Paradise Stolen – The Myth of Efficiency

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Part 1 of this series was a warning to children about a world that was stolen from them. It offered a stark condemnation to adults who continue to ignore the reality of the wicked ways in which government has used their money, both donated and extorted.

Part 2, below, suggests that the innate practicality of small, sustainable communities is a solution to the massive mismanagement by a government dedicated solely to a megacorporate/banker/war economy. Our modern economic system is actually not one built upon efficiency, as it is often believed to be; it is a system of massive inefficiency and predation, which has directly resulted in the bankrupt and war-ravaged world we see around us.


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2 Comments on "Paradise Stolen – The Myth of Efficiency"


    As far as I am concerned, you’re absolutely right, but I have a bad feeling most of the citizens in our nation have ALLOWED themselves to be compromised so much by the liars and thieves that when faced with facts such as these it makes their mind freeze up. You get the deer in the headlights look. It doesn’t make sense to them.

    Logic and reason are a problem, but drama and very emotional sensationalism is more effective. They completely understand that, and are led by it.

    That’s why we have so many liars thieves and con men at the top convincing the ignorant people that this system they created, ( which is just designed to fill THEIR pockets) is a good one.

    I hope you make more videos like this.
    Maybe, just maybe, it will make a small dent.

    I may get upset and angry with the ignorance of my fellow man but I still have hope.

    Don’t give up.


  2. I’m sorry but you can’t criticise “exploitation” in China unless you can tell me an alternative. What would these people do if they didn’t have the factory jobs? They weren’t forced there at gunpoint, they CHOOSE them. And the suicide rate in those factories is actually pretty low (especially considering the number of young men). Exploitation is a meaningless term. Yes it costs money to ship things, but not as much as the value of American labour minus the value of Chinese labour, both measured in the minimum acceptable wages.
    If American workers aren’t prepared to work at rates that make employing them in these jobs profitable, why should they be employed? Why do they have the right to high wages at the expense of the less fortunate workers in China? Calling someone a sociopath for not buying what you think they should buy is not an argument.
    You call your video “The Myth of Efficiency” but you don’t say how you are measuring efficiency. Efficient at what?

    This is not to say the present system is efficient, it has FAR too many market distortions, starting with the government management of timber resources. But to restrict trade doesn’t make the economy more efficient.

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