Deceased Filmmaker’s Documentary Finally Released – Gray State: The Rise


Amanda Warren
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Last week, we reported on the tragic and mysterious death of film producer David Crowley, his wife and young daughter who were all found dead in their Apple Valley, MN home, weeks after the incident took place. Few details have emerged since then. The latest news pieces such as here and here leave more questions than answers. According to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner, all three have been officially identified and died from gunshot wounds to the heads, weeks ago. Even though the deaths were being treated as suspicious and the back sliding door was found ajar, police have labeled it a murder-suicide.

The direction of the production and release of Crowley’s anticipated fictional film Gray State – which depicted a bleak America with totalitarian rule, a police state and detainment camps – is unknown. However, a rough cut of the dual production documentary, Gray State: The Rise is available to watch.

The 2hr 39m film (below) features significant video bytes as well as interviews from Adam Miller, Col. Douglas McGregor, Adam Kokesh, Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Mark Dice, Alex Jones, Jason Bermas, David Crowley and more. The original finished version was to feature Abby Martin, Aaron Dykes, Jordan Page, and many more.

This is the raw, uncut an unfinished version of Gray State: The Rise. One upload made, possibly by the original uploader, was then removed out of respect for family and contributors. A news story makes it clear that Crowley was on the brink of releasing the final version a few weeks from December 17th which might be the last time anyone had contact with him. It is unclear if the world will ever see that version. Since the video of his project is publicly available, we have posted one below. Two other upload sources for it are here and here.

The content centers on the ruling elite, government corruption, deliberate economic devastation, police state tactics – militarization of police and brutalization, problem-reaction-solution, mass indoctrination/propaganda, all forms of surveillance, counterterrorism, left/right political paradigms, individualism, communism, cognitive dissonance, military and war.

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25 Comments on "Deceased Filmmaker’s Documentary Finally Released – Gray State: The Rise"

  1. This was murder . Crowley made a movie that spits in the face of the Galactic Scum of All Creation who are destroying America . He’s a hero to mankind.

  2. This is what it looks like.
    Not in a history book, not to someone in another country…
    here. Now.
    The courage that it took to put out this piece deserves our attention.
    And engagement.
    We are subject to an enormous Litmus Test.
    The march is dictated by our reaction.
    Or lack thereof.

    I think the most appropriate thing to do in the wake of this tyranny, and the statement that our highjackers made is to share this piece far and wide.

  3. Ok, is there some subliminal messaging in the music? I watched about 10 minutes thus far and I swear there is something every 10 seconds or so saying “jews” or something like that.
    If so, I don’t trust it. I know the elites employ subliminal messaging, but someone trying to wake up the people shouldn’t do it.

  4. The price to pay for the American populace not remaining vigilant, is that of returning the privilege that they have worked so dutifully to acquire. They will retain life, and that which they can carry on their back. The alternative is that they either become slaves to the system they once despised, or they face death.

    It is a sad choice to choose for a nation that reached the heights it did so quickly. Yet, it is a just one. Many a time has the American populace given its consent to horrendous crimes, to gain moments of pleasure, safety, or superiority. It was only a matter of time before it was to be returned to its inhabitants with interest. I do not enjoy the outcome of the events that have led the people to this pass, but i can not refute it either.

    So it requires a mental exodus, of those whom would retain their freedom to walk the earth un-encumbered by the bonds of their own creation. For the rest, they have not the choice, nor will they, when this story takes its turn for worst. You have been given the choice, do not waste it, flee! That you may come to know truth in the days ahead. That you may cease to behave in accordance with the ways of the bull, and may rise to your true state of existence. Either that or perish, and hope that your return to this plane, comes during the time of the Kingdom that is to come.

  5. Nothing to see that hasn’t been report in hundreds of other videos before. No one new to the injustice is going to watch it and say “oh, now I understand”. What a waste of time to watch!

  6. And again those amateurs with their amateurish line of reasoning – gold and silver always was money so it must be good + this BAAAD Federal Reserve is using fiat currency, so this MUST be bad…..

    Total nonsense !

    Gold was always Banker’s money. They love it !
    A scarce commodity is perfect for monopolization and money controls everything.
    Gold makes it VERY easy for the Banksters !

  7. That’s not the Crowley movie.

  8. Amazing, suddenly the Mainstream and Alternative (progressive mainstream) media cares about the murder of an apparent white man and his family, regardless of his designation.
    Personally I’ve never heard of him until this unfortunate event. Wow, what makes this one so special and all the others irrelevant ?

    Googled his name, und 6 m!llion hits! Guess #whitelivesmatter too … Especially since he was telling the truth and must have been unto something …… ◔_◔

    Now more fleeceable, controllable disciples will take the bate. Please remember to donate to his noble cause. The k0sh3r producers are banking on your idolized sympathy with this fearless infowarrior and his family, who did not Liv to tell the tale. A sacrifice becoming the martyr you’ve all been waiting for ….

    • white people expect a higher standard. if you are white man, you are expected to take violence to white man levels when threatend. no pity, the romans show you none. yur must exist and thrive alone. way hardcore. no fun, but hardcore. so, when white men do become angry as a group, again, well…..there will be alot of dad bodies. each time whites get pissed as a team and put teir in fighitng down, amazing amount of deth occurr. ww2 had 30-80 million casualties approx. total. callous due to overt aggression suffered over 5000 years of invaision from other tribes. they are in a different league.

  9. This story seems off. Newspaper story doesn’t mention Crowley’s or wife’s family. No indication of where they are from. Wife Komel dietitian website seems more cosmetic than substantive. Almost like it could be fake. Crowley’s YouTube speach from Ron Paul rally was long and used buzzwords, again offering nothing substantive. Newspaper article on death of this family focused mostly on his movie “Gray State” as if to imply that was somehow linked to the deaths.

  10. A sure way for the controlled opposition forces to get eyeballs to view something they want us to see is to murder someone involved in the production. “Crowley”? As in Allistar? All the people interviewed in the movie are controlled opposition voices. Nothing to see here, and it’s a shame his family was sacrificed for nothing.

  11. Seems the video was pulled- here’s another trailer for Gray State

  12. And videos removed “copy right violations”

  13. It says the movie was removed because of a copyright claim by Sean Wright. Who is Sean Wright?

  14. Every video link does not exist anymore, IMAGINE THAT.

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