TSA to Require ‘Real ID’ with Background Checks for Domestic Flights

Real ID: gold star for good behavior; no report on the scarlet
letter they’ll use to ID troublemakers.

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The TSA recently announced they will require a special driver’s license to board domestic flights by 2016.

These ‘Real IDs’ will have already performed extensive background checks on everyone who receives them and will feature stars and other markings to indicate good behavior. No word on markings for troublemakers.

It seems similar to how a scarlet letter was used to indicate adulterers in Puritan societies, or how the Jews in Nazi Germany were forced to wear yellow badges in public so they could be immediately recognized by authorities.

Real IDs are referred to as enhanced IDs and they also reportedly contain biometric security features and RFID chips. Since its inception, civil liberties advocates have had concerns that those without these intrusive new IDs will be excluded from basic human rights like working or traveling.

The news report below appears to confirm this agenda.

“It’s a choice,” says a Nevada DMV official in the video below, “you don’t have to get a Real ID card, but if you want to get on an airplane after 2016, you’re going to have to have a Real ID card.”

Video Source: KTVN

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95 Comments on "TSA to Require ‘Real ID’ with Background Checks for Domestic Flights"

  1. The next move will be, “It’s a choice,” “you don’t have to get a Real ID card, but if you want to drive a car after 201X, you’re going to have to have a Real ID card.”

    • you do not need a drivers licence to drive a car. Only if you are conducting commercial activity on the road. its Permit vs Right to free travel its in the constitution yet everyone ignores it and just bends over. re: “It’s a choice,” “you don’t have to get a Real ID card, but if you want to fly after 201X, you’re going to have to have a Real ID card.”- Some choice its an idiotic statement. Just replace “fly” with “eat” and then tell me its a choice.

      • So make sure you have a broken-down 8-track in the trunk you can tell the nice TSA stormtroopers you’re taking to the pawnshop. (RE: “Commercial Activity”)

  2. I can remember when the USA screamed about Russian/USSR internal security practices…Now the abjectly stupid Americans are copying them.

    If there is a group of humans on this planet stupider than Americans I’ve yet to meet them.

    • Stupidity is a global malady, but I certainly think America deserves the major recognition since 2008.

    • If these people don’t refuse the card and stop flying in protest, they are stupid and UN-american for sure.
      If enough people quit flying, they would have to reverse this. But my guess is Americans don’t want to be put out. They deserve what the slaves get.

      • Agreed on all points, they will kiss feet or butt before they do anything effective.

      • Americans have been pre-conditioned by all of the steps required to board a flight by the TSA. You may be surprised at how little protest will be made by a populace already familiar and comfortable with Nazi tactics removing more of their freedoms with every new regulation.

    • under Bush Certoff — head of the department of human sacrifice– along with his brother did a great job of setting up the Russian style gulag system we now have, he is a Russian Jew with dual U.S// Israel citizenship ……….

  3. Technocratic enslavement for the trendy, spineless Americant slave. Who needs freedom, or free will when you have the all powerful state to protect you, right Mao, right Stalin, right Hitler, right Pol Pot?

  4. John C Carleton | February 1, 2015 at 4:09 pm | Reply

    So do not fly. Americans know that if they go to the airport, they have pedophiles there who will molest their children and wife, and still they march in to be molested and treated like slaves and criminals. Grow a set and say no. Drive if you have to, if your job demands that you fly, get another job. If Americans all stopped flying, this Mickey Mouse BS would stop.

    • There is something you have either failed to grasp, or are putting on an obtuse face about:

      This doesn’t/won’t stop at airports. The TSA already has a presence at railway stations, bus stations and America’s roads and highways. It’s spotty at present, but give it time.

      When they roll that out 100%, I will be checking to watch you say, “if Americans never left their homes, this Mickey Mouse BS would stop.”

      • John C Carleton | February 1, 2015 at 6:07 pm | Reply

        So if all Americans quit flaying, the airlines are going to bleed red and fly their planes around and the cities where the airports are are going to bleed red and keep them open? In that case, if no one goes to them, who cares if the control freak pedophiles show up for work?

        • So I give you a “shall” why you offer up a “what if”, and you think you’ve won this exchange?

          Americans are NOT going to stop flying anytime soon. Taking one’s European vacation via ocean liner is NOT an option; Neither is across the country.

          Worse still, most Americans actually believe the TSA makes them safer. Neither does. business travel via automobile.

          • John C Carleton | February 1, 2015 at 6:23 pm |

            I do not expect Americans to do it, about 97% of Americans are sheep. If They did it it would work. You think you are going to stop this at the loaded voting booth, or by calling your senator or congressman who the Israelis have video of them being pedophiles, doing same sex encounters, cheating on their spokes and taking bribes? good luck with that. This is one way to stop it, the other way is something any sane person should dread.

          • Yes, the immorality and illegal indiscretions of the world’s top leaders (to include the highest levels of our own government) are the blackmailing tools that force them to throw the public under the policy bus at every turn to protect their crimes. It’s why every so often they trot out some pedophile criminal to fix in the news to avert the public attention away from their pedophilia — which is evidently rampant beyond imagining (especially within the U.K. and American governments, but it’s probably worldwide).

            Considering what’s been done to neuter our ability to assemble and protest, the only reasonable form of protest left is to boycott industries in the way we spend our money — driving them into bankruptcy. The only problem with this is that the American public, especially, has been so cultivated for immediate gratification and ease that there isn’t the stamina or guts to stick with a program like this to bring the corporate cabal (which IS the government cabal) to its knees. And the majority live so close to the edge of poverty that WalMart is about the only thing they can afford. Mom and Pop businesses are very scant anymore, and they’re more expensive. Supporting the Mom and Pop places is the way to do this, but most people can’t afford it — and they want the variety they find in the offerings of the greedy multi-national corporate box stores or online venues.

            The last bastion of resistance is how we spend our money. But Americans aren’t going to do any real organized, widespread boycott willingly. The mind-control program has been too successful. The American public is doomed by it’s need for the quick fix, instant gratification, diversion, addiction, and a need for someone to take care of them. We could be f**ked.

          • John C Carleton | February 1, 2015 at 7:35 pm |

            Well if taking a European vacation is more important than standing up against violation of your rights and protecting your family from being traumatized by a stranger running their hand up where it has no business going, be my guest. Your parents and mine raised us with different value systems.

          • I’m with you. I do, and will continue to, refuse to fly if at all possible.

            I can’t believe the people of this country actually allow this kind of abuse and over-stepping of the TSA and other government agencies because they’re “being protected and kept safe”. If the TSA cared about our safety, they’d hire people who had an IQ level higher than “functioning”.

            This is a form (refusing to fly) of peaceful non-compliance. People think it doesn’t work, but of course it does, if enough people do it. Ghandi should have taught people that.

            Only when the majority of the people refuse to participate in all this nonsense will it change. We can do it where ever we see ourselves losing our rights or being coerced into accepting what we don’t want. Be it be the banks, GMOs, the right to choose how we treat our illnesses and disease, by refusing to participate in their system we can make an impact because it always affects the bottom line.

          • John C Carleton | February 2, 2015 at 10:46 am |

            I have not flown after 2005. I simply refuse to feed the beast. There is no place I want to go bad enough to put myself willingly in the hands of low IQed monkeys, have some pervert feel me up, fry my DNA with radiation. Short of armed revolt, which any caring person wishes to avoid if at all possible, not playing their games and not feeding the beast is the only way to defeat the beast. They are few, we are many. However when the majority of “us” are sheep, who as you can see from the post here, can think up all kinds of reasons why they must feed the beast, the beast will continue to grow, thinking up new and more oppressive ways to mistreat the sheep.

          • Same here, John. That’s the exact same year I stopped flying. The vibe in airports makes me sick. I may not have much control in this sick system, but I do still have command over how I spend my money and what I choose to support with it — and I will not in any way support the psychopathic airlines with the way they treat innocent, law-abiding, good, moral, decent people — let alone what they’re doing to our skies knowingly and willingly with this deadly chemtrail mess. Bill Gates needs to be placed in hell for helping fund this deadly disgrace; no wonder their budgets to poison us from above seems limitless — they’ve got the world’s richest man (and one of our most famous eugenicists) funding them.

            I think it’s true in many ways that the entrained American public will comply with just about any insane rule or regulation placed before them without much belly-aching, but there is also the truth that this system is now so technologically advanced with unthinkable resources and covert weaponry and frequency controls and a vast chipped, robotized domestic militarized police force of mind-controlled zombie yes-men that most Americans feel defeated and powerless to make any change on their own. This nefarious, archontic, Luciferian satan-worshipping shadow government of ours knows exactly how to exploit our love for our families to create the most effective overt and implied threats to keep people from organizing and protesting. If you have children, they’ve got you by the balls, because you’ll do anything to protect them — to include not making yourself a target.

            We let ourselves sleep too long. They’ve become so highly organized in their death/control campaign now that nothing short of a global uprising is going to reverse this march toward total authoritarianism. Or some kind of divine intervention. Don’t forget that the Obamacare law requires RFID chips no later than October 2016. This “Real ID” rollout is part of that law. They may not be able to force those chips into our bodies by then, but they’re sure going to make sure we’re carrying them by 2016 — at least the majority of us (and the majority of people fly). But they will be using this contrivance as a way to get those chips inside of us before 2019. Guaranteed, even if they have to slip them in through vaccines (which is why the vaccine issue is back in the forefront; Chris Christie was addressing this issue just yesterday).

          • Agreed. Fighting for your freedoms may cost you something. It may even cost you a European vacation. What a terrible price to pay. After all, our founders just paid with their lives. Certainly, sacrificing a European vacation is on par with dying for the cause of freedom.

          • John C Carleton | February 3, 2015 at 8:10 pm |

            My surname 3ed great-grandfather took a musket ball in the chest at the battle of Brandywine, he lived. Have a copy of his discharge from Sixth Virginia Regiment. Three other great grandfather, two 4th and another third also serve in that war. 2nt great-grandfather fought with Andrew Jackson at the battle of New orleans. I do not think that they did that so I could wimp out to save myself from danger and discomfort.

          • Darn shame those subhumans mucked up your Grandpappy’s country.

          • TSA and the Patriot Act are tools to take away our freedoms one step at a time. There will be more to come.

          • William Burke | February 3, 2015 at 6:27 pm |

            Be ready. There can be little doubt you’re correct.

        • They’ll just turn the airports into ConAir terminals and prisons. You can rest assured that the government and military will not be grounded.

        • Unfortunately some MUST travel by airplane to reach business destinations. You also aren’t thinking about those who spend most but not all their time abroad, its pretty hard to drive to Asia or South America or Europe, as far as I know there aren’t any bridges that long…
          There’s also the point what William Burke mentioned, you can run but you can’t hide, this will spread to other travel.
          And, since when does the government not allow freedom to travel internally, this is NAZI Germany mentality on steroids

          • John C Carleton | February 2, 2015 at 10:55 am |

            Your mentality got us where we are. If at Ruby Ridge, when the feds went up there and murdered a teenage boy and his mother, the American people had risen up in righteous indignation, demanding the heads of those responsible, Waco would never have happened. But the American sheep just kept their heads down so the feds moved on to Waco, this time murdering ninety something people including many children. Again this could have been the end of this crap if the American sheeple had grown a pair, but they kept the heads down. Because they got away with Waco, we got Oklahoma City. Once again the American sheeple kept their heads down and believed everything the jackals feeding on the sheep told them. Because they got away with Oklahoma City we got 911. Go ahead and fly, I expect nothing else from sheep.

          • Again, John, you’re so on-target. The timeline you lay out here, and your summation, is entirely accurate. They’ve cultivated us for our own slavery one ghastly crime at a time. Clinton and his sexual escapades were the perfect media diversion in the 90s to divert our eyes and attention through all of this, which is why so few Americans even know the true details of Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma. The media was complicit because the reported it all with a bias, if at all. 9/11 woke a lot of people up, but they miss the fact that their non-involvement decades before was why 9/11 happened.

          • Excuses. This is the problem.

            What is more important- trying to gain freedom back or a business trip?
            They can call their business people and explain- if all business did this, it would work.

          • Video conferences could probably replace 75% of business travel.

          • William Burke | February 3, 2015 at 6:28 pm |

            How does one examine and sample a wide selection of physical wares by teleconference? You’re not using your head.

          • William Burke | February 3, 2015 at 11:45 am |

            But John will assure you that they can swim, or walk, or both!

          • Agreed.

        • You have completely missed William Burke’s comment. There are still bus stations, railroad stations, etc. that already have TSA agents in them, also there have been numerous regular stops of cars for no reason other than to be inspected for contraband or to give anyone they want a sobriety test.
          You really don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, apparently you don’t listen to others and you haven’t thought this through at all.

          • John C Carleton | February 2, 2015 at 3:38 pm |

            So, don’t ride the train, don,t ride the bus. Quit being a defeatist sheeple, learn the law, learn how to handle traffic stops, go to court and fight their BS. Spend years studying the law as I have and I do not bend over. But I guess that is too much trouble to educate yourself and stand up, much easier for you sheeple to just bend over. Dose standing up to them put you in danger.? Damn right it dose, but then some of us just do not have the sheeple DNA. Grow a set or bend over, (it sounds like you have already assumes the position). “I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knees”. Mexican General Emilio Zapata. But the he was not a sheeple.

          • William Burke | February 2, 2015 at 4:44 pm |

            Also don’t use the highways. You’re still not getting it. People have jobs. Hundreds of thousands of people on the East coast ride trains to and from work. They can’t just stay in their homes all the time.

            THERE IS NO WAY TO AVOID USING TRANSPORTATION. Boycotting transportation is not going to solve the problem. We’re a society based upon transportation. A transportation strike – or some kind of “everybody protest by staying home” may or may not work. But we need to be imagining ways that actually work at getting people to participate in protest en masse.

          • John C Carleton | February 2, 2015 at 5:11 pm |

            No , you do not get it, there are always options. Sheeple do not wish to pay the price. EDUCATE YOURSELF. Quick lesson, probably wasted. Air travel, bus travel, rail travel are all commercial transportation modes, They can be regulated by the Corporate government. Your own auto is a private mode of travel, which they can not by law regulate, again you have to be motivated to get off your butt and study Will they try to regulate you private auto,(mode of travel, a constitutional right), yes. That is where you go to court and fight them, but if you do not get OFF YOUR BUTT, and EDUCATE YOURSELF, you have no clue you have these options. Government lies to you, ALL THE TIME, it is what they do. If you are ignorant of the laws of the land,( a clue here, corporate codes do not trump laws), you as a sheeple will use the excuses you are using to bend over and avoid personal danger and hardship. If you “have” to use a plane, rail or bus for work, get another job, move to another location where that is not necessary. Then again, you can just bend over and go BHAAAA.

          • William Burke | February 3, 2015 at 6:30 pm |

            You’re a smart guy, but I bet there’s someone to attest that you’re H-E Double Hockey sticks to be married to!

          • John C Carleton | February 3, 2015 at 8:19 pm |

            The first two would probably agree with you. Present wife, twenty nine years, dose not work if she dose not want to, gets the door held open for her, knows i would die saving her from harm, knows she can sleep sound with me in the house, knows her children will be protected, has not paid a traffic ticket in years. Has the fanciest New CRV they make. Knows if she needs me to i will crawl out of a sick bed to do for her. She would despise a lessor man. She would have also had a lessor mans gonads in a jar. MAMA can hold her own.

          • ONE or TWO DAYS with millions not going to work is all it would take.!

          • John C Carleton | February 3, 2015 at 8:12 pm |

            Starve the beast.

          • There’s only a handful, John, who even know who you’re talking about or alluding to here. Most people who read this site and ones like it are awakened to some major or minor degree, and so you’re largely preaching to the choir here. The vast majority of Americans don’t even know who their governor is, let alone their sovereign rights. And it seems those who have the guts to step forward and try to teach this information get harassed or murdered.

      • Most of us are aware of that. So what’s your solution, just accept it and let it keep spreading?

      • In-cre-men-tal-ism.
        What they really long for is stopping everyone everywhere for
        vaccine proof.
        Get us arguing with each other.
        Lotsa fear.
        Then, if you can’t prove vaccination at the road blocks, it’ll be; ‘get on the bus’.
        Only thing is, folks like me won’t get on the bus.

      • Good points. Airports are simply the launch pad for government takeover. Check points will be next and those driving by car will become part of the system.

    • If you don’t want a pedophile to molest your wife, don’t marry a child.
      Since the TSA will be doing the background checks and requiring the real ID cards, and the “T” stands for transportation, you can bet that they will be checking those IDs at ground transportation checkpoints, eventually. Then, after we have all stopped flying and driving, they’ll be standing at the front door of Walmart. If you want to shop, you’ll have to have real ID, eventually. Mark of the Beast will irrelevant.

      • John C Carleton | February 1, 2015 at 7:31 pm | Reply

        Sorry, my wife is eight months older than me and neither by any stretch of the imagination could be called children. Point is, Americans must band together if they want to roll this kind of control freak stuff back.

      • this real i.d. only applies to american’s and legal immigrants, all others get a pass per this corrupt government

        • Change your name to Jose Jiménez. You can then get on a plane with nothing more than a note from the border patrol.

      • Yeah, you’re right…..we should all just bend over and take it since it will only get worse. With an attitude like that, no wonder our country’s screwed.

        • No one has suggested anyone “bend over and take it”. People have merely pointed out that it’s not nearly as simple as brakes-to-the-floor and line-in-the-sand-right-here-or-die.

          • richard franco | February 4, 2015 at 3:20 pm |

            it really is that simple. when is line in the sand time? when you’re on a one way trip to a death camp? hows the old saying go? tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants from time to time…rationalize it however you can live with yourself, but your rights start at exactly the point where you decide “I will kill you if you do that to me”. no more no less.

          • William Burke | February 4, 2015 at 4:16 pm |

            Who are you trying to convince that you know anything about me? Sling away; I know who I am, and I sure as hell don’t give a flying fucking about what you say about me.

    • If you’re not going to come to TSA, then TSA will come to you!

      If Americans were to stop flying, the Obama people would come up with Obama-Air aka Affordable Air Transportation Act. Under Obama-Air you would have to purchase two virtual flights in a flight simulator a year which you can then download as a 6 hour movie. Oh and TSA comes then to your house, searches through your cupboards and gropes you wife and daughters.

  5. So if you don’t drive (say you are 15 yrs old or blind), you can’t fly? With all due respect this sounds like utter bullshit, made to anger people and sell ads.

    • All of the offices that issue drivers licenses also issue ID cards.

      • I don’t drive. As luck would have it, however, last time I went to renew my ID at the DMV, they issued me a driver’s license instead! Bureaucracy rules!! 🙂

        • That could easily have been an error in selecting the blank or the computer graphic to be printed. The only way to know is to request an MVR. If they really issued a DL instead of an ID, they’ll also be able to produce an MVR. You might want to correct the issue before some bureaucrat drags you into court for failing to have the state mandated liability insurance.

          • William Burke | February 4, 2015 at 12:15 am |

            Why would I need liability insurance if I don’t drive?

          • I don’t know of any American state that doesn’t require holders of drivers licenses to have liability coverage to keep them. All of the ones I have lived in have required proof of insurance to issue the license and again every time it is renewed. Likewise the vehicle registration, in most. YMMV

  6. Yvonne Forsman | February 1, 2015 at 6:49 pm | Reply

    What about international travelers? Say somebody gets from London to New York and needs to go on a US domestic flight to Florida? As British nationals they don’t have a US special ID card, so will they be allowed to fly on a domestic flight to FL? Or drive to FL? Since tourism will hardly stop, there will always be ppl both flying and driving around in the US, without special US ID cards. This idea is ridiculous!

  7. Interesting that there are a lot of people bashing Americans here. I am an American (although I do not live there anymore) and am neither stupid nor a sheep. I think there are stupidos everywhere…and NZ takes the cake for sheep. 4,000,000 of them and they all speak – I have met more informed people in America than you can imagine, and friendly people as well. I never hung around with “sheep.”

  8. It’s TIME people!!!…..

  9. “its a choice”
    but if you want to travel, have a job, money, support yourself, have food to eat, you must get it. Is that really much of a “choice” in the end then?

  10. As someone who used for work for FLHSMV I can say this confidently for the state of Florida: the only “background check” involved is checking if a social security number belongs to the person in question and checking citizenship documentation for authenticity.

    And there is absolutely no RFID chips in FL identification cards. The state is too cheap for that.

  11. AdministratorMMM | February 2, 2015 at 8:15 am | Reply

    What is EVERYONE (or a LARGE percentage) of the population
    simply REFUSED to comply? What if they REFUSED to obtain a “Real ID”?

    Make a flight reservation (even if you have absolutely NO
    intention of flying anywhere on that particular day), then show up at the TSA

    When they ask for your “Real ID”, you then tell
    them that you do NOT have one!

    The result: The TSA will NOT allow you to board the plane.

    THEN: You go to the AIRLINE COMPANY and demand a FULL REFUND
    for your plane tickets!!! (By law, the airline MUST refund you all your money –
    either as cash OR credit to the credit card you used for the purchase. After
    all, YOU were willing to fly; it was the TSA that stopped you from flying.)

    RESULT: If enough people do this, the AIRLINES will
    “bitch” like Hell to the government – and TSA will be forced to
    withdraw this regulation!!!

    is the key to winning this battle against a totalitarian government!!!

    1.) The Discourse of
    Voluntary Servitude – by Etienne De La Boetie (1552)

    2.) How to Defeat
    Tyranny: Disobedience


    • I think this is an excellent plan, and we need lots more like it. We have to be ready to meet them on multiple fronts, the more the merrier.

    • Good idea.
      Only thing is, restricted travel is part of UN Agenda 21.
      Think these globalists care about crashing the airline industry?
      They want us walking, biking or taking rail.

    • How long before airlines require a Real Id before booking your flight?

  12. Little by little, the Constitution dies, all because of “terrorism” those in power create and magnify. Meanwhile, we continue to bomb or CIA finance anyone we so choose, and put even more restrictions on law abiding citizens, under the guise of “for your protection.”

    The funny thing is, those who would really do damage already have the technology in place, and the inside connections, to duplicate this ID just like they can duplicate DLs and passports. It is a joke, an excuse for further bureaucracy, to collect another fee, and to keep the people paranoid about mythological dangers to their freedom. When of course we know these dangers come only from the US Government and its Big Business financiers.

  13. restrict the movements of the proletariat and they are easier to controll.
    Sieg Heil!

  14. Wonderful … a star and a smiley for the well behaved sheepizen and what do we get? Two concentric circles aka a “Bullseye” ? Fine. My US Passport is “acceptable” as well, so I will be using that (keeping it in a sleeve that shields it from radio interrogation).

  15. Refuse to serve TSA agents that don’t have YOUR special ID card.

  16. Screw these satanic New World Order thugs. I drive everywhere anyway, don’t need your Real I.D.

    • Eventually, you will get stopped at a TSA checkpoint. Without your Real ID card, you will be detained and arrested. After a ten-month vacation at a Re-education Center and the psychiatric drugs, you will be released back into society, with your Real ID card.

      Still don’t need it, Michael? Your arrogance is breathtaking.

    • Padraigin Eagle | February 3, 2015 at 12:23 pm | Reply

      Orwell that ends not so Well

      Just another eye blink away, and the Real I.D. will be required wherever we be, 1984 on a microchip stored.

  17. America. Love it or leave it! Remember the Vietnam war propaganda?



  20. I’m an American living in Europe, and I haven’t been back to the US for a visit since the TSA’s inception. People ask me if I’m homesick; but frankly, the country that I miss doesn’t seem to exist any more. So why bother visiting? I don’t even recognize the US these days…

  21. YOU GUYS better be getting ready,you ain’t even seen the worst of it yet,THE LORD SAYS “AMERICA” YOUR GOING INTO “HARD BONDAGE” even worst then the ISRAELITES experianced in egypt,..UNDER PHARAOH……by your own hand……and your DICTATOR OBOOZO WILL USE AN “IRON FIST” to rule you with,meaning he plans to take everything you own and murder anyone he wants,with his police gangs,THEY KILL CHILDREN,what makes you so special?

  22. Stepford Wives

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