Pope Pushing Depopulation Agenda of the Georgia Guidestones?

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With the Vatican increasingly endorsing new “how to live” rules for their followers and society, they have clearly become more political than they’ve been in a long time. Pay attention.

In the video below, YouTube reporter RedsilverJ explains how the Pope appears to be pushing the agenda that’s etched into the mysterious Georgia Guidestones.

He points to the church’s recent support for climate change action and for telling Catholics to be “responsible parents” to control the population. These complimentary stances based on “science” seem to directly coincide with commandments on the Georgia Guidestones.

RedsilverJ did not mention the Pope’s recent “there are limits to free speech” comments, but they could also be attributed to an agenda to limit human freedom.

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54 Comments on "Pope Pushing Depopulation Agenda of the Georgia Guidestones?"

  1. Nice post from RedsilverJ, thanks. I laughed when I saw a quote that pope Francis recently said people don’t need to reproduce like rabbits. Why didn’t the Catholic church say that a long time ago? Is it because in the past TPTB needed plenty of serfs to go fight and die and wars of conquest and work themselves to an early grave?

    And now Francis and his cohorts are clear headed scientists who can tell us the truth about climate change? LOL. This is the same stone-age mentality institution that convicted Galileo.

    It’s also interesting that the Vatican is supporting some kind of nascent E.T. (alien) psy op, probably setting up a shock and awe moment to roll in the elites’ one world religion.

  2. Fuck the Pope. The worlds largest pedaphile club that pays no taxes, is the worlds second largest land owner only second to the Queen of England who controls 1/6 of the land on earth. They have there own bank , money and police force . They launder money for organized crime and foreign governments. They also invest in corporations and other banks. The Vatican is it’s own country 2 sq miles. The Vatican is worth Trillions of Dollars in net worth . This isn’t a religion this is Religion inc.

    • Grace Joubarne | January 21, 2015 at 5:06 pm | Reply

      Worse, the Queen of England owns the Justice system and she personally cannot be prosecuted. Crown prosecutors (being they represent the Crown) can withdraw ANY charge laid by an individual. Thus an individual can lay criminal charges to try to stem the corruption all around us, but the Crown prosecutor can just as quickly withdraw it. Neat trick, ehhh?

    • Moran,
      Rothschild took over Banking operations from the Vatican in the 1820s when it was bankrupted and looted by Rothschild.
      Goldman Sachs is the banking ‘advisor’ to the Vatiacn as well…fox guarding the hen house so to speak..
      In truth, Rabbis and Protest-ant pastors rape far more children along with public school administrators and step fathers but lets not let facts get in the way of an ad hominem attack.

      But youre welcome to google: 3 insurance companies Church pedophilia where such records are kept. Raping Rabbis dont make the news but do they ever get around. Same with Pastors who beat out priests 260:1 last yr in pedophilia.

  3. Ross Glen Viaticum | January 21, 2015 at 4:29 pm | Reply

    C’mon people, the Pope telling Catholics not to breed like rabbits is the greatest thing to come out of the Vatican in centuries and makes up for the blunder of telling Africans not to use condoms because they spread AIDS.

  4. Facts rule!
    By 1840, including hundreds of thousand years of human history, there were 1 billion on earth; within the next 100 years, there were 2.5 billion; in the past 55 years (ie about .0001% of human history, the population leaped from 2.6 billion to 7.2 billion today. The chart looks very much like a hocky stick.

    The world is finite;it has limited resources; history demonstrates that when population outgrows the resources, the result is misery, massive starvation, and resource wars, killing tens of billions.

    Therefore, any intelligent person realizes that unless we stop increasing population, as we at the same time deplete resources such as arable land and minerals, we are headed towards massive starvation (already tens of millions starve each years) and more and more wars to control resources. No sane person would promote pushing towards that result.

    History also shows that when people fall into abject poverty, they respond by breeding ferociously. History also shows that when nations achieve financial stability and security, they voluntarily, without any govt intervention, limit birth rates. Examples are Europe and the US/Canada/Australia;Japan/Russia, where economic prosperity has produced a voluntary reduction in birth rates, below replacement levels.

    Thus, the way to prevent the catastrophic effects of over-population is to promote economic policies which promote wealth distribution and widespread economic security.

    The Pope, the most popular Pope in history, is aware of the dangers and the opportunities to reduce population voluntarily, as Europe and the other advanced nations have all done. His call for responsibility by parents is an attempt to create an atmosphere which stops the suicidal population growth of the past 100 years. Those who denounce him must explain how a planet with dwindling resources (minerals, land, water, and air) can avoid massive starvation and endless wars.

    Those who promote policies which decrease inequality and ground human society in food security create a way to decrease population without starvation, wars, or government coercion. Only a total idiot would suggest that is a bad idea, but sadly, we have many total idiots with access to the internet.

    • TARDISOFGALLIFREY | January 21, 2015 at 8:45 pm | Reply

      Here’s a secret: There’s enough food to feed every one on the planet.

      • Here are a few secrets:
        1. In the US, 97% of meat is factory farmed, a practice which destroys the environment and human health, while using huge amounts of fossil fuel fertilizers, a limited resource.
        2. Nearly a billion people suffer from malnutrition based on the fact that inequality is a reality, with the rich getting fat and the poor dying of starvation.
        3. In the 20th Century, over 100 million civilians died in wars fought primarily for control over resources.
        4. If everyone on earth used the amount of food and energy that Americans use, there would be massive shortages.
        5. Glib comments, with no context, expose the author as shallow and immune to facts.
        7. Overpopulation creates huge crowded cities. Like rats, human beings when crowded together, begin to kill each other.
        8. The path to more population is grounded in abject poverty for billions; the decrease in population which prosperity brings is the only sustainable solution.
        9. There is only so much water, land, and mineral wealth.
        Increasing population (which means mainly by those mired in abject poverty) only makes the shortages more severe, leading to more wars.
        10. Exponential growth of human population with decreasing land, water, and fuel is a recipe for disaster, which has already begun.
        11. Anyone who thinks the earth is underpopulated is probably a fat asshole.

        • Calling people names who don’t agree with you-is so childish!

          • “Brilliant” is hardly name-calling.
            “Childish” is.

          • Diogenes Diaz | January 22, 2015 at 10:39 am |

            What are you 5?

          • i am 73, working full time, with world class education. And I agree with you that personal insults, especially regarding someone’s presumed age, is childish.

          • Diogenes Diaz | January 22, 2015 at 4:17 pm |

            world class education?–really–fact is, if it was true -you wouldn’t be saying it

          • B.A in poly sci, UC Berkeley..PBK
            Fellowship to Harvard Graduate School of Govt
            Fellowship to New York University Grad School of Govt
            MFA from Claremont Graduate School of Art.

            I do not lie. You may believe what you wish. You can check it out at Linkedin.

            It is my observation that stupid people believe everyone is stupid and that liars believe everyone lies.

            I have studied with some great scholars, including Norman Jacobson, John Schaar, Louis Hartz, Samuel Huntington (who asked me to be his research assist at Harvard), and the late great ceramic artist, Paul Soldner. These people all saw my ability. Those with lesser ability tend to diminish the accomplishments of those who rise above them.

            I really do not care what you think. I stand with the truth, and you are in error. When you stand with the truth, no one can knock you down.

          • Diogenes Diaz | January 22, 2015 at 5:31 pm |

            then why dale do you name call whoever don’t agree with you–i like to learn new things and i keep a open mind cause we are programmed since we’re young and see the world the way THEY want us to….

          • I have been a skeptic and rebel since age 12.

            A person who says “You don’t know nothing” and then says the “ignorant internet population” deserves to be killed is either a dangerous idiot or a brilliant mimic of a dangerous idiot. I chose to call him a brilliant satirist.

            You called me childish. That is naked hypocrisy for a person claiming name-calling (“brilliant” is hardly name calling) is childish.

            Why do you defend a person calling for the murder of the “ignorant internet population?” Do you agree with that desire? You may be programmed; I am well-educated in critical thinking, rooted in a deeply skeptical mind which demands evidence, logic, and facts and has for over 50 years not only denounced government and media lies but walked the walk, including risking my ass to march with Dr. King in Selma, stop trucks full of napalm bound for Vietnam, and attempted to stop trains with new draftees headed for that criminal war in Vietnam. I continue to protest government and media lies, as well as the dangerous fools who hide behind fake names on the internet to spread their malice.

          • Diogenes Diaz | January 24, 2015 at 9:00 am |

            Walked with king–hmm–king was a tool of the elite to pacify the blacks who were being killed left and right–they own the media and they showcased him on tv —and when his family took the government to court–not one tv station covered it–not one newpaper covered it-and the government was found guilty–now go to the library and ask to see a book on the trial and you won’t find any.I don’t brag on my education but I see thing for what they are.

          • Then why do you keep answering him ?????

          • To expose his stupidity.

          • Sorry but SO WHAT a phd or ba does not make you god or smarter , Here’s my reply to the climate pushers from a man who cared about humanity … Quote… science is but a perversion of itself unless it has , as it’s ultimate goal the betterment of humanity nicola tesla 1919 . I have no doubt they can push science anyway they want but in the last 100 years all the elites did was rape the planet for PROFIT . I do not log the forrest , i do not frack for oil , i do not mine for minerals , i do not own a AGRA FARM , so WHO is to blame ? I think all who read this post KNOWS WHO IS TO BLAME eh ? And sadly they make the people think it’s their fault , nice scam they got going , so in closing lets point the finger at who is at fault eh . tc .

          • Your (false ) assumption is that if someone asserts a fact about their education, it must be false. This in fact reflects your own second-rate education.

            You wrote: “What are you 5 (sic)?”

            I replied that I am 73.

            By your logic, I cannot be 73, since if I were, I wouldn’t say it. Where were you educated, Diaz? How old are you?

            BTW, here is the commentary you defended by calling me childish for suggesting it was so idiotic it was satirical:

            “You don’t know nothing about what means the forces of life.! Internet ignorant population. of course which deserve to be killed.”

            You chose to call me childish (What are you age 5?) for satirizing this illiterate call for murder of “internet ignorant population.”

            Now I am beginning to think you are mocking someone who not only cannot use standard English but who calls for murder. Is this really where you stand? Do you think we “internet ignorant population” deserve to be killed?

            Put up or Shut up, Diaz.

          • Diogenes Diaz | January 24, 2015 at 8:49 am |

            I’m putting up that’s what I do!—first of all–all I did was ask a simple little question and I should have gotten a simple little answer(this is normal-for normal people)but what I got a whole page saying what you thought I meant and what i’m wondering and what I know and don’t know–let me cut this short -I don’t want to appear like a raving lunatic like someone I know ! 🙂

          • Tis better to keep ones mouth shut,
            then to open it and look like a fool.

          • Diogenes Diaz | January 23, 2015 at 4:52 pm |

            After reading some of the comments on here -I have to say the stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me 🙂

          • Diogenes Diaz | January 24, 2015 at 8:38 am |

            then why are you talking?

        • There is No Overpopulation!
          The earths entire population can all fit inside Texas on 1200 sq foot lots. Fact.
          The’ tribe’ wants the goyim slaughtered and to have more wage slaves with sub 100 IQs.

        • All that education, and yet you still can’t count to 10…

          • That’s quite stupid, Jo. You aren’t even able to construct a coherent insult. Very sad.

          • Read your comment above mine again. You list 10 points, yet reach the number 11. Last time I checked, 5 was followed by 6, not 7. Don’t gloat about your wonderful education if you can’t get the basics right.

            “You aren’t even able to construct a coherent insult.”
            No Dale, my comment was coherent. It is you who was not able to understand it.

          • Oh MY God, I forget to put the number 6. That proves that none of my points has any merit. You win. What were we talking about?

            I applaud you for making such a valuable contribution as to notice, in a sea of facts, a typo.


          • No it’s not a typo. A typo would be you listing your points as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, y, 7, 8, 9, 10.
            You missed out the 6 altogether. It is an oversight.
            Not that I normally would bother to point out such things, but I did in this case because you make so much of your education and your intelligence and belittle others for your perceived lack of theirs.

            BTW, item 5 is not a fact. It’s your assumption/opinion.

        • Yes while i agree those things are happening now on planet earth WHO IS TO BLAME for this ? See my reply above . watch the doc Engines of domination that should clear up the brain fog you seem to be under . tc .

    • There are other factors, such as political and social factors, that cause poverty, not just a large population. I believe the earth has the ability to support every person. The world appears to be overpopulated because people are crowded together into large cities–but there is much unused land. For example, in some states, like Wyoming, there is much unpopulated land.

      • TARDISOFGALLIFREY | January 21, 2015 at 11:05 pm | Reply

        You are correct. Every human on Earth could fit into the state of Texas! Why do some continue to go thirsyt and hungry? Simple, they don’t want to put in the work!

        • Seven billion in Texas would create many jobs, especially grave diggers! Fact is, people want work, decent incomes, and the chance at a decent life.

          Blaming the poor for their victimization is like the bully blaming those he beats up for “deserving it.”

          Shame on you for your bigotry and ignorant arrogance.

      • Poverty is mostly caused by class warfare, a system which enriches the rich at the expense of everyone else; but the fact is that this poverty then leads to high birth rates.

        The earth can support every person only if we continue to use unsustainable agricultural practices like factory farming which uses huge amounts of fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are not unlimited and are causing huge damage to human health and to the environment, including climate. In addition, 7 billion people cannot live as Americans or Europeans live, using huge amounts of energy. We can only support 7 billion if the majority live at substandard levels.

        Can we support more? Not without more damage to the earth and the deadly resource wars which are a result of pressure to control resources.

        The issue of “unpopulated land” is a red herring since the lack is good agricultural land, energy supplies, and jobs.
        Unpopulated land in Wyoming will not create jobs or the resources to support the people who might live there.

        What we need is a new economic system which is not based on unsustainable growth and which provides widespread prosperity, which will result in people voluntarily limiting the birth rate to a sustainable level.

        I don’t understand people who want to defend continuing rapid population growth (unprecedented in human history), which is a result of widespread abject poverty and which creates not only human misery but perpetual wars.

        The world does not “appear” to be overpopulated.” It is, relative to its ability to support people at a decent level..
        You can crowd rats into a cage (people move to large cities out of desperation for work) but they will be angry and aggressive. People are no different

        Voluntary limits on population growth are possible only with economic programs which distribute wealth, and thus resources. What possible argument is there against voluntary limits on the birth rate, which all prosperous people support in practice?

        • Here is more of that brilliant education of yours showing up Dale:

          “The earth can support every person only if we continue to use
          unsustainable agricultural practices like factory farming which uses
          huge amounts of fossil fuels.”

          Read that sentence again and see it is wrong.
          Perhaps you should ask for a refund from your educators.

          “What we need is a new economic system which is not based on unsustainable growth and which provides widespread prosperity”
          Perhaps “prosperity” needs to be analysed and re-defined. Some see “prosperity” as having a big house and a fancy modern car and the latest fashion clothing and electronic gadgets. I think we can consider ourselves prosperous and wealthy if we have enough food to eat without worrying where the next meal might come from, if we have friends and loved ones to enjoy life with, if we have a sense of belonging and are valued for our contributions to our local community, if we have a cosy eco-friendly home that didn’t require us to become a slave to the bankers for 25 years, and if we are free to live our lives in peace and to express ourselves and to practice our religious beliefs without fear of harm from others.
          Those who believe in money, and seek it at the expense of everyone and everything else, are the real enemies of humanity. Their lust for money must be curtailed for the sake of the rest of humanity.

          • Congrats! You found another typo. Your contributions are so significant.

            By prosperity, I mean the kind of financial security which has led almost all advanced nations to have populations which voluntarily limit their birth rate. It has nothing to do with lust for money but the fact of basic needs such as food, healthcare, and education being provided.

            Keep up your good work, typo Nazi!

          • Maybe you need to smarten up and play nice eh … Or better yet follow what i do when on line … Be positive , listen to all , follow none . I’m begining to think you are TROLLING … and i think a 70 year old NORMAL man would have more RESPECT . tc .

          • Wow i could not have said that any better , but you waste your breath he does not see the good we could do if we did not have the ELITES killing this planet . tc .

      • The world is already far beyond it’s legitimate carrying capacity. Figure out how much land is needed for each person to have the necessary clean water, healthy food and dispose of their waste, plus produce clean energy that will sustain the human population past the next decade or so. Life as we know it is toast, and, in the very near term. Of course the toxic pollution that’s gonna get us even sooner.

        • Our current way of life is not sustainable for 7+ billion people. So many resources are dedicated to industrialisation, producing crap that we don’t need. And most of this crap doesn’t make our lives better, but worse. I saw a guy walk his dog the other day. While doing this, his attention was CONSTANTLY on his cellphone. I felt sorry for his dog. People do the same when they meet friends: they spend as much, if not more, time texting others as they do speaking with the friend in front of them. Technology is isolating people. And it is harming our environment. And all that industrial real estate could be put to use as arable land to produce abundant food for everyone. If people lived more in harmony with nature, we wouldn’t have these problems.
          I think mankind would be happier if we got rid of money and technology – two great evils – and lived instead in small communities in harmony with nature, growing our own food, recycling our own waste, and involving ourselves in only small-scale production and trade of goods with other communities.

    • You don’t know nothing about what means the forces of life.!
      Internet ignorant population. of course which deserve to be killed. !
      All those Vatican’s( whatsoever the names all they have) &corp means Death. preaching Death every second . Their God is Death and Money. !

      Your memory it is very short as every collectieve memory!
      The Pope made by divine masturbation ( German BTW !?? dnm) he is perpetrating the “Final solution”which was experimented on Jews.
      It works ! Now it is our time. to be Jews but killed by this corporation of evil; Judeo-Christianity of HM Instituttional Insanity and Megal-Greed!

    • Moran,

      The earths entire population can fit inside of the State of Texas on 1200 sq foot lots…..fact.
      Overpopulation i a kosher way of saying they want less smart people to challenge them and more slaves that dont.

    • UselessFoodEater | January 25, 2015 at 3:09 pm | Reply

      We have a food distribution problem, not a food production problem. We are able to produce enough food all humans and we are able to do it with little impact on the Earth. Unfortunately, intelligently managing our resources is nearly never profitable. Creating scarcity creates profit. These are the problems we deal with, not over population.

    • Where in all that speech is the actural truth to who is killing the planet eh ? Because i can tell you my three person family is not polluting as much as corporations and the military or the mining and oil industry the weapons makers so lets put the blame where it should be on the guilty parties . What’s sad is THEY have convinced the people they are to blame and should pay for it to boot … nice scam they got going . wake up .

  5. Frank only has an audience in Latin America and parts of Africa. He lost Europe and North America a long, long time ago. Frank is not working for any of us. Frank is a poopie.

  6. I like this guy. He lays it out the way it is and I’m not referring to Frank, that’s for sure.

  7. Stop looking for conspiracies and start looking for the solutions that will allow life on earth to persist beyond the next decade.

  8. If you lean in real close and take a peek, you can just make out the 729 bar code stamped on the Pope’s little white cap.

  9. The 1913 edition of the Catholic Encyclopedia, available online, lists 29 ANTI-POPES. http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/01582a.htm

    Clearly there have been numerous false claimants to the Chair of Peter. Ironically BERGoglio chose the name of Francis, while it is St. Francis of Assisi who prophesied that in the End Times “A Man, not Canonically Elected, will be raised to the Pontificate… In those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a Destroyer.”


    Besides his dubious Novus Ordo ordination and his manifestly heretical pronouncements, pre-conclave lobbying appears to have canonically disqualified BERGoglio from the papacy. http://tradcatknight.blogspot.com/2014/12/team-bergoglio-manipulated-conclave.html


  10. Watch your Back$ | January 22, 2015 at 3:41 pm | Reply

    After the Goths/Visigoths/Huns and “Barbarian Hordes” sacked Rome (the Empire), the surviving elite made their way to places like Venice where they became the Financial Elite of the world; controlling wars, the formation and fate of nation-states, and the destiny of those lands previously contested and/or conquered by the ‘old’ Roman order. For those lands unconquered at the time of the old empire’s demise, their fates are being decided now by those same elite families. America will wait her turn, unless ALL the people waken to the horror and reject the call of Rome…Papacy and Catholicism.

  11. Um… the planet is overpopulated with humans already. Of course we need more birth control and less babies. If people keep pushing out babies at the current rate, we will run out of resources very quickly. How do people not get this?!

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