-cdcs-vaccine-research-exposed-as-flawed-and-falsified/#sthash.w0QUI3hY.dpuf

            CDC’s Vaccine Safety Research is Exposed as Flawed and Falsified in Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal

            Medical research proven to be mostly flawed

            Peer review: a flawed process at the heart of science and journals

            and it goes on and on and on….

          • Naw, it’s just an ignorant troll.

          • I like ignorant trolls because I can use them like a cheap whore (politician?) to get information out that some people may not be aware of and can ‘easily’ look up themselves.

    • It is NOT just the mercury. True, the MMR does not contain thimerosol. But it has been linked – & with financial payout for it – to, e.g., ADEM – Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis. I.e., brain damage. Plus, it contains glutamic acid (as a stabilizer of its live viruses), which has the unfortunate property of lowering the body’s levels of glutathione, a substance which helps the body excrete heavy metals/toxins. Thus, if the MMR is given at the same time as vaccines which contain the likes of mercury and aluminum, and other toxins, it will tend to cause the child’s body not to be able to excrete those toxins.

      Plus, the MMR measles strain has been found in the damaged guts of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As Wakefield & others have uncovered, the damaged guts, with their leaking peptides, and getting into the brain (with a compromised b-bb), are a major cause of their symptoms – repair the damaged gut, and the ASD symptoms disappear.

      To say that the MMR has nothing to do with autism or other brain-damage conditions is irresponsible and untruthful.

      • ADEM is very rare, 8 per 1 million, with a 5% death rate. It can be caused by measles, but the fake science which claims that MMR is responsible has been discredited.

        Wakefield has been exposed as a fraud. “Andrew Jeremy Wakefield (born c. 1957) is a British former surgeon and medical researcher, known for his fraudulent 1998 research paper in support of the now-discredited claim that there is a link between the administration of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, and the appearance of autism and bowel disease.[1][2][3][4][5]

        After the publication of the paper, other researchers were unable to reproduce Wakefield’s findings or confirm his hypothesis of an association between the MMR vaccine and autism,[6] or autism and gastrointestinal disease.[7] A 2004 investigation by Sunday Times reporter Brian Deer identified undisclosed financial conflicts of interest on Wakefield’s part,[8] and most of his co-authors then withdrew their support for the study’s interpretations” Wikipedia with primary sources.

        You are a victim of fake science.

        • Please tell us what the goal of Wakefield’s research was if you don’t mind. Include links to actual facts, not opinions please.

          • You can find a report in Wikipedia, with primary sources at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MMR_vaccine_controversy

            Here is a highlight:

            “Brian Deer wrote in The Sunday Times of London that, prior to submitting his paper to The Lancet, Wakefield had received £55,000 from Legal Aid Board solicitors seeking evidence to use against vaccine manufacturers, that several of the parents quoted as saying that MMR had damaged their children were also litigants, and that Wakefield did not inform colleagues or medical authorities of the conflict of interest. When the editors of The Lancet learned about this, they said that based on Deer’s evidence, Wakefield’s paper should have never been published because its findings were “entirely flawed.”[2] Although Wakefield maintained that the legal aid funding was for a separate, unpublished study[64] (a position later rejected by a panel of the UK General Medical Council), the editors of The Lancet judged that the funding source should have been disclosed to them.[65] Richard Horton, the editor-in-chief, wrote, “It seems obvious now that had we appreciated the full context in which the work reported in the 1998 Lancet paper by Wakefield and colleagues was done, publication would not have taken place in the way that it did.”[66] Several of Dr. Wakefield’s co-researchers also strongly criticized the lack of disclosure.[2]

            Deer continued his reporting in a Channel 4 Dispatches television documentary, MMR: What They Didn’t Tell You, broadcast on 18 November 2004. This documentary alleged that Wakefield had applied for patents on a vaccine that was a rival of the MMR vaccine, and that he knew of test results from his own laboratory at the Royal Free Hospital that contradicted his claims.[3] Wakefield’s patent application was also noted in the 2008 book Autism’s False Prophets by Paul Offit.

            In January 2005, Wakefield sued Channel 4, 20/20 Productions, and the investigative reporter Brian Deer, who presented the Dispatches programme. However, after two years of litigation, and the revelation of more than £400,000 in undisclosed payments by lawyers to Wakefield, he discontinued his action and paid all the defendants’ costs.

            In 2006, Deer reported in The Sunday Times that Wakefield had been paid £435,643, plus expenses, by British trial lawyers attempting to prove that the vaccine was dangerous, with the undisclosed payments beginning two years before the Lancet paper’s publication”

            The motive was money. The results of his fraudulent research was a decrease in vaccinations and an increase in measles related diseases (blindness, brain diseases) and deaths.

            “In March 2004, immediately following the news of the conflict of interest allegations, ten of Wakefield’s 12 coauthors retracted this interpretation,

            On 8 February 2009, Brian Deer reported in The Sunday Times that Wakefield had “fixed” results and “manipulated” patient data in his 1998 paper, creating the appearance of a link with autism.[4] Wakefield denied these allegations,[70] and even filed a complaint with the Press Complaints Commission (PCC)[71] over this article on 13 March 2009. The complaint was expanded by a 20 March 2009 addendum by Wakefield’s publicist.[72] In July 2009, the PCC stated that it was staying any investigation regarding the Times article, pending the conclusion of the GMC investigation.[73] In the event, Wakefield did not pursue his complaint.”

            The medical profession, the journal which originally published his “research”, and his co-authors have all renounced his work as fraudulent. When Wakefield discontinued his suit against Deer and paid the defendants, it was clear to all that he had no case and knew it.

            People ignorant of his disgrace and conflict of interest continue to promote his fake science.
            How tragic.

          • Wikipedia is not an objective or reliable reference source. If you’ve ever been to college you’d know how to cite a verifiable reference.

          • I have heard this excuse a hundred times from uneducated fools like you. In fact, Wikipedia, in many studies, rates very highly, comparable to the gold standard Encyclopedia Britannica, and rated very highly in medical specialties like oncology etc. The peer-reviewed journal Nature has done an analysis and found it very reliable.

            The reason is simple Wikipedia uses extensive primary sources, and when none is available, it highlights that lack so the reader knows how reliable the information is.

            For example, the article on Wakefield’s fraudulent research is backed up by

            1 full length book

            8 Wakefield journal articles which have either been withdrawn or retracted


            130 primary sources.

            If you had a brain you would learn a lot by consulting Wikipedia and when in doubt, checking out the primary sources by which it backs up its articles.

            Here is a report to demonstrate the general reliability of Wikipedia:

            “The free online resource Wikipedia is about as accurate on science as the Encyclopedia Britannica, a study shows.

            The British journal Nature examined a range of scientific entries on both works of reference and found few differences in accuracy.

            It relies on 13,000 volunteer contributors, many of whom are experts in a particular field, t

            o edit previously submitted articles.

            In order to test its reliability, Nature conducted a peer review of scientific entries on Wikipedia and the well-established Encyclopedia Britannica.

            The reviewers were asked to check for errors, but were not told about the source of the information.

            “Only eight serious errors, such as misinterpretations of important concepts, were detected in the pairs of articles reviewed, four from each encyclopedia,” reported Nature”


            Nature is an international weekly journal of science “with original groundbreaking research spanning all of the scientific disciplines… (which) publishes peer-reviewed research.”

            I graduated PBK from the finest public university in the world (UC Berkeley, 5th rates in terms of graduates and faculty with Nobel Prizes, the highest among any public universities) and earned a fellowship to Harvard Graduate School of Government. Harvard is the top rate university in the entire world based on graduates and faculty with Nobel Prizes, a common way of ranking the excellence of both faculty and students. I earned an MFA from Claremont Graduate School, one of the top ranked small private universities.

            I dare say that your claim to have a superior education to mine is pure bullshit and that you know it. You have exposed yourself as an uneducated fool.

          • If Wikipedia is “comparable to the gold standard Encyclopedia Britannica” then why did ALL of my college professors explicitly instruct all STUDENTS (myself included) NOT to utilize Wikipedia as a source? If any of us used Wikipedia as a source, we were dinged harshly – a full grade to be exact. Sorry, Wikipedia is suspect, at best. Well-intended individuals who favor veracity and integrity will use vetted sources that cannot be changed by the public-at-large (Wikipedia is notorious for having their materials besmirched on a routine basis). Wikipedia is an easy source used by indolent individuals unwilling to take the time to conduct their own due diligence. It’s another reason why people in this nation are dumbed down, uninformed and docile sheeple awaiting the slaughter…

          • If you read my above posts on Wikipedia , you will find your answer.

            Your professors use Wikipedia. What they fear is that you will use it as a primary source, rather than as a guide to primary sources. For example, as I pointed out above, the Wiki article on the Wakefield scandal regarding MMR and autism cites 130 sources. No one can criticize you for using primary sources, as this is the gold standard of good research.

            As for “anyone” being able to manipulate Wikipedia content, I challenge you to stop believing lies and start investigating for yourself. Go in and try to insert a lie into the Wakefield article. The process is far different than you have been told. Your must provide evidence, and your claims are vetted.

            None of your professors has done peer-reviewed research on the accuracy of Wikipedia, but several studies have confirmed its reliability. Nature, a peer reviewed publication, found no more errors in Wikipedia than the Brittanica. reported this but you have failed to read my documented case for Wiki.

            Wikipedia is used by professionals worldwide. Your professors use it, and if you ignore their strictures, you will have the same access to primary sources as they do. That may explainnwhy they don’t want
            you to use it.

            Wikipedia is reliable because it uses primary sources, and when they are not available, it highlights the lack.

            I was once an editor for the Encyclopedia of Social Science, which was a collection of articles by “experts” with none of the safeguards built into Wikipedia.

            I urge you to question your professors (they will get defensive) on Wikipedia , citing the studies which demonstrate its reliability, and asking why, since doctors, engineers, etc use it, it cannot be used as a source of primary sources.

            People are dumbed down not by Wikipedia but by accepting without question the commands of authorities like your professors and because they refuse to investigate for themselves.
            By obeying your professors like a sheep, you have willingly agreed to the dumbing down you blame Wikipedia for. Do not use Wikipedia as a source but as a source of sources. When I cite Wikipedia, I usually document as (Wikipedia, with primary sources). If someone wants to refute, they must then refute the primary source. This is how good scholarship works.

        • Copy paste idiot! Can’t you think for yourself? No wonder you have 0 credibility. A troll that copy and pastes its statements without any rational thought is a waste of skin.

          • You are exposing your lack of education, LasGasp.

            Scholars, journalists, and other in the knowledge industry use quotations (which are the same whether hand written or copied and pasted) in order to convey information. Direct quotation is the hallmark of serious scholarship, as it avoids the distortions of paraphrasing or just releasing opinion. If you have ever read a scholarly book on politics or history, you will have noticed a strong dose of quotations to provide evidence, historical context, and expert opinion.

            It is not possible to do as pre-digital scholars did when they wrote down this information…today, we cut and paste, which is the intellectually honest way to present information, 99% of which we get from others.

            Those who can think for themselves do so by reading and learning from others then present what they have learned in context, using direct quotations to present an honest transmission of knowledge. If you had any education, you would know this and demonstrate it in your own posts.

            You have hidden from the information I have quoting regarding the exposure of Dr. Wakefield as a fraud by asserting that by quoting the information, somehow I have surrendered rational thought. The information has nothing to do with my thought but refutes the faith that those who use Wakefield’s expose fake science.

            If you had even a little education and a small ability to think rationally, you would digest the information which exposes your own false opinions.

            How sad that you consider honest quotation of relevant information a flaw! No wonder you wallow in ignorance and respond to new information with defensive and absurdly irrelevant criticisms of a practice which is actually a marker of intellectual honesty.
            No wonder you call yourself LastGasp!

          • I dare say I have quite a bit more education, school and life experience , than you do. If you’re going to copy and paste a quote you cite the source, fool. You cite your reference in a manner that can easily be verified, fool.
            That’s English 101. You have not presented any credible information at all. If you had, you would have properly documented where you got it from.
            That’s all, fool Last response.

          • you are so full of yourself it just cracks me up. Do you have any friends? A dog even? or do you just spend all day bloviating?

        • The Courts say you’re wrong on Wakefield

          But it is expected of trolls to quote OLD NEWS while ignorring the new. Just like retractions to front page items put on page 15; not to inform the public so much as a defense against critics.

          So hows your system work? You get paid by the word or what?

    • Thimerosol has been excluded from childhood vaccines in the US since 2001 and in many cases from adult vaccines.

      Biggest medical lie of all. There is absolutely no documentation that confirms that thimerosal has been removed from any vaccine. Removal of thimerosal was and is VOLUNTARY. Which means-if they don’t want to they don’t have too. It was never mandated. PLUS, there is no oversight on the matter. No government agency checks on big pharma. Don’t ask, don’t tell. If big pharm wants to provide documentation that they have removed thimerosal -they can but no one asks. Documentation is voluntary. Read this email exchange between a parent trying to get confirmation from the FDA & CDC that thimerosal has been removed:http://www.ageofautism (dot) com/2007/12/emails-from-cdc.html.

      “MMR vaccines have never contained Thimersol and there is no evidence they have produced autism”

      Why, because it’s a live virus vaccine? The Pertussis vaccine is a live virus vaccine and it contains thimerosal. But than again, the issue in not the Pertussis vaccine, it is the MMR. The vaccine makers ARE NOT required to provide an ingredient list to the public. That’s also voluntary. If certain ingredients are labeled “proprietary- or trade secret” it will never be revealed. At the conference discussing the: Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information June 7-8, 2000, removal of thimerosal was discussed (and also disclosed was one scientist stated his grandson would not receive any vaccines until the autism/neurological damage matter was resolved) but never confirmed by the 52 scientist who represent every government agency as well as vaccine makers. It definitely was confirmed they would not remove thimerosal from vaccines going to foreign countries nor would they remove thimerosal from their current vaccine stock.

      At least it you’re going to comment on a study, know the study and the name of the researcher. The researcher’s name is Dr. Wakefield. It was not a study, it was a REPORT. p1.

      • Thimerosol need not be proved to have been removed from vaccines where it was never used. . I you have evidence to the contrary, please present and document it. Accusations made without evidence can be dismissed out of hand.

        Dr. Wakefield has long been discredited as a quack and lost his professional status. I suggest you read up on why he was discredited and even abandoned by those who worked with him.

    • What do you know of science? Are you an epidemiologist? A biochemist? Even someone who just knows how to add two and two would realize that VACCINES DO CAUSE NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEMS IN CHILDREN. THE ARTICLE JUST PROVED IT, MORON.
      You lead with a lie and follow through more. You don’t offer proof of what you say and are well known for being a shill. A paid for troll who diverts and disrupts forum discussions with nonsense and out right lies.

      • You are asking a fake question, LastGasp. The real question is that if, like 99.9% of the people, you are not an expert in a given field, whom should you consult. As a person with a world class education, I would consult those with the most knowledge. The article above promotes common fake science claims.

        I suggest you check the following link


        which publishes: ”

        Friday, March 7, 2014

        75 studies that show no link between vaccines and autism UPDATED to 107

        Edited to fix links and to add more studies for a new total of 107 on 11 March 2014″

        Take a look and then check out the Wikipedia article (with primary sources) on the disgrace of former Dr. Wakefield, who was found to be taking money to produce fake science claiming the MMR vaccine causes autism. His 12 co-authors and his publisher all denounced him and called hiim a fraud. He sued the investigative journalist who first exposed his conflicts of interest (he has equity in a rival vaccine company and took money to falsify his research) but ended up withdrawing his claim and paying the defendant’s expenses. His discredited research or 107 peer-reviewed studies which show no links between MMR and autism? A disgraced fraud or hundreds of legitimate medical researchers.

        Whom are you going to believe? I, as an educated non-expert, will stick with the hundreds of scientists who have demonstrated that there is NO link between MMR and autism.

        You don’t have to be a diesel mechanic to know that if you need information on a diesel engine, you should consult a diesel mechanic or engineer. Do you?

        As for your pathetic lies about me being a paid shill, I take that as an admission of defeat on your part. If you can’t refute the overwhelming evidence, make dishonest accusations to save face. People like you who lie think everyone lies. That is how you justify to yourself saying things for which you have zero evidence.

        I suggest you come to terms with your moral and intellectual failings and stop lying to mask your own shortcomings by making absurd and false accusations about those who are better informed. NOw check out the link and look up the sad disgrace of former Dr. Wakefield….and then adjust your thinking to the evidence. It’s your choice.

  8. GD LIARS, tell us why the Amish have no diseases or deaths or Autism? they do not vaccinate and their children are healther than ever. while our children who are vaccinated before they are allowed to leave the hospital are sick all the time, Autism is at an all time high with the introduction of massive amounts of vaccines required today, see for yourself, we went from a required 16 doses in a child’s lifetime to a staggering 69 doses, just try and explain that
    1976 – 1 child in 30 is learning disabled.
    1980 – 1 child in 27 have asthma.
    1990 – 1 child in 555 develop autism.
    2001 – 1 child in 500 has diabetes.
    2013 – 1 child in 6 is learning disabled.
    2013 – 1 child in 50 develops autism.
    2013 – 1 child in 400 has diabetes.
    HMMM ………………………………….
    1953 CDC recommends 16 doses of 4
    vaccines between 2 months and age 6.
    1983 CDC recommends 23 doses of 7
    vaccines between 2 months and age 6.
    2013 CDC recommends 49 doses of
    vaccines between birth and age 6, and
    another 69 doses of 16 vaccinations
    between birth and age 18.

    also, A preliminary study by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) found children who received the HiB vaccine … were found to be 5 times more likely to contract the disease than children who had not received the vaccine.

    also, why are there countless lawsuits against the vaccine industry resulting in over 3 billion paid out to plaintiffs, you still think vaccines are so safe:

    also, its been proven over and over vaccines do not work:



  9. I am happy to see that somebody finally recognizes mercury is a poison and should not be injected into humans.

  10. How can we have a “vaccine court” in the fed govt – paying over 3 BILLION so far for PROVEN vaccine damages.
    How can the fed govt give vaccine makers immunity from lawsuits because the huge payments they increasingly had to make because of proven vaccine damages – AND THEN CLAIM THAT VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE HEALTH PROBLEMS!!!!

    Anyone arguing that is an idiot.

    • Or owns stock in Merck.

    • They have never been proven. Unfortunately, the VAERS database is highly unreliable. The reason is that anyone can submit a report to it, and no one actually verifies the accuracy of the report. Indeed, James Laidler once tested the system by submitting a report that the influenza virus had turned him into The Incredible Hulk. The report was accepted and duly entered into the database. This report was so out of the ordinary that a representative actually contacted him and, amazingly, asked his permission to remove the report from the database (proving that it’s not easy being green). If Laidler had not given it, the report of an adverse reaction in which the flu vaccine turned a man into a huge, immensely powerful green monster would still be in VAERS.

      • You can’t have it both ways. The REASON the govt took over vaccine pay-outs – and has paid over 3 BILLION $$$ is because the victims were proving to the satisfaction of the courts that damages were happening, and the makers had to pay millions. It was GETTING WORSE – so the govt said – “here is the REAL vaccine immunity – from prosecution.” and took over the courts.
        So MULTIPLE TIMES the companies directly had enough evidence to convince others that the vaccine DID CAUSE DAMAGE, the govt to eliminate the profit loss to their buddies and favorite lobbyists took on the paying off of vaccine damages, and even when setting HUGE difficulties in the way of proving this HAS HAD TO SETTLE BECAUSE OF PROVEN DAMAGES. ‘

        If there were doubts THEY WOULD NOT HAVE PAID either privately, or as govt.

        The science is bullshit – look up Edward Jenner and see the lies of the “first SUCCESSFUL vaccine”. Some encyclopedias STILL state that his cowpox vaccine was effective in protecting against smallpox. IMPOSSIBLE, and in fact the smallpox vaccine was deadly. Undeniably, deadly.

        The difference btwn these australian and the US stats is essentially year and slight amounts/changes. This PROVES that vaccines didn’t save us from pathogenic diseases. http://www.vaccinationdebate.net/web1.html

        The more you vaccinate for a disease – the more you get that diseasehttps://www.activistpost.com/2014/12/chickenpox-vaccine-when-mandated.html

        How come the measles outbreak (i have been told) is the same strain as in the measles vaccine? There are EIGHTEEN OTHER measles vaccines, but the little outbreak comes from the vaccine – you DO know that the MMR shot gives you LIVE measles, mumps, and rubella, right? That the side effects listed include measles, measles like symptoms, and go all the way to death, you knew that right? Look at the insert next time you jab your kids.

        • Compensation is virtually automatic for so-called “table injuries” (i.e., known injuries that science attributed to vaccines listed on the Vaccine Injury Table) within the correct time frame. Also, compensation can be awarded if plaintiffs can meet a standard of evidence showing a 51% or greater chance that the plaintiff was injured by the vaccine in question. Indeed, as one lawyer who represents cases in front of the vaccine court put it: “There is a difference between scientific proof and legal proof,” Conway said. “One is 95 percent certainty, and the other is . . . 50 percent and a feather.” In other words, the award of compensation does not mean that a scientific link was found, only that a court of law thinks it more likely than not that a specific set of health problems is due to vaccine injury, no more, no less. A legal finding of causation does not necessarily imply a scientific finding of causation, no matter how much anti-vaccine activists trumpet rulings compensating children for vaccine injury as vindication of their pseudoscientific views that vaccines cause autism. Indeed, this ruling doesn’t even “prove” that MMR can cause brain damage, a contentious scientific question whose answer is not at all clear. Finally, the VICP will reimburse plaintiffs for legal fees and court costs even if they lose in Vaccine Court. Injuries and complications that can be scientifically shown to be due to vaccines deserve compensation that is prompt, fair, and not onerous to obtain, even at the cost of letting sleazy lawyers take advantage of the system. Meanwhile, scientists should (and, the pharma conspiracy mongering of the anti-vaccine movement notwithstanding, do) work to make vaccines as safe as possible, so that such injuries are as rare as possible. Unfortunately, there will likely never be such a thing as a vaccine that is 100% absolutely safe; all that can be reasonably requested are vaccines whose benefits and safety far exceed a tiny risk of complications and a system that compensates those injuries. Although the ethical issue of how much risk is acceptable and what frequency of vaccine injuries are tolerable in the vaccination program is complex and difficult, we should not lose site of the fact that vaccines do far more than good.

          • You go all legal and ignore reality, interesting. While i do appreciate your reasoned response, it is curious that you ignore the KNOWN damages (CDC and other independent and contracted studies) of the thimerosol mercury damages. It is a PROVEN brain damage agent, as are some of the other heavy-metal adjuvants.
            As for the monkey and dog parts, the fetal cell aborted and modified (GMO i sometime hear) who knows?
            You ignore the recent CDC whistleblower and his evidence of CDC study manipulations to cover up the 300% increase in autism in young black children given the MMR vaccine in Atlanta, 2008. Dr Julie Gerderbering sent emails telling the “scientists” to scrub the statistics, then went to the media and joyfully (lied) proclaimed that ANOTHER study proves that no autism is caused by vaccines – KNOWING the truth to be elsewhere. Of course she went to Merck, maker of MMR vaccines and headed that dept after the CDC stint and has since been promoted…

            When statistics prove that increased vaccination increases the prevalence of every disease vaccinated “against” in exact correlation to rates of vaccinations – there is no way in which vaccines are not a problem. When unvaccinated children are less prone to chronic illness, and 5X less likely to have to be hospitalized, vaccines are a problem.

            As for the Disney Vaccine Fantasy and the push by blatantly vested interests in pushing for mandatory vaccination – this is scientifically bullshit also. Did anyone do any reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction tests to find out that the pathogen causing infection was the Schwarz strain – the vaccine causing (again – it’s been proven to cause the outbreaks in other cases you know) the outbreak – or one of the OTHER EIGHTEEN measles strains?

            Until THAT is done (RTPCR testing) blaming unvaccinated for the outbreak is pseudoscience and gambling. We KNOW beyond doubt that vaccinated people ARE CARRIERS of their vaccination diseases, not just the unvaccinated.

            Your own bullshit biochemistry guesswork for vaccination immunity would show that – Oh, the unvaccinated are susceptible to infection and the vaccinated are protected. Thus according to THEORY at least the vaccinated are safe from outbreaks. In reality however, most of the time the people in these outbreaks ARE vaccinated, and many times FULLY vaccinated – proving how ineffective the vaccines truly are. New York measles outbreak – 97% WERE vaccinated. Ohio Mumps outbreak – 90% WERE shot up – vaccinated.

            Your shit don’t work, man!

  11. Thanks for this, Catherine. And please – come out from your retirement more often now, that the vaccine issue has become such a hot item. We need your expertise/input on the subject.

  12. Thanks for this, Catherine. I tried to post here that I hope that you come out of retirement enough to continue to comment on this subject from your expertise. With vaccines becoming such a hot topic, the public needs all the help that it can get, to counter the obvious untruthfulness of TPTB.

  13. LOL! Since when do we look to Italy for medical science? Ohhhhh…when Italian “research” backs our opinion.

    Vax causes Autism like snow causes Global Warming.

  14. My avatar speaks for itself.

  15. A court isn’t a place to argue over science. There are no good studies that show the MMR causes autism

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